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    1st of April - the date on which the first semester begins anew in Japanese schools. It might sound a little odd to those not accustomed to this tradition, yet one comes to find it logical when considering that spring is a very important season in this country. After all, not only do the breath-taking sakura trees bloom, achieving their full mesmerizing magnificence, but it is also the that time of year when life begins up anew and all revives after the cold winter months.

    Imagine this picture - the pink petals fluttering in the background against the greenery of plants awoken from their slumber - a true site of vigor and happiness. The only thing that breaks the overall joy of this landscape is a huge looming building in which the swaying trees are reflected together with the faces of the mass of people that had gather in front of Hisakawa High this year. Some of them were familiar, others not. Some belonged to adults, while others to children. Yet, even in this sea of visages, it was not hard to recognize the freshmen from the senior in this establishment.

    After all, as is with any opening ceremony, the newbies were all lined in front of their numerous seniors,.

    Kawaguchi Akira
    Akira was one of said seniors... and probably one of the seniors that the freshmen would immediately get acquitted with. Well, more like he was going to ambush befriend them right after the ceremony had ended. That, as a matter of fact, was a point in the future which he awaited impatiently. To him, someone who had been a part of the high school for 3 years and going onto the fourth, it was the same shit every time. The principal gets the mic and then presents all with a speech explaining how this school works, how important the students are, how many great teachers there are, blah blah blah, and then says something inspirational.

    This whole ordinary ritual certainly is something out of the ordinary in this extraordinary school. And that's why Akira hated it... It just ruined the vibe of Hisakawa Koukou. Yet, the man was powerless to stop it in any way since last year he tried pulling off a prank to... spice thing up... and it didn't end up that well. Just as that thought ran through his head, his gaze wandered off and landed on the security guard who immediately shot the student the stink-eye.

    Responding simply with a smile, Akira averted his eyes and brought his attention to his schoolmates. Well, the old ones. The freshmen had already bored him to an end so now he was desperately searching for someone to go talk to.

    Miyamoto Megumi
    Megumi was standing at the very back of the crowd, seated on the pavement. She had already been standing up for such a long time that her legs had started hurting. As she realize that, a question popped up in her mind - "Why am I even here?" There was truly no reason behind it, seeing as she was neither a freshmen nor someone who had anything to do here. Very few people would ever converse with her casually and even they appeared to be chatting away with their own circle of friends.

    So, why didn't Megumi just skip the ceremony? Well, she was curious... Apparently she was getting a roommate this year. Some transfer student from some small village... And that's as far as her knowledge of the girl went. It wasn't really necessary to loiter in this place, yet Megumi hoped to get the chance to meet this mysterious figure.

    Exhaling a small sigh, the Shrine Maiden decided that she had a better chance of spotting the girl (or the other way around) if she was standing erect. Thus, with a small push, she lifted herself up and quickly dusted off her uniform.

    Andre Beaulieu
    For a while, Andre had simply been spacing out while staring at the freshmen. They were certainly an odd bunch, containing people from all over the world. As a matter of fact, he hadn't really seen this many foreigners in the same year ever since he had began teaching at Hisakawa High. They appeared to be the strangest group of the lot. In order to confirm his theory, the man for a moment looked over to the mass of people.

    His idea... was wrong. Everyone was in some sense weird in this school so there truly was no place for comparison. This was especially true of that girl Miyamoto... she game Andre the creeps.

    Suddenly, the psychologist's train of thought was cut off as his colleagues called out to him. Unsure what the hell was going on at first, he soon came to realize that it was his turn to present himself. Standing up in one swift movement, Andre walked casually and confidently to the podium. "Welcome, newcomers... nice to see you, my old students. My name is Andre Beaulieu, though you can just call me Sensei since my last name is kind of hard to pronounce. I am our wonderful school's psychology teacher as well as class 4-A's homeroom teacher. Am certainly looking forward to working with all of you during this school year... Anyway, I am not going to bore you guys with any more information about moi. I wish to say just one more thing... "Shoot for the stars" and be sure that we, the staff of Hisakawa Koukou, are here to help you reach them."
  2. Akuma Ayaka
    "Ah, Sakura. A symbol of new beginnings all across the world. Associated with mortality, as well. How sweet these humans are for placing such ideals within a plant. They say the leaves are red because the seed was planted with a corpse, and now the tree absorbs it's blood and sends the pigments to the leaves." 2 girls walking past her gave her strange glances and sped up a little. She followed some way behind, and at a slower pace. She didn't have a choice really, since she was headed to the same destination. She was a few minutes late to the opening ceremony in the end, since she stopped to interrogate a butterfly on the way, and slipped silently in and took a spare seat at the back, where she could fall asleep unnoticed.
  3. Hilda Narina "Awww, again not with The Shrine Maiden in one room." Hilda realized with a long sigh as she read the name of her new Roommate. "Mana Kada. At least she has a nice name." Hilda nodded and giggled a little. "I hope she is nice at le-" She stopped whispering and mumbling to herself for a moment as she spotted Miyamoto as she stood up.

