GROUP RP PLOTTING Hmmm... Vampires vs Werewolves, Yes or No?

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For atleast a week now, i've been wondering if it'd be totally EPIC to make an all out war RP between Vamps and Lycans. And I don't mean just a werewolf, I mean every werewolf in the entire legacy. As well as vampires, from the kind with monsterous forms to the normal super human kind.(except for twilight -__- )

An Rp like this will require alot of characters, alot of plotting, and alot of action, plus feedback to increase the interest. From blood sucking demons to ballistic animals, I ask you...

Shall you lend me your opinion? Will you help incourage me to create this war?
Hells yes! Count me in! I'd love to play a Lycan, but something unconventional...I don't like being constrained by time of month (or day). We should probably have a substantial plot, and it might be interesting to have a third force at work (ie, someone or something attempts to provoke the vamps and lycans into fighting one another so that it can get them out of the way). I would also like to add monster slayers (humans) to the list if you're up for it, because the more options we have the easier it is to make it a good rp.
Hmmm a war Triangle??
It sounds good, I'll put that one on the list :P
-adds idea to list-
I kinda want to be kinda the... observer. Pretty much a Nosferatu who watches and causes the war between the two races.

He could be the main villian...

Not that anyone knows at first.
These sort of plots are always good fun for all involved, I've found. If you're going for an epic feel to the whole thing, be sure to outline a history between the two races. It doesn't need to be massively in-depth but if you have one it provides a background and a real sense of an ancient war which really brings home that epic feel.

The suggestion of a human faction is also an interesting one. Perhaps some sort of conspiracy/group that monitors the actions of both vampires and werewolves? Hell, you could set them up as the main antagonists in the end, the ones who brought the war about through some subtle methods. Think Templars or Illuminati.
Woo hoo, yelling bird. Personally, I think Grumpys ideas sound really good. Tenchi?
How do you want us to do the character sheets? And how many people for each side?
They character sheets i'll handle, while the number of people for each side is limitless, i like seeing people wanting to join :)
Sounds good. If you're allowing non-wolf lycans I'd like to be a bear ;)
Ahhh lycanthrope... How i admire your power >:)

I'm thinking of keeping it strickly wolf, but to broaden my horizons wounld seem more intersting :3
Vampires V.S. Lycans is the ultimate fight in the nightbreed community. It's basically the eternal struggle for who gets it all. Both races are cunning and intillegent, have some hypnotic allure for mortals, they are both strong, fast, have the ability to shapeshif, and can weild magick. The vampire can usually use more magick than the lycan can, but that is not always an advantage in this. Lycans are more pack and family oriented while vampires can live in covens, they usually live solitary or in pairs of two. Yet, each race has its own reasons for hating the other and they both think they are the superior race, no one ever seems to win. So to build an RP of this type of deep struggle would require a large world full of mystery and intrigue into BOTH races and their respective cultures along with how well they can keep the fallout from reaching the humans, for, while neither race is particularly into saving mankind, they dont want to be found out either.

I think that it would be so awesome to be able to actually see into both of their the story, and they will come... :D

Oh, and you soooo have another vampire here if you'll let me....
Anybody can join if they're for it ^_^

So yes duchess, you are in ;)
sweeeeetttttttt!!!!!!! just lemme know when then...ill be ready....muahahahaha *glances maliciously at the weres*
No overgrown bats gonna take me down. Bring it, duchess.
awww....can you make that a promise...if so, than we can make this interesting *winks*
im looking forward to it, like this is gonna be awesome.