Hogwarts: A World at Peace

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  1. Hogwarts: A World At Peace

    50 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the magical world seems to have calmed for perhaps the first time since Voldemort rose to power so long ago. It is a time of peace.

    There is a new Minister of Magic, and with the help of the golden trio, the ministry has changed for the best. Harry and Ron worked together in the Auror Department, revolutionizing it, while Hermione became a leader in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and advocate for all muggle-borns and non-human magical creatures alike. The three are now about 67 years old and maintain their positions in the ministry.

    Hogwarts has seen the end of McGonagall’s term as Headmaster, and since then, two new Headmasters have taken office. Currently, the Headmaster is Madam Griselda Gumfrey. Many of the old professors have left the school, but equally adept ones have taken their place.

    Life is as it should be. Students focus on their upcoming exams and Quidditch matches, and on the friendships and blossoming romances that come with adolescence.

    But don’t think this means students cannot find themselves in a bit of trouble at Hogwarts. The castle still guards the world’s most powerful and dangerous magic, so curious students should consider themselves warned! As in any school, bullies may make daily life tough. And let's not forget the tension that still exists between the houses! Slytherins in particular still face some scrutiny for their former Head of House's role in the war. They also resent the fact that the entire group was imprisoned during the Battle of Hogwarts because of the words of a single student.

    I don't want to mark this "fluff" because I don't want to give the impression that there will be no conflict or progression, but my intention is for this to be a slice of life.

    GM's word is law. That being said, I'm pretty reasonable.
    No explicit material or adult content in this section.
    No power playing
    No godmodding
    No character death unless previously discussed
    No characters are the "main character" or the most powerful regardless of bloodline.
    You must include in your bio "I have read and understand the rules"

    Only non-canon characters can be used in this roleplay. You can, if you wish, create students whose grandparents were present at the Battle of Hogwarts (rules for this in spoiler below). All this being stated, I highly encourage you to create your own character that has no relation to those we already know and love.
    Show Spoiler
    For example, if I want a Weasley, I know that Ron and Hermione had two children, Rose and Hugo. I can imagine Hugo had children, one of which will be my character. For pairings that are not mentioned to have children (ex. Neville Longbottom and his wife Hannah Abbott) you may create children. However, I will only accept this in the event that they are canonically married (so sorry, but no AU where Harry and Hermione have an affair and have their own children!) You may wish to intermarry the second generation in order to create your character. If you wish to do this, speak with me prior to posting the bio and I will add it to the “facts” of this world. This may go without saying, but no incest please. If it can be demonstrated that your pairing is blood-related then I will not accept it. I just don’t want to go that direction for this roleplay. Finally, if you plan to incorporate the second generation into your character’s family history, please see the approximate ages of those characters in the next spoiler and consider that when making the age of your character.

    Show Spoiler
    Current Ages of the "Second Generation":
    Bill & Fleur’s children- Victoire (47-48), Dominique (38-47), Louis (37-46).
    Percy & Audrey’s children- Molly (38-48), Lucy (37-47).
    George & Angelina’s children- Fred (38-48), Roxanne (37-47).
    Ron and Hermione’s children- Rose (42), Hugo (40).
    Harry & Ginny’s children- James (43-46), Albus (42), Lily (40).
    Draco & Astoria’s child- Scorpius (42).
    Rolf & Luna Scamander’s (nee Lovegood) children- Lorcan (38-48), Lysander (37-47).
    Other characters you may want to consider:
    Teddy Lupin (50)

    Hogwarts HousesGryffindor- “the house of courage, bravery, chivalrous attitudes with a daring and reckless nature.”
    Hufflepuff- “They’re loyal, hardworking, protective and caring.”
    Ravenclaw- “the house of intelligence, wit and a value for learning. They are commonly associated with being able to think outside the ordinary and have a powerful sense of opinion.”
    Slytherin- “ambitious, own close and strong friendships, are cunning and have a powerful sense of self-preservation.”
    Descriptions taken from http://www.mugglenet.com/2012/03/hogwarts-houses-analysis-of-characteristics/ I encourage you all to read this as well, as it goes on to explain how not all students fit perfectly with their house.

    Classes Offered
    To all level students: Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies.
    To 3rd years and above: Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, and Study of Ancient Runes.
    I am limiting them for the sake of simplicity, but if you are interested in others, let me know.

