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  1. If you could attend classes at Hogwarts, which class would you be most excited to take?
    (Some examples of Hogwarts classes to help: Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, and Herbology.)​
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  2. Lunch. You see all that banquet food? Count me in.

    But in all seriousness, probably charms.
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  3. Astronomy because I love.... Astronomy.

    (I feel like there should be another word I could've used)
  4. Care of Magical Creatures of course! And Herbology.
  5. Charms and Potions~ Those seem mighty useful.
  6. Care of Magical Creatures

    I would probably suck at Potions. xD
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  7. Flying class (also known as broom flight class) would be the first one I'd be up for. Pun intended.
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  8. Care of Magical Creatures
    Dark Arts
  9. Defense Against the Dark Arts, because you'd probably (inevitably) learn about Dark Arts in the process as well. >:D
    And Transfiguration. I've always wanted to be a shark.
  10. If not for the boring ghost professor, History of Magic

    If not, Charms :D
  11. *Looks up the classes*

    Would take for sure
    Would be great
    Would be good
    Not that interested
    No way in hell

    Core Classes
    • Astronomy: Cause Science!
    • Charms: I was initially going to skip over this, thinking it was enchantment. But it turns out it's all kinds of magic.
    • Defence Against Dark Arts: I don't really care for this one, but by learning magic I'd be entering dangerous territory. Learning self defence would then be in my best interest.
    • Flying: Beats driving. But I also wouldn't be able to use it in the muggle world... Then again, would I bother staying in the muggle world?
    • Herbology: Mainly to aid with Potions. I have a feeling I'd be awful at it otherwise.
    • History of Magic: If this taught historical mistakes we can carry with us it'd be great. But pretty dull if it was more arbitrary history.
    • Potions: Potions are useful, anyone whose been in a Fantasy game knows the use of Potions.
    • Transfiguration: Dull if it's just the spells mentioned on the wiki. Atom bending greatness if it's transformation in general.
    • Alchemy: Would play right in with Potions and (hopefully) interesting Transfiguration.
    • Apparition: This beats brooms by far.
    • Arithmancy: Great potential pay off. But at the same time, numbers...
    • Care of Magical Creatures: It'd be fun, but honestly my interest in magic would be more in the academics and practical uses.
    • Divination: Seeing into the future would be awesome. But these methods are guesswork, which makes it rather pointless.
    • Muggle Studies: I already know my own world. However, in the hypothetical I was raised only experiencing the wizard world, I would like it for the Sciences and Technology. Though now I'm split on living in the muggle world for the wizard world, realising that the Wizard world doesn't use Science or Technology for... some reason. :/
    • Study of Ancient Runes: This is the Hogwarts version of French.
    • Ancient Studies: Curious as to why spells are relegated to history... Maybe they're no longer useful? Still would be cool to see the stepping stones.
    • Art: I'm not really an artist.
    • Frog Choir: Singing? Aw hell no!
    • Ghoul Studies: This isn't my kind of niche.
    • Magical Theory: I'm always up for theory work. :3
    • Muggle Art: Still not an artist.
    • Music: Not much of a musician either.
    • Muggle Music: *Starts smashing the Piano*
    • Orchestra: *Makes your ears bleed*
    • Xylomancy: This seems to be Divination still
  12. Nope

    Core Classes

    • Astronomy: I would probably sleep through the classes. Astronomy bores me xD
    • Charms: Mmmmagic! Course I'll take it!
    • Defence Against Dark Arts: Self defense is always good to know. 8D
    • Flying: Fuck no! I'm afraid of heights. No one can get me on a broom T-T
    • Herbology: Could be interesting.
    • History of Magic: I'm not very into history xD I probably would skip it if, but have it open as an option if I needed some extra points.
    • Potions: Not super interested, but it's pretty high on the 'extra points' list.
    • Transfiguration: If it helps me learn how to turn humans (myself) into animals, then sure 8D And if I then get stuck as a cat forever, I will be super happy :3 At least until someone tries to feed me cat food D:
    • Alchemy: HECK YEAH, I'm gunna be the best alchemist 8D *Makes the classroom explode somehow*
    • Apparition: No flying? HECK YEAH! I'm gunna zap all over the place!
    • Arithmancy: I like predicting the future, I like numbers, so why not 8D
    • Care of Magical Creatures: It would be a fun course, but not something I would ever think about using after school. So I'll have it on the extra credits list.
    • Divination: Eh, if I already have arithmancy I don't see why I should have another one that's about the future even if it uses different methods.
    • Muggle Studies: I don't think there's anything they can teach me that I don't already know xD
    • Study of Ancient Runes: Not super interested, but could go as an extra course if I have nothing else to do.
    • Ancient Studies: Looks interesting, I'd give it a shot.
    • Art: Art is a hobby to me, I didn't like it when I was told to do it a certain way in school, so I wouldn't take the course.
    • Frog Choir: I LOVE CHOIR CLASS!
    • Ghoul Studies: I did a big project in English class about ghosts once. I would love this class 8D
    • Magical Theory: It's always good to have theoretical skills together with your practical skills. Plus, I suck at practical skills so I'd rather succeed in the theoretical department 8D
    • Muggle Art: DUN TELL ME WHAT TO DRAW!
    • Music: Sure, I love music class.
    • Muggle Music: Now I'm very curious how different their normal music class is to muggle music class xD But yeah, the more music the better.
    • Orchestra: I don't need all the music xD
    • Xylomancy: I think I'll pass.
    You go seven years and these are all the classes that exists? Pff, Hogwarts is lame. *Gets killed by fangirls/boys*
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  13. It's interesting taking the coloured lists side to side and comparing what different people think about the courses. :P
  14. Transfiguration would be fun and Care of Magical Creatures. Maybe Defense against the Dark Arts too.
  15. Flying, Astronomy, Transfiguration, DADA, and possibly History of Magic since it'd be nice to find out how certain things came to be in the wizarding world.
  16. Care of Magical Creatures. So many things to try and pet. *___*
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