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  1. Last time, on HisaKou: *cue dramatic music*


    The welcome ceremony for all new first years... PASSED WITHOUT A HITCH!
    The students settled into their dorms...
    Now, the students have begun their lunch period. What will happen next? Find out... NOW!

    Akuma Ayaka


    [April 2nd, 20XX - 12:10 PM - Cafeteria]

    It was quiet. Too quiet. What were all the students doing? They were standing, but somehow, not talking. Could this be, a Fuzetsu!? No, if it was a fuzetsu, they wouldn't be moving. Perhaps, this is some kind of silencing spell? Of course, in reality, they were simply staring at the short girl who was walking down the corridor wearing a pair of cat ears and holding herself in a posture that suggested she was far superior to the other students.

    And so, Ayaka found herself in the cafeteria. "So, this is where the humans sate their appetites. Then, I shall test the exquisiteness of their cuisine!" She spoke probably a bit too loudly, as she joined whichever queue was shortest, not bothering to check what that line was selling.

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  2. Johann Harrison
    One could say that the brunette boy was quivering in fear after hearing his name being called out by the lassie .

    "Don't worry about it , I was just wondering , that's all ."

    The blond was glad that the female seated with the three men understood people , even if it might seem that she lacked in displaying any human emotions . Her smile was reassuring , to say the least and Johann was taken aback in finding her smile easing the invisible tension that has somehow built up.

    "Oh , forgive me , I'm Katsumi Yukimura . Please call me Yuki , if you'd like ."

    Johann nodded before taking one more mouthful of the curried rice . "It is a pleasure to meet all of you . I'm Johann Harrison but Johann will do . Or you could just call me whatever you prefer ." , he said with a friendly grin . "Tell me , my comrades , do you all know each other ?" , he added before glancing at Robert and Yuuto . He had a feeling this Katsumi Yukimura does not talk much .

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  3. Hilda Narina

    [April 2nd, 20XX - 12:12 PM - Cafeteria]

    Hilda entered the Cafeteria, the ceremony was finally over and now was Lunch time, but Hilda wasn't really hungry. "A little bit couldn't harm." She mumbled to herself and looked around to what she could eat right now.

    After a moment, she noticed the cat ears wearing girl. She approached her and took the place behind her in the row. She took a closer look at the ears. "I could touch them to be sure...." She thought but hesitated. She then decided not to do it. "They are really fake I guess" She mumbled but forget to mumble silently so she quickly looked away pretending that she hasn't said a thing, but a slight blush stayed on her cheeks.


  4. Robert West


    [2nd April 2015, Thursday - 12:14 PM - Cafeteria]

    When Katsumi nodded his way, Robert nodded back. The two weren't anything close but were surely acquainted from their time spent in the dojo. He was quite surprised to see her approach the group, to be honest. Even more so than the coincidence of him encountering Yuuto - it was funny how the world worked. As Robert leaned in to capture some rice between his chopsticks, his fingers slipped slightly. He still wasn't fully accustomed to anything different than using his fingers or western cutlery. That wasn't to say he was entirely defunct with their use but he would still get cramp when eating large meals. Before he could take another attempt, however, Johann's questioning pulled him away from his food momentarily. Resting the chopsticks at the side of the plate, he gave a smile.

    "Myself and Yukimura-san are members of the martial arts club. But I doubt any of us are anything beyond acquaintances," he explained before loosening his tie slightly. He was always fidgety in new situations, a defence mechanism for dealing with nerves psychology students would say. "Although, as I said, myself and Kadakawa-kun are room-mates so I imagine all that will change." He gave small, modest chuckle, one more defence mechanism, before picking his chopsticks up again, successfully grasping the rice that had evaded him earlier.

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  5. Imogen Keyrair


    With it being lunch time again, Imogen sighed and went back to her dorm room. During school hours she found some small white lilies and wanted to put them in a small jar she had. As for lunch she wasn't sure if she wanted to go. It's not like she knew anyone. She just sat at her desk quietly for the first few periods without saying a thing while others were making friends immediately. “Ah..How lame of me~” She whined, arriving at the girls dorms and walked down the hallway humming quietly to herself, seeing no one else was around. ‘Of course no one's around everyone's at lunch.’ She told herself, making it to her room and placed the white Lillies into a jar and sat them next to her cherry blossom petals she got yesterday that was on her desk.

    “R-Right..Now to lunch.” She nodded, grabbing her small backpack and headed out for lunch in the cafeteria. “I wonder if I can just bring it back to my room and eat there..I don't like to be around other's a lot..” She mumbled to herself, her eyes landing on the floor in silence as the girl left the girls dorm and jogged to the cafeteria.

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  6. Tsubaki Ai


    [2nd April 2015, Thursday - 12:10 PM - Cafeteria]

    Sauntering down the Sakura-petal paved path, a spring in her step and a tune in her head, Tsubaki was idly enjoying the freshness of the scene around her. While the cherry blossoms blooming and the rushing about of students new and old was nothing new to the purple-haired freshman, the unique nature of the school and an escape from her home put a giant smile on her lips. A sudden breeze went by, blowing her hair across her face and leaving her spluttering slightly. When her vision cleared and her hair was secured behind her left ear, the famous chiming of the bells signalled that it was time for lunch. So, continuing onwards, humming the tune to Summer Diary by Ayumi Hamasaki - one of her favourite songs - Tsubaki made her way for the cafeteria.

