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  1. James waited on his phone for his dads answer and raised an eyebrow "woah wait a minute am I hearing this right? Did you just say that nialls left as in gone and left auntie elvira as well? So bronagh still doesn't know about it, dad how can you expect me to stay in school with family problems like that going on?" he asked into the phone and groaned when he heard the headmaster "Malik what are you doing out of your lesson ad on your phone, I warned you about missing lessons!"

    Nick couldn't help but moan lie every time Zayn jr ran his tongue over his lips and his dinner now forgotten as he kissed his boyfriend back abd ran his fingers through jrs black hair. He was amazed that him and jr had been together for nearly a year already and he hoped they stayed strong as well in the relationship.

    Louis smiled as Harry got his son and how Harry's son was quiet in seconds once he knew it was his dad. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around his now fiancé waist "see you are a natural born dad" he said smiling and stroked the babies cheek with a smile on his face.
  2. Liam sighed as he heard the headmaster's voice and he quickly said, "James, let me talk to Mr Matthews - I'll get you out of class so you can come home. Ok? Just hand the teacher your phone and let me speak to him." He leaned against the wall and ran a hand through his brown hair. It was like everything was going topsy turvy today! First of all, Elvira was having issues with both her baby, who happened to be Harry's, then Niall had left her, stating that he was going to get a divorce from her, and also Liam had a sneaking suspicion that Chloe was pregnant, due to the throwing up in the mornings in the bathroom which happened to be beside his and Zayn's bedroom, and now this with James' teacher?! Liam didn't know how much he could handle in one day.

    Zayn Jr smiled, and slowly pulled away after a while. "Just wait til later, and I'll show you how much I really love you." He whispered seductively in his boyfriend's ear and sat back against the sofa to eat the rest of his chicken curry. Flirting with Nick was always so much fun, since it was always quite cheeky, and also because Zayn Jr loved teasing the tall curly-haired lad. He glanced at Chloe with a grin, "How's Baby El doing?"

    Harry glanced at Louis with a smile, and kissed Louis' cheek. "Thanks for trusting me, Lou. I promise that I never meant to hurt you at all, and I'll always love you more than there are stars in the sky." He smiled slightly, and sighed, "Could you help me set up the cot in our room for Edward to sleep in?" Thankfully his room was next to Elvira's, so they could both look after the baby boy.
  3. James heard his Dad sigh and really thought it would be because he heard the headmast say about him being warned about missing lessons, which yes a couple of boring ones he has missed them. He heard what his Dad said to him "So you are going to try and get me out of class and so i can come home?" he asked with a smile before looking at the headmaster "My Dad Liam would like to talk to you sir" he said innocently and handed his headmaster the phone.

    Nick smiled as he pulled away and it grew at what Jr whispered into his ear "I will be looking forward to later then where you can show me how much you love me" he whispered back to him with a smile as he took some naan bread off and dipped it in the curry souce before putting it in his mouth. He smiled at Chloe "So i'm guessing Jeremy's going to live at the house with you?"

    Chloe ignored the boys kissing each other and she just carried on eating the curry which she will admit Nick sure was a good cook. She looked at Jr with a smile and shrugged "Fine, giving me a bit of a kick in the ribs, not comfortable at all with her being in the head down position, being kicked in the ribs and need to pee, a lot but other than that she's good" She said smiling and got out the recent scan picture she had and passed it to Jr with a smile "Keep it, i have more at home" she said smiling and nodded at what Nick said "Yeah for now we are going to live at the house, not many of us left in there but we was planning on getting out own place"

    Louis smiled as his cheek was kissed "No problem, i knew it was a mistake Harry and everyone makes mistakes and learn from them, this is just a mistake and a gift at the same time, i mean you're a Dad, one of the best things in the world" he said smiling and kissed Harry's cheek in return before nodding "Of course i can help you set the cot up in our room and i'll help you with Edward all you need" he said smiling.
  4. Liam quickly spoke with the headmaster, and arranged for James to be let out of school. When the phone was handed back, he said to his son, "Ok; you can come home now. I'll come and pick you up, and then when we get home I'll explain everything that's going on." He ran a hand agitatedly through his hair and took a deep breath. "Meet me outside the school gates; I'll be there as soon as possible." He hung up and slipped his phone into his pocket again as he pulled on his jacket. "I'm going to go and get James from school and bring him back here. I'll be as quick as I can, and then you can go and get Bronagh."

