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  1. What are some hobbies you do? In particular, ones that no one around you would think you'd do? For me, it's knitting. Knitting is just SO RELAXING and I like keeping my hands busy!

    Here's one I recently made for a student of mines,


    For me,


    Hat I started but never finished,

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  2. My favorite hobby is: trying to think of some cool hobbies, so people will think I'm unique and cool when they ask.
  3. RPing, amongst playing guitar, drawing and reading comics.
  4. What kind of comics do you read?
  5. sweet scarves
    I've always wanted to learn how to knit!

    well for me, I've got a handful of hobbies... I guess most people wouldn't even think I sow, I like to make cute hair bows and dolls (please ignore dirty work table >_<)

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  6. I'm jealous of those scarves. Tried to get the wife knitting for some snuggly goodness for the one cold Florida night per year. She got bored of it and went back to buying gobs of books.

    Video games, books again, comics/manga, gardening-lite, 420smokeweederryday.

    Used to be tabletop, warhammer, dungeons and dragons, painting and the like. But I gave those social hobbies up for a wife.
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  7. Mostly superhero, action/adventure, sci fi and fantasy.

    But the thing I've been reading the most is IDW's Transformers.
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  8. second you on that bro
  9. oh and skateboarding, my fave thing in the world

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  10. Oh! Tennis and cycling, even though I haven't done it in ages...
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  11. dude I love cycling, I spent all the semester just cycling to the campus, a 20 min ride every morning it was killer xD
  12. Thank you. I use youtube videos to learn ^_^ also REALLY CUTE! The one that looks like a pinwheel is <3

    I would love to ride a bike but I be afraid of falling ;_; and being unbalanced makes me nervous as hell lol. One day!
  13. I lift, bruh.

    No, seriously, I actually do. I workout every day (except Sundays, because D&D Sundays) for an hour a day. I've gone from lifting 10-15 to 15-20 now in each hand depending on the exercise. Some I can even push to 30 now.

    I fucking love nerdy shit everywhere, but muh body. I want a healthy body. Can't have that if I only play Jade Empire & eat Doritos all day. :ferret:
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  14. hehehe, yeah the pinwheel one is one of my faves too :3

    Also totally forgot about youtube's awesome tutorial universe xD I guess I could check out some vids on it (:
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  15. duuuudeee you hafta try it! it's a bit odd for a grown-up but i'm pretty sure you can start with training wheels, then maybe one day ride solo :D
  16. Reading. If I'm not writing rps, I'm reading a book. I just finished a series in two days (Only three books, and they're considered YA, so not exactly a big deal.)

    The funny thing is, my children are all talented in ways, and they draw all the time. My aunts and my mom all do crafts. I've never been able to do any of that. :( I wish I could, but I just can't get into anything else that doesn't involve words.
  17. XD tempted. I have no shame in training wheels lolol.

    @Chrysalism ,just means you're crafty with your words then :)
  18. What's your rotation on your lifts?

    I do M-W-F, T-Th are cardio days (45 minutes on the bike since I got terrible feet).

    I do almost all core on lift days, and alternate the exercise group every other day. Day 1 (Monday) would be Squats, Bench Press, then Rows. Day 2 (Wednesday) would be Squats, Overhead Press, then Deadlifts. Day 3 (Friday) would be a repeat of Day 1. Sat-Sun are rest days. That next Monday would actually be what I did on Wednesday the week before, Wednesday would be what I did Monday/Friday. So on, and so forth.

    I have bench, bar, and dumbbells as well. I alternate what I want. I also have a curl bar, but I'm focusing on core right now (SQUAT ALL DAY ERRDAY). Cardio days I do do wrist exercises with the dumbbells though. Dem forearms.
  19. Outside of the standard nerd fare that most members already mentioned, I like collecting vinyl records. OwO It hasn't even been a full year since I first started, but I currently have 28 LP's (those big discs that contain an entire album) and 12 45's (the smaller ones that only have one song on each side). And there are so many reasons why I love it. Firstly there's the obvious bit about the audio quality. Digital music is made out of zeroes and ones -- just pieces of the original sound. Hundreds of pieces per second, sure, but mere pieces nonetheless. Analog recordings capture the whole sound, so, if you have a nice disc that's in really good shape... oh, I can't even describe it. The sound is really something else. I admit that a lot of the discs I have are a bit old and worn-out and don't produce the most high-quality sound anymore, but, even some of the fuzzier ones still have that... something that you can only get from vinyl. It's... hard to explain.

    But, if I'm being honest, the sound thing is just one of the reasons why I love vinyl. A lot of it comes from the fact that it just feels so much more personal and intimate than digital recordings. Vinyl's fairly delicate compared to something like a CD: it'll bend and scratch easily, you have to keep dust off of it in order for it to sound right, the grooves get worn out over time, etc... but, in a weird way, I feel like that just makes you value it so much more. There's effort that goes into keeping these things in good shape, and that effort pays off. And then, even when the discs have imperfections (like a lot of mine do, as they're old and I bought them used), that just makes them so much more... yours. That is your copy of that particular album and you know it because of all the flaws that wouldn't sound quite the same on someone else's copy. It's weird but it's just... so much more personal. Even when a disc has imperfections, there's just so much more of a connection there than if it were an item on a digital playlist. I think that's why buying vinyl is so much fun, too. You're not just looking up a song online or whatever -- you're browsing through a whole bunch of records to see what sort of treasures you can take home.

    And then, of course, it's just so much more atmospheric to have a record player in your room than to play music off your computer... Oh! And then there are the gorgeous sleeves that some of these come in -- and all the other fun little details that you can find in all that packaging. Admittedly some of them don't have a ton to offer, but others... man, there's an art to it.

    I probably talked for a lot longer than you wanted but man I just love talking about this stuff. I wish I'd discovered it sooner. OwO"
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  20. Roleplaying, Gaming, Binge-watching TV Shows.
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