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  1. Zane popped a stick of gum into his mouth and chewed, sliding a bandana over his lover face and leapt through the window of the loft space, kicking a guard to the floor and snapping his neck before he could scream or make any further noise. Flavius James Anderson. Up and coming, incredibly successful pimp. Challenger to local monopoly-holders. Mm. Strawberry. His employers had been quite clear. Gruesome. Leave a mess. Dump the bodies in the streets for all to see. He checked his surroundings and footing, making sure he wouldn't fall through any floorboards. It had happened before, when his target had predicted his arrival and set a trap in the form of a pit beneath a large portion of rotting wood. Zane noted three other guards positioned at the major entrances [door, windows, stairs) in the upper apartment, two moving towards his position. Lifting with his back, the dead guard fell about 30 feet to the concrete below. If you weren't dead then, you are now. He ducked behind a fur lined couch as the other two moved forward. One big and muscled, the other average sized and rather thin. Scrawny whispered "Carlos? Dónde estás amigo?" Hispanic. Cheap muscle. Cheap enough to be easy prey. Zane grabbed a vase and slammed it over the head of the big one, knocking him to the floor. Flipping the remainder so the sharp end faced away from him, he ducked around behind his foe as Scrawny swung a baseball bat over his head while Zane slashed his hamstrings. He fell to the floor, mouth opened to scream before Zane clapped his head over his mouth and slammed the shard of vase through the back of his neck. The screaming stopped as number two got up, pulling out something small and hard to see in the dark. Oh, bad. Zane dashed behind the couch again as the shots rang out. .44 Magnum from the sound of it. 6 shots. 5 fired. Target alerted. Zane blew a bubble, which popped as another bullet slammed into the couch. 6. He swung out, grabbing the baseball bat and slamming it into the big guy's right temple, sending him to the ground again and sending a vibration through the bat. "Metal. Nice." 5 more blows followed until Zane was satisfied the brain matter and skull were a nicely mixed pulp. He flung it at the guard pulling out another gun, striking his gut and doubling him over. Zane sprinted towards him, knee slamming into his prey's face, his fist spinning around to catch the guard in the side of the head, his other hand reaching for the chain at his waist and whipping it out to wrap around the man's throat. Tightening his grip, Zane heaved him in the direction of the staircase, releasing him from the strangling metal grasp only to go crashing down to the lower floor of the loft, making him aware of the sound of screams. "Collateral damage." He skipped a few stairs with each step, making the descent in a few seconds. A bullet whizzed pass his head as he turned the corner. He caught a glimpse of the man firing, dressed in elaborate purple, green and red with almost ten gold chains hanging around his neck, accompanying his numerous rings, making it rather difficult to pull a gun trigger. Glock 27 Subcompact. 17 rounds, 3 fired. 4. 6. 7. Magic number. He spun out, flinging his chain, which caught Flavius around the arm, weighing it down and making him miss his next shot. Vaulting off a wall, Zane's foot collided with his target's face. Anderson tried to fire again, but Zane grabbed his arm and forced to fire at the 2 women cowering in the corner of the room. No misses. No witnesses. Flipping him onto the floor, Zane curb-stomped Flavius' face, flung him into the wall, grabbed his hair, and started repeatedly slamming his face against the brick. "Excessive brutality", they said. He shoved him to the floor, retrieving his chain. "Make him an example" they said. No need to use his for this. It was dirty enough. "Make him suffer" they said. Zane spat his gum into Anderson's face, sticking to his eyebrows, and popped another stick into his mouth. "You wouldn't happen to want some, would you? No? Your loss." He grabbed the chains and raised Flavius to his knees, and pushed him forward with his foot. Anderson started clawing at his throat, trying to pull off the chains. "Just business Flavvy. Nothing personal." Zane grinned at this, chewing his gum. He pushed harder and twisted the chains. Anderson's head turned black. His hands fell to his sides. "Well. Down to the dirt." "Gruesome", they said. He grabbed a Bowie knife from the dead man's belt. It was several minutes before the deed was done. Intestines swung back and forth, organs were stuffed where they shouldn't be, limbs were sawed off at the joints, and the head was a bloody wreck, teeth shattered and jammed into the eyes, the nose broken, and the ears torn. This mangled form (not a body, not a man) was then tossed out the nearest window, hitting the ground with a sickening crunch. He kept at it, repeating the process (with mixed success in repeating the effect), until he got to the last of the girls who'd been shot. A young (maybe 17? 18?) Caucasian girl, dressed in an outfit that made a bikini look like something you'd see in a nunnery. Surprisingly enough, the bullet had only hit a lung. "W-why..." She managed to wheeze out.