    Zayn Jr took the picture, and smiled. "I can't believe I'm an uncle!" He loved the thought of that. "Well, whenever the birth happens, I want to be there with you for it. My last exam is tomorrow anyway, so after that I don't have to go into school anymore this year." It was a weird thought that he would never be in actual high school anymore, since he had got accepted to the London School of Sound to study music technology and song writing.

    "It's a blessing in disguise." Harry smiled and nodded. He carefully detached Edward from his shoulder and held him out to Louis, "Could you please hold him for a moment while I make a bottle for him? He's probably hungry since he was born less than two hours ago."

  5. James stayed quiet as his Dad spoke on the phone to the headmaster and was so glad when he got the phone back and was allowed to come home, a great way to get out of school but he was also worried about what exactly was going on back at home because it was his family after all and he cared about his family. "Okay Dad, i will wait outside the school gates for you to come and get me" He said into the phone and put it away when he went back into the classroom and collected his bag from his seat before making his way outside.

    Chloe smiled as she saw him look at the scan picture "That was maybe 2 months ago when we found out her gender but you sure are going to be an Uncle along with James, Bronagh is going to be a Auntie, Dad is going to kill me when he finds out he's going to be a grandad, mum knows and our new little brother, will be an Uncle already as well" she said smiling and nodded "Last exam is English tomorrow isn't it?" she asked with a sigh before laughing "Yeah tomorrow is my last exam and then it's me going to stay home for a bit before i go off and you can be in the room if you really want to be, of course Jeremy's going to be there and you can but i also wanted Mum, but i don't know if she will want to now but i'm due in 2 weeks"

    Louis nodded with a smile "It sure is a blessing in disguise" he said smiling and took Edwrad from Harry and placed him against his own chest with a smile and kissed the baby's head "Hey little guy" he cooed with a smile before looking at Harry "Well when we get married he will be my step-son so, of course i will hold him" he said smiling "Handsome just like his Daddy"

  6. Liam kissed Zayn's cheek reassuringly on the way out, and drove towards the school. He soon pulled up outside the school, and beeped the horn slightly so James knew where his dad was. He sat back in his seat and sighed. How was he supposed to explain this situation to James?

    Zayn Jr bit his lip, and glanced up at Nick, "I'll tell you about what's going on later on." He softly said, and rested his head on his boyfriend's chest. He knew he could tell his boyfriend anything, but this would not be easy to say.

    Elvira soon came out of the library, her eyes red from another cry, and she sat at the table. "Haz, do you need any help with anything?" She quietly asked, but Harry shook his head.

    "El, you need a rest. You've been through a lot today already. I'll look after Edward tonight for you." He firmly said, and heated up the freshly made bottle of milk. "If you want, you can sleep in our room tonight so you aren't alone?" Harry offered with a small smile of consolation.
  7. James just leaned against the wall outside with his hands in his pockets and just wondered what the hell had gone on at the hospital. He looked up when he heard the beep from the car and made his way the car and got into the passenger seat and looked at his Dad and gave his cheek a kiss.

    Nick nodded his head at what Jr said before looking at the scan picture and smiled "You can tell me about it later when you are ready and of course know what is going on properly" he said softly and kissed the top of his head on his chest and gave his back a rub with a smile "I'll always be here for you" he said softly.

