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  1. I've had a lot of trouble keeping interested in the plots I've recently entered into. So now, I want another round of people to roleplay with.

    A bit about me:
    I am turning 18 in July so this cannot be super long term
    I will not do furry or slave plots.
    I like to post one to three solid paragraphs. Single lines really just don't work with my muse.
    I am willing to work with your preferred sex to plot ratio. You want smut? I guess I can work with that.more plot with a few tidbits of sex? That'll work too.

    pm or leave a message here. I'm on for most of the day
  2. Do you have any plots in mind
  3. Not at the moment. We can come up with something if you'd like to PM me
  4. Oh sweet, I'm turning 18 in August. Convenient. ^^

    Anyways, as far as plots go, I've really been wanting to use my Orc shaman. If you'd be up for something involving her, I'd love that.
    Short of that I'm very fond of arranged marriages where the focus is on the sociopolitical situation and less on the couple, and have several plots along those lines.
  5. Pm me and we can smooth out the plot because I am slightly confused
  6. I PMed both of you (:
  7. still looking for a few more. I have a few rough ideas in mind.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.