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    We're not really hitting children. A little bit. Okay, a lot. Fuck it, call CPS and a SWAT team. Anyway, it might be worth noting that this RP is rated MA 18+. For what you ask? Oh, just a few things. Drug and alcohol use, excessive violence and gore, liberal sexual content (do as you please in this particular category. If you prefer not to distract others from your main writing with sex, you can avoid it entirely or do a fade to black. But then again, if you're into hardcore threesomes, I'm not stopping you there either. Just keep in mind your age), language, and everything else illegal under the Sun.

    Where are we? New York City, 2020. Whose story do we tell? A group of 6 children, teens, and young adults, all orphans with no idea who their parents were, many of them simply not caring. All they know is safety in numbers. And survival of the fittest. Collectively, they are in the list of the Top 10 list of assassins in the world, half of them cracking the Top 5. They work separately and together, depending on the situation. Recreationally, they participate in gang operations, drug dealing and cooking, smuggling, and the educational system. These "Hitkids" (my mix of the Boondocks, Maximum Ride, and Saints Row) spend their days balancing their criminal careers with their social lives. And being forced to live with each other in the Safe House, an abandoned warehouse located off the grid outside of NYC (travel managed by relying upon the elder drivers). But now things are coming dangerously close to the edge. The FBI is closing in, rival assassins seeking to advance themselves hunt for them, and to be honest... Prom is intimidating.

    We will exit NYC at some points, but only temporarily. Otherwise, you're stuck in the Big Apple.


    Name: (No last names. We don't know who we are beyond the names we gave ourselves)

    Age: (12-20)

    Appearance: (Photo please)


    Pseudonym: (Who takes a kid seriously? Each assassin has a false name that is presented to employers to hold the knowledge that they are children secret)

    Specialty: (All of the children are skilled martial artists and are highly intelligent, as well as being reasonably well-rounded with most weapons. This asks what exactly do they favor? Guns? Knives? Bombs? Fists? You decide. And note: Once someone chooses a specialty, no one else can have it)

    Signature: (What do they leave behind when they kill? Decapitation? Mutilation? This is tied to your specialty)

    Some Basic Rules:
    • Relationships: If you want to ship your character with another person's, get their permission first, don't just throw it on them. This doesn't apply for a secondary character.
    • Writing Skill: I'm sick of being subliminal. WRITE WELL. Remember your punctuation, paragraphs (at least 1 per post), grammar, etc. It grinds on a lot of other people (namely me) when we have to read poorly written stuff on something I want to look and turn out good. This might seem bossy and jerkish, but how would you feel if I did this on one of your RPs?
    • Posting Speed: I'll be a little lenient here. One post per week, more if you care to. But don't start doing massive chain posts and exclude everyone else.
    • Death: There will only be 6 of us (Check it. SIX. SLOTS). Be very careful if you plan on getting injured. If you die, we will weep for your loss. But otherwise, you'll be gone. High-risk.
    • Rule-Breaking: In any cases of breaking the rules, both parties (or one if only one person is involved, either perpetrator or victim) must appeal to me directly. No comment fights. But here's a list: A) Relationships: Breaking the mentioned rule will result in a immediate command to either end the attempt or officialy okay it with the writer behind the other character. Failure to do so results in a ban. B) Writing Skill. This is an absolute no-no. If you know that you can't write well [and I'm not talking content wise. We have different capabilties when it comes to writing a story. Some just aren't too good, while others are Literature Gods (most of the admins)], don't bother applying. It would just end badly. C) Posting Speed: Prolonged absence will result in a PM warning. Failure to reply and explain absence will result in banjection. You will receive the PM 24 hours after absence is noted (one week of no posts), and will have 48 hours to respond. If you are likely to be gone for a long period of time, PM me and leave yourself in a position in the RP that would explain an absence. You'll be free to rejoin upon your return. Oh, and if you are banned, either we kill you off or erase every trace of your existence. D) Death: I may reconsider (if I decide to allow in a new character) kicking out the dead and allowing them to write a new character. Might. Might.
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  2. Name: Abigail

    Age: 15


    Personality: Soft spoken and and a good listener, Abigail is more prone to action and following instructions than talking and leading though ready to act independently at any point if she sees the need. She struggles with formalities and is quick to get to the point of a conversation and can get irritated when others don't do the same. With extreme focus on the current task at hand, Abigail isn't too perceptive of the world around her at times. She is known for quick decision making and having little to no hesitation in any of her actions.