    Zayn nodded at Liam and watched as he went. He looked at Elvira when she came out and he shook his head "Harry's right, you just need your rest, Harry and Louis can deal with Edward tonight and you can either stay in Harry and Lou's room in them or you can come in my room with me and Liam, or you could always go in Chloe's room with her and maybe Jeremy will sleep in Jr's old room?" he asked and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head.
  8. Liam smiled when he saw James get in, and he started the car up again, heading back to the house. "You know how Elvira went into labour this morning? Well, it turns out that the baby is actually Harry's." He sighed. "They had a drunken one night stand apparently, months ago, but Niall told Elvira that he was going to file for a divorce, and he has left." He told his son, and slowed the car to a stop at a set of traffic lights.

    Elvira looked up at Zayn and rested her head on his chest. Finally she spoke quietly, "Can I stay with you tonight?" Ever since they were little, when one of them was upset or had anything wrong, the other would stay the night with them. Elvira had slept in Zayn's bed with him the night he had come back after the Liam incident, and she just needed her best friend right now.
  9. James looked at his Dad after kissing his cheek and he nodded as he put his seatbelt on "Yeah i know El went into labour this morning" he said and wasn't expecting what he heard and his mouth dropped "You have got to be kidding me Dad, Niall isn't that sort of person to say he wants a divorce and has left, please tell me you are actually joking and Niall is still here" he said looking at his dad before running his fingers through his brown hair "Shit" he said once it sunk in "Is Auntie El okay dad?"

    Zayn rested his head on top of hers on his chest and stayed quiet as he waited for her to speak before nodding "Of course you can stay with me tonight, i tell you what, we can kick Liam out of the bed tonight and me and you just have mine and Liam's nice huge bed and we can cuddle together" he said softly to her and kissed the top of her head again "I'll always be here for you"

  10. Liam shook his head. "No. She's a mess - she's been married to Niall almost the same amount of time that me and your dad have been married, and this is really crushing to her. Your dad's looking after her though." He sighed. "All his stuff is gone, and he's left his keys on the side counter of the kitchen."

    "I'll always love you." Elvira mumbled into his chest and hugged him tighter. Through everything that had happened since Zayn had returned from that tour and surprised her, she knew that he would always be there for her, no matter what; and vice versa. She had been there for him through everything as well - the Liam incident, finding out about the HIV, and just everything. There wasn't a single thing that they didn't know about each other, and that was strangley comforting at this moment.


    That night, Zayn Jr padded out of their bathroom and climbed into bed beside his boyfriend. "I gave Mum a call earlier, but Dad answered instead. Mum's in bed with him, and Bronagh's back at home to help her mum through this." He sighed. "It turns out that the baby that she gave birth to earlier on, is actually Uncle Harry's child, not Niall's. It was a drunken mistake, but my stepdad had evidently left her, and is going to send her the divorce papers."
  11. James rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and he shook his head "I can't believe Niall had the guts to do that, trust me if i see him again i will so give him a beat in, he hurt Auntie El and she is like a mum to me, if she suffers then he can suffer as well" he said in a sort of growl. Elvira was like a Mum to him, seeing as he had two Dads and no Mum.

    Zayn smiled at what she mumbled in his chest "And i'll always love you" he whispered to her and held her more to his chest with a smile. He knew that Elvira would always be there for him and now it was his turn to be there through her and plus he had been through the exact same thing as Elvira, so he knew how it felt for smoeone you love to break up with you.

    Nick looked at Jr as he came into the bedroom and he wrapped his arms around Jr's waist and listened to what he said and he kissed his boyfriend's head "Your mum has a lot of people at home that care about her and will keep her on her feet, she even has Jeremy, who has moved into the house as well with Chloe being pregnant" he said softly "But i never thought that Niall would actually leave her and i'm guessing Edward has the same eye colour as me" he said smiling.
  12. That made Zayn Jr smile, and he nodded. "Yeah, he does. Uncle Harry sent me a picture of him earlier." He picked up his phone from the bedside table and showed Nick the picture of the baby boy who was his new half-brother. The thing he couldn't understand was the thing that Niall had loved the baby while he was still inside Elvira, but somehow he had just stopped loving him within a few minutes of him being born.

