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So I was thinking, we have a diverse group of people here from around the world and though I know we have a common love of writing and/or gaming, I imagine there are some unique hobbies some people have. So what do you do to have fun when you're not reading, riting or raiding?
But-but-but, Writing is my hobby. Alright so I game too but I also like to collect cardboard with ink on it.
Grr Meow! Now I feel really stupid T_T god I need to stop being lost in thought and pay attention anyway I like to collect manga *I know it's odd but it's really the only other thing I have to do*
A hobby that's NOT anime or gaming? That's a tall order. I used to go tea-shopping until I moved. Now there isn't a tea shop around. D:
Drinking, I'm somewhat of a beer connoisseur.
Before I went into the military I was a semi-pro video editor.
That said, it makes my hobby of making AMVs (anime music videos) less laughable.

Aside from that, I also do other extremely gay things, such as but not limited to, horse back riding, scrapbooking, drawing, fucking around in photoshop, and web design.
Also writing, but that was sort of a given.
Well there are a lot of people who are into Warhammer for the gaming. I'm one of them. However I feel sometimes that I have much more fun doing the modelling aspect of it rather than the gaming. I like models in general, putting fighters together before I even heard of the word "Orc". (and trust me, with gamers as parents that word came out early).
I SING :D I actually have the nerve to think I'm pretty good

And jump from sofa to sofa (this is called being a HEROINE IN DISGUISE)

In my free time, I make graphics (banners and such), stitch creations (arm-warmers, dresses, etc, still a beginner though)

I write :D I color :D (in my writing journal) I read :D (lots and lots and lots of books)

And I play video games (like a true gamer xD)
Oo, I'm a singer too~ I also play the piano, so I guess music is my hobby, other than writing, the given everyone has. :3 Also games, my all time favourite being the Baldur's Gate trilogy... if anyone still remembers it, let me know. It's old hat now but I still play it. (Though Dragon Age sure is catching up on the favourites list >>)

I also love going to the theatre when I can afford it, and really like designing costumes for said theatre but.. is that a hobby if it's also what I'm at uni for?
I like to walk around where people aren't, society calls that hiking, i call it being annoyed.
Acting, so much fun. Sad to say I haven't been able to do it recently, aside from my voice overs class. Still was fun though but not the same.

Video game wise, RPGs and fighting games for the most part as FPS. Got more into fighting games recently due to my 360 but still haven't adapted to the controller. Just wasn't built for em so I might have to invest in one of those third party controllers soon. :P
umm I used to be an avid piano player I could play for at least 5 or 6 hours at a time..yeah not so much anymore I've worn my wrists out :( though i'm starting to get back into playing again. Reading/Writing when I have the time I suppose...

does school count as a hobby? -__-

it's not so much a hobby but I do help my mom with hand stitching projects for her store in my down time

gosh...guess I don't have any many hobbies as i used to anymore D: