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  1. We're not really hitting children. A little bit. Okay, a lot. Fuck it, call CPS and a SWAT team. Anyway, it might be worth noting that this RP is rated MA 18+. For what you ask? Oh, just a few things. Drug and alcohol use, excessive violence and gore, liberal sexual content (do as you please in this particular category. If you prefer not to distract others from your main writing with sex, you can avoid it entirely or do a fade to black. But then again, if you're into hardcore threesomes, I'm not stopping you there either. Just keep in mind your age), language, and everything else illegal under the Sun.


    Where are we? New York City, 2020. Whose story do we tell? A group of 6 children, teens, and young adults, all orphans with no idea who their parents were, many of them simply not caring. All they know is safety in numbers. And survival of the fittest. Collectively, they are in the list of the Top 10 list of assassins in the world, half of them cracking the Top 5. They work separately and together, depending on the situation. Recreationally, they participate in gang operations, drug dealing and cooking, smuggling, and the educational system. These "Hitkids" (my mix of the Boondocks, Maximum Ride, and Saints Row) spend their days balancing their criminal careers with their social lives. And being forced to live with each other in the Safe House, an abandoned warehouse located off the grid outside of NYC (travel managed by relying upon the elder drivers). But now things are coming dangerously close to the edge. The FBI is closing in, rival assassins seeking to advance themselves hunt for them, and to be honest... Prom is intimidating.

    We will exit NYC at some points, but only temporarily. Otherwise, you're stuck in the Big Apple.


    Name: (No last names. We don't know who we are beyond the names we gave ourselves)

    Age: (12-21)

    Appearance: (Photo please)


    Pseudonym: (Who takes a kid seriously? Each assassin has a false name that is presented to employers to hold the knowledge that they are children secret)

    Specialty: (All of the Kids are skilled martial artists and are highly intelligent, as well as being reasonably well-rounded with most weapons. This asks what exactly do they favor? Guns? Knives? Bombs? Fists? You decide. And note: Once someone chooses a specialty, no one else can have it)

    Signature: (What do they leave behind when they kill? Decapitation? Mutilation? This is tied to your specialty)

    Some Basic Rules:
    • Relationships: No roofies. If you want to ship your character with another person's, get their permission first, don't just throw it on them. Sex is allowed, fade to black is optional. No sex involving under 16 year old characters. 16-17 is a necessary fade to black. This rule doesn't apply for a secondary character or NPC (Sex still does, but you can do whatever kinky stuff you want with your characters).
    • Writing Skill: I'm sick of being subliminal. WRITE WELL. Remember your punctuation, paragraphs (at least 1 per post, 5-8 sentences. This doesn't apply in PvP posts in order to avoid puppeteering), grammar, etc. It grinds on a lot of other people (namely me) when we have to read poorly written stuff on something I want to look and turn out good (I'm not talking content. Not everyone can come up with really, really good posts on the spot. But PLEASE. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, the works). This might seem bossy and jerkish, but how would you feel if I did this on one of your RPs?​
    • Posting Speed: I'll be a little lenient here. One post per week, more if you care to. But don't start doing massive chain posts and exclude everyone else.​
    • Death: There will only be 6 of us (Check it. SIX. SLOTS). Be very careful if you plan on getting injured. If you die, we will weep for your loss. But otherwise, you'll be gone. High-risk.​
    • Rule-Breaking: In any cases of breaking the rules, both parties (or one if only one person is involved, either perpetrator or victim) must appeal to me directly. No comment fights. But here's a list: A) Relationships: Breaking the mentioned rule will result in an immediate command to either end the attempt or officially okay it with the writer behind the other character. Failure to do so results in a ban. B) Writing Skill: This is an absolute no-no. If you know that you can't write well [and I'm not talking content wise. We have different capabilties when it comes to writing a story. Some just aren't too good, while others are Literature Gods (most of the admins)], don't bother applying. It would just end badly. C) Posting Speed: Prolonged absence (over a week) will result in a PM warning. Failure to reply and explain absence will result in banjection. You will receive the PM 24 hours after absence is noted (one week of no posts), and will have 48 hours to respond. If you are likely to be gone for a long period of time, PM me and leave yourself in a position in the RP that would explain an absence. You'll be free to rejoin upon your return. Oh, and if you are banned, either we kill you off or erase every trace of your existence. D) Death: I may reconsider (if I decide to allow in a new character) kicking out the dead and allowing them to write a new character. Might. Might.​
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  2. Name:



    Externally, Zane is incredibly abnormal and unpredictable, despite being the eldest of the children living in the Safe House. He frequently dies his hair neon colors (never from the warm side of the spectrum. He says that he doesn't like orange, for being an unholy combination of red and yellow, and ruined the whole category for him), a point of ridicule from a number of peers, has a strange addiction to bubble gum, is often easy-going and charming, and is a master of the power nap. Internally, however, he is calm, controlled, never speaks unless spoken to (and even then he is like to ignore you), introverted, cynical, despises those he is unfamiliar with, and is incredibly secretive. Where information regarding his past is necessary, he falsifies information. When generally questioned about it, he dances around the topic. And perhaps most importantly, you really can't tell when he's angry. Until a knife pins your hand to a table. To him, showing anger is a sign of weakness. Control is key. To his brethren assassins, he acts as less of a father and more of a benevolent (but by no means weaker) older brother, and rarely gets truly enraged by their behavior (them being the only family he knows of and cares about).