    She only knew her from the seeing her around. She was to shy to talk to her yet, but she wanted to change it this year. "Not another year! This time I will....I will talk to her!" She took a deep breath, hoping to be able to talk to her soon.
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  4. Mana Kada

    It was spring again. What that means is cherry blossoms, warmer weather, and school. Mana didn't mind that she was at school again. After all, there were pools and plenty of books, and that usually sells her for anything.

    After a while, Mana sort of zoned out during the ceremony. She was thinking about what she was going to do deeply. "Unpack. Easy, but need to make sure I claim my side on the left first. Meet roommate. Hilda something. Don't know her, and that's all I can say. Checking out swim team's budget. Need to know for fundraisers and how much we should spend on the newbies." The list keeps on going and she continued to think. It was easy for her to zone out since she heard this all before. It's not deja vu, but repetition.

    Jean King

    "Do I have to be here?" Jean questioned himself. He didn't want to be here. After all, he was more of a freelancer than anything else.

    Jean soon found the answer to his question when he remembered two years ago where he skipped the ceremony just to look around the school. He thought it would be more educational for a freshman to tour the school than listen to a crap speech. That didn't end well when one of the teachers late to the ceremony found him.

    "Yeah I do." He responded to himself inside his head. Jean sighed to himself. "Another year of the same speech."
  5. Shigeko FurukawaShigeko strode through the school's gates with a content smile on her face. The sweet smell of blooming flowers and sakura petals were signs that spring was upon them. All of their world's greenery was growing back now. Flowers were returning after the harsh, winter weather. The cycle of life was starting once more. Shigeko treasured spring above any other season. The school council president was punctual to the opening ceremony, and got a front seat due to her position. She sat up straight and listened keenly to the ceremony. Eventually, all of the long-winded speeches ended. Even though she was in the student council, even she considered the speeches repetitive and boring at times. She stood up from her seat, dusted off her uniform, before beginning to leave the auditorium.

    "Kawaguchi, Akira?" She questioned as she passed by the young man. From what she knew, he too, was a senior. "I know that the school newspaper will be of top-notch quality this year, with you leading the team. If you need to hold any fundraisers, just let me know." She spoke to her fellow senior, allowing herself to sport a small smile. "The student council will assist you in any way possible." Shigeko would make a point to speak with each and every club and sports team captain.
  6. Katsumi Yukimura

    Ah , the Japanese blossoms have finally decided to show the world their simple yet somewhat complex beauty . A certain brunette had a bored expression on her face , no doubt from all the speeches the fellow students of Hisakawa Koukou had to go through , herself included .
    "They call them Sakura , huh ?" , the 3rd year student muttered softly to herself .

    1st April . It had been a year since she first came to this academy . Being a 3rd year student had it perks undoubtedly , for example , not actually having the teachers' hopes on you fully because you were a Senior , or being bullied or looked down to at times because you were a Freshman . She liked the idea of being a Sophmore at times . But this wasn't one of those times .

    Considering how the Seniors were at the back and the Freshman right in front of the whole student population , the 2nd and 3rd year students were smacked in between both . Great , Katsumi thought to herself as her dream of escaping this ceremony was shattered into peices before she averted her gaze back to the Cherry Blossoms . As she continued spending time admiring the flowers , her fingers tapped relaxingly against her skirt as she thought of the new school year ahead .