    Elvira curled up in Zayn's bed with the cup of tea which Harry had brought her, and she tried to relax a little. It was hard though, because everything reminded her of Niall; the pictures around Zayn and Liam's room of all the guys together, even just seeing Bronagh again. She needed her daughter though; one of the few links that she still had to her leprechaun.

    Liam paused in the doorway to Harry and Louis' room, and actually smiled at the sight of both Harry and Louis cooing over and playing with baby Edward. "Who will be taking whose last name when you get married?" Personally he thought that Harry would probably take Louis' surname, but it depended on what they actually thought.

    Bronagh sat on the sofa in the living room, and tried to call her dad's mobile number again, her cheeks wet with tears. She prayed that he would answer this time, because she needed to talk to him at least once more. She was going to take a few days off school because of this, and because she needed to spend time with her mum through this difficult time.
  13. Nick was glad to see his boyfriend and he smiled "That's the smile i want to see" he said smiling and took Jr's phone and he smiled "Aww he is so cute and a very handsome baby boy" he said smiling, he loved kids a lot. "I can't wait until Chloe has her baby now and also i can't wait until i have my own kids" he said smiling a wide grin and gave Jr's lips a peck.

    Zayn stayed next to Elvira's side on the bed and had his arms wrapped around her in a comforting and protective way, anyone that hurts Elvira, has to deak with him and for sure if he even managed to get a hold of Niall, he sure will be having ago at him. He kissed the top of her head gently.

    Louis smiled as he cooed over the baby boy that he had learned to love a lot because this little boy would end up being his step-son and he loved kids anyway, so he couldn't deny his love for the baby boy. He looked up at Liam with a smile as he thought and he shrugged "I really don't know whose taking whose name, that we will sure talk about"

    Chloe came downstairs to get a late night snack and saw Bronagh with tears falling down her cheeks and she sighed as she went over to her sister and sat down next to her, wrapping her arms around her in a sisterly way and kissed her cheek"Bronagh, everything will work out, i promise you" she said softly and wiped her tears away with the sleeve of Jeremy's hoddie.

    Niall had tears falling down his cheeks as well and sighed as he heard his phone going off again, Bronagh kept calling him and he did want to talk to her but he just didn't have the guts to do it. He sighed as he wiped a tear and decided to answer the phone "Bron" he said into the phone.
  14. "You want to have kids?" Zayn Jr grinned when he heard this. "Well, we could do what my dad and Liam did, and have a surrogate, or we could adopt." Honestly he was the same; he loved kids, and wanted some for himself. He set his phone to the side again, and lay on his back on the bed, gazing up at the glow in the dark constellations they had stuck onto the ceiling. He still loved stars, and was considering possibly doing a side course in Astronomy as well as his classes at LSoS.

    Bronagh looked up as Chloe came in, and she rested her head onh her sister's shoulder. Suddenly the phone line picked up, and she quickly sat up straight. "Daddy? Where are you? Please come back..." She shakily said into the phone and fresh tears welled up in her blue eyes. As she spoke into the phone, she stood up and hurried upstairs to her godfather's room. She looked in, and mouthed to Zayn, "Dad's on the phone." Thankfully her mother didn't see this, which she was grateful for, because Elvira was just beginning to calm down.

    Harry carefully picked Edward up and set him gently into the cot at the side of the bed. He smiled and replied, "Harry Tomlinson. I want to take Boo Bear's last name because I love him so much." He sat back on the bed once Edward was sleeping, and ran a hand through his curls. "How's El?"

