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  1. Hello!

    Here I am again. I feel like I've come with this plot many times before. I've been saddened lately that a lot of my favourite partners have gone missing, so I'm here again requesting this plot.

    The Plot: A young woman is running away from her abusive husband with her newborn baby (or she is pregnant). She ends up stowing away in the barn/stable of the main male character, where he finds her, lost and afraid. He offers to take her in and give her a place to get on her feet, even work. He soon leaves of her past, and of course, her ex-husband eventually sets a bounty out for her. It's only a matter of time before he finds her... and the main male character is her only hope for survival. He offers to marry her, as soon they discover that her husband never filed the papers to legally wed her. He also adopts her baby. Of course, the drama unfolds from there.

    • plot takes place in 1880s-1890s. Don't worry about knowing the history, I don't either! Just remember no running water, skirts/dresses for the ladies, and general knowledge like that!
    • my females are often very docile and sweet. Your male can be however you please! He's your character, and I'm not about to boss you around... at all! :)
    • on that note, I would like to play the female!
    • I would prefer to write in a thread!

    About me:
    • I post several times a day at least, and generally like it if my partner can do the same. If you can't commit to this, I apologize, but I'm looking for someone as active as I am. Of course there are exceptions like for school work and vacation, but overall, I'd appreciate a rather active partner.
    • I also ask that my partner can write at least 3 paragraphs (meaty) per post. No one liners, as I'll just lose interest and I find it doesn't keep the story going. :)
    • Please no funny fonts or colours. I have vision problems and doing this makes it near impossible for me to read on my phone.
    • Looking for someone who can chat with me, plot, and overall just have fun. I love roleplaying, and I love the people I roleplay with!
    • I am a sucker for romance. The sappier the better. But I also love drama and adventure, so I'm not expecting love at first sight. I also love writing sex scenes, though I prefer more plot in my stories than sex.

    PM me or comment here if you're interested! I'm very excited. :)
  2. Still looking! :)
  3. This sounds interesting. Still looking for someone? ^_^
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  4. Yes I am! Please PM me :)
  5. Would you perhaps still be interested in an rp partner?
  6. This request is now filled, but if you'd like to do a historical, PM me! I always have ideas.
  7. Looking once again!
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