    The cafeteria was rammed when Tsubaki arrived. Masses of students all queued for their lunch, many of the second and third years practically dribbling over the school's curry dish. Joining the back of the queue, Tsubaki noticed a familiar looking girl in front of her. Wasn't she in my homeroom class today? What was her name now? Imoshin? Mojin? Uhhhhh... why are western names so hard? Imojin! That was it! I-mo-ji-n. Shuffling her feet slightly and holding her hands behind her back, Tsubaki attempted to wrestle the courage to talk to the girl.

    "Ano... ekusukuzu mi... anata wa - eto - aru yu Imojin-san?" It was a strained attempt at an English sentence but Tsubaki felt quite proud of herself. She wasn't sure why she felt the need to address the girl in her home-language either but hoped it would be a good-natured gesture - it always worked in manga, after all!

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  7. Imogen Keyrair


    She had one task. One task and that was it.

    All she had to do was wait in line, get her food, and then proceed back to her dorm room quietly to eat. Heck, she would even take a bathroom stall if she had to. She just..didn't want to be around other people. However this changed when she heard a familiar voice from her first year class behind her.

    ‘Ano... ekusukuzu mi... anata wa - eto - aru yu Imojin-san?’

    A familiar female voice asked, one that Imogen had heard earlier in the day. Turning around slightly, she was greeted by the sight of a purple haired and blue eyed girl—Also known as Tsubaki Ai. “U-Uh..Hai. Watashinonameha Imōgen Keyrairdesu.” Imogen nodded, a small tint blush from embarrassment dusting over her pale cheeks. “A-Ano..Soshite, anata wa Ai Tsubaki tadashidesku ka?” She asked nervously. It was rather stupid question, since she already knew who she was. But then again, Imogen wasn't always great with talking with people. Well, ever since that incident anyways.

  8. Mayu Yorihase

    [April 2nd, 2015 - Lunch Period - The Cafeteria]


    The humble scenes of greeting and conversation in the cafeteria continued. On their own it basically the same sort of situation of people talking to one another. However, for someone with the social processing power such as Mayu Yorihase, seeing what was going on at a glance was an important thing to do in her endeavors.

    Today was still the first day of school. With last year's seniors gone, and this year's set of Freshman coming in, the world of Hisakawa wasn't going to be quite the same as last year. New faces in, old faces gone. The social structure of the school would temporarily be in a state of flux. With people meeting for the first time, or discovering friendships that were impossible due to the former setting. Whether it was the underclassman now left on their own with the third years gone - or the second year student trying a second chance at making a group of friends - or more likely the freshman put into a new environment starting from ground zero. Whether they meant to or not, everyone was carving what would be their 'place' for the rest of the school year.

    From last class, Mayu was already in a small grouping of freshman from the previous class. Right now, the people in this group whom had only interacted with the people in their class seemed keen on securing their own place in this forming group.

    ["Excuse me , ladies . I might not have a say in this but I doubt finding out who is most likely to go to jail first is something any of us in this academy might find beneficial."]
    ["It's not like I want to see Miyamoto Sempai go to jail or anything, really."]
    [""In any case, we aren't going to let the Freshmen get pushed around. Right, Mayu-chan?"]

    Talking back to the upperclassman earlier was enough of an event Mayu could invoke and build upon if she wanted to talk with these girls later on. A natural gossiper herself, this group of gossipers had managed to attract the attention of one of the upperclassman. Warranting a warning from her. The thing that could not be expressed in plain text was that Mayu's apology sounding more like an offhand challenge. It was this sort of behavior that made Mayu look like the defender to those girls in that particular case. Getting one of Yukimura's infamous glares was an okay price to pay for elevating her own image amongst 15 or so different people. The incident was isolated enough that no one else had to seeing what could be contrived as Mayu being disrespectful to upperclassmen.

    But still, even if she liked gossiping. Mayu wasn't capable of multitasking in participating in the continued chatter with the girls and observing the situation in the cafeteria. She had to take a step back for a moment. Mayu would see these girls again soon enough as they were in the same class.

    "Hey, I'll see you all in class, okay?"

    Right now, the chance to look around and see 'who was talking with who' was more important. Mayu took her bottle of water with her as she stood up. She didn't have any particular place to go, so she began making her own way to the lunch line. Mayu looked around at the conversations going on all around her. Katsumi Yukimura, Robert West, Johann... something.

    Fujiro Hijirikawa, Reika Hanami.

    Jean King, Isabella Masamoto.