    Liam shrugged. "I think she's still messed up inside, but Zayn's with her tonight, and if anyone can fix her, Zayn can. I think Zayn's actually better for her than Niall is, because Zayn loves her ten times more." He leaned against the doorframe and glanced at Harry. "You doing ok with Edward? If you need any help, I'm in my old room tonight, just at the end of the hallway."
  15. Nick nodded with a smile "Of course i want to have kids" he said smiling a wide grin. He listened to what Jr said before nodding "Yeah we could always do that when we are ready to have kids together because honestly, i wouldn't want to ever leave you in my whole life, no matter what comes between us" he said smiling and gave his boyfriend's lips a kiss before turning and laying on his front, his head resteing on the pillow as he watched Zayn Jr with a smile, just love watching him looking up at the ceiling.

    Chloe kissed her sisters head on her shoulder and rubbed her arm untile she sat up and guessed that Niall had finally answered his phone to Bronagh and watched as she left to go upstairs and she got off the sofa and went into the kitchen to get something to eat like she had planned to in the first place before seeing her half-sister upset.

    Niall sighed as she asked where he was and to come back "Baby i'm not coming back, i'm sorry but i just can't, just remember that i'll always love you Bron, no matter what happens, i'll always be here for you and you can call me any time you want but i can't tell you where i am staying or where i am, i'm in a hotel tonight and i'm going to try and get my own place"

    Zayn looked at Bronagh and could see the tears in her eyes and down her cheeks and he saw what she mouthed and nodded to her "Tell him i want a word with him" he mouthed back to Bronagh.

    Louis smiled "Then i guess he's taking my last name" he said smiling and nodded "Li we are fine in looking after him, i've looked after my own sisters before, i've looked after the twins, but if we need any help we will come and get you okay" he said and nodded "Zayn is the best one to fix her at the moment, Niall is just a, i don't even want to curse of what he is at the moment"
  16. "There's just the English exam tomorrow, and then we are free to do as we please." Zayn Jr smiled wistfully. "It's weird to think that we've already moved out, and after the exam tomorrow we will never have to go into high school again. We'll be proper adults." He ran a hand through his hair, and then traced his fingers around the tattoo on Nick's side with a smile. "So much has happened since that day, but I wouldn't change a thing." He ran his fingertips over the tattooed date that matched his own.

    Bronagh saw what he mouthed to her, and she nodded. She knew that Niall wouldn't want to speak to Zayn at this point, so she just quickly handed the phone over to Zayn. Before he could speak, she pulled the duvet over her sleeping mum so she wouldn't hear what was about to happen between the two men.

    Jeremy unlocked the door, and softly called, "Babe, you here?" He heard noises from the kitchen, so he headed into there. "Did you relax yourself at the boys' apartment?" He wrapped his arms gently around her waist and kissed her neck.

    Liam nodded, "Yeah; I really can't imagine, nor do I want to imagine, what Zayn willl say to Niall if he gets the chance."
  17. Nick nodded with a smile "Yep, only one more exam left and then we are free to do what we please until you go to Uni and i go to my job" he said smiling a wide grin and nodded "Mmmhmm, no more high school and we sure will be adults on our own, i'll be getting money in, you will be studying, just the perfect life" he said smiling and watched as Jr's fingers trace his tattoo on his side and he smiled "It sure has, we have been together for nearly a year and i know we will be together for a long time" he said smiling.

    Zayn looked as Bronagh handed him the phone and his jaw clentched tight shut and he put the phone to his ear and Niall a lot of cussing and cursing at him, trying not to raise his voice as Elvira was asleep and he motioned for Bronagh to stay in here as he got out of the bed and went to the balcony outside where he went on about how much he had hurt Elvira and everything else, saying really bad cuss words in Arabic even.

    Niall was expecting to hear Bronagh's voice instead got Zayn putting an iron down his throat and he gulped a bit, Zayn mad was certainly not a good thing. He tried arguing back at Zayn and didn't even understand some of the words he was saying because they would be in English and then something would be said in Arabic.

