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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
What do you do besides RP and Write?

I know people have other hobbies besides just writing, so I am curious what they are. I like to play guitar its fun learning new songs and expressing myself musically. Also, I am really into audio set-ups, like car stereos. Its fun and exciting.

What about you?
My two big hobbies would be videogaming, and playing music.

For videogames, I play WoW casually, and am mostly in to platformers and survival horror games. I play bass and guitar (I'll be getting a balalaika soon), and I play bass in a band that gigs and has an album out. We'll be recording our second album probably in January. It's really fun, and while I've gotten sick of playing some of the same songs over and over for five years now, we recently had a weird gig where we played an all acoustic set at a LARP event (something I've never gone to or been interested in) which has brought new life to some old songs and I'm actually enjoying them again.

edit: I also forgot to mention that I'm a pyrotechnician and that I help set up fireworks shows in Western Canada. While I get paid for it, it's not a huge source of income and I would consider it more of a hobby than a job. Probably the most memorable show I've worked on was on Canada day, where we traveled quite far to the site (about a 9 hour drive), and didn't realize until the next morning that we were missing our supply box that had all the e-matches and tape. Luckily we were able to scrounge up enough e-matches from our personal supplies to fire off the big gun and some cakes, and we had just enough grey (time delay fuse thing) to set up a 2 second delay for the racks and a couple of the cakes so that we were able to hand fire over half the show. It was absolutely amazing that we pulled off a clean show considering we had stuff going wrong all day long.
Lift weights, jogging, boxing, musical composition, piano, comic book art, brushing up on military history, Greek and Norse mythology, scuba diving, skeet-shooting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, video games, brushing up on animation and film history, keeping abreast of US politics, reading comic books (includes manga and manhwa), and watching cartoons (includes anime).

Now I'm trying to add "getting a private pilot license" into the mix, but I won't be able to get that ball rolling until at least Feburary.
I'm pretty Sure anyone who's been around Iwaku for more than a Week knows mine. So for you newbies.

First and Foremost is Warhammer/Warhammer 40k, I have what is translated from Doctor Speak Very Good Hands, and I'm and instinctive crafter so 40k is a perfect albeit expensive hobby for me, but well worth the price.

The second is Beer, not binge drinking, but actually having different beers from around the world. and for you who don't live in Europe, The Guinness is Better the closer you get to Ireland.
Well let's see, Magic the Gathering is one. I love making different ridiculous things that I can take to some other players and play them with it. What wins wins and what doesn't gets remodified into a winner.

I also like music to the point of "If I had the programs I'd remix some stuff." So here's hoping I get some nice Christmasy pay.
Oh, just the standards... Music (play SOME guitar), movies, vidia gaems, D&D, Magic the Gathering, Animu, drawing (but not in the japanese style cause I"M NOT A WEEABOO YOU DERPS). Ironically I haven't been able to do ANY of this in the last two years. So, really, I have not hobbies atm.
I like MTG too, haven't played in a long time though.

I.... well, I have an odd collection of music that I've collected over the years, and to this day, my brother comes to me if he wants to listen to anything new from almost any genre. I also diddle around on acoustic and electric guitars and a bass. My acoustic is a Fender... the electric is a Telecaster, and get ready for this next one: a Music Man Stingray Bass. BEFORE the time of Ernie Ball (Damned fucker ruined everything). The bass and the electric belong to my father. I love that bass. I love it so much.

I also draw, write song lyrics, poetry, write stories, and play games on Armor Games.

Also, I count eating as a hobby, and cooking, and living. T.T