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  1. "In the name of the Queen of England, All creatures that do not walk the path of humanity and indulge in wicked acts against humanity must be permanently purged." - The Oath of the Hitmen

    The Queen of England's Hitman Organization has been operating in the shadows of England for several decades, and like any shadow agency, no-one in the country outside of the Queen and her generals have even the slightest idea of their existence, not even parliament. Secretive though they are, without this organization, England would crumble to pieces. Why? Well these Hitmen don't target humans, they target supernatural, man eating creatures known as Bairns. These creatures have been referred to as the devil's spawns and their demonic appearances do much to validate these statements. The hitmen face a great threat every time they go up against these Bairns and so only the most talented persons are drafted to go to training at the academy and even fewer graduate. The Queen has a very special definition of 'talented'. One can only become a hitman if they possess a special talent that goes beyond the limits of normal humans. Most times these powers are not very drastic, but can be as simple as increased eyesight or speed. Some persons have more violent powers such as the strength to put their fist through a wall or to start small fires. After graduating from the academy, these hitmen are placed in houses, which consist of four hitmen each.

    The Bairns are destructive creatures that are all very dangerous. Their only source of nutrition is humans and it is believed that they were feeding on humans for centuries before the Hitman Organization was founded. They possess the ability to shapeshift and in their human forms they are able to talk.

    Bairn (open)

    Notes: Players are allowed to collaborate and fill out the information as it pertains to the house they belong to. For now we'll only use two houses until when we have enough players to fill up the third house. While you are allowed free range when making your special abilities please don't make it too outrageous. All standard Iwaku rules apply in this r.p. Fight scenes will also be done in collaboration style to make them more exciting and fair. More details about the r.p are available at the interest check Here

    Character Sheet

    Brief History:
    Special Abiity:

    House Sheet (To be done by all members of the house in question)

    Name: (House names are already provided. Just fill them in here)
    Appearance: (Optional)
    Ring: (Pic or description)
    Uniform: (Optional. Rings do count as uniform)

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  2. Name: Alexieu Gregory
    Age: 20

    Personality: Alexieu is a very dark and brooding person. He spends most of his time reading classic literature and keeping an eye out for any strange activity in the area. He believes strongly in getting the job done and he makes that his top priority whenever he is on a mission. He sometimes gets upset when people shorten his name to Alex instead of Alexieu. Despite his personality, he is very much dedicated to his friends and seeing that they are okay. Even though he doesn't like talking much, he still cares for them. He can still be cold and detatched whenever dealing with anyone he dislikes. He has very strong principles that he sticks to when it comes to matters of religion and he believes the Queen is an envoy of God and the Bairns are the devil's spawn.
    Brief History: Born in the town of Brighton, Alexeiu has lived a very simple life. He grew up as the son of a pastor in a small church and was the model son. He lived alone with his father for several years, but then one night, his house was attacked by a Bairn which had made it's way into their home under the guise of a church member. His father was horribly mutilated and was only saved when Alexieu discovered his unique powers. He was shortly after drafted into the Academy.
    House: Varia
    Special Ability: Alexeiu possesses the ability to apply an increased force of friction to moving objects. With this ability he can cause spontaneous combustion. He applies his ability mostly to the bullets in his guns, creating small explosions that increase the possibility of killing the enemy.

    Weapon(s): Alexieu's favourite weapons are a pair of twin pistols which he carries around constantly under his thick coat. He is very accurate with his shots after years of training and he is able to shoot straight even while jumping or avoiding an attack. The lethality of his guns is further heightened by his ability to make the bullets ignite and combust.

    Skills: He has a heightened sense of awareness and so is always paying attention to his surroundings
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  3. So should I fill out the character and house sheet myself? Make up a motto and everything? Or is that your job? @Jhuton
  4. I have my character mostly done, just need to finish his weapon. Then Illnpost him here.


    As for Houses, I really think it should be a collaborstive effort between all members of the house.
  5. Name:
    Leone Damien Valcrosse

    "Call me Leo, if you must."


    "What, you think I'm just some kid?"

    In general, Leone is a calm and focused person. He likes things organized, and it drives him crazy when people move his things around. Not to mention, he is also a perfectionist who is typically dissatisfied with even the best of his work. He memorizes different strategies and uses them whenever they work the best, and prefers calling the shots in a fight. It is nearly impossible to get an unknown variable past him.

    He does not back down from any kind of challenge, and plays a highly aggressive role in combat. He will give his life to protect those he cares about. And those who make him their enemy often suffer the consequences.

