Hiya Papaya

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  1. Ello,
    I'm Tracker, but you can call me Tracker. Imma girl aka best sex EVA!! I hate sparkling vampires and babyish werewolves. My favorite band at the moment is...Shinedown
  2. Tracker of the north, what exactly are you tracking? Bears? Deer? DRAGONS!? Oooh! Should definitely tell.

    It is good to meet you though, Tracker! I'm one of the pirates around here, and I hope you have great fun on Iwaku and you find many awesome RPS.
    Any questions or sort should be thrown at me, but not towards my eye, or to any other staff member you can find at the time.

    See you soon!
  3. Hello and welcome to the site, stick around and you shall find that the members are great, roleplays tantalizing, and fun is bountiful
  4. Hiya, Tracker! I'm Hirohashi, friendly neighborhood fire spirit. Pleased to meet you and welcome to Iwaku!

    Shinedown is a cool band. A friend got me into them a little over a year ago, if I remember correctly. I'm usually late on the uptake of anything music related. ^^;

    Anywho if you have any questions throw something pointy at Juku's eye, he was lying about not doing it ask any of us Staff Members and we'll help you out!
  5. I share your hatred of the sparkles, and babehs. I also agree on your gender selection xD.

    Welcome to Iwaku home of the Iwaku may I offer my role playing service if you're ever board. Likewise yous hould check out the academy, very cool folk there. I'd link you but I'm too stupid to know how.
  6. Traker. Reminds me of one of my rps ahhehehehe....*Far off swoony laugh*

    No, seriously, welcome to the Community, Tracker! I hope to see you around and filling up rps with your writings and things! :D
  7. Sparkly Vampires suck do suck.
    They can't be killed by sunlight, which sucks.
    But, I wonder if there are other methods of killing them. Hmmm...-thinks-
    Nope, I got nothing.
    Anyway, enjoy your stay here and have fun! If you need anything, ask and you will be assisted. ^^
  8. I say we burn em mwahaha. Thanks for the welcomes guys!!!!