  7. Kadakawa Yuuto

    The sun shines through the blossoming Sakura marks the first day of school and a new page of Yuuto's life. His previous year has been nothing but torture for him, not a single soul talk to him during those years of torture but to though that goddess of fortune helped this year, his father got a new job and forced him to transfer to another city. Standing 6 feet tall with a model like body built, has bought the attention during the morning of today's beautiful day. Yuuto was anxious that everyone was staring at him, the attention that he has brought was somewhat disturbing as he afraid that rumors about him has bread to the neighboring city. Yuuto could only sighed on the way to his new school.

    Arriving at the school gate, Yuuto clasped his hand to his chest hoping that nothing goes wrong with him this year. Slowly taking step by step, he steal a glance from right to left making sure that no one knew about his past rumor although it's not true at all. With all the tense he had, he managed to get into the enrollment ceremony sitting right in front the podium.
  8. Mirabelle Orandxxxx"We just have to stand here a little longer..." Mira fidgeted impatiently. She was trying her best to pay attention to the speeches, but she didn't see the importance of introducing every last teacher that worked at Hisakawa. Couldn't they do that at the beginning of their class? She let out a soft sigh as the next teacher stood up and went to the podium. He was the psychology teacher. It was a class she didn't take, so she opted to check up on her maid instead. "Sabine? Are you okay?"
    xxxx"Oh, yes, Madame. I'm perfectly fine." Sabine was standing ruler-straight as always, statue-still and stone-faced. Mira shrugged and turned back to the front. If Sabine said so, then she had nothing to worry about. The two of them had been exchanging snippets in French throughout the whole ceremony. Sabine was here to help her move her things into her new dorm. There had been some complication with the Freshmen that had required Mira to switch roommates. She didn't mind much. Her roommate last year had hardly talked to her, but Mira didn't hold anything against her. She just hoped her new roomie would be nicer.
    xxxxThe students around them were squirming and whispering to each other as the ceremony neared its end. The seniors were especially restless. Mira glanced around her and wondered where her new roommate could be. She knew next to nothing about her, only that her name was Katsumi Yukimura.

    Hirabayashi HirakuxxxxHiraku wasn't in the mood for the ceremony. Could you ever be in the mood for an entrance ceremony? He switched his weight from one leg to the other and tried not to lock his knees. The last thing he needed was to faint in the middle of the school yard. It was his third year here, and he took most of the classes offered, so he recognized most of the teachers. He was also pretty sure that they were repeating their speeches from previous years. The other students either had zombie-like expressions or were sneaking furtive glances around, about to risk either seeking out their friends or simply leaving. He was pretty sure the guy next to him had fallen asleep standing up. If Hiraku woke him up, would he be doing him a service or a misdeed? Maybe he himself could slip away? It wasn't like he was some skipping freshman, after all.
    xxxxHiraku started taking slow steps back. Either no one noticed or nobody cared because soon enough he was in the midst of the seniors at the very back. He'd just keep going backwards until he popped out of the crowd and could sneak into the dorms. Right when he thought victory was his, he bumped into someone. It was kind of a miracle he hadn't stepped on anyone's toes until now. Hiraku turned around, an apology already on his tongue. "Sorry...oh, hello Senpai." He was faced with the editor in chief of School Newspaper. Senpai was a friendly, energetic guy. Hiraku could use some of that energy right about now.
  9. Kawaguchi Akira
    At last the ceremony was nearing its end and Akira could breath out a sigh of relief. It had been a miracle that the man was able to contain himself throughout the whole ordeal and not just retreat to the dorms as he did during his second year in Hisakawa High. Probably the thing that helped this time around was Beaulieu-sensei's speech. Not because it sounded too meaningful to the student, though the finishing part of it pleased Akira, but because the teacher just seemed silly in the boy's eyes.

    These thoughts rushed through his head and left the man staring with a smile plastered across his face at the podium, until a foreign voice snapped him back to reality. Turning toward's its source, Akira was certainly mildly surprised for before him stood Shigeko Furukawa - the Student Council president. After listening intently to what she had to say, though, the initial baffling transpired into a laugh. With a happy expression the man responded, his voice ringing "You flatter me, Furukawa-san~ I was actually thinking about including some new and rather different columns this year, though some people might not be too happy with these innovations... Like a monthly article, contributed to by readers, in which the students grade the teachers for a change! Well, anyway, I will certainly be relying on you to help out with the newspaper's budget, Ms President. I'll see you around"

    Just as those words were uttered and Akira was getting ready to depart, he suddenly felt someone bump into him. "Ah, Hirabayashi!" he exclaimed when spotting the sophomore in front of him. The boy didn't really belong here, meaning that he was all the way back with the seniors, so it didn't take too long for Akira to catch on with what was going on. "Are you by any chance slipping away, Kouhai?" he continued, his face as happy as ever "If so, you're not the only one and I need some company. What do you say we get out of here?"

