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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grace Delane, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. So...
    I have been role-playing for roughly 8 years now, going on 9. However, I have always done it on social media sites such as; Myspace, and Facebook. This is my first time stepping into an actual role-play site, so please forgive my "newness" to this.
    I really don't have a set of role-play I enjoy; I like something with a story that moves forward. Nothing that stays at a stand still... I do like romance though.
    I really am not sure what else to include in here. *Puts face down shyly*
    So, uh, I look forward to role-playing with you guys!
    Talk to you soon! :)​
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  2. Hihi Grace! :D Welcome to the siiiiite! Actual roleplay sites are so much better than playing on the social media ones. >:3 We have more fun things to play with!
  3. That's what I am hoping for!
    Facebook seems to be becoming a bit too slow for me. Plus, I've always wanted to check out a role-playing site, just never had the guts to... Well, I guess I do now! XP
  4. Hello Grace, I'm new to the site too, and wanted to introduce myself since I see you used to roleplay on MySpace too, probably around the same time you did if you've been playing for 8 years. I'm Nuada and it's nice to meet you, hit me up sometime for a roleplay or just to talk about old times on MySpace.
  5. Welcome to the site, Grace! I hope you enjoy your stay, and that you have a wonderful day :)