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  1. How ya doin? My sister recommended this site to me so I decided to check it out. I am fairly new to roleplaying on forums since I used to do it mostly on email, however I'm hoping I can open up a little and get comfortable in roleplaying in a big community like this!
  2. Oh hellos there! *waves at her in a friendly manner*

    Welcome to the Community~
    If you need any help, ask away! :3
  3. YOU!

    You don't get a gif just yet. You get all my love <3 I love you!

    This girl here is incredible! She's so...smart and a perfectionist..like me!
    Gah. I'm so excited you're on here now! I can't wait until we can get started on a roleplay! Who knew that we would finally be on a roleplay forum together? Now we can be closer now that I'm away for college.

    Again. I love you!

    Welcome to Iwaku!



  4. Email is one thing, where you get to work with one person really closely. I do that too, with longterm player. But you're going to love browsing the different roleplays - you'll find a bunch that start off with a basic background and story to join, and you get involved by posting characters biographies.
    You can also join active Groups and that's a good way to get one-on-one with people of the same interest. You see I'm a sucker for both yaoi and supernatural/angel/vampire/demons, so that's what I found.

    Some replies take a day. It seems slow at first but soon you'll have like 5 roleplays to keep up with. XP When you're waiting for partners to come back online, you MUST see the Challenge Forum. You'll get ideas and stretch yourself from your usual type of writing.