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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!

What do you DO besides write and roleplay? What things occupy your time when you're not in front of your computer cranking out epic posts?
I play WoW, DnD, and assorted video games with Frosty.
I'm a film addict too. :)
Water polo, swim, read, homework(lame), and watch any scary movie I can with my sister.
I crochet, putter around with Photoshop, dabble in writing original stuffs, and play Monster Hunter and Patapon. I used to draw but I just don't have the inspiration anymore. I also play Dofus and Starcraft 2, under the names Lunatic-Ai and LunaticAI if you want to add me.



Guess I'll bump by responding to everyone.

@Basil - I am a film lover as well : ). Love me everything from cheesy horror to epic classics!

@BAU - Ooo, Water Polo, Nice!

@Lunatic - I hate when I loose motivation to do stuff..I recently just got my writing muse back...feels good after so long without.

@GMK: Smiting heresy in every thread on Iwaku!
I pretty much just muck about with computers in general. (I have seven of them.)
For instance, I'm currently researching a new build for my entertainment center. (To make eight?)

Physically, I recently took up hiking. I need to get back into surfing. And if possible, I want to take up Yoga.
I 'm pretty much an all around gamer. DnD (and other RPG's) Videogames, boardgames (Real board games, where everything isn't just chance.), Reading.
I play video games and listen to my music. Sometimes, I bake things, too.

When the weather's warmer and I'm done being sick, I plan on getting back into hiking. It's my favourite physical activity. I enjoy it more than sex. ...Bam.