    "He had it coming to him. Want some gum?" Her face was a look of sheer terror. "Oh well. More for me." He popped in another stick. "Ever noticed how water seems to make gum taste better? It's a neat trick. Makes it last longer."


    "Young lady, I do not like people who stutter. It's pretty damn annoying." Bored and a little overworked, he plopped down on the floor. "So. Speak clearly. What did a pretty young thing like yourself do to have to work night shifts with trash like Flavius Anderson."

    "Please... Ambulance..." She raised a hand towards a nearby phone.

    "Oh! The paramedics are selling girls now? I always had a good feeling about a nurse who I'm pretty sure fondled me when I was getting a shot. And I mean a really good feeling about her." She coughed, hacking up blood. "Now, I believe we begin by telling each other our names. I'm Zane. And you are?" The girl fell into another coughing fit. "Well *cough* *gag* *cough*, nice to meet you. I'm here to kill your John, his bodyguards, and by extension, you. Now, if you'll quit wasting my time with small talk, I need to get back to work." He pulled the knife out again, and she screamed.

    Things had actually gone rather smoothly. The police got there rather slowly. Zane saw the lights as he crossed the rooftops to his parking area. He had managed to *ahem* "borrow" a coat from a very generous hobo to hide the bloodstains. Ah, but the drives home were always horrible. "And here come the regrets." How young had that girl really been? Did she have family? Why did she do the things she did? Better yet, why did he? It darkened the mood as he sped home on his motorcycle (a very nice Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R), making it through without any red lights. Very quiet night. But how he hated when he doubted himself. "Fuck that. I'm a wealthy, buff, chick-magnet. I kill scum and let off some steam while I'm at it. I'm happy." Aren't I? "Come on, Zane, you're losing your edge." Now if there ever was a reason to stop questioning himself, it was when his pride was threatened. And he was rather proud of his hard-earned rep. Zane exited the city limits. "I have a family I have to feed." She might have had one too. He pulled up alongside an old warehouse, about 4 miles outside of New York, yanking off his helmet and slamming it on to the bike. "Have to stop thinking. Need alcohol." He ran over to the door, jamming his key into the lock, and opened the door. But maybe this is the thing that makes it worth it. "Evening children. Everyone alive?" He walked over to the kitchen and started digging around in the fridge. "Aw, fuck! Who the hell stole my whiskey?"
  2. Akari sat at a grimy table, carefully staring at a newspaper, a red pen sitting next to her. She gasped in delight. "Marmaduke, you're crazy." she laughed. She heard a rummaging through the warehouse office's fridge; it must have been getting late. She got up, confirming her suspicion with a glance at a wall clock.
    "Leo?" she called, working her way to the singular, large room that took up most of the warehouse. Rooms were mostly made with creative use of various crates, her own being a large one with a side missing, then sparsely furnished. "What did we decide on for dinner? I wanna go to Cheesecake Factory."
  3. Leonardo glances at Akari, as she approaches him. He got up from the bare floorboards, as he placed down a series of grimy papers. They were stained a dark yellow, and were kept together by a makeshift binder rings made from nails. He placed the papers down on the floorboard, as he stared at them for a bit longer, before smiling at Akari, as he got up and offered a small wave. "For dinner, we have agreed on taking out pizza from Vito's Pizzeria." Leo raised his right index finger, as he extended his thumb back, before pointing at Akari. "They make delicious pizza, and they serve large portions for cheap prices. Considering these facts, this is the most optimal choice for dinner." Leonardo scratched at his hair, as he remained silent for a bit, watching Akari. He walked up close to her before shaking his head, and saying solemnly "I'm afraid we can't go to the Cheesecake Factory today. I'm concerned on the monetary strain it'll place upon our budget." He held his head down, looking rather gloomy about the situation. "I apologize... Though..." Leo smiled as he went to pat Akari on her head, "I promise we'll go to the Cheesecake Factory as soon as we get more cash. Though I can't promise an exact date."
  4. "O-oh." Akari looked momentarily disappointed, even as her head was patted. Still, it could be worse. Pizza was pretty tasty, after all. "I hope it's soon!" she beamed.
    "Oh, hey." she said. "Are you gonna go pick it up soon? Can I come? Is Allison coming?" she raised her fists in anticipation. "I really wanna go out with you guys!"
  5. "I plan on picking up the grub soon", Leonardo nodded, as he cupped his chin in thought. "I'm not sure if Allison will be coming with me to fetch the pizza, she could be busy. At the moment I'm not sure whether or not she is busy enough to not come along, or if she will." Leonardo looked at Akari, as she raised her fists in the air, and had an energetic air around her. Can I really deny her going out? But it is fairly late for her to go out. "Well... it is getting fairly late, and you do need to sleep. But..." Leonardo paused, for a moment, before nodding and giving a thumb's up. "Sure, you can come. Just stay close to me or anyone else who wants to come pick up the pizza with me. Maybe Alison will come along with us."
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  6. Allison's chosen metal shipping crate was close to the wall, in her overwhelming greed she had actually staked claim on two. One was a workshop mixed with her living area, the other one was a workshop meant for more volatile things that needed a ventilation system connected to the outside. She happened to be in her living area crate at the time, the relative quiet disrupted by the loud whirring of her computer's fans. The frame itself was pretty well shot, the monitor, keyboard and mouse had all been fished out of donation bins she had raided. The guts of it though, those Allie had shelled out money for.