    Miyamoto Megumi
    Still looking around in hopes of in the very least catching a glimpse of her to-be-roomie, Magumi searched the sea of faces once more. Yet, her attempts were futile. At last giving up and getting ready to go away, seeing as the ceremony was almost through, the girl stopped in her tracks when spotting a familiar visage - that of Hilda Narina.

    Well, it's not like Miyamoto knew the senior personally, yet she had seen her occasionally in the hallways as well as in the girls' dormitory, so she indirectly was acquitted with the girl. However, she did wish to change this fact as Hilda had caught her attention ever since last year when Megumi first arrived in Hisakawa High.

    And yet, she didn't really know how to approach her schoolmate and thus just stood there, staring at the other girl with a very focused expression.
  10. Hilda Narina"Boring....." Hilda whispered to herself and looked around annoyed, just wanting to leave right now. She was looking if Megumi was still there and she was. Her heart beated faster as she looked at her.

    "T-t-there she is, ok, now or never!" She takes a deep breath again and waved at her with a smile. She didn't care now that the ceremony wasn't finished yet, she still walked to her and says. "H-h-hi there......I-I'm Hilda and you are Megumi, right?" She slowly moves her hand towards her for a handshake, but she was quivering a little
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  11. Katsumi Yukimura

    Maybe , just maybe , a brunette with a slight stoic expression thought to herself as she glanced back at the stage and who was occupying the microphone and podium at that moment . She then raised her right arm slightly before pushing the sleeve of her jacket and white long-sleeve shirt up to reveal the time on her watch . Almost the ending of the ceremony . Although that was said , she told herself that she could not stand the formalities any longer .

    Soon enough , Katsumi , who was wedged in between the Seniors and Freshmen , began to shift from her position closer to the right , muttering Excuse me's and Sorry's along the way . Once reaching the side of the auditorium , she swiftly made her way to the back as to not distract anyone or more importantly , not get caught . Opening the door of the auditorium with a light 'creak' , she made her way to the opposite side before being met with two males chatting by the door . "Excuse me ." , she said before recognizing one of them as the infamous 'Senpai' , while the other was not someone she had heard of , but then again - she merely hear the chatters of people in the hallway and the occasional overly-friendly person who soughts her out to lend them her ear . Back to her thoughts , she moved her body sideways so that she could slip past the both , down the hallway that lead to the dorms .
  12. Mikan Uchida
    Mikan huffed as she sprinted to the auditorium. 'Please don't be late!' The repeating thought running through her head. If only she skipped breakfast when she woke up late, she wouldn't have been in the situation she's in now! 'But it was cake...' She thought, pouting as she saw the doors of the auditorium. "Finally!" She said in a loud, higher pitched voice that was suddenly happier. She ran to it, swinging open the door to reveal crowds of students heading towards the door way she was standing in. "Eek!" She yelped, sprinting the other way.
    By the time she stopped, she was panting and hunched over, trying to catch her breathe and not fall over at the same time. When she finally did and looked up, she somehow managed to find herself in an intersection. A path that leads to the girl dorms, and one that leads to the guys. Mikan laughed at how all she had to did was run around and she would eventually find her way yo the area she wanted to go. "Oh, my luck.." She said, letting out a cheerful sigh and skipping off towards the girls dorm.
    She was really surprised that she wasn't stopped by anyone to ask if she was lost. Normally, if anyone sees a little girl running around on a highschool campus, they'd question her; Though she wasn't complaining, in fact, she was happy about it. The thought only put her into an even more joyful mood.
    She entered the girls dorm building and looked at the papers she was sent in the mail a bit earlier. She didn't really want to go to her own dorm. She wanted to meet all the other females she'd be in school with. 'They probably aren't in the dorms yet.' She thought, shrugging and walking down the halls to look around the place she'd be staying in.
  13. Mana Kada

    By the time, Mana was done thinking; the ceremony was almost over. "Ah. Finally almost over. I got things to do." Mana thought. She continued to stare at the podium waiting for it to wrap up like the good student she is. Apparently, everyone around her lost that good since there were near by sighs and groans that were the results of boredom. Then again, she had an advantage since she zoned out most of the time.

