history of japan

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  1. Enjoy.​
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  2. I figured it was only a matter of time.
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  3. I actually burst out laughing at the, "Knock knock, it's the United States" part, largely because of the ominous music.

    Nothing is quite as terrifying as the United States suddenly taking interest in you.
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  4. Oh. This thing. A friend of mine went crazy with the quotes when he discovered this. It was adorable.
  5. I was more fond of the Mongols sounding like they where issuing demands via a megaphone.
  6. Everything is better with Mongolians.

  7. I also love how the guy just cuts himself off mid-sentence when the Americans arrive. Also, you can see the US ship just zooming in from the east right before it cuts to that. XD
  8. That is some damn good comedic timing, because I was rather getting into what he was saying so it was like "What, did he fuck up his editing or something?"

    Nope. 'Murika, with 90% more powdered wigs.

    And good catch! I didn't see the ship!
  9. I mean, to be fair, not only did I discover this video quite a while ago (it's insanely popular on Tumblr right now), but I've also re-watched it... many times since then. It probably took me a couple viewings before I noticed the ship. XD

    But yeah, this video is wonderfully rewatchable.
  10. "We're invading China," said the Mongols, and then they died in a tornado. Then they tried again and died in a tornado. '
  11. Senpai noticed them.
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  12. What did i just watch.
  13. An educational video on Japan. Use your new knowledge wisely.
  14. 'Hi China.'
    'Hi dipshit.'
    'Can you call us something else other than dipshit?'
    'Like what?'
    'How about S U N R I S E L A N D?'
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  15. I'm gonna show this to the children I tutor.
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