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  1. H O B B I E S

    What do you DO besides write and roleplay? What things occupy your time when you're not in front of your computer cranking out epic posts?
  2. I play WoW, DnD, and assorted video games with Frosty.
    I'm a film addict too. :)
  3. Water polo, swim, read, homework(lame), and watch any scary movie I can with my sister.
  4. I crochet, putter around with Photoshop, dabble in writing original stuffs, and play Monster Hunter and Patapon. I used to draw but I just don't have the inspiration anymore. I also play Dofus and Starcraft 2, under the names Lunatic-Ai and LunaticAI if you want to add me.
  5. Guess I'll bump by responding to everyone.

    @Basil - I am a film lover as well : ). Love me everything from cheesy horror to epic classics!

    @BAU - Ooo, Water Polo, Nice!

    @Lunatic - I hate when I loose motivation to do stuff..I recently just got my writing muse back...feels good after so long without.

    @GMK: Smiting heresy in every thread on Iwaku!
  6. I pretty much just muck about with computers in general. (I have seven of them.)
    For instance, I'm currently researching a new build for my entertainment center. (To make eight?)

    Physically, I recently took up hiking. I need to get back into surfing. And if possible, I want to take up Yoga.
  7. I 'm pretty much an all around gamer. DnD (and other RPG's) Videogames, boardgames (Real board games, where everything isn't just chance.), Reading.
  8. I play video games and listen to my music. Sometimes, I bake things, too.

    When the weather's warmer and I'm done being sick, I plan on getting back into hiking. It's my favourite physical activity. I enjoy it more than sex. ...Bam.
  9. Damn, Fluffu REALLY loves hiking.