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  1. I was so excited to see that there was a historical group roleplay sub-forum! There are so many roleplay I would love to start up, but at the same time, I'd like there to be a limited amount of roleplayers. More than ten characters primary to the plotline is too much for me to handle. This is a list of historical roleplay I want to do, be it for one x one, or a group roleplay. They are primarily for group roleplay, though.
    • 1950s
    • Dark Ages
    • Edo
    • Victorian (RP plotting has begun; no more spots available, sorry dudes and dudettes)
    • Feudal
    • Edwardian
    • Elizabethan
    • Georgian
    • Heian
    • Imperial
    • Medieval
    • Regency
    • Renaissance
    • Tudor
    This is really just an interest check to see how many are interested in any of these particular time periods. I don't have any plotlines, settings, or anything planned out just yet, as I was hoping to be able to collaborate on it with members that are interested and may possibly have an idea or two for that particular time period. This doesn't mean they'll be doing all the work; I just like to create a diverse set of communications before getting into the good stuff like setting, plotline, sub-genres, etc.
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  2. I love all those time periods tbh
  3. This sounds very interesting if you want to bounce ideas around i'm open and available most of the time.
  4. Victorian Era is my love <3
  5. Sounds good, I'm up for it ^^ (any timeline really ;p)
  6. Any of these sound fantastic
  7. Woot! Five people already- that's good for a start! Since everyone seems to be good with any time period, let's start with the one @Adira suggested, since she wants to do that one specifically. I love Victorian Era, as well. Would you all like to discuss on a group roleplay plotting thread or through PM? I'm fine with either. (:
  8. Ah cool~ (go victorian time period ;p) I'm up for anything but a group thread would be globbing great ^^
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  9. Ooh Victorian sounds fun. And I open for discussion on it as well.
  10. Would you prefer a group RP plotting thread or PM?
  11. I think a group would be very fun!!
  12. This will be a group. I'm asking if you all would like to discuss plot and everything else over PM or through the group RP plotting thread on here. Which do you prefer?
  13. Thread might be easier!
  14. No I am good with that.
  15. Great! I won't be able to post until some time tomorrow, so until then, you guys can maybe brainstorm or something. Just remember, this roleplay is supposed to be historically accurate. I'll be putting up a timeline when the group RP plotting thread comes around. (:
  16. When in the Victorian period would this take place in because it did last from 1837 to 1901 so I think we should sort that out first.
  17. We'll start at the beginning; how does that sound?
  18. Sounds good ^^ I'm going to go ahead and ask the obvious question. Will this be taking place in London or any other part of the world?
  19. Not trying to be blunt or anything but I think it'd be obvious that it would take place in Britain, since that's where Queen Victoria reigned. If the roleplay is supposed to be historically accurate, it wouldn't make much sense to have it take part in any other part of the world, would it?
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