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I happen to think that it would be absolutely AMAZING if i can come up with a final fantasy role play! Family problems, love complications, beast ass summoning, epic battle scenes, traveling!

But a role play like that is gonna take some hard core constructing....Who will do what? Will the characters have the right attitudes? A bubbly person like Rikku and a comedian like Sazh? A sexy dude like Cloud? An evil....person...thing...person like Sephiroth? All different names, of course, but pretty much the same foundation.

So should I do it? :D?
*Points to her signature.*


I'd LOVE you if you did!!! <3
I'd love to play a summoner of some sort... <3 They've always been my favorite~ :3
I agree Rayn, I've always been a Summoner/Mage person myself (preferrably white mage)

But seriously! It'd have all Classes!

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White Mage: The healer, protector, and assistant of the group. Typically a kind, sweet person who is at a far range from danger (because of casting time), but near enough to give assitance when and if needed.
-SPELL EXAMPLES:Haste, Cure, Barrier, etc.

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Black Mage: The lead attack mage. This person is slightly wiser than all of the other ones, especially when it comes to spirits and the elements. Also equipped with a staff, they too need to be slightly away from the primary line of battle due to the time it takes to cast.
-SPELL EXAMPLES: Water, Fire, Lightening, etc.

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Gunner: The....Gunner. This person (male or female) is a 50/50 type person. They can be either trigger happy animals, or very patient strategist when it comes to bullet placement. Their formation is very flexible, even though gunning is slightly long range. They even have the ability to add elemental bases into their shots.
-SPELL EXAMPLES:Pot Shot, Trigger Happy, Attack, etc.

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Theif: The grab and go person. This person is usually a sly, sneaky, and very stealthy person. There primary objective is to take as much as they can and use it to their advantage if need be. They are also your primary item users. Their formation is at the front lines. Though bold enough to grab any enemy items, they are quick to jump back into a safe distance.
-SPELL EXAMPLES: Steal, Pilfer HP, Master Theif, etc.

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Swordsman/Warrior: The Primary Attacker. This is the person who has the strength and brawn in the team. Disregarding fear, he/she is the first person out on the battle field. They are the one either protecting or destroying any oncoming threats. Their formation is at the front lines. Unfortunately, warriors are the ones who are getting hurt the most, despite the strength.
-SKILL EXAMPLES: Power Break, Slice and Dice, Berserk, etc.

And much much more! ^_^ The role play would be a fairly big one, with at least one of each class, even though their not all specified (What was Wakka? ...Blitzball....class...person?) So yeah, im reaalllyyyy thinking about it.
Kyaa!! <3 You're a white mage as well?! :"D Ohh gosh I'm so excited~ <333 I really like the idea of incorporating as many classes as see fit. :3

Also, I believe that Wakka was just considered range... o___o; Not really having a real class... I guess in some sense he could be placed under a gunner category, what with the long distance and precision. I dunno... xD;


Best game series ever. Please do this.
-stands with his jaw dropped and amazed face-
I'm In
But it will take a LOT of time....and people.

I support you. And I am willing to throw ideas at your face. you.
I will do my best to support you in any way I could! :3
Gah, I don't do fanbased, but Final Fantasy always kicks my ass.
I'd be in. I don't know how much help I'd be, but I love what little of the series I have played. I only know as much as I do about the games through Kingdom Hearts (I am a KH JUNKIE!) so I'd probably be more helpful with some aspects.
Oddly, im not a fanbased person either and have never done a fanbased rp before in my short (short?) life of 20 years, but there is no disputing with Final Fantasy!

It would be one very big elaborate setting, though wouldnt it. The biggest problem of all is the History and Chaos behind it. I dont want it to be like, "We have to defeat Sin." Not the SAME exact stroy line and plot as the games, but something similar. A territorial war? A dispute among forces? Stuff like that.

O.O and hopfully my face is not harmed in the making of this roleplay, which i would work on....soon? (is that what we're voting on here? soon?)

-----> Characters NAO!
OOH! <3 Yay!! :"D *Goes to create a character~!* <3
Iliana, you've outdone yourself. This seems to be a very interesting thing you have going on here. I have to dutifully admit, I am a sucker for Summoners. Then again, who isn't a sucker for beautiful women who can summon giant beings of power?
I am thoroughly considering joining you in this quest. And everyone else seems to agree with you. So...why not?
Holy Buns! TENEBRAE! Where have you BEEN!?!?

* fiercely drags him into FF:LW*

- ^ -
Sorry it's been taking me so long to post up my summoner! D; </3 I had a loooong play rehearsal I needed to study my lines for and and and... school sucks. ; ___ ; </3 I'll continue working on it noooow~~