Hiya! umm... yeah. XD

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Do you watch anime? (//*^.^*//)

  1. Yes!!!!! XD :D

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  2. no. (nope! no way! never! nup!... whatever no is in other languages!! XD)

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  1. Hi! I'm TheHappyPikachu or THP if you prefer!! :D

    I'm a female role-player that has about... 2-3 years experience?... "^.^ just not on this site and I'm looking forward to a new experience! :3

    I'm currently 13 and turning fourteen in a month ...so, yeah. I am young but know that doesn't mean you have a right to look down upon me! (MUAHHAHAHA I AM ALL POWERFUL!!?!? *cough cough* hehe...) although I'm always looking for tips and advice!! (it's more than welcome!) :)

    I LOVE group role-plays but also enjoy occasional single-partner RP's!!

    I like Rain! but am scared of the dark. I love coldness so that you can use a heater to warm up! (I live in Australia. Land of the 30 degree average days and the slightest chance of rain. and trust me. Beach's get old... fast. :P).

    The Song I'm currently got stuck in my head is a nightcore Anime AMV of a parody called: Ship Happens.

    (And before you ask, yes. yes I did use the template for this. DEAL WITH IT!!! :bananaman: XD :D "^.^)

    I AM A MASSIVE OTAKU!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!
    :D (and pokemon fan. XD)

    kirito ( epic sword art online art ).jpg
    -THP Out!! :D XD "^.^ :P :)
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  2. Welcome fellow Otaku~! welcome to Iwaku!

    That DP though, it's like a crossover between digimon and pokemon :0
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  3. Thanks!! :jump::innocent:
  4. welcome X3~!
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  5. Thank You!!~ ... :3 :D :D :D
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