    The Executioner

    Blades. Lots and lots of blades. A butter knife becomes a dagger, a steak knife into a bone saw, and scissors into... Scissors (really not much you can do with those aside from cut stuff). However, despite his little talent of turning any sort of blade into a true weapon, he happens to carry and rely on his own set of gear: 10 throwing knives strategically placed at different points on the body to be drawn and thrown quickly and efficiently, 2 long knives at his hips, and one katana on his back.

    All priority targets that have been reported killed by The Executioner are found decapitated. While generally not much of a signature for any murderer beyond something an FBI profiler can use, Zane happens to add a little bit of a personal touch to it: His initial carved into the dead mark's forehead.

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  3. Don't question why the images are so big, just know that I can't afford to upload photos.
  4. Name: Vixen (often called "Vicky")

    Age: 19


    Personality:Vixen is an artistic yet extroverted individual. She spends her free time drawing and chatting. She makes money off from some of her drawings and uses them to help the other kids when she gets the chance. A truly good natured person, she accepts the moral ambiguity of assassin work as a fact of life. She is a marijuana user and tends to the growing facilities underground. She doesn't look favorably on the other drugs the group cooks up, but she occasionally helps, so long as they don't touch her "babies" (the weed) with that stuff. On jobs, she can be found with a joint burning between her lips while plotting wind courses and drop. Off the job, however, she uses a hookah. Overall, Vixen is a motherly individual to the others, especially the underage ones - in a sense, even to any who might be older than herself.

    Pseudonym: The Fox
    Specialty: Guns. To be specific, she has a thing for medium-caliber pistols and high-caliber sniper rifles. Bonus points if she can stick a big, fat suppressor on the end. Maybe a flash suppressor? Of course, she's not some sort of fake McGuyver who can supposedly silence a gun with a glass bottle - where do people come up with that shit? She keeps three guns with her on jobs, and they all have some sort of suppressor. Her main weapon is a silenced Five-seveN pistol, a silenced Vector SDP fitted with an EO Tech Holographic Sight, and a custom AWC G2 fitted with a 40" barrel, bipod, and flash suppressor, with a highly modified variable 4x/8x/12x zoom PSO-1 scope made to fit the sighting rail. She is very good at judging distance with the naked eye (and the bescoped eye) and uses the smoke from her joint to judge the wind.
    Signature: All priority targets reported killed by The Fox have been shot cleanly through the center of the head. Ballistics confirms her position when she pulled the trigger and also shows that she has never missed a shot on file. From point-blank executions to extreme range assassinations, All land directly in the center of the head after a single shot. She has a second signature for executions - between the eyes, or under the jaw with mild bruising from the suppressor. Either way, this signature still holds true with her main signature.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. Wonderful.
  6. *excited and anticipating other arrivals*
  7. Name:


    (can't really see from the pic, but her right eye is lilac and her left is green)


    Miran is merciless with her target should it be child, woman or man, on the other hand, she is a quiet girl who speaks little while with her fellow assassins. She loves violin (which she can play really well) and tea, and can easily talk about a lot of topics, if needed. She is indeed quiet but inside she cares a lot for her 'family', she tends to worry a lot if someone is late coming back from a mission (even if no one would be able to tell) while she can mantain to a certain extent coldness and control under stress. She doesn't like to dirty her hands, so she learned about poisons, even if she has a basic knowledge on general weaponry. Miran doesn't like to let go of her emotions and worries, so she would actually say "I'm ok" even when she's not or when she's hurt just because she thinks it would be embarassing having someone taking care of her. She doesn't want to admit it ('cause of her pride) but she just want's someone to let her feel embarassed for those reasons.


    Blue Lotus

    Poison. She has knowledge on a variety of poisons that she carries with her, concealed. She has a ring in which she keeps a dose of Potassium cyanide and has a variety of blade necklaces dipped in a concentrated dose of Curare. While she favours the latter, she is really fond of the old style pills too.
    "What's better than falling dead asleep? I'll tell you a secret... you don't have to sleep to fall dead".
    She's a quick thinker and a good cook. She had to learn how to cook so to mix drugs and poisons in her cooking.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All priority targets that have been reported killed by Blue Lotus are found with a little blue origami lotus on their forehead.
  8. Okay, more of an assassin style kid! I like it!