    Busy typing away a storm, she was busy getting a program ready for a little toy when a baby monitor right next to the desk flashed to life. A piece of yellowed tape was applied to it with big, black marker writing. "FOOD ALERT EMERGENCY SYSTEM - MAIN ROOM". A few others were nearby as well, each strategically placed in the event of a dire situation such as this.

    Bolting up from the cot that was nestled in a back corner with her computer, Allison ran and stumbled through the maze of garbage parts and heavy duty shelving covered in clutter. Her purpose was just and she did not feel the pain of bumping into corners or stubbing ones toe on an out lying bit. She could not allow this travesty to pass was the biggest motivator as she pushed the doors wide open, letting the light pour in and leave her temporarily blinded.

    The blurry vision didn't fade until she fumbled for a few seconds, awkwardly walking at a fast pace to the central area, with the glasses on her head. They were held together with some tape, but the prescription was what she needed to stave off the problems of her short-sightedness. Luckily she caught the fiends in the act, Akari and Leonardo.

    "NO! No pizza! Please! Mexican? Or even chinese! Just no pizza."

    Granted in her stained and patched up overalls she didn't exactly look like someone who was ready to stake a claim on her choices by going out and getting it.
  7. Leonardo stared at Allison incredulously. Leonardo raised his left index finger and wagged it in front of Allison. "Vito's Pizza is far cheaper than Mexican and Chinese food, plus it is closer to get to than the other Mexican and Chinese Restaurants." he said in a calm and polite tone. Leonardo placed both his hands by his side as he shook his head "I'm terribly sorry, but we will not be able to get Mexican or Chinese this night, as it would be a hamper on the current budget." Leonardo then broke into a smile, "Anyway, Vito's Pizza is always good. I can't imagine why you don't want pizza." Leonardo shrugged, as he breathed out deeply, "Anyway it won't take long to pick up the Pizza, and you don't want to disappoint Akari do you?" Leonardo gestures his left hand to point at her, "She was so excited about the idea of getting to go with you to get the pizza tonight." Leonardo shakes his head, "But I guess you can not get the pizza if you want..."
  8. "Did someone say pizza?!" Luna shot up from the couch and rushed over to Leonardo, a bit of crystallized sugar still stuck to her bottom lip from the sweet strings of sugar whips she sucked away earlier. "Aw come on I love pizza! Please! Please! Please! I'll go! If I have to! But I like the idea of staying here! But I'll go!" Luna jumped a bit on her heals, her flat shoes producing a soft squeak from her movements, orange hair in her signature ponytails reaching down her waist bobbing and weaving with her movements. "What kind of pizza we gettin'? Veggie? Meat lovers? Cheese? Black olives?! Barbeque chicken?!" So many options rattled of in her head as she pulled out another lollipop from her stash in her skirt pocket, placing it in her mouth to help keep her lips busy sucking instead of talking. "Mmmm... cherry flavored..." She moaned a bit, her lips already stained red from various candies just from today, her eyes bright with excitement.
  9. "Pizza run!" Akari cheered, pleased that most of her housemates agreed. This was America after all; and the majority wanted pizza. Therefore, tonight they dine on greasy, cheesy triangles.
    Even Luna was super-enthusiastic about the pizza, followed by her candy. Akari watched the lollipop twirl about her lips, tongue dancing around the red nub as juices stained her lips. It made Akari feel... a sort of hunger.
    "Can I have a piece?" she asked quickly.
  10. Leonardo glanced towards Allison as he extended out both his right and left arms in a warm, and open position, as he offers a small smile. "Well Allison, it appears that the majority want pizza tonight." Leonardo returned his left arm to his side, but used his right hand to cup his chin, as he paused for a moment in thought.