    Leone compartmentalizes his emotions and keeps his expressions generally unreadable. He's also wicked smart, though it rarely makes a blatant appearance. Technology is not his strongest point, considering he still owns a practically indestructible flip phone he occationally calls 'the brick.' Casual conversation is usually like walking on thin ice for him, as he is shy as hell when there isn't a need for him to take a leader role. He hates getting wet and dirty, though if he absolutely must, then so be it.

    "Don't even think about touching my crap."

    Brief History:
    Leone grew up in a pretty crowded home, with four younger brothers and three younger sisters. There was never a dull moment. Both his parents worked hard to take care of everyone, though most of the child care fell on his shoulders.

    One day while he was walking Naiya, Azryn, and Nico home from school, he felt an odd energy that set him on edge and caused him to pull out his pocket knife. Not a second later did a bairn appear. Propelled by the urge to protect his siblings, he was able to drive off the strange beast without any harm coming to his family. Not long afterwards, he was pulled from his home into the hitman academy, where he excelled.

    "I haven't contacted home since I joined the academy. It's easier this way."



    Special Ability:
    Leone's mind processes energy and motion much quicker than an average person's, causing his reaction time to increase dramatically.


    Leone is incredibly good at working with others in a combat setting, and decision making is also a point he excels in. Close combat is also a strong point.

    "I'm good when it comes to fighting."

    His themesong is Real World by The All-American Rejects.
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  6. @Ananfal You can go ahead and make your character, but the house sheet should indeed be a collaborative effort between all members of the house. It can only be filled out when that house is full

    @AshenAngel Your character is accepted!
  7. Name:
    Leanan Dronning

    "Just call me Lea, darling."


    "It's never polite to ask a woman her age, you know."

    Lea is a lady, well-mannered and polite. She always appears to be calm, even when her temper is raging underneath her mask of indifference. She doesn't form attachments to people, since she knows that they might be taken away from her at any moment. She is a bit on the quiet side, but isn't afraid to speak her opinion or stubbornly defend it. She hates it when people mention her past, and prefers instead to simply forget all about it. She's a little bit of a flirt (with both sexes) but rarely follows up on her implicit remarks. She works well in a team, as well as solo, and doesn't have a preference.

    "Now now, I'm sure we can all be friends... or dead."

    Brief History:
    Abused by her drunkard father as a child with her mother dead during childbirth, Lea quickly learned how to survive on her own. She learned to keep her emotions under control for fear that her father would worsen her punishments, and she learned how to sneak around quietly in order to avoid waking him up. She learned how to steal in order to eat, since her father spent all the money he earned at his crappy job on alcohol. One day, when she was running down an alley to avoid the police, a man caught her and demanded she hand over her stolen goods or he'd turn her in. In desperation, Lea scooped up a broken bottle off the ground and slashed at the man wildly. Just by pure chance, one of her strikes severed an artery and the man bled out within minutes. That was her first kill, and she had only been 12 at the time. From then on there was no going back. She killed mostly criminals, learning more each time, until she was found and sent to the academy to be trained.

    "Never speak of him again. Do you hear me? Never!"

    Asquith House

    "Oh, that? Well I hardly think it matters, to be honest. We all kill the same thing, after all."

    woman assassin.jpg

    Special Abiity:
    Lea can charm her opponents, making them target her without hesitation and forcing them to take the shortest path to her, without being able to flee or change direction. This effect only lasts for a few seconds, and can only be used a couple of times per fight. Her enemies can still attack and run, but they will be solely focused upon her and thus vulnerable to attacks by others.

    "Come to me, my sweet... Let me end your suffering."

    One large revolver tucked into her belt, along with a sword strapped to her back and hidden beneath her hair. She also has a few throwing knives secreted all across her body.

    "I oil my blades and clean my gun every day. After all, my life depends on them."

    Lea, although a master at none, is proficient in almost every aspect of fighting. She does well at hand-to-hand, is passable with her gun, and excells most with her sword, although she is still not an expert. This all around jack-of-all-trades approach allows her to adapt to every situation and never get caught off guard or without a weapon or skill set to complete the job and get herself out alive.

    "I know a little of this, a bit of that... It all comes together in the end, you see."

