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Hi everyone (:

My name is Luna and I'm new here, just wanted to introduce myself a little and hopefully become friends with most of you!

I'm not new to roleplaying but I am new here. I stopped roleplaying a few years ago because things got busy and I didn't have enough time to reply people so I dropped it cause its not fair. But I'm back now so hopefully I can get back into it and create wonderful stories with you all ^ ^
I like to do action / adventure fantasy type RPs, and romance is always an open option. Usually if I do romance it will involve more steamy sensual content, but nothing too crazy.

Anyways, send me a message or post on my page if you wanna roleplay with me or just want to say hi and chat!


{ кєувℓα∂є мαѕтєя }
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Hey, welcome to Iwaku! c:

Feel free to call me Dragon, by the way. It's a pleasure meeting you, Luna.
Hopefully you find the roleplays you're interested in here.​
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