    Jean King

    The ceremony was finally reaching it's end. To Jean, it seemed like it was being dragged on purposely. So he decided to do the same thing he did last year: leave near the end of the ceremony, so the teachers won't really care. "Hey, can everyone move over one so I can get to the end?" He asked while whispering. Only some managed to hear him, but the others followed the ones who heard him's lead.

    Once he finally reached the end of the row, he walked along the side. He went out the door not minding the people who were speaking near it. "I could go to my room or walk around. I feel like doing the later." His mind said as he went in the opposite direction of the dorms to do whatever.

  14. Mayu Yorihase's Intro


    "Humanity is a social species. Along with the three basic needs of Food, Shelter, and Water, there also lies an innate desire for company and companionship. Indeed, it is through this social desire that the roots of our society is based upon. Through the act of collaboration and partnership, the group is able to achieve much more that what can be done by the individual. The system of bond and camaraderie, love and desire to be loved, is what fuels the innovation of the world and the continued persistence of it's population that sees no signs of declining growth. That's right, the Society is a system that in the exchange of individual freedoms, the security of the individual, and therefore the group as a whole can be guaranteed with the establishment of commonly followed traditions and laws. However, like any system, it can be exploited by the people who know what they are doing.

    A Social Hierarchy, by it's name, inherently has a pecking order. A pyramid scheme in which the the ones to the top enjoy certain benefits that are provided by those at the bottom. Large companies can get away with selling vast amounts of product at cheaper prices, in yet still remain astronomically wealthy in profits due to the fact that even a little of a lot will end up making a lot. Or to rephrase it, 1% of millions of people is still yield a big number. However, being at the top isn't exactly always a cakewalk either.

    As it is commonly said, 'the higher up you go, the further you will fall' applies. The top of the pyramid has to be sustained by a disproportionate ratio of blocks below it. Unlike the pyramids of Giza, the blocks of this pyramid are constantly trying to rearrange themselves, with the general goal of trying to make it to the top. There comes a point of when you get too far down that you end up being locked into a place that you cannot get out of, and end up being oppressed by those above you. Being at the top is a struggle as well, as the ones underneath you, and the ones on the same level as you, are all trying to shove you off in order to take tip of the Hierarchy for themselves. Therefore, being at the top is not anymore advantageous than it is at the bottom, due to the amount of work it takes to maintain such a position that is coveted by so many.

    The people in the middle is the best of both worlds. The place of moderation where the best of both sides can be exploited. Someone in the middle can remain relatively static with minimal effort, while not being subject to the tumultuous battle that haunts those who vie for the top. At the end of the day, the Middle is without a doubt, the best place to be."

    Mayu Yorihase
    English, 2nd Period
    September 28th, 2012​

    Mayu adjusted her beret as the welcome ceremony continued. in her boredom, she mentally recited the lines of her first English paper from middle school. She had it memorized by heart.

    ("Hah... What was I thinking when I wrote that?")

    The original assignment was supposed be a free topic essay on whatever the students chose to write about. They all had about 2 weeks to do it. In the end, Mayu got it done in the span of a few hours the night and morning before class. It was such a terribly written piece of work that she just came up with off the top of her head. Lackjing any real constructed argument, lacking any real structure. It was no surprise she got a bad grade on it. Even worse was seeing the notes the teacher who looked through and individually commented all the papers to their heart's content. On her's it said in big red marker 'See Me After Class'. At the time, Mayu thought it was due to her being below the required page count, but in the end it turned out that the teacher was anti-communistic, and gave her a long lecture about how she was going to get kicked out of the country if she continued thinking in such a fashion. He was a pretty old fashioned teacher.

    Despite that, the meaning behind that paper. The idea that she tried to milk in order to get the words down for the assignment, was something that was important to her. If she was the only example in the world to look at, then it could be said that her 'C-' Paper was undoubtedly correct. The logic served her very well in middle school. So sh had full confidence that the same logic would apply out here, thousands of miles away from where she first put it into practice. The words she wrote was that of a disgruntled young girl who thought it was unfair to be left on the sidelines. But, when she came out of it she was exactly in a place she wanted to be in. Maybe someday she'd have a reason to rewrite that paper in a more elegant way.