    He extended his right hand towards Allison, as he pointed at her using his index finger. "But I suppose..." he said waiting a few seconds for dramatic effect. "You would like to go against the majority ruling of pizza for tonight's meal, I suppose you can continue defending it. I'm sure we can make room for it in the budget." Leonardo slyly smiled at Allison, "But I don't think that would be particularly fair to the ladies here who agreed on that meal." Leonardo shrugged his shoulders, and shook his head from side to side. Leonardo then stared at Allison as he began to speak again, "But I suppose that would be on your head."

    Leonardo glanced at Luna, before speaking in the same polite tone, "I think it would be most kind if you were to offer her a piece of your candy." He smiled and nodded at Luna. Leonardo glanced around, as he rolled his shoulders back and forth, "But yes, I suppose the current plan is to pick up some pizza from Vito's."
  11. Luna looked wide eyed at her companion, nodding quickly as she took her backpack off and set it on the floor, crouching down to check inside. The majority was ammunition, pistols, silencers, scopes, bits and pieces she meant to unload back into her room. But inside she found her small compartment of sweets, some gummy and chewy, some hard and suckable, others that could be used as straws. "Here, try this one for size." Luna pulled out a wrapped singular piece of red candy, cherry her favorite flavor, handing it over, "It should be pretty good, have a taste." Luna smiled, holding her sucker on the side of her cheek. She ;looked over at Leonardo, scoffing a bit, "I was gonna share anyway, candy is a sweet taste everyone should experience. Except dogs.... I found out dogs don't like candy.... at least not chocolate." Her moment of silence for a dead pet was short lived as she went back to suckling on her sucker and licking her lips, smiling at the sweet flavors.
  12. Riley sat comfortably on a wooden crate, her boots kicked off and a small little device placed in her hand. The other was overloaded with several types of screwdrivers. She had resided in the warehouse office breakroom for the silence -- reworking a polymer-bonded explosive -- until Zane bounded in searching for the alcohol she may or may not have used for an experiment. At first she let him ponder then opened her mouth to speak and then decided to just stick her nose into the 'ticking time-bomb' she knew wouldn't give her crap for trying to be a genius. In the other large room she could hear her fellow comrades speaking a lot about dinner and honestly the word 'pizza' sent the blonde's stomach in a frenzy. "What do ya think chief?" she glanced up at Zane, and then back down to insert a flat-head into the correct screw, "Pizza sound okay to you?"
  13. Outvoted and guilt tripped by Leo far better than grandparents on television could, Allison could not continue with her desire for not-pizza. Visibly she exhaled in defeat, pulling out some crumpled bills from a pocket.

    "How much do you need for this little run?"

    The other little matter of getting the food also popped up. To save money they definitely wouldn't get delivery...it could be cheaper to just walk, maybe faster if traffic was miserable right now. Pizza might not get a little cold though if they took too long. Might be easier just to go and eat out instead.

    "By the way, who is driving out there?"
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  14. Leonardo glanced at Allison as she pulled out some crumpled bills. "Seven dollars should cover the pizza. But!" Leonardo rummages through his pants pockets, as he pulls out a small coupon which has been teared quite a bit before being stuck within his pants pockets.

    Leonardo hands the coupon to Allison, "It is a coupon that'll reduce the pizza for half price." Leonardo searches his other pocket as he pulled out another coupon which was slightly less worn, but had a few traces of pocket lint on it. "I also have a coupon that will stack with it, that will get us a liter of soda, as long as a large pizza is ordered. And as the large pizza is what we are getting, with that coupon and the free soda coupon." Leonardo smiled as he gave a thumbs up, "This will benefit us quite a bit." Leonardo smiled as he nodded. He blinked at Allison, as he raised his left foot from its heel as slides it from side to side on the floor.

