Historical Reference ((Action and Romance rp))

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  1. General Plot: Lilith Darkholme has just gotten back from her year abroad from doing field work for her Master's with some odd artifacts that she needs to preserve and study before they're put on display in the Manhattan Museum. As she studies them more and more, she seems to notice some oddities -- little scripts written in a language foreign to the place she visited and what looked like seals on the scrolls and tablets. The other artifacts such as the weapons, arts, and instruments she found need simple preservation precautions but look like they are simply a few years old rather than hundreds. After all her years of studying, Lilith cannot find an explanation as to why this is, but as she gets lost in finding answers, all she can find is more questions (which infuriates her to the deepest).

    This goes on until one day, she comes into the backroom of the museum after a fruitless all-nighter at the library trying to find answers or hints to anything that may explain the phenomenon, only to find that the artifacts she so carefully had been taken care of for a month were missing! Naturally, Lilith panics, thinking that the museum has been robbed or that she had been careless, but in the place of her work area where the documents and tablets carefully preserved in their polyethylene bags was... a person? Lilith doesn't even know what to think. The clothes are clearly not from this time -- in fact, they actually match the uniform of the warriors of the culture from which the artifacts are from.

    She's skeptical for a long time to say the least, but the seals on the scrolls/tablets suddenly make sense. They were there to keep something/someone in, for who knows how long. And she had no idea why he was there, or why suddenly the seals were released. But he was here for a reason, she knew that much.


    Okay, so I tried to leave a little leeway for whoever is interested. So long story short, a girl studying in archaeology is put in charge of these artifacts and some guy is locked inside *and yes, I would like for there to be romance at some point* I think it would be great to see how someone from a past culture reacts to the present world and even why someone living in that kind of world would be so interested in his own world. Now you can be from whatever time period or culture you want. It would be cool if it were some place like Japan or Persia or Egypt but honestly it's up to you. So you can be a ninja, samurai, general of an imperial army, assassin, noble, prince, king, I honestly don't care. The purpose of their being in modern times is to protect something/someone, I'll leave that up to you to. So they can be protecting my character (which would be great, but once again, do what you like), an artifact, preserving their lineage, passing on their knowledge, etc. Just to make it clear, the character has to definitely be human, but they can have somewhat supernatural abilities - spell-casting, or jitsu (like the ninjas), or alchemy, just try not to overdo it please.

    I don't have many requirements other than being active, no controlling my character's actions, type a decent amount (it doesn't have to be monstrous, just a paragraph is fine) and to be grammatically correct.

    Here's my character:

    Name: Lilith Darkholme
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Student/Part-time Barista
    Personality: Lilith has a quest for knowledge to know all of the things around her. She is curious which can sometimes lead her into getting into less than favorable situations or even neglecting the things around her or neglecting her own health in her quest for knowledge, but she is also smart and resourceful. She gets things done and puts 100% effort and focus into what she does. She is the kind to go-with-the-flow and keep a rational mind when those around her cannot. When she's focusing on something she can be snappy or irritable with others, or will seclude herself in her work office or at the public library. She doesn't mind getting dirty when it comes to her job, in fact she enjoys being out in the field like that. Honestly, very few things can take away her focus other than completing what she set out to do. Lilith also has a great sense of adventure due to her need to discover everything she can, she loves new things and new places and gets thrilled at the unexpected.

    Bio: Lilith grew up in a small apartment in the city, and it has been her home for so many years. She goes to a University in the large city, majoring in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology, and lives in a small one-room apartment in one of the old complexes (hey, schooling isn't cheap). After she graduated, her parents and younger siblings moved out of the city so they can raise her little brother and sister in a less chaotic place. Lilith was already living on her own by then and pays them a visit occasionally. Though the distance and cost can be limiting.

  2. Interested :)
    Fine with the romance but wouldn't want any really sexual scenes, if that's ok.
  3. Awesome!! I'm so glad! And non-sexual is totally cool with me!
  4. Okey dokey :) It's just I hate having to do sexual scenes :/
    But anywayy, I'll probs post my sheet tomorrow? I'm a bit busy but should be able to?

    I loved the idea, it makes me want to hug you that you posted it x3
  5. I'm so glad! I thought for sure I'd have trouble with getting someone to join :D I might not be able to come online tomorrow until later in the night, but I'll get to it as soon as possible ^^

    And I know what you mean, I tend not to do any really sexual RPs, I find them to be quite awkward at times.
  6. If you are still looking, I am interested.
  7. That would be awesome! If Radon comes back, I'm willing to have two of the same RPs
  8. Alright, would you like me to post a character sheet here or?
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  10. One question, may I make up my own civilization?
  11. Go right ahead!
  12. Name: (Closest approximate spoken version) Mako
    Age: Looks to be around 25
    Occupation: Warrior
    Personality: He has a very strong personality, protective, driven. He has little patience for things that don't make sense to him. He is devoted to the prophecy he was sealed to protect and will do anything to fulfill it.
    Bio: Born among the warrior caste of his people he grew up learning to fight. His mind had been tuned for war, for violence, perfecting him into a warrior that would rival the Spartans. He was chosen to be sealed with the tablets, to guard them for four millenia, and to fulfill the prophecy they entail when he is finally released.

    The Lykos culture: The Lykos, named after the Greek for wolves due to a lack of personal title and heavy use of wolves in their iconography were a rather advanced race from middle Europe during the years 3000-1420 BC approx. They were a war like people, fiercely guarding their lands. They died off as a small ice age swept the center of Europe at the time. The artifacts they left behind were scarce, many of their settlements were taken over and reused by various other peoples, destroying what they had and nearly erasing them from time. What is known is that they were one of the first peoples to work iron as well as one of the best which aided their military prowess. Their culture revolved around wolves, regarding them as sacred and what their people became after death.
    The prophecy: This is a taken from brittle iron slabs, most of the scratch like lettering had rusted away but it revolved around the moon leaving the earth if the Alphess didn't stop it. Other than this bit of information all else had been lost.

    Appearance: He is a tall male, standing at just over six feet tall. He sports a strong barrel chest and broad shoulders. He is built for war, his muscles toned and lean, fast and strong. Thick black hair is pulled back into a near mane like mass behind his head, tied together by a piece of leather. He has piercing golden eyes, one of the rumored traits of his people, part of legends of the area. He has thick stubble, some red hairs within it upon his squared jawline. His face bears heavy germanic features. His chest is bare, shoulders covered by a collection of sewn together grey wolf pelts. His forearms have bracers of fur and iron, etched intricately with wolven designs. A series of scars criss-cross his body, many seeming to have been sewn up. His legs are covered by a pair dark grey pants, tied at the bottom to leather boots. A thick leather belt tied around his hips holding a sheath for a long kopis like blade. A rectangular steel shield slung across his back with a bronze wolf skull seeming to be welded to it. (Hope this is good.)