    However, right now, she really didn't want to be at this ceremony. By the sight of people shuffling around, squeezing between students and quietly making their way out of the general vicinity, it seemed like that opinion was shared by a lot of the others out in the crowd. The Freshmen however, not knowing what else to really do, mostly kept their feet planted in the spot. They ending up being a bit of an obstacle to some upperclassman trying to Ninja their way out of the ceremony. Mercifully, it started to sound like the ceremony was about to end. Though there were a few people who weren't planning to wait that long.

    "Huh? Hey!"

    Mayu felt an unexpected bump form behind her. It was sudden enough enough to knock her green beret off, falling in the same direction as whatever bumped her.

    "Oh come on, seriously? This thing is almost over already anyway, so what's the rush?" Mayu said in a inconvenienced voice, trying to turn to pick up her beret off the ground. The space was a bit tighter due to the freshmen being clumped together.

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  15. Mirabelle OrandxxxxMira shifted and tugged on the fabric of her skirt. She could feel her patience wearing thin. "I think that's enough. We should hurry and move my things before we get in the way," she said. Sabine blinked and nodded.
    xxxx"As you wish, Madame." The woman turned on her heel and started weaving through the 2nd-years. Mira followed at a slower pace. The presence of her austere maid, with her pinched features and regal carriage, seemed to stop the other students from asking questions. They entered the girls' dormitory unchallenged. They had already packed and moved most of her things to where they were now, the hall outside her old dorm.
    xxxx"I believe my new dorm is on the first floor." She smiled apologetically at Sabine, who would have to make multiple trips up and down a flight of stairs. Sabine simply inclined her head. While Sabine lifted up large suitcases and even a coatrack one-armed, Mira collected as many of her plants as she could. She promised the remaining five that she would be right back, and hurried down the stairs. Her new dorm was Room 1 on the first level. She nudged the door open and stumbled back when she saw the girl standing by the windows. Her eyes went wide in surprise.
    xxxx"Oh! Are you my new roommate?" she asked. A beat of silence passed before Mira remembered to switch to Japanese. "Sorry! I meant, are you Yukimura-san?" Before she could introduce herself, Sabine appeared behind her bristling with luggage. Mira hopped out of the way with a short oh, pardon! The woman stepped into the room and started setting down everything. Mira simply walked around her and bowed, the formal motion made unceremonious by the way she was bouncing and the potted plants that were still cradled in her arms. "My name is Mirabelle Orand, but you should call me Mira. I'm your new roommate!"

    @Katsumi Y.

    Hirabayashi HirakuxxxxHiraku took a step back to give a girl some room to slip past the two of them. His lips twitched into a small smile at Senpai's words, and he started shuffling backwards again, throwing occasional glances over his shoulder. "Feel free to join me if you want, he answered. Hiraku was well aware of the other's penchant for pranks and such, but as long as he left Hiraku out of them then their relationship would be fine. Senpai was also, well, his senpai, and also the head of the only club he was in.
    xxxxHe made it through what remained of the crowd and it spat him out at the very back. Hiraku nearly tripped over another student who was seated on the ground. "Ah!" He waved his arms to regain his balance and just managed to stumble around the girl instead of into her. Was she asleep?

    @Dreamer @Karakui
  16. Kadakawa Yuuto

    A sigh of relief just as the ceremony was finished, Yuuto had never love the crowd or to said he just hate being around people. He waited for people to went out one by one as he sat at the chair alone in the auditory. Stood up just as the last person to go out, he went to the main hall just to be greeted by another crowd. Yuuto discomfort won over him again, he started to feel anxious again while wedging through the crowd. After when through all of the hectic, he looked the paper he brought with, it was his time schedule that's badly written, surprise if anyone could understand a word from it. Music was his first class, Yuuto glanced over to his watch and felt that there's time to went back to the dorm to at least.

    Arriving at the dorm he went passed by few of fellow student but he's really afraid to greet them although it his original intention, he decided to went passed by them and took his violin case from his room to prepare for his next subject. Slowly walking just making sure that the other people notice him.

