Hogsmeade Winter Festival! 7PM Friday Night!

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    The Yule Masquerade had a LOT of fun characters and several of us wanted to play once again in the Harry Potter universe.

    Thus, we invite everyone to the Roleplay City RP Room this weekend on the 4th at 7PM Central for the HOGSMEADE WINTER FESTIVAL!

    Hogsmeade is the little town the students of Hogwarts get to visit on special breaks. This winter, Hogsmeade is hosting a totally awesome winter festival. Students and teachers from Hogwarts will be there, and so will their family and friends! You can play a Hogswart student, a teacher, or someone random! But no muggles!

    You do NOT have to be familiar with the Harry Potter series. 8D Just know that no normal humans will be there. Only people of the wizarding community!