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  1. Heyyy so Crying Laughter is a fan-fiction I made and is still being worked on. A friend suggested I turn it into an rp so here we are. It takes place in the years harry is there and you can either make an oc or play as a character from the books/movies. The only rule is no swearing. Jump in whenever. Below will be a list of characters so far.


    June Filton - Ravenclaw
    Harper Monroe - Slytherin
    Alianne Lockwood - Griffindor
    Crystal Blackwood
    Esmeralda Seraphina Rodriguez - Slytherin
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  2. Here's my oc.​

    Name - June Filton

    Age - 11-17


    Height - 4ft 7

    House - Ravenclaw

    Personality - June is a loud carzy American who loves watching the stars and being in the cold. June is a flirty king careing girl with a major fear of heights and rats.​
  3. [​IMG]
    || FULL NAME ||
    Harper Allen Monroe.

    || AGE ||
    ((assuming since that goes with the story))

    || GENDER ||

    || HOUSE ||

    || BLOOD STATUS ||

    Standing at a small 5'5" and weighing a mere 121 lbs, Harper's small stature certainly isn't helping his already feminine name. He has slightly tanned skin, and brown-auburn hair that often sweeps into his eyes, which are a light green, like his mother's. His nose and cheeks are dotted with freckles, which make his features pop even more. His stature is best described as petite, not really all too muscular, just slim. He usually dresses in lazy clothing, either skinny jeans that aren't actually that skinny, baggy hoodies, or sweatpants are the only things you'll see him wearing. Even if it's a scorching 100 degrees, don't try to take his sweat pants or he'll probably bite you.

    Harper is well known for his annoyed expressions and his snarky personality. Armed with a quick tongue and a lack of empathy for other people's feelings, he walks wounding egos 24/7. He generally has a quick temper, with a lack of patience for other's and their stupidity. A hardcore pessimist, but on the realist side, he tends to lean towards being blunt rather than being kind. If he has something to say, he's going to outright say it, and it doesn't matter who he's talking too. His loud-mouthed tendencies usually lead him into trouble, not that he cares all that much. He's best described as rough around the edges, off-putting and guarded to those he doesn't know. But underneath layers.. and layers.. and a some more layers of snarky assholery, is a complete dork who cares deeply for those who have earned his loyalty.

    || HISTORY ||
    Harper was born into a middle class family in a small town outside of London, England. They had always been well off, nothing ever really went wrong for him and his family. Just a normal life... well, for a certain period of time, anyways. At the age of seven, his mother died of a stroke. He was too young to really understand.. in fact, he had watched it happen After a day in the markets with his mother and younger sister, who was too young to even remember their mother much. There he sat, doodling picture of god knows what in the living room when he heard a crashing of dishes and a thump. Quickly, he rushed into the kitchen, to find his mother on the ground and compulsing. He didn't understand, trying t encourage her to get up, until she stopped moving. Honestly, he thought she was sleeping, sitting beside her lifeless body, waiting for her to 'wake up'. His father came home nearly four hours later, hysterical, asking why Harper had never called an ambulance. Now motherless, he lived a distanced life, caring for his younger sister while his father worked, trying to move on from his mother's passing. Everything seemed to be slowing mending together, until an owl crashed through Harper's living room window and broke a lamp.
  4. upload_2015-8-20_12-36-12.jpeg
    Name: Alianne (Aly) Lockwood
    Age: 11-17
    Height: Five feet, two inches
    House: Gryffindor
    Personality: Aly is a fun-loving, adventurous bookworm. She loves animals of all kinds.
  5. Accepted! ^^
  6. Yes I am but it's going really slow and I have no life so yea...
  7. :D I know it's the same, I've been talking to the creator about speeding it up...
  8. I hope it does it's a cool idea!
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  10. [​IMG]
    Crystal (Cry) BlackWood


    Reading, Writing, singing, art, creativity

    Mean people & talking.

    |Background Info|
    Her parents abandoned her as a child. She was put up for adoption, but never was actually adopted.

    She has major trust issues, but when you gain her trust, you find out that she's a kind, gentle, hard working, soft kind of person. She's extremely loyal and would do anything to save the ones she loves.

    |Any Extra Info|
    She's a bit mentally unstable after an accident that happened as a child.


    Sorry if it's short >.<​
  11. Hello there , are you guys still accepting ? :)


    Esmeralda Seraphina Rodriguez


    15th October 1998

    British & French


    - Introvertally Sociable
    Esmeralda was never one to be well-conversed with people , maybe a few , but not all . Although she is quiet in general , with most people , she does bring her true self out to a few select people she feels comfortable with .

    - Not Trusting
    "The thing about relationships , especially friendship , is that there isn't actually anything to gain out of it . If you see it in a true light ." .

    - Compassionate
    She does feel something , after all , she is human . Or that's what her birth certificate said . To helping out a mere stranger or feeding a stray cat , Esmeralda finds joy in helping .

    - Hot-tempered
    Do not steal her food . Or , of course , don't bully the weak .

    Esmeralda was born into an ordinary family . Ordinary meaning ordinary in the wizard world . Her family was the descendants of a far-away relative of Draco Malfoy . Very far . But they still shared the same blood , nevertheless . Because of her blood relations , she was often either feared or frowned upon in the wizarding world , and that was why her family saw it best to send her back into the mundane world alone , in hopes that she were to see the consequences of her own decision .

