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  1. Do you have an original plot you're dying to try?​
    Or you don't?​
    Either way, since I recently joined, I'm looking for a roleplay partner. ​
    At the moment, all my original plots are running dry since I've taken a break from ​
    roleplaying for over a month now. ​
    I would love to come up with one and am open to a lot of things! (Except NSFW, sorry. D:)
    Information is on my profile and feel free to PM or reply to this thread.​
    I just have one request: please be capable of writing in third person, novel form.​
    That is all. ^.^​
    (As a side note, I am not very well versed in the ways of this site quite yet,
    so if I mess something, I apologize.)
  2. Hello would you like to Make a wolf pack with me to role play?

  3. That wolf in your avatar is fudgin' cute!

    Although, I'm afraid I don't do animal-based roleplays. It's just not something I'm particularly into. I apologize.

    If you ever want to roleplay something more human-based though, then feel free to send me a message. :)
  4. I would be interested, my dear friend.
    How would you feel about a horror type roleplay?
    A character gets lost on the way to the camping space. He/she stumbles upon an old mansion with unknown secrets..


    We could work out a plot together if you don't like that one. =)

  5. One word.


    We could plot a little more as well. :3
  6. Awesome =) I sent you a pm
  7. I would be happy to RP with you. Like SilverJae above, I am also very fond of Horror RPs.
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  8. Awesome! I would love to plot with you vvery soon unless you have one in mind already. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.