    • Only first-years take flying lessons.
    • Beginning in their third year, students can take trips to Hogsmead with their parents’ permission.
    • At year 5, students take their O.W.L.s to see which courses they will continue in for their N.E.W.T.s, taken in their final two years.
    • Students in the fifth year and above may be prefects. Prefects are given authority over other students in their house, and are allowed to give and take away house points as well as give detentions. Prefects are chosen by the Head of House or Headmaster (so if you are interested in the position, speak to me and I will see if you character seems the type who would be appointed). They are held to a higher standard than others, and because of their authority, are sometimes subject to disdain from other students. Abuse of power or neglecting the job duties can lead to losing the position and possibly punishment. (There will be no Head Boys or Head Girls in this roleplay.)

    Bio Format
    Blood Status: (Ex. Pure Blood, Half Blood, Muggle-born)
    House: (If your personality does not match your house very well, you need to provide a very good reason that your character did not want to be placed in the house that fit them best, or why they wanted the house they are in so badly. As always, the sorting hat takes your wishes into account.)
    Specialty: (ex. Flying, Potions, Spells, etc.)
    Skills: (Not necessarily related to academics)
    Pets: (Not a requirement, but you may have one if you wish. As is traditional, students may keep either an owl, cat, rat, or toad.)

    DisclaimerI am not an expert on all things Harry Potter. I will admit to not having read all the books cover to cover, nor do I know all the information that has been given on sites like the-leaky-cauldron or pottermore. Some of the information I mention may be incorrect. If this is the case, do feel free to correct me and cite where you got this information from, and I will be glad to work with the parameters of this roleplay. However, I will also take this moment to remind you that this roleplay is not about the characters we all know and love. It is not even about their legacy. It is a new generation’s turn in Hogwarts, and this story will be primarily about them.
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  3. Name: Adelaide (Addie) Wright

    Age/Year: 13, 3rd year


    Addie is 5' tall and has an average, healthy build. She weighs about 105 pounds. Her hair is mousy brown and wavy, which she likes to keep half down, but tied back from her face. Her eyes are light grey. When not wearing her robes, she likes to wear dark wash bootcut jeans and a light knit sweater.

    Blood Status: Half Blood

    House: Hufflepuff

    Addie is kind-hearted to a fault. It's not so much that she is a push-over, but she loves to help others and brighten their day. In a way, this is how she finds her own happiness. The fault, of course, is when others take advantage of this trait and get her so caught up in the lives of others that she forgets to live her own. She is bright and values her school work, although she sees it as a means to an end. Rather than loving her work for the sake of learning, she does it as a necessity to pursue the career she desires.

    She excels in her History of Magic and Muggle Studies courses. Basically, she is a better reader than she is with spells and other forms of practical magic.

    Addie can sew and embroider by hand, a skill which she often uses in making gifts for her friends while at school.

    Addie is a half-blood. Her father is muggle-born and her mother has a bit of muggle-born in her as well, although it is a few generations back. Her parents agreed that the best way to raise her was to have equal exposure to muggle and magical life. While they taught her all the tales from Beetle the Bard, they also ready her Shel Silverstein. In this way, Addie grew to love muggle culture, along with muggle technology. She has befriended some muggles that she still sees every summer, but she must hide her identity when she does.

    She grew up hearing stories from her maternal grandparents about the second wizard war and the final Battle of Hogwarts. She learned how it all came from intolerance of muggle-borns and a twisted attempt at keeping magical blood "pure". This sickened Addie, and became a motivator to study the history and to pursue a career that would allow her to be an activist.

    As a child, Addie was remarkably ordinary. And by that I mean, she did not show much magical talent. In fact, they had her tested at age 8 to see if she was a squib. Of course, she was not. Just not particularly magical.

    Since she has been in Hogwarts, her use of magic has improved dramatically, though not to the point where she is on par with her peers. In her two years at school so far, she has managed to fly under the radar of most students. She does her school work and tutors others, but only has a couple close friends.

    Addie wants to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Hermione Granger and work toward a more accepting and tolerant society with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement of the ministry. In pursuing this, she makes a lot of shorter-term goals, like doing well in her academics and hoping to be chosen as a prefect in her 5th year.


    Addie brought her kitten "Cinder" to school this year. She found her abandoned under the porch stairs this summer and nursed her back to health.

    Oh, and of course, I have read and understand the rules.
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  4. Any pictures are fine, but I do expect a small paragraph explaining what you cannot see in the picture (ex. height, body type). Another question, when you say "Muggle-born, as far as she knows" does this mean she really has magical blood in her? If so, I would like that written in the bio to begin with, even if you don't plan to have that information revealed to her until later.

    Also, I will be adding NPC teacher bios later. But don't have the time right away.
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