    Pseudonym: Seraphim

    Specialty: Incendiary Weaponry
    Signature: Nothing but ashes and charred remains.
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  3. Fritz: Once you update according to the UPDATED RULES (because I'm a sadistic bastard that way. Really it was something that just came to mind yesterday and I didn't manage to save the change before you posted) Abigail (remember, no last names) is ACCEPTED!
  4. The deed is done.
  5. Good. You are now charged with advertisement. TROLL MY MINION! TROLL!
  6. Definitely joining! CS will be up in a few!
  7. Riley
    Age: 18
    Pseudonym: Moloch
    Specialty: Explosives slash BOMBS
    Appearance: Riley likes to wear an old Bomber Jacket over her hitman suit as well as black lace-up boots. She stands at about five foot six with a nimble and slim figure.
    Personality: Riley's personality is a combination of a brash, cocky attitude and a serious, determined attitude. Loud, wisecracking, and self-absorbed, Riley is not unlike a human bomb in terms of personality; exploding at random. She is also very lively, and is a very competent fighter. Also like A bomb, she is serious mainly only when really needed, but at heart, she is a good person and a true assassin who yearns to help the entire city of New York to the best of her power, by blowing shit up. She enjoys joking around with friends and potential enemies, going so far as "playing with her food" before completing the kill. Riley is more independent than not so it is difficult to get her to work with others.

    Signature: Oblivion, her handmade bombs eradicate even the slightest chance of dental records being found on the victim. A single "M" could be found hidden around the scene in the victim's blood.

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  8. I'd like to join if I can, will make a CS for this if I can
  9. Name: Luna

    Age: 16

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    A usually out spoken and rather immature young girl, Luna can come off as childish or ignorant. She isn't a fan of books or lessons, the only knowledge she craves is street smarts, but has been forced to endure lessons and thus is intelligent in both fields. When it comes to orders she follows them as best she can, but her short attention span and constant battle between her blood lust and her morals often put her loyalty in question. She enjoys the sweeter things in life, from sugary candy to carbonated sodas, often making her seem hyper and making her crash into a groggy sleepy state rather quickly. Although used to running solo, she doesn't mind the company of others, as long as she doesn't have to kill them with a barrage of bullets later. Her kills are messy and usually bloody, her victims left full of bullet holes, she considers it decoration and a work of art the various ways she can deform the human body using small bullet shells.

    Pseudonym: Barrage

    Guns, guns, and more guns.
    Signature: Leaves behind a trail of bullet holes either in her victim or in the surrounding area.
  10. If it's okay with you, I know someone that's interested that I'd like to reserve a spot for. It shouldn't be too long I'm just concerned it may fill up too quickly.
  11. Name: Leonardo
    Age: 15
    Appearance (open)

    Personality: He is a tactician, courageous leader and devoted to the art of killing. He he bears the burden of responsibility, as he feels no one else can properly lead as well as he can. He prefers subtle methods to out right just breaking and entering murders, as it lacks a proper plan. He is willing to risk himself if it means protecting his partners.
    Pseudonym: Mr. Regular

    Specialty: Katana
    Signature: A single stab-wound in the torso.
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  13. Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: New York, Casey Jones's city, was overrun by criminals. Enticed by examples from TV, Casey decided to do something himself about the crime in the streets. After he had equipped himself with a hockey mask and various sports clubs, he began his murderous campaign. He's got some serious anger issues.

    Pseudonym: Casey Jones

    Specialty: Sports equipment

    Signature: He has a tendency to leave any broken sports equipment scattered around at the scene of the crime.

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  14. Name:



    In sync with his strange fighting style, Zane is incredibly unpredictable, the eldest of the children living in the Safe House. He frequently dies his hair neon colors (never warm colors. He says that he doesn't like orange, for being an unholy combination of red and yellow, and ruined the whole category for him), a point of ridicule from a number of peers, has a strange addiction to bubble gum, is often a sarcastic joker, easy-going and charming, and is a master of the power nap. He's also noted for an occasional personality switch, instantly trading out his lazy, cool personality for an advice-giving, wise, parental figure, becoming much darker, far more serious, and cynical. It is this secondary personality that is responsible for maintaining discipline not only in his combat, household, and career as well as holding up his public reputation, while his primary personality makes him far easier to be around and allows him to be the whirlwind of chaos he is in combat.

