ROLEPLAY Historical fantasies

When I do a historical rp I want it to be...

  • As accurate as possible, like an account of the time itself

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  • I don't bother with historical anything

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  • Other...

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Do you dabble in the history genre? How much do you care about the accuracy of it all or do you like to take some creative licenses where possible?

If you do take creative license, but also like accuracy what do you pay special attention to? What are some history facts you rather forget about while in RP?

What about history roleplays set within areas and cultures you aren't familiar with? Do you treat those differently? What about the considerations of possible different history perspectives that exists between countries, is that something you try to research or perhaps not at all?

Or do you prefer loosely interpreting history and setting up a fantasy world that is influenced by traits and traditions that fascinate you?

What type of historical roleplays do you generally enjoy the most?

Lots and lots of questions!​


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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, with a dash of romance are my favorites. But I can play other genres too.
I enjoy the occasional historical roleplay but I'm not a stickler for accuracy. As long as I can still immerse myself in the setting and/or time period then I can still enjoy it.
I also like it when it's combined with fantasy. It could have elements of mythology or it can take place in an entire original world that has a similar timeline to earth. The story matters more than accuracy.