Hitler. Didn't. Die.

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  1. Well... he did...

    ...but maybe not in a bunker.

    ....well... maybe in a bunker.

    ....but possibly in Argentina.


    I admit the "Mad cunt shoots himself as his empire crumbles" ending is a little Hollywood. But this theory is a bit derpy too. Why would the FBI not act on it? They didn't want to invade Argentina? This was the start of the Cold War - America was invading THE MOON!

    Also, I think the troll-bait interesting thing is that people want Hitler to have killed himself. Some even need Hitler to have killed himself. Having him get away and live a peaceful, picturesque and happy life in the fabulous mountains is an offense to our Spidey Senses.


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  2. Hitler didn't die; he just went to Hell to regroup.

    Liongate films proudly presents...

    Mein Kampf 2: The Demon Army of the Fourth Reich.

    Coming 6/6/16.
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  3. If he didn't die in 1945, He's dead now because he as born in 1889.
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  4. Oh, so THAT'S how they got him to appear in Wolfenstein.
  5. You mean the history books were wrong?

    Say it isn't so!
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  6. Agreed. At this point he's dead and burning in hell no matter what.
  7. Eh, it'd be interesting if that was true, but I have to say that this source doesn't seem at all credible to me. They mention declassified FBI documents but don't give a single direct quote, or a link to them, or anything of the sort. In fact, the only source they cite is this article itself. Imagine if you did that for a school paper: "Yeah, my source for this paper is this paper. Deal with it." :P

    So I'm not saying they're wrong, but I am saying this article is not even close to being a worthwhile source that should be trusted and believed. Could be legit, but they don't back it up at all.
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  8. You expected Asmo to produce real and truthful content?
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  9. "Please provide sources for hoax/joke thread so that we can debate it like it's serious beeznis."


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  10. This old geezer expects me to click links on a news site.

    That's like PC suicide.
  11. Don't worry. I'm sure the F.B.I. won't be able to see your hard-drive if you click that link.
  12. Something something seven proxies something something..

    But really. What are the implications of Hitler living in South America for who knows how many years after the fall of the Third Reicht?

    Is it a history re-write? Keep it swept under the rug? Jewish conspiracy? Something to write home about? Spitting in the face of the soldiers that took Berlin?
  13. Welcome to the discussion.
  14. I thought the remaining Nazis went to the dark side of the moon.

    There were even movies documentaries about it.
  15. Of course not. It was meant as a warning to others who read the thread. :P
    I've skimmed through a lot of that and I'm just seeing a bunch of conflicting reports and stuff about how the claims can't be verified or the source isn't trusted. Definite confirmation that the FBI looked into the rumors, but nothing at all conclusive from what I've seen. The thing the article touts as the strongest evidence, the bit with the account of the arrival in Argentina, was not pursued because it was impossible to verify any of the information and the informant disappeared after a while. From what I have seen, the documents don't suggest that Hitler survived, they just show that tons of rumors were thrown at the FBI about his survival and they went through due diligence in checking anything that seemed even mildly credible.

    I shall now switch gears, but not as you imply. The article is nonsense and the writer needs to stop buying into conspiracy theorist stuff. Anonymous tips and suggestions about someone being alive are not proof at all.

    Anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way, you're not wrong about people desiring a "clean" ending over looking into alternatives. People will take a pretty lie over an unfortunate truth the vast majority of the time. It's similar to how people are shocked when they see things about Hitler loving dogs, or how he was a fairly normal guy when it came to social interactions, or anything at all that doesn't cast him as a horrible monster. They want the Hollywood version of the Satan figure getting his just desserts, not a complicated story that might involve critical thought. If the Argentina story were true and the FBI knew it and just didn't bother pursuing any action, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the lack of action was based on a decision that the story already had a happy ending as far as the public was concerned, and no real good could be done by tearing the fresh scab off.
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  16. If the Soviets found the body, you can bet unspeakable things were done to it, like how many pieces were needed before it was small enough to flush down a toilet and feed to the animals.
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  17. o_O

    That's a rather negative view of Soviet soldiers...

    Though I guess raping Hitler's corpse is kind of okay.

    I wonder how long Eva stayed with him...
  18. You don't know that. He could have found the fountain of youth. Or become a vampire. Or maybe Satan liked him so much, he decided to reincarnate him and put him in North Korea so that he could continue with his concentration camps. Or maybe he just has a VERY strong heart and now is 126 years old. There are people who has lived to become 120 years old, so 126 isn't that far fetched.

    With that said, yeah, most likely dead by this point. No matter if he killed himself, or if he somehow survived for longer. xD
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