    Years later , her father , the one person whom she swore never to mention of to anyone , fell ill . Esmeralda was not one to agree with all of her father's ideologies , but he did love her and so did she love him back . As a result of her return to the wizarding world , she enrolled into Hogwarts . It wasn't as if there were any other wizarding school that was traced back to the time of her ancestors than there .
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  17. Name: Nephthys Wilhelmina Tepes Drăculești



    Age: 11-17

    Year at Hogwarts: 1st

    House: Slytherin

    Hometown: Sighișoara, Transylvania,

    Nephthys must continually struggle to keep from sinking into sadness and despair, which strengthen the curse that is slowly killing her (see below). She does this by focusing on anger and sheer will to overcome, or losing herself in her studies. She has never had any true friends, and her pleasures are few and far between. She is new to a schooling environment, and hides social awkwardness behind a cold, aloof exterior even as she finds herself envying the camaraderie and friendship other students seem to have.

    Nephthys was born into one of the powerful “Founding Families” of Verzauberung-Österreich, the conservative, aristocratic magical empire that is the home of Durmstrang Institute. Her grandparents were highly influential members of the regime of Dark Lord Grindelwald. Her maternal grandfather, Viktor von Finsterschloss, was Grindelwald’s Zauberheilungleiter (Minister for Magical Healing), who performed fiendish magical experiments on Jews and other captives. After the fall of Grindelwald, Viktor (along with other Dark Wizards believed to have valuable secret knowledge) was secretly given shelter by the government of Magical Britain.

    Her upbringing was very strict, intended to prepare her for the ruthless acquisition and wielding of power. Nephthys’ first years of magical education took place at home with tutors; her family has not forgiven the Durmstrang Institute for siding with Voldemort during the War. She was also tutored in magical dueling and the historical European martial arts in order to prepare her for violent times.

    Her family remained loyal to Gridnelwald during the rise of Voldemort, rejecting the new Dark Lord as a foreign upstart. On June 16th of the current year, a force of "former" Death Eaters attacked Drăculești Castle in the Carpathian Mountains. During the battle, someone employed a powerful and ancient curse that unleashed a terrible, wasting magical affliction. Her parents and siblings were turned into withered husks. Nephthys herself was touched by the edge of the cloud, but barely managed to escape. She has patches of flickering gray, cursed flesh visible on her hands, with more patches on other parts of her body. Healers at the Magical-Medical Institute of Vienna and St. Mungo’s proved unable to identify the curse or treat it effectively. Like close proximity to a Dementor, the curse saps her joy and happiness, bringing misery and despair in their place, as well as causing pain and cold damage to affected areas of the body. It does not affect others, though some may be able to feel it if they touch afflicted skin (player's choice).

    Since an extended stay in St. Mungo’s or the MMIV would hamper Nephthys’ education, her surviving relatives agreed to send her to Hogwarts, in part because the Headmaster there has a Phoenix, and Phoenix tears are able to retard the progress of the curse. The question of her legal guardianship is up in the air, as her relatives squabble over control of the Drăculești Estate. Viktor von Finsterschloss is among those seeking custody of Nephthys. She is terrified of being placed in his custody, since she is convinced he wants her as a subject for experimentation.

    Special Skills and Interests:
    Nepthys loves Alchemy and Potions, and is ahead of her age group in both practices. She is an inventive and skilled duelist, and she knows a number of spells and techniques unfamiliar to most British witches and wizards (and lacks knowledge of some of their spells). She is above average in Transfiguration. She is a student of the Dark Arts, on a quest to discover the curse that afflicts her, and find or develop a counter-curse. She also studies ancient and arcane forms of runic and ritual magic. She has a hypothesis that some of these secret arts can be combined with Divination to shape the future rather than simply peer at it, and she hopes to figure out how.

    Nephthys is awkward on a broom, preferring to use her flying carpet instead. She is terrified of Dementors, since their effects are magnified against her due to her affliction, and she can't cast a Patronus. She can feel their effects at a longer range than others..


    The Wand of Alchemy incorporates a number of enchanted symbols and materials of the alchemical art. Unlike British wands, it can be held either way. For dueling and casting of conventional charms, it is held close to the crystal globe and wielded using the pointed tip. For complex enchantments, alchemical work, potions and transfiguration, it is held by the narrow end, with magic channeled through the crystal globe. A skilled user can manipulate the attached symbols and substances with the off-hand while saying the necessary incantations to achieve exceptionally refined control for delicate work. It is also possible to store a number of spells within the crystal to be cast simultaneously for certain procedures, though this can be very dangerous if it is done incorrectly. Nephthys' parents purchased this wand for her at an exclusive wand shop in Magical Alexandria, Egypt.

    Though her family is...rather famous for vampiric heritage, Nephthys herself is not a vampire. An attempt was made to Turn her in hopes that becoming a vampire would cure her. Instead, the vampire who bit her was infected with her curse. Being undead, he proved to be far more vulnerable to it than Nephthys, withering into a dessicated corpse before he could drain more than a few sips of her blood, as she watched in horror.

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