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Fear surrounds the Austrian wizarding world. It's been almost four years and the Ministry of Magic is still under fire for the attack led by the Dark Lord on Minister Raghnall's birthday. What was supposed to have been a carefree evening led to an all out battle, leaving hundreds injured or dead. Minster Raghnall is hanging on to his position and sanity by a thread. His magical citizens are terrified that another random attack will harm even more unsuspecting citizens.

Darren Morgan, on the other hand, has been using his time wisely. With his family in a disarray, Darren has taken to plotting even more ruthless assaults on the Ministry. Domination is within his reach. Little does he know, secret inner workings have been formed; each with their own intent to knock him out of power.

Will you stand with Minister Raghnall? Fighting to defend the wizarding world from the Dark Lord and his DeathEaters? Will you stand with the Dark Lord? Fighting to make sure that the wizarding world is home to only those who are truly worthy? The time to decide is now.

After a long period of in activeness, Hogwarts Galaxia is BACK. We've brought several old members back with us and are looking to add some new faces. We're very member-orientated and encourage input for site wide plots and interaction with them. HG is a post HP and Voldemort era site. Currently, we are looking for new members full of creativity and who share our love for RP. We are also looking for both our good and evil characters for our upcoming battle plot. So come check us out today and see if we are a good suit for you. We'd love to meet you!