HNY! N I Want To Get Over My Nervousness.

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BMCs: Have U Enjoyed The New Year So Far?

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  1. Aum. Namaste. As the title says I want to get over my nervousness, the BMCs help, but I'm outsourcing.

    Do you have any advice or can help?
  2. Mind explaining, because I really have no idea what your nervous about nor what you mean by BMC probably because I'm new here nor Aum namaste.
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  3. I don't know what a BMC is either! O____O I am afraid to vote until I know, it might summon a demon or something, and I work with enough of those.
  4. Does it stand for


    Please, please let it stand for that.
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  5. I wish it was a brawny Muffin Captain. That would be so cool. However, I'm afraid that it doesn't seem to fit. So that re-opens the question: what in the world is BMC?
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  6. I'm going to guess BMC is your version of a BFF.

    That's all I have on this. Why are you nervous

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  7. OH! Talking to boys! That's easy! >:3

    You just say things like HI THERE (BOY). I THINK YOU'RE CUTE. >:]

    And then THEY will be more embarrassed than you are cause someone just called out-right called them cute. PROCEED TO POUNCE.
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  8. Diana is pretty spot-on.
    Just relax and try to act like you're just chatting with a potential friend. And if you think that a guy seems cute or is really likable... you should tell him! Better to get shot down and be able to move on than wonder and waffle.

    Best wishes~
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  9. I like waffles.


    What they said.
    I find that when I've felt nervous around those I'm attracted to it helps to just be my natural, awkward self. Usually it is seen as 'cute' and thus makes it kind of easier to talk to said person then.
    Also, maybe bringing up common interests can help too! When you're talking about something you're passionate about, your eyes light up. And when a persons eyes light up, it is beautiful to behold. And in no time, that guy or girl will be all 'DAWH' and fawning over your cuteness. c:
  10. As I checked my email and read this I was like: “are you being sarcastic?“ and when I got to the last sentence I literally irl went *MUHAHAHAHA* I have been on and read some stuff, thank you. I'll do it.
  11. Be like Grace Jones and grab them by the junk and have them. Boys today are such softies when it comes to ladies. You may as well be the man and grab his butt. Grab his butt and shake it in your hand like you're spreading rock salt on an icy pavement.
  12. Okay tlol *arched brows* are you joking? Because if you didn't know. I'm a man. And I have no idea who Grace Jones is.
  13. To the rest of you. Thank you for your advice, I'll do with it what I desire. :D
  14. Switch the genders. And change ass grab to nice fish dinner. I also lived by this rule for most things: "When in doubt, slap the weakness out of your face."
  15. Oki lol confused again, what do u mean by “switch genders“?
  16. Boys are people, never approach someone as a potential gf/bf, always just approach them as someone you want to get to know

    You can start a conversation about a common interest, if you see one, or about the weather, the news, anything. The key, as with any conversation, is to make it less about you talking and more about them answering; ask questions and be an active listener (smile, nod, laugh, frown, etc), leave your phone in your pocket, and show interest in what they say!

    "If you want a boy to like you, smile a lot and laugh at everything he says, even if it's not funny" - Tai Lee

    In moderation, it's decent advice for a cartoon character!
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  17. Thank you.
  18. Totally not sarcastic at all! 8D Like Minibit said, boys are people. (So are girls. >>;;) Most people are super shy about talking to someone they like. And most people will immediately turn to a puddle of warm fuzzies if you tell them you like them!
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  19. Good morning chap, how r u?

    I'm good start college today. Question: are you call doubt weakness?