Hmm, an old memory made me think of who brought me here.

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    I feel complicated at the moment. My friend who brought me to this site left a few weeks ago and now she told me last night that she's coming back and it brought back a lot of my memories of her.

    I remember our first roleplay like it yesterday, she was doing a roleplay with one of the members here on iwaku and had left me watch her. I remember smiling as I rested my head on her shoulder, she would laugh and joke and act like the characters speaking into the microphone on her tablet when talking with her partners, like they were actually in the story. My first roleplay with her...was well a smutty roleplay between a demon woman and human, I remember the way she spoke, she read all her lines out too me as I typed nervously away on my keyboard, my back hunched over and my eyes barely raising to meet hers. She was like a temptress and I felt like I had taken the bait, every single post flowed like beautiful music and I felt like we were dancing, the roleplay ended up being 500 pages and never seemed to end, even though she doesn't roleplay the idea with me much anymore, we still discuss it and I can see how her face lights up and how she smiles. When she first joined iwaku, she was so elaborated, so full of life and energy and now..I don't know.
  2. @KuroYume. Was I really like that, I must have seem like a really dominant individual back then, and I humbly apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable with such a very nerve racking encounter, of course if it wasn't for myself, you probably wouldn't be here at the moment.
  3. F*** now I'm talking to myself in that wonderful. I knew I should I let my friend creating a new account. And then she have f****** faking to be me so then I get in trouble. /
  4. :/ I wouldn't worry about getting in trouble for seemingly talking to yourself... if that's your concern... It's pretty clear that there used to be other posts here.
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  5. Like Kaga said.

    This is a common enough occurrence online that it's something Internet user's are pretty used to at this point.
    You have to be quite clever/tricky to do such a thing where other people wouldn't spot it.

    Rare clever example (open)


    I didn't make this Image btw.
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