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  1. Why is almost everyone in this forum, and 4 other forums, so afraid of bad endings and darker and more developed stories that don't involve women ... ?


    Anyway, I'm looking for a roleplay and an active partner, I'm always roleplaying since AROUND 4:30 pm to about 12: 00 am.

    That's around 7 or 8 hours.

    This is a thing I did for another forum but it helps a lot:
    Genre Specific

    Preferred Genre(s) or Fandom(s): V

    • -Modern times
    • -Dark
    • -maybe some zombies to change
    • -I DON’T DO FANDOM related roleplays, I’m sorry I just don’t.
    • -abusive relationships (I want to be victim!)
    • -self harm
    • -violence
    • -killing
    • -yanderes
    • -suicidal
    • -strong drama
    • -forbidden love
    • -enemies (not so much but eh)
    • -apocalyptic/post apocalyptic
    • -house hold
    • -abusive family
    • -abuse

    Preferred Word Count: None

    Preferred Violence Content: Free for all

    Preferred Sexual Content: A bit maybe, but just superficial

    Preferred Level: I kinda am skeptic about a few beginners…

    Not Looking for: merry go lucky characters, Mary sues or characters that are childish, I’d just chew on them like an angry animal I think *shrug* Also I dislike characters who are always right or always want to do the ‘right’ thing. I also hate girl characters so no please.

    A fluffy colorful roleplay, with love and butterflies and peace and cute female characters, I dislike female characters, I’m just not used to them and never will.
  2. your themes are pretty dark why is that?
  3. I strongly dislike anything that doesn't make you think
    And most happily themed things are like that, easy, not given any thought.

    By the way oh god your username and picture are ADORABLE *touches*
  4. haha thank you. i like ur picture too! mainly because its anime XD
  5. ... anime?
  6. dont tell dont kno wat anime is *GASP*
  7. ... No, No it's not that.
    I have a certain prejudice toward people who use the word anime for a form of drawing, but taking in mind that anime means cartoon I suppose that's alright.

    By the way ... are you or are you not interest in any of these themes??
  8. yeah i liked the forbidden love! sorry i like the hole romance fantasy XD
  9. Hmm... That's interesting. I only seek romantic roleplays to be honest (that or strong friendship but it ends up being romantic ... which is a tad weird)
    Well what kind of forbidden love?
  10. like demon loving human and stuff but nothing like twilight.
    servant and master is one. i dont do incest. i like the romeo and juliet too. stuff like that. sorry if it's cheesy with the romeo and juliet one.
  11. Hmm ... we can try human and machine...? As in, android and human? We can try a post apocalyptic world... something like that?

    However it concerns me the fact that I don't use nor roleplay when one of the characters is a female ... are you okay with that?

    What I mean is, I only do Male on Male relationships. I have my reasons but I only do those.
  12. oh.... i dont think i can do male on male. Im a straight shipper not a gay shipper but i do support it.
  13. Then I don't think we could do anything like it. But it is boring to be here asking all the time and nobody ever replies, it's rare when that happens and they pick the easiest themes *sigh* then this matter comes up and everyone flees... It's irritating to be one in hundreds.
  14. im sorry that i cant role play with male on male. I really wanted to role play too. It was going to be my first time (that sound so wrong XD)
  15. That is weird.
  16. Well ... it being your first time roleplaying. ... um ... I am an skeptical man ...
  17. ur a guy!? anyway......uhm yeah im new i just joined yesterday.
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