Historical Romance... Pretty Please?

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I really enjoy romance in my roleplays; however, I do prefer to work up to it using suspense, tragedy, and mystery. The majority of my roleplays also dive into the libertine section, though I don't prefer this to be the main genre or focus.
Hello everyone... here I am, yet again, looking for a partner for a historical romance plot.

The plot: The year is 1885, and a young woman has found herself a new mother and on the run. Wanting to save the life of her precious baby, she had fled her abusive husband, in search of a better life in a new town. But town is much farther than she anticipated, and now she has found herself hiding out in an old stable. In the morning when she rouses, she finds herself face-to-face with a broad-shouldered but kind looking man. Knowing that she will have to resort to selling herself to support herself without a family or husband, the man offers her a place to stay and work as a maid in his home. But soon a bond develops between the two, and with an abusive husband and a baby intertwined in the mix, their love will stand many trials.

My requirements:
  • I am looking for someone to play the male character. I will play the female. I really love overly masculine, broad-shouldered male characters, but he is your character and that's just my preference. My character will be very shy and quiet, but sweet and spunky in the right moment. She isn't helpless.
  • Looking for someone who can post 2-4 times per day (exclusions apply, ie. vacation) and can post at least three paragraphs per post. Also, good grammar and spelling are much appreciated, though I'm not excessively picky... mine isn't perfect, either. *****If you cannot commit to the frequency and length of posts, I will ose interest.***** So unless you can, we probably aren't the best partners for one another.
  • I am friendly and love having off-topic conversations outside of the roleplay. I don't appreciate rudeness from my partners, and I'd love to chat a bit and make friends! I also like a partner who can plot and help to move the story along.
  • I can write in either PMs or a thread. I'm not picky.
  • Lastly, I would appreciate it if you posted in the default colours and font of Iwaku - ie. no putting conversations in coloured fonts. I have a vision impairment and it makes it very hard for me to read posts if they are coloured/in weird fonts, especially on my phone. Bolds/italics are fine.

I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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Yaoi, Yuri, fantasy, magical, fluffy, romance, furry
this does sound interesting and i would like to do it with you. but i can't caay to to much about posting more than 2 times a day. ill try my very best to keep up and post often
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