    @all people at dorm
  17. Akuma Ayaka
    Ayaka had been sleeping peacefully up until now, when she was stood upon by someone. She woke up with a start. "Can you watch where you're going?" She spoke before identifying her assailant, assuming they'd be paying attention to her to see if they got away with it. "oh, are we leaving? good.." she turned to walk, still quite sleepily, and slowly stepped towards the direction of the exit.
  18. Katsumi Yukimura

    The long-haired brunette shifted her body sideways to face her new roommate - Mirabelle Orand . Her name had a foreign ring to it . It was a relieve to see that she was indeed Japanese-looking though . Who knows what would have happened if there was a language barrier between the two ? Katsumi's gaze shifted from Mira to the busy-looking woman who was helping move her things into their room .

    Madame .

    A housekeeper ? Katsumi Yukimura cringed slightly inwardly before reciprocating the bow with one of her own before speaking , "Pleased to be acquainted , Mira . Please call me Yuki , if you wish ." . She then nodded her head towards the other female before her eyes once again caught sight of the potted plant practically perched in her roommate's arms . Katsumi blinked a few times before gesturing to the balcony , "Feel free to occupy the space ." . With that said , the brunette walked to the right side of the room , where her things have been placed on the floor surrounding the bed .

    "I hope you do not mind me taking up this space ." , she said nonchalantly before picking her backpack up .

    Katsumi Yukimura walked past the two towards the door and twisted the knob . "Classes will start soon . I suggest unpacking later . Bye ." , she said awkwardly before leaving their room and headed towards her first class of the day - Biology .
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  19. Mayu Yorihase

    "I'm Sorry."

    The student gave a slight nod of apology to Mayu before he continued on his way. Leaving Mayu to pick up her beret off the ground on her own.

    "Awww, I like this beret." She said as she carefully dusted it off. While it didn't really need any dusting, she was extra careful with it. Unlike her sets of uniforms she had packed in her luggage, the beret was an item she only possessed one of. Mayu really liked the unique flair it gave her appearance, even with her plain haircut.

    Soon afterward ceremony was dismissed. The remainder of the students began to stream out of the area as the first day of the school year began.


    Baki Asuman

    "Uagh! Pway nice pwease...!"

    The drunken man nubmly reacted to a bottle of Sake being lobbed at him. He was already so intoxicated, he couldn't even stand up from the pile of trash he found himself enthroned on in the alley behind the Bar. Opposite of the drukard, was a student whose glare looked much more pricing and intense that what a High School Student was supposed be able to express. Though he had tossed one bottle of alcohol, he had another bottle in his other hand, with some of it's potent contents left inside. He barked at the drunken mess of a man with an aggressive tone.

    "You Traitor! This isn't the location I requested!"
    "W-whaz you takkin boot? Thiz iss x-actly wat it was. Koko's Brew- OOOOF!"

    The drunkard's sentence was abrutptly interrupted with a sake bottle flying into his pot belly like a missile.

    "Not 'Ko-ko', I was requesting to be lead to a 'KouKou High School'. Damn, I should've just used the map."

    The boy couldn't help but put his hand to his forehead. Though he was conversing with a person whose cognitive capacity had been severely retarded thanks to some heavy drink, at the end of the day, he only had to blame himself for taking the advice of someone who in retrospect looked rather unreliable. Still, considering the man got a free happy hour, it was only natural that some payback was justifiably in order.

    "Uhhh... UBGH!"

    the old drankurd could be seen hunched over, apparenttly about to reverse the intake of alcohol he had taken in the past hour. It was at this queue that the high school boy turned to leave the alley. Deigning to find his own way to the school he was supposed attend.

    "Anyway, don't even bother taking me to a Distillery if you can't even hold your alcohol. Going so goofy after 1 bottle is quite a shameful dispray."

    As he left the alley, the distinct sound of oral regurgitation echoed from the alleyway. Drawing the puzzled look of some passers-by, only seeing a high school student emerging from the source of the clumsy sloshy symphony echoing behind him.


    Mayu Yorihase

    The schedule immediately after the entrance ceremony was a bit confusing. It seemed like a bunch of people were going to their dorms first, but today was also supposed be the first day of classes. For most, it only made sense to just go to the first days of classes first and then to go on to the dorms to unpack afterward - but Mayu Yorihase was a peculiar case. Even after the months of being accepted into the academy, she still didn't know where she her assigned dorm room was.