    The Warden

    Unconventional weapons and combat [lacking a true combat style, mixing together dozens of martial arts into his one violent yet stable and invincible form, which often changes as battles change, preventing repeat opponents from predicting his movements. By unconventional weapons, I mean taking a random item and turning it into a deadly weapon, from a simple light bulb to a sharp knife, or a chain (his one true specialty) to a whip-like weapon.]

    His ever-growing list of kills are all marked by one key factor: All the victims were strangled to death with a chain, be it an industrial strength, 10-foot long steel chain to a cheap, gold necklace chain. This originally led officials to believe that there were multiple copycat-killers using similar methods, but because they weren't the same, the suspect list was even larger than it was after the police realized their mistake.​
  15. Okay, what is this? Not only am I certain that this is the same guy as from the TMNT series (the image kind of gave it away. The similarity, if anyone notices, might bring copyright down on you and me) AND you're missing a name AND you're personality seems more like a bio, we're not vigilantes. If anything, we're the ones vigilantes go after. We work for the criminals, and are notorious criminals ourselves. I'm sorry. But your character just isn't for this RP.
  16. As well, we have a reservation set up for Das Lieb. If he passes the PM app, then he/she posts here and we start.
  17. GOOD NIGHT. I'll be on in the morning.
  18. Indeed. I'm also aware that the Fair Use and Fair Dealing laws of the United States and Canada are very specific on how copyrighted material can be used. Since I'm in the U.S., these uses include, but are not limited to, "commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship", and "Hitkids" does not fall under any of these, and is thus infringing if someone notices. I'm also aware that a number of websites are rather weak in enforcement of these laws anyway, like YouTube, which allows companies to stomp on users, even when no profit is made. Example: Adam Buckley (ADoseOfBuckley), who has frequently used songs for his "Musical Autopsy" series, has often been dragged into lawsuits by companies seeking to enforce copyright, and then force him to place ads in his videos, all the money earned from which goes to them when previously no ads were used, and no money was earned aside from his premium "Nerd Rants" content which he sold by using a silent ad at the beginning of some of his videos, which didn't even earn that much. And no, no novels. Maybe a few different arcs after this, but I would never bring something here into a novel. Too many conflicting ideas. Just best to be careful in that sense. Otherwise, I just really don't like the way you put the whole thing together. It also doesn't help that you're being the way you are.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Name: Miles
    Age: 14
    Personality: Miles has an erratic personality that constantly shifts, outside of a battle, he's a normal hyperactive teen, giving his allies trouble just because it's funny. He's stubborn and argumentative, and goes out of his way to provoke his teammates into fights, to prove his physical prowess. Though anyone that agrees to fight him, hand to hand immediately becomes his friend, which are few and far between due to his standoffish nature. In a battle he ditches his rude attitude, and directs his hostility towards his goal. He becomes completely reliant on himself, unused to teamwork, he disobeys orders from everyone, except friends, going about the objective in his own way, which usually involves him getting up close, and punching someone to death. Despite his aggressive attitude, he's always around for a laugh, even in the most dangerous of situations.
    Pseudonym: Cestus
    Specialty: Spiked Knuckles
    Signature: Victims are usually riddled with multiple puncture wounds, and of course blood splatters
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  20. Name: Akari

    Age: 12

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Akari is, by all appearances and mannerisms, an astoundingly sweet and innocent girl. Almost too sweet, as a matter of fact, she always seems to be able to say the right thing to win someone's heart over, whether it's with an innocent question or a well-timed hug. She tends to always be smiling and happy, even when working. She's happiest when she's getting plenty of attention from her friends. She does, after all, desire to have lots of friends and be loved.
    Unfortunately, she also seems to be unable to differentiate right from wrong. But those people aren't even dead after all, just taking a nap. Right? This is how you put things to sleep. With the sleep-knife.

    Pseudonym: Nightstalker

    Specialty: Akari is a superb infiltrator, capable of worming her way past any security. She tends to eliminate targets when they're unawares or off-guard, which is easy for a girl like her.

    Signature: A professional knows better than to leave a calling card. That said, she tends to end up stabbing the enemy a lot, due to the close proximity of her targets.
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