hiyyaa strangers

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  1. Just new wanted to talk share interests.
    Pretty much whatever. ≧﹏≦
  2. I like to draw
  3. Cooling... ^O^
    So do you draw fan art...
  4. Never tried I guess I should
  5. Any art classes?
  6. No I cant take art classes
  7. Hi there infamous panda! Welcome to the site! :D
  8. Art classes are boring either way. (~O~)zZ
    And I failed them cuz I didn't like to draw the things they told me. ╯△╰

    (Sorry was busy so I didn't reply quickly.)T_T
  9. Hi Diana. 0^◇^0)/
  10. Welcome to the site :D! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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  11. (^O^) thank you and happy new year.
  12. Welcome not so famous panda!
    (Was that right?)
  13. Hello person!

    Well it's more like:

    Being famous your liked

    Being infamous your not liked?
    Anyways how long have you been on this site?
  14. 100 years... nah. Ive been here for a year :)
  15. Coolio!

    Then if you know any interesting rp, or got any advise. Tell me plz/&thx/ur welcome. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Buddha bless you! And good night, my strange new friend. XP
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  16. Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here, and use your creative abilities to their max!
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  17. Thank you very kind person, motivation really is nice,
    Thx! ≧﹏≦
  18. Welcome to the community Panda! :3
  19. Welcome to Iwaku Panda!
  20. Thank you, sempai!