    "I'm sorry, your name just doesn't show up in here at all."

    The cold and impartial words from the resident hall helper who didn't immediately wish to deal with the sudden issue was very discouraging. Most of the freshmen she got acquainted with were already making their way to the first day of class. Mayu's family home in Japan wasn't anywhere nearby. Making a long trip all the way back to Yokohama wasn't feasible, as Mayu didn't even understand how the train system in Japan worked - nor could she even read all of the signs that were there. Her main line of family - her father - was now in Taiwan on a business trip. Mayu was effectively on her own.

    "No, I'm certain that I'm supposed have a room here. I mean, Daddy didn't say I was going to stay somewhere off campus or anything. I know for certain I'm supposed have a room here!"

    Despite the urgent choice of words, Mayu's voice didn't sound like it was frantic or the like. No, the sort of person that she was didn't allow her to sound hysterical. It sounded more like she was objecting against the idea of having to sleep outside. Though, the expression she wore was certainly one that showed a noticeable bit of distress. Luggage was supposed be delivered to whatever room, the student was assigned to, so Mayu's belongings getting lost was another issue. On Mayu's person, all she had was the things she'd need for a first day in class, and maybe to pay for herself during an outing with new friends - not someone who had to go and find a hotel to stay at, right when it turned dark.

    The Community Assistant was just a mere volunteer who was supposed help unpack and direct people to rooms. The little issue that had just came up before him was defiantly out of their element. They looked around the crowd, hoping to spot another Community Assistant who would know what to do.

    "Okay, Uh... Maybe I can spot someone who can help you out. There's just a whole lot of people running around already, though. I'm not the right staff to be handling this..."

    Mayu started to scan around the immediate area as well, catching sight of the isolated things going on amongst all the commotion. A boy walking by with a violin case, a girl with striking green eyes like Mayu's, as well as other students making their way for the first day of classes.

    Mayu hung her head a little. Realizing that today, she was one of the unlucky ones. Everyone had days of misfortune, it was a normal thing to expect. But, even if she could comfort herself with the through that she'd be getting her obligatory misfortunate day out of the way, it was particularly piercing for it to be happening now. Today was the day that Mayu could already begin synthesizing her magic on the various 'chess pieces' that composed the freshman class. Seeing as things were going now, having to likely spend the first day getting her assigned room sorted out was a big stomp on what she had hoped to get accomplished today.

    ("I see. I guess I'm just going to start out the same as Middle School, Huh?")

    Just as she was before, and just like what she was right now. Another background character. The thought made her purse her lips just slightly.
  20. Kawaguchi Akira
    Seeing Hiraku back away and then suddenly almost trip over a girl, who appeared to be fast asleep, had made Akira giggle a bit at the whole situation that ensued. Certainly many funny things always went down in Hisakawa High whether they be ridiculous, awkward or bizarre. Maybe that's why the senior felt such a strong connection towards the establishment.

    Turning his attention towards the person that had been awoken by the ordeal, he thought "Asleep at the ceremony? Well, she seems like an interesting character~"

    And then, as soon as that had occurred and the girl walked away towards the exit, he got back to Hirabayashi "Are you okay? You know, you really should watch where you are going~"


    Miyamoto Megumi
    Miyamoto hadn't really expected Hilda to actually notice her. Or even come close to her... As the senior approached the Shrine Maiden, she soon caught on with what was going on and felt cold drops forming on her forehead. Megumi didn't really like talking to other casually if their topic didn't concern one of her stories or urban legends. She was a simple story teller, not an actual character. In the past such a resentment towards everyday conversations hadn't existed within the girl, yet as soon as she gained her popularity as a creep, she came to realize that she wasn't suited for them.

    However, this had to change, It just had to! Megumi was tired of having a bad reputation, of being someone the freshmen heard about as soon as they entered and were warned to stay away. And chatting up Hilda was one way to start. Plus, Miyamoto had a certain interest in her schoolmate. With an shaky motion, the Shrine Maiden extended her hand back to Narina, not even noticing that the other girl was quivering. Then, interlocking her eyes with Hilda in a resolute gaze, she responded "Yes, I am Miyamoto Megumi. It's a pleasure to meet you, Narina-senpai"

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