Hiya! I'm pinkie pie!

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  1. I'm a female pegasister who wants to sexually roleplay with some bronies! I use my own OCs. Like dasher sparkle. (A female pegasis) and I also do a good mane 6! Tehe. Message me if you want a good time :3
  2. MAN THE PARTY CANNON!Anyhoof, Welcome. I'm Blackangel, first among the Herd of Iwaku.Avoid the punch.....it's been 'Spike'd.We're currently out of cupcakes, though donuts are a plenty. 'EAT AT JOES'Enjoy the fourth wall.
  3. "Hiya! I'm pinkie pie!"

    NO YOU'RE NOT D: D: D: Lies!

    Welcome to Iwaku, I am new myself. The people here are very friendly and you can count on me joining a sexy MLP party for sure. ^^ Thanks for giving me a good laugh too. ^^
  4. "Friends with Benefits (Antro style)" is a Mature Anthro MLP rp literal just getting started. You'll have to dig, as I currently can't post links.....Seeya 'Kinkie' Pie

    And by 'kill' I mean 'welcome' and by 'fire' i mean 'interest and admiration'