Historical German Monarchy Book Idea Thingy

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Alexa Ray, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. It popped in my head after seeing an image of a woman that looked like she was German. It would be done in Google docs since that's where all my book ideas, inspirations, and excerpts are. I mean, I'm hoping for it to be done there... I just don't know if I need to give out my email to someone or not for them to have access... I still have to find out... Anyways, I'm hoping to do a historical fantasy within the time period of 1871-1918 in which Germany had a monarchy. I want to make the piece historically accurate, but have original characters that portray the Emperor, Empress, and other people within the German Monarchy. This would also come with creating original characters who are sorcerers, wizards, whatever I can fish out to make this particular time period laced with awesomeness! There will be drama, action, romance, possible suspense... But overall, something historical~!

    Anyone interested? I'd like it if my partner(s) have done collaborations before... I'm still a newbie at it and not exactly sure as to how a collaboration would go in terms of teamwork and such... -n-;