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  1. Owl Like Typing Detected, a while ago I remember Diana, or Vay posting a 'come up with a new rating button' forum. I just don't know if this has been mentioned before. I think it would be rather appropriate, much more so than 'Cat like typing detected'

    Not only that, but an Owl would be much more devastating to your social stature. If you think Cats are evil, then you have another thing coming because trust me, all Owls are secretly *File ?Unavailable*. This is part of the reason they are so adorable.

    The more evil the animal is, the cuter they are. This is part of Evolution, they have evolved so as too remain undetected by humans! It is science people! Science.

    Did I mention that they are magical? Yes, Owls are magical, Gaurdians of Ga'hoole anyone? A baby owl has as much magical power as fully developed Dumbledore. This is why Hogwarts entrusted one to care for the child of Prophecy during his early years at the school. Dragons are jealous of the natural skill that owls have in magical studies.

    DRAGONS ARE JEALOUS OF OWLS! Inarguable facts, I assure you.

    I could keep going, but honestly, I shouldn't have too! I mean an Owl has convinced us all to follow her without Question! With all of this evidence staring you directly in the face, how could you not agree with me? Perhaps you need a summary.

    Owls are more thematically fitting, they are master tacticians, magical, scientifically astute, and basically better than cats in every way.

    Owl like typing detected for the Iwaku rating system. Join me in my Crusade to Convince the Admins!
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  2. Oh boy, an opportunity to be a buzzkill! :bsmile:

    We already have enough pointless ratings, so adding another would just be more clutter. A few of them are already pointless or redundant. Thankfully Vay has already kept Diana from adding a glut of useless post ratings, and hopefully she will continue to do so.

    If you mean you want an owl typing rating to replace the current cat like typing, also no. Your whole spiel of the relative merits of owls shows that you have no understanding of the purpose of that rating. "Cat like typing" is a reference to a rather popular (more so in years past than currently) meme on the internet that consisted pictures of cats with purposely garbled text written on them. "Cat like typing detected" as a post rating means that the post is poorly typed (including the use of 1337 5p34k) or nonsensical. Owls are not fitting as a replacement because they are associated with intelligence, which runs counter to the intended meaning of the rating.

    So, in summary, u no can haz owl rateing.
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  3. In regards to your first paragraph: Yes, adding another rating would cause too much clutter, with this I agree.

    My intention is too create a more Iwaku personal Rating. I am aware of the origins of 'Cat like typing detected', I simply wish to change the subject animal to an Owl whilst retaining the same meaning. I personally believe that Iwaku is the type of sight that would do this due too the personalities of those that run it and the image I believe they are trying to present.

    I personally think it would be charming and that most lads and ladies would understand what the rating meant. 'Cat like typing detected' = a cat walked on your keyboard 'Owl like typing detected' = An Owl walked on your keyboard. I simply believe the second of these options too be a more charming and thematically fitting one for Iwaku.
  4. My Owl army is insulted by things you insinuate about them. D:< OWL OF THE THINGS. :owl:

    Also, in truth, Owls are a rather trendy personal thing to Diana and not to Iwaku itself. We would not want to personalize long term features on short term member-based trends. You never know when I will suddenly not be in to owls and everything I do is about creepy mustaches. O_O
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  5. Reasonable.

    I retract my proposal!

    Good day Madam!
  6. Also, The Fox Nation apologizes for it's transgressions against the Holy Owl Empire, may we ever serve you faithfully.
  7. *waits for Diana to implement I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION ratings*
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  8. @Ner0, I do not serve those bloodthirsty owls! I serve Vay, the immortal devourerer of souls! I'm sorry @Diana, but I cannot serve a creature that I can turn into a pleasant tv dinner!
    *is absolutely joking about the tv dinner thing, and hides under the table*
  9. How dare you show your traitorous face Kitsune!

    I am the true leader of the Fox Nation! IN DIANA WE TRUST!

  10. I NEED THI- *gets clobbered over the head by Vay's throne-
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  11. Well I guess it's time for me to have another 'Idea'
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