Historical survival role play!

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  1. Okay, so...
    This is an idea based upon the eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. The thing is that it is a derivation of a master and servant role play with a slight twist.
    A well known, albeit young, Praetorian returns home on leave. He visits his family, though he doesn't know one of his father's maidservants fancies him. Not that it would matter much to him at the moment but that will change. In the middle of his time home the volcano erupts, creating terror everywhere. He flees home only to find it gone, the only survivor as the villa is engulfed is the maidservant. They flee together but their ship is destroyed on it's way out, abandoning them on a small island... will they be saved? Will she tell him of her love for him? Will they even survive?

    I would like to play the servant but can play the praetorian.
  2. I'm interested =D and I definately don't mind to play the Praetorian. Where would the roleplay start? With them already on the island, or at the eruption?
  3. Well it could go either way, though I believe before may be best for a bit of character development.
  4. I agree! Anything else we should clear up before starting?
  5. Well, do you have any questions? Also, maturity level? Oh and your average post length?
  6. I don't have any questions at the moment that I can think of, you explained everything pretty well in your first post; though I guess I'd like to know if you'd be okay with it if my Praetorian character ended up not being able to like the maidservant as more than a friend.

    As for my maturity level - I don't write sex scenes, but I don't mind swearing or violence, though I find swearing every other word just unattractive, the words lose effect and it reminds me of a thirteen-year-old with their pants halfway down their ass.

    My post lengths vary on what I have to work with; I can only stretch out posts where I am given nothing to work off of so far; but you will never catch me giving you only one or two lines to bounce off of. I try to include all the details I believe are necessary without getting overly wordy, I think content, not quantity, decides the quality of a post and I always try to include lots for my partner to work with.

    Does that work with you?
  7. Alright, all of that is fine ^.^ if you'd like I can write up a reply in the morning.
  8. Hahaha I was gonna do the same, its like, 1 am where I'm at and I need to open store in the morning O.O
  9. Alright, well I can start but if you'd rather.
  10. I would appreciate your starting, people tend to prefer to when its their plot idea; it gives you a chance to set things up the way you imagined, so I'll look forward to reading it after work!
  11. Alright, I'll post it and send you a link when I get it done!
  12. Much appreciated, thanks bro!