Hiya! Awesome People! I'm new ^-^

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  1. Hiya! Ladies and Gentlemen!
    My name is Nassione

    I am a roleplayer with four years experience, I would love to meet new people and obviously roleplay! ^-^

    If it helps I am a major comic fan and at this moment addicted To Loki Agent of Asgard.... also I am a gamer nut just finished Far Cry 3 XD NOW MOVING ONTO BORDERLANDS 2!!

    Feel free to message me if you would like to rp, chat about games ect

  2. You sound awesome! I myself am new here as well, and definitely a gamer. My roommate has been playing Farcry 3 also funny enough. But anyway if you would like to come up with a story with me just send me a pm and Welcome to Iwaku!

  3. Hiiiii Nassione! Welcome to the community! :D