    Mayu was able to note people just by faces - and noted the groupings of these people. Maybe friendships would come out of it, or maybe it would just be a one off kind of thing due to the circumstances of this first day of classes. Either way, Mayu still don't know an awful lot about these people quite yet. Social media and the School's Principal could only give up so much information. Still, if these groupings of people continued to occur continuously, then Mayu would be able to know who she would have to focus on. But until then, Mayu had to take note of practically everyone around her. It was due to her having her mind elsewhere that she nearly ended up walking straight into the last person in one of the lunch lines. Luckily it wasn't the case.

    She was now in the direct vicinity of Hilda Narina, and Akuma Ayaka. Coming up behind both of them in the lunch line.

    "They are really fake I guess" The former seemed to be contemplating the nature of the peculiar heard-wear of the latter. However, for Mayu Yorihase, Hilda was a more interesting creature as far as 'headgear' went.

    Mayu reached out and instpected one of Hilda Narina's famously lengthy antennae. Contemplating it as if it were a type of fruit still on the vine. She nodded and spoke in an inquisitive tone, imitating Hilda's.

    "I see. This is the real thing, I seems." She said.

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  9. Akuma Ayaka


    [April 2nd, 20XX - 12:10 PM - Cafeteria]

    Ayaka turned as she felt several new presences appear behind her. "Well, if it isn't Hilda Narina and Walking Library-san." She spoke her personal nickname for Mayu quickly, despite it being in english, not stumbling over any of the syllables. It was certainly impressive, the skill at which she could do this, though many who hear it wonder just how many anime she must have watched to become so fluent in it. "What brings you to the cafet- wait that's obvious. Excuse my mistake - I am yet to accustom myself to the mortal way of sustenance."

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  10. Tsubaki Ai


    [2nd April 2015, Thursday - Lunch Period - Cafeteria]

    When Imogen responded in fluent Japanese, Tsubaki was for some reason taken aback. She still wasn't used to meeting foreigners this often and for some reason she expected a language barrier to be a problem at the school. Still, Imogen appeared to have Japanese features about her so it was no surprise that she was a fluent speaker.

    "Yes, that's right (Hai sou desune)" Tsubaki responded with a pleased smile. There was a moment's silence between the two and Tsubaki took the moment to straighten her blazer and necktie. A flash shot across the young girl's face all of a sudden and a her bright eyes shot wide open. "What are you going to order?" she asked. It seemed a trivial question but small talk was always the way to start building relationships.

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  11. Hilda Narina

    [April 2nd, 20XX - 12:10 PM - Cafeteria]
    "I see. This is the real thing, I seems."

    Hilda frighten a little when she heard a voice behind her. She turned around and looked at Mayu
    "Oh Hi Mayu!" She looked confused at her and then at the two long hairs in front of her.

    She chuckled a little "Oh that are just two hair nothing else." She said and then looked over to Akuma

    "Well, if it isn't Hilda Narina and Walking Library-san." Hilda nodded and smiled "Walking Library-san? What a nice name." She smiled and looked at Mayu to see her reaction to the name. While she shakes her head she looked at the ground first then at Akuma.

    "Nah, I'm not really hungry but I thought I would meet someone here and well I did." She giggled and put her arms behind her back.

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  12. Mayu Yorihase

    [April 2nd, 2015, Tuesday - Lunch Period - The Cafeteria]


    Mayu chucked at the peculiar nickname she had just been handed out, also letting go of Narina's long strand of hair.

    "A Walking Library, huh? What a flattering title, thanks!"

    Along with this cat-ear girl. There was also Hilda Narina. A girl who Mayu shared the same class with, she seemed to be in support of Mayu's intelligently aligned title as well.

    "Nice to see you here too, Narina-chan."

    After the initial greetings, the conversation turned to that of food.

    "What brings you to the cafet- wait that's obvious. Excuse my mistake - I am yet to accustom myself to the mortal way of sustenance."

    Mayu's amiable expression remained firm. Though internally she was starting to wonder what sort of person she had just inadvertently walked into.

    "Nah, I'm not really hungry but I thought I would meet someone here and well I did."
    "I saw you do your introduction in homeroom, but I've been wanting to say hi in person as well."

    Mayu then dug into her pocket, where a stash of assorted candy pops she'd been saving for today were stored.

    "I've seen Narina-chan in class, But I don't quite know who you are yet." Mayu said as her eyes gestured towards Akuma. "I'm Mayu Yorihase. From class 1-A with Narina-chan. Please consider taking these peace offerings while waiting for the line to go down."

    Mayu held out a couple of sucker pops whose wrapper colors indicated the sort of flavor they were. One was purple, for grape. The other was red, for cherry.

    "I hope we'll have a great year together!"

    Mayu's choreographed amiable greeting was swift but to the point. While Mayu waited for them to accept her candy offering, she wondered how these two - one peculiar creature she had never seen before, and one girl who she only really saw in class, would respond.

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  13. Fujiko Hirijikawa
    Fujiko Ico_zpsdeae04zt.jpg

    [April 2nd, 2015, Tuesday - Lunch Period - The Cafeteria]

    As Fujiko awaits Reika to answer, she realized that her salad was already finished, and that she's still hungry. "Please excuse me, Miss Reika. I must have another salad before lunch ends. I'll see you later in the meeting okay?"

    Kindly excusing herself to get