Hiya~! :D

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  1. Hi all! It's nice to meet you, and it's great to finally be a part of a larger RP community! :D I've run a few forum RPs in the past, and thought it would be fun to meet new people...so a friend suggested Iwaku! Um...a little something about me, er...well, I'm a HUGE Type-Moon fangirl and love talking Nasuverse with anyone and everyone...so if you're also a fan, we're already friends in my eyes XD Anyhoo, I look forward to meeting you all and I can't wait to RP!!
  2. Hiya! It's nice to meet you, too~ I'm not a personal fan of Type-Moon (more like, never tried anything by them...heard of, just never tried). However, I hope we can be friends anyway. I also hope to see you enjoy the site. :) May you find many fun RPs~!
  3. GASP! You have to watch/play some Type-Moon!! Haha, and of course we can be friends regardless of your TM knowledge! XD Very nice to meet you Juneberry!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Avalon. I hope you make many many friends, :).