    Chloe heard Jeremy's voice and smiled when she felt arms around her waist and his lips at her neck "Mmm not really, maybe a bit but not a lot, i am certainly not relaxed now, Mum's a mess, Bronagh is crying her eyes out, James is fuming along with Dad" she said with a sigh and leaned into Jeremy "I guess i'm just stressing a bit about everything" she said and felt a tear fall down her cheek.

    Louis shook his head "No way do you want to mess with Zayn if you have messed with Elvira" he said and furrowed his eyebrows "Do you hear that?" he asked listening to almost shouting.
  18. "Why do you have to be so perfect?" Zayn Jr smiled, and playfully straddled his boyfriend's hips, kissing him deeply. He knew that nothing would ever come between them, and as they kissed, an idea suddenly came into his head, and he decided to do it.

    Jeremy sighed and held her close to him. "Everything will work itself out in its own course. You just need to be patient, love. Everything has a silver lining, I promise."

    Harry paused and listened to the yelling, and he bit his lip, "I guess Niall's on the other end of that phone call. I just hope he doesn't wake up Elvira."

    However, that is what happened. Elvira wke up to the yelling, and she sat up in bed. When she heard the name being yelled, she scrambled out of bed and made a beeline for the balcony doors. "Let me talk to him." She simply said, her face inexpressive.
  19. Nick laughed at what he said "Because i am perfect" he said smiling and kissed Jr back in the deep kiss with a smile, cupping his boyfriend's cheek as they kissed. He loved Jr a lot. He ran his fingers through the back of Jr's hair with a smile and bit down on his boyfriend's lower lip with a small giggle.

    Chloe wrapped her arms around Jeremy and rested her head against his chest and nodded her head "I-i just think i'm stressing about everything with Mum, what's going to happen, having a load of exams isn't helping and i guess i'm just scared about t-the whole labour thing as well in 2 weeks" she said with a sigh and took a deep breath in and let it out. "Did you have fun with your friends?"

    Zayn was fuming "Niall that isn't an excuse" he shouted at him and gritted his teeth "You listen to me and you listen carefully, if you even think of coming near Elvira you are dead Niall Horan, do you know how much you have crushed her" he hissed into the phone. He looked at Elvira and shook his head "No El, it will just make you feel worse, what is there to talk about there isn't Elvira"

    Niall tried aruing with Zayn and to get his own point across. He heard Elvira's voice and it even hurt to hear it, even Zayn just mentioning her hurt, of course he still loved her, he knew he always would. "Just give her the god damn phone Zayn"
  20. Elvira didn't listen to Zayn for the first time ever, as she took the phone from him. "Listen, Niall. You made your point quite clearly at the the hospital when you left me, but you didn't give me a chance to say my part. I know that sleeping with Harry was a bad mistake, but that is what it was - a mistake. Plain and simple. Do you really think that just because I got a bit drunk one night, I wouldn't still love you so much that it hurts? Believe me, I do - but apparently you couldn't care less about what I am thinking or feeling, unlike the guy who loves me and treats me ten times better than you have. Do you know what I have been doing for the past four hours? Crying my eyes out over you, and you know who was there the whole time? Zayn was." She took a deep breath. "You can see your daughter if you want, but honestly I don't want anything more to do with you, not after the heartbreak you have put me through. Goodbye Niall." She hung up the phone, and leaned against the balcony railing, her eyes closed as she took deep calming breaths.

    Jeremy held her, and he nodded. "Yeah, we went out to a football game this afternoon. I couldn't stop thinking about you though. What did you do with the guys?" He smiled at the thought of what might have happened, since he knew perfectly well that Zayn Jr and Nick happened to be a very physical couple with lots of snogging at every opportunity.

    Liam closed the door when he noticed the words that were being said, and he sat on the edge of the bed. "I really just want to murder Niall for hurting El like that. She's practically my sister in law, and I love her almost as much as I love Zayn. This is going to be hard on everyone though..." He headed out of the room and knocked lightly on his son's door across the hall. "James, you ok?"
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