    Lea has a beautiful singing voice, although she rarely sings and never in public. She also loves the night time, and wishes to learn how to play an instrument.
  8. Something tells me that this is going to turn into boys vs girls for the houses.
  9. Name: Basil Charlton
    Age: 29
    Personality: Warm and caring, no nonsense. He sees the Bairn as an enemy, equal to Al-Qaida, the IRA, or the Taliban. A bad guy is a bad guy is a bad guy and they all get the same treatment. He finds the squabbles between the houses disgusting; they're all fighting the Bairn, and thats what they should be focusing on.
    Brief History: Basil grew up in North Ireland, and every day was filled with terror. Fear that the IRA would attack him and his family. When he came of age, he enlisted in the British Army, and after a tour in Iraq was selected for the Special Airborne Service, the famed SAS. He worked with them out of Hereford, and participated in a tour with Task Force Black in Iraq. While on a headhunt for IRA leaders in the farmland outside Ulster, his squad was given a redirect: A Garda squad car had gone missing in their area. When the SAS team found it, tey found a pair of well meaning civilians trying to help. These were Bairn. Basil saw brief images of them before they attacked, and between the team, they were able to kill the pair. However, four of the six men died, and a fifth was so badly wounded pyhsically and mentally that he had to be confined to a British Army hospital. Shortly after this incident, Basil was drafted into the Academy.
    House: Asquith


    Six foot and two hundred pounds of wiry muscle, Basil plays rugby for fun and spends much time in the gym. His years in the SAS has honed him to a sharp, lean, mean, killing machine.
    Special Abiity: He can sometimes see through a Bairne's diguise when it chooses to be human. Such glimpses are often merely flashes, but enough for erecognize and engage.

    Heavily modified Kriss Super V-http://s27.postimg.org/4ufank503/Screenshot_2015_07_04_12_49_47.png

    FN Five-seveN-http://www.fnhusa.com/files/6813/5966/2675/five_seven_large.png

    Blackhawk Nightedge combat knife-http://site.lapolicegear.com/blog3/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/n9.jpg
    An assortment of fragmentation, white phosphorous, high explosive, flash, smoke, and gas gernades

    Breaching charges and Composition Four plastic explosive

    Demolitions Expert-He served this role in the Army and in the SAS, so explosives and demolitions come easily to him.

    Squad Leader-He served under some incredible leaders in the SAS, and they rubbed off on him. He can command and inspire those around him for the greater good.

    Tip of the Spear-Bairne holed up in a defensible position? No problem. He can assault it and clean it out, because that's what he was trained for.

    First Strike: Because of his ability, he can uncover a hidden Bairne and attack before it attacks him.
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  10. Name: Jay
    Age: 24
    Personality: Jay is a good guy, but he wont do any favors for anyone, he does what he came for then leaves. He isn't the most chatty of people giving straight answers rather then long one. He prefers people to talk with his as less as possible as he likes being one his own, but that doesn't mean he can't work with a team.
    Brief History: Born in Nevada Jay lived his life on a farm before his life in england, while in Nevada he learnt how to fire a gun and was rather good at it gaining many of the skills he has today. One day he found a letter for him which didn't happen very often, inside was an invitation to a place simply titled the Academy, he accepted even being a bit unsure about it. He Learnt how to heighten his speed even faster than before. He was placed into Asqith house once he was finished with the Academy and he didn't mind it, he let the instructor pick where he would go.
    House: Asquith


    Special Ability: All his movement are quite fast compared to normal people (explained further in skills).
    Lever action Rifle




    Quick draw: He can draw his weapons at yet to matched speeds.

    Rapid reload: He can quickly reload his weapons in seconds if even that.

    Rapid shot: His shots with his weapons are as if they were automatic fire, but keep the same accuracy as if he was shooting slowly.

  11. So, uh... Is this still alive?
  12. I hope so.
  13. I hope so too.
  14. Sorry about the delay. I was a bit busy. I'll review your character sheets in a little
  15. The houses are a little unbalanced... Maybe someone should move over to Varia?
  16. @ShatteredSkies Your C.S is accepted.

    I'm hoping the other two persons will tell me where they stand on the r.p today so I can see how the house members are distributed
  17. Name: Devon Smith
    Age: 34
    Personality: He enjoys playing random bits of music. He has a sense of battered optimism, and you will most likely never see him with a frown in his lifetime.
    Brief History: Devon was an ordinary kid who went to The Musika Grande, a very expensive school for young beginners of music. He learned how to play many instruments, his favorites being the Lute and the Tombo. He is cheerful and will try to stay positive.
    House: Varia
    Appearance: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/256/7/b/7bd2a2852f43cbc7da280db4896844de-d49puok.jpg
    Special Abiity: He gives people around him a sense of optimism and happiness, more then often through his music.
    Weapon(s) - Devon hates killing things, but feels like he doesn't have a choice to be in this group. His best bet is not not carry anything sharp with him and instead just help his teammates kill things.
    Skills: He can play a mean violin is necessary.
    Other: He will never kill something on his own, even if it means letting whatever is attacking him kill him. He also hates revealing how he playing his music, and considers it a fine art.
    If he is given an instrument he is not familiar with { Like an electric guitar } he will use what he knows from other weapons to play it mildly good-ish.
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