    I'm living in a freaking sorority...
  9. Yeeeeey ^^ happy to hit the mark :) hope someone else will sign up so we can start soon *^*
  10. Mr. V's right, we need more boys. Without boys, how will we have romantic subplots and paternal figures?
  11. But for now we're just 3... don't dispair... some other guy will come out ^^
  12. You're obsessed with shipping, aren't you?
  13. I agree with Verbal though... sorry
  14. Well I mean

    Just MY character(s) :c
  15. *steps in*

    I love this. A lot. Like. Seriously.
    But you already have 2 females. And I'm not to good at playing males. But I could try it, for the sake of wanting to be in this and making it interesting. Unless someone else joins as a boy... Then I'll be a girl. I'm rambling. Mostly, I plan to join this. I do.
  16. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! *slaps across face* You can join as any gender you want, really.
  17. Name: Despair (Real Name: بالتاسار سرجون)

    Alias: Amen Amjad (امین امجد)

    Age: 15


    Despair is a young 5'9" inches tall Mediterranean male, appearing to be of mesomorphic body build and has olive skin. He has short and straight dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Despair wears an olive green field jacket with a red T-shirt underneath, khaki cargo pants and tan combat boots. On his head despair wears a olive green military fatigue cap. Despair usually stands in a military posture giving off a dangerous aura. (I was not able to find a fitting picture)


    Show Spoiler
    The sole survivor of a destroyed village in the Middle East and trained into a godlike mercenary by a high-ranking lieutenant in a terrorist organization, released into the real world knowing and remembering only two things: how to hate and kill. Oh boy, I better capitalize that: How to HATE and KILL.

    Because of this: Despair believes that his hate is a source of power and conquering it makes him extremely strong. The hate Despair feels comes from the fact that he has lost any chance of having a normal life, knowing that if he tries, his own nature will sting him in the back.

    Despair is usually calm and collected during his attacks. He shows no remorse to his actions, even killing a man who was close to him without mercy. He doesn't seem to have any interest in a love life and disregards all 'friends' that he has. He even has the guts to mock other people, which is the only positive thing about him...

    He has a great sense of humor.

    While no one (even himself) would really know, the emotion that drives his life the most is his absolute fear of what he committed. He is constantly hounded by the spirit of a person he killed. Every time he turns around he sees a remnant of him. His mind constantly replays events with this person to the point where she will make a vocal response to someone not there.

    Short version: Despair is a Sociopath.

    Pseudonym: Canaan

    Specialty: Improvised weapons. The ability to use anything at your disposal, or in this case: your environment, gives you the upper hand in any situation. Be it a pencil, a chain, a fire extinguisher, a flower boutique (YES CJ, we are talking about you)... Can be a very useful skill.

    Other than that, Despairs martial art is a combination of Krav Maga and Systema, meaning that, there isn't a bit of wasted movement and his patience is lethal. He knows how and where to hit his enemy, vicious attack patterns keep his opponent off balance and leave them little room to make any kind of error without being punished for it. He's trained to be more of a weapon than a human, and the brutal blunt strikes he can deliver end most brawls quickly. Also, When Despair fires a shot, it typically is going to hit whatever he was aiming for. He's able to account for a moving target and adjust his aim well for such occasions.

    He is very skilled in Parkour and uses it to get away from crime scenes and to move around the city.

    The only weapon he brings with himself is a custom FN Five-seveN ODG, the successor for his previous weapon: FN Hi-Power.

    (Demm 1337 MS Paint skillzz)

    Signature: Despair's signature is not some mark on his targets body, it's how he does his job; He always looks into the eyes of his target.
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  18. Can't believe you slapped me.






    Courtesy isn't loud or hyperactive, like most girls her age. Being the youngest of the children, here at the safe house, comes with a sense of maturity and responsibility for her. She never speaks out of line and sometimes even asks for permission to speak. She respects and does what she is told by the other children, but never by any adult or child outside the house. She really idolizes everyone here and doesn't want to come off as a brat. She stays quiet unless spoken to and never complains about the circumstances.

    That being said, she isn't the perfect child. She gets frustrated easily when things don't go so well or when she really wants to say something but her fear of coming off as a brat and immature gets in her way. She doesn't know how to talk about herself or her feelings so she bottles it all up inside and it grows and grows. Nobody knows where she really came from because she finds it impossible to talk about herself, fearing selfishness and pity. Her bottled up emotions cause her to explode on anything outside of the house, often causing more trouble for herself. But she likes to act like she has it all together, even though someday's she curls up in a blanket and silently cries. She'll never tell you what's wrong though. Ever.​



    Courtesy loves ropes, wires, barbed wire, and anything you can wrap around a human body. From long and skinny objects, like string, to your average day shirts. She knows how to suffocate a human and how to hang a body. She's small and most people don't find her threatening, but she's known for her victims to walk right into her traps. Courtesy is really quick on her feet and slippery, tying you up before you even know what is going.

    Courtesy also carries around a butcher knife to her jobs. Courtesy is known to kill a person in one of two ways, sometimes both: 1) suffocation and 2) cutting them up.​

    Courtesy leaves her victims tied up and once they have been officially killed she leaves a red ribbon around their neck.​
  19. [whiny tattle-tail voice] Mr. V, Despair doesn't love us :c
  20. Your characters are adequate meat shields... And no-one can ever take that away from them.
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