Historical 1x1 Partner Search (Plots Inside!)

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  1. Hey loves! I have some plots already thought out, if anyone would like to do one with me? All I ask is please be literate, have decent spelling and grammar, have a couple solid paragraphs for each post, and no anime physics at all. So with that said, I'm seeking anyone willing to play the male roles. Please let me know by messaging me in PMs or replying here. Also, please know your history; I would rather if my partner(s) were semi/advanced knowledgeable, but I'm okay if you only know the basics. Just try to keep it historically accurate as possible.

    The witch hunt has begun. The town of Salem is not safe anymore. The alluring, beautiful, nineteen year-old daughter of Reverend Joseph Woodcroft, Raven Woodcroft, has been marked for death for witchcraft. But she's innocent right? Well, that's for the handsome veteran (or rookie) constable to decide. He's in charge of the ongoing investigations of the witch trials in Salem, MA. But, will he be able to find evidence against the mysterious dark-haired beauty and send her to the gallows? Or will his undying love for her cost him his life?

    Southern Hospitality:
    A wounded Civil War soldier (Union or Confederate) wakes up in someone else's bed with no memory of his past life, because why? He's now a newborn vampire. It seems he's been under the care of one the most prominent cotton plantation families in all of the southern states-- the De La Fontaines'. But something is a bit off about them... Maybe it's the sudden lust and protection for the owner's eldest daughter, Abigail... Or maybe they're vampires themselves.

    Kiss Me Deadly: (Set in the roaring twenties)
    Lucy Bello loves the night life but her excuse of a husband won't let her enjoy the many pleasures of being a free-spirited woman, until she meets a rather dashing older gentleman who knows how to please any willing young lady. He entices the lovely young Lucy with the promise of sweet carnal pleasure when in reality his only intentions are to drain the life-force from her virgin body.

    In a matter of seconds from death, Lucy is miraculously saved by an unknown man who claims he's a vampire hunter. The man takes upon himself to protect and teach Lucy the ways of being a hunter even if she acts way too naive for him at times.

    But in time, he learns to fall in love with her and comes to realize he can't live without her. She is his beacon of hope.

    I will add more plots soon...
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