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My name is Nova! Lets just say, I gotten back here because of Zypher (with his post from facebook). Once before I was Kishi Kurushimi. But old names are old, and here is the new me. But I never actually gotten the courage to join till now, even if I often lurked AFTA. I want to get out of rut of not being able to role play, and actually have my creative juices going once and for all. Hopefully, you guys can get my creativity going once again.
Kiiiishiiii! Nice to see you again! XD
Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I missed you guys alot! And hopefully you guys will see more of me!

Welcome to Iwaku. Hope youse enjoy it, and all.
yeah, welcome to the site!

We're currently open to any and all Moonwings Refugees, even those that have found temporary shelter in skybase AFTA. Do not mind the lunatics, they are mostly harmless.

*whispers* They are all batshit insane...I'm the only one you can trust....trust me!
How can I trust people when we're all some crazy bunches of lunatics. (j/k) But thank you anyway's, all of you thank you. I hope I will have a blast here.
Welcome to the site, do contact me if you have any trouble at all with anything!
An AFTA person? *Stares intensely at Nova for a few moments before oohing and aahing*
^_^ Welcome to the new Iwaku! ^_^ My name's Miru, and if you need help, I'll do my best! ^_^;
*waves* Hi, I'm GMK resident grey knight/alcoholic
KISHI-CHAN! Mwahahaha! I wrangled you back! <3 glad you've returned!
I know your name... welcome, it's good to see you. Please mind the gap!