Hogwarts Bonfire Reunion ChaRP @ Jun 13th, 8/9PM Central

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  1. Dear Graduate Class of Hogwarts,

    We are inviting to you to a 10 Year Reunion at the beautiful seaside retreat of Emerald Ocean Resort. There, you can reunite with Hogwarts School of Wizardry friends that you may not have seen in many years. Our chosen resort is a fantastic bed & breakfast, where a majestic evergreen forest meets sandy beach and ocean views. The restaurant is owned and maintained by our very own Hufflepuff, Apple Willowdale, and promises to be the best seafood you have ever tasted. In the evening there will be a bonfire where all can reminisce about their good old school days.

    We hope to see you there!

    WHO: Everyone is invited! No bios are required, but I do love to see them! My roleplays are designed to be both newbie friendly and veteran safe. :D

    WHAT: Graduates of Hogwarts OR Staff of the Emerald Ocean Resort! You are a member of the wizarding world. No muggles!

    WHEN: June 13th around 8 or 9PM Central Time. We will play until everyone passes out or the roleplay hits a conclusion.



    This is a Harry Potter fandom roleplay, and it is NOT in the canon universe. Just pretend like the Harry Potter story never happened. I am also not a canon nazi, so as long as you know how to wizard and understand the differences between the 4 Hogwarts houses - even if you haven't read the books or seen the movie - you'll be okay!

    This is a SOCIAL ROLEPLAY! That means it's all about your character and interacting with the others. :D The plot that develops will depend on the actions of eeeveeeeryone in the charp! My only request is that you respect your fellow players, and don't play troll characters or do actions that will be a game breaker. The Game Master has a plan and a plot. Play in to it and not against it!

    In the meantime, if you have any questions ASK!
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  2. I will put up a character soon so I can make sure everyone knows who Dominic is and what he does and what a sassy prick he is. :D

    Dominic Thorne

    Relevant History: In School, Dominic was the Gryffindor Keeper. He was a popular student, especially amongst the other Gryffindors and the Hufflepuffs. Dominic was competitive and driven in school while remaining friendly and always down for a good time. He was never one to bully other students, no matter what their ages were. Not even Slytherins who he clashed with time and time again.

    As an adult, Dominic has forged his competitiveness and drive into a career working as an American Auror as his Father was from there to begin with. When he has free time he's usually back in Britain working for his Mother at her flower shop. Needless to say, Dominic has an interesting skill set.
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  3. 8D

    I too will join! Mebbe I'll follow Tribs' example and put up a character =D

    Cillian Blackwood
    Hufflepuff / Pure-blood / Department of Mysteries and Classical Musician

    Cillian was known as the twisted Hufflepuff. He was a hard worker but it came easy to him so it seemed as if things always worked out in his favor. He was very tolerant, but it bordered on indifference. He was fair and patient but his definition of fairness was heavily influenced by his family. Lastly, Cillian was impeccably loyal, but his loyalty was very hard to earn.
    It was no secret that his family came from money and that their sentiments were purist; most family members went to Slytherin or Ravenclaw.
    His first years at Hogwarts were very dark years for him. It wasn't until later that rumors about his squib twin sister began to circulate, that he was forced to face that reality and its implications. After that he grew as a person and became relatively more open and trusting to others.
    He has always looked young for his age and has always been on the short side, but others found him intimidating nonetheless.
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  4. 1487648fde23f068f0f79d14b29e5b7c.jpg

    Kenley Ketteridge

    Slytherin | Pure-blood | English Auror

    He might surprise you. Actually, he probably will. He certainly surprised the rest of his house with his overly friendly and sociable attitude. But the way he interacts with others had nothing to do with which house he was sorted into. It had everything to do with his resourcefulness and his ambition to become an Auror no matter what. Kenley is very street smart and a quick thinker, not to mention talented in magic and especially in the categories of Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. However, his tendency to put others before himself (chivalry) and his drive to work hard (determination) nearly landed him in another house! Could you imagine how his Slytherin-proud family would have reacted if he'd ended up in, say, Gryffindor?

    Good thing they never found out that most of his friends came from said house.​
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  5. I thought of making a girl... for balance. BUT I'm lazy, so I'm using an old HP character. I couldn't decide out of two, and maybe the other more friendlier guy was a better option >_>


    I'll think about it D: mebbe make a quick switcharoo to my half-giant if I change my mind.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Amelia Howlding
    Although she was in Slytherin, Amelia never quite fitted in. Rumours sometimes floated around saying that her father rigged the sorting hat. This may have been true and because of it Amelia did get bullied by her slytherin classmates. Amelia always wished she was in a different house and the Slytherin reputation didnt allow her to make many friends outside of her house. In her last couple of years Amelia did manage to make a couple friends but most of the time she would still either be drawing/writing in her notebook/journal or she would be reading a book. After graduating Amelia pursued her dream as an authour and became a bestseler writer in the wizarding world.
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  7. @Kraken Slayer

    I feel like Amelia and Kenley were probably friends since they're both very awkward in Slytherin. What do ya say? :D
  8. Yeah with him bieng all friendly they should be friends.
  9. @___@

    I can't wait.
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  10. -wagglearms!- tomorrow! 8D
  11. So I might pop up with a muggle-born lady at some point, but I'm not certain yet. Depends if I can find something fitting before it starts.
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  12. You totally should!

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  14. Dom desires to share some Gryffindork Pride~

  15. WE ARE STARTING IN A FEW MINUTES IN THE COVE CHAT! 8D Vay's just grabbing some food!

    If everyone wants to go ahead and log in. >:3
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