    Leonardo smiled nervously as he placed his left hand on the back of his head as he began rubbing the back of it, "As for who is driving... I figured it'd be you. D-did you have anyone else in mind to drive?"
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  15. Miles was asleep on the floor, still recovering from his own mission which had taken place the day before. Or at least he was, until Zane had busted through the door at whatever ungodly hour it currently was, shouting for his whiskey. As his eyes blinked open, he was dimly aware of the gang arguing over pizza, as he remembered Riley, creeping away with Zane's prized alcohol into her little witch lab. The thought had him laughing hysterically to himself, which in all honesty looked pretty weird. Sitting upright on the floor he realized a sad truth, he had killed dozens, maybe hundreds of people, but he still hadn't had alcohol yet. As he headed towards the break room for a sip, he noticed Leo, getting ready to leave, he jokingly called out, "If you don't come home with the supreme pizza, you have no home to come back to!" He paused at the entrance to the break room, Riley was usually up to some crazy shit in here, stuff that could probably get him, and her killed if he wasn't careful. "YO RILES, LEMME BORROW THAT WHISKEY!", he shouted. Leaning against the entrance grinning ear to ear, he added in a quieter tone , " . . . nailed it."
  16. "Enough. All of you. I'm fighting a headache. Get the pizza and Chinese. We can pay for it. I don't care. Just someone get me a bottle of Jack Daniel's. On you Riley." Zane's voice echoed in the room, vibrating with power despite the growing pain in his skull. "Just feed these kids Leo, you cheap bastard. Before they decide to eat you." He sat next to the second eldest, dropping his chain to the side. It was late. Zane hated late night jobs. Always left him more tired than usual. "Luna, brush your teeth. Akari, calm down. And I swear to God Ally, if you're building a Terminator in that crate of yours..." His eyes fluttered, and he stretched out in a yawn. "Share it with everyone else." Darkness tempted him each time his eyes shut. "Riley, if you're making a Molotov, I'd recommend gasoline, or at worst rubbing alcohol. Not straight bourbon. You don't need to steal it anyway, just ask." He fell back, feet kicking up in front of him. "Oh, and don't mind me. I'll just... Take a moment." The darkness swallowed him as his head landed on the surface of the crate.
  17. "You got it boss man!" Luna smiled giving her signature sticky thumbs up, smiling wide with sticky teeth, gathering her backpack of loose parts and candy, hopping over to the bathroom. She headed over to the sink, seeing her reflection in the mirror, a bit stained and dusty but good enough. Hoping to do her boss man proud, she got to scrubbing her sticky palms first with soap and steaming water, her hands sensitive to heat. She hummed and smiled in the bathroom, washing off the sticky reds and pinks from her hands, reaching in the medicine cabinet to get her toothbrush. The bristles appeared new from little use, putting toothpaste on it enough to cause half of it to fall in the sink. Her gums aching as she began to brush away, her gums bleeding as she brushed away through the pain. Holding her sucker on one side of her mouth, using the toothbrush to brush around it, she hummed and gargled and spit up a mixture of mint toothpaste, sugary cherry juices, and gum blood.
  18. Tyler kicked open the door to the warehouse, nunchaku gripped tightly in hand. In his other hand, Tyler held a plastic bag filled with soap. It was heavy, and soap wasn't always easy to make, but it was his job and he did it well. "I'm home" Tyler announced as he kicked the door shut. He dropped the bag of soap and swung around his nunchucks casually.

    He found a seat on the floor and quickly sat down, but not before reaching into his pocket and pulling from it a clean $20 bill. "Oh Andrew Jackson. You were my favorite president." Tyler said to the bill, before smacking it onto the ground. "Alright guys, where are we getting food tonight?" he asked.
  19. Riley let her device fall from her eyes as she gave the meanest glare to the little munchkin, Miles. Probably the bane of her existence at this point in time. Munchkin just enjoyed ratting her out when, in reality, she never meant to act sneaky with her experiments -- it was just a nasty habit. "Back off kid," she fake sneered, giving him a small smile before returning to her work. "Zaney look..." Riley began and then she cut off abruptly after noticing their fearless leader was zonked out and probably wouldn't be up until the pizza was safe and sound in his nose range. She rolled her eyes, muttering, "It ain't no Molotov. I know how to make a Molotov... Pfffft, amateur stuff right there." Finally, with a huff and a puff, the young woman out down her stuff and shredded her jacket, searching the pockets for a crumpled bill. She brushed passed Munchkin, ruffling his cute white hair, and walked to Leo with an outstretched ten in her hand. "Here, save the extra for tomorrow night... Or ya know what? Buy me some twinkies from the convenience store by Vito's."
  20. Marty walks into the warehouse, visibly in a bad mood. His car was out of gas and he ended up walking twenty miles to get to the warehouse. In the rain, what a terrible day.

    "I tell you bros, this day was whack yo! Totally not tubular, we got no ride my hombres." Marty announces to the group.

    At least he had his precious bow and arrows though. They were his best friends, friends he could rely on in a time of need. Sometimes when he was lonely he would talk to them, usually late at night, when his crippling isolation got to him. Not that he would admit it to anyone though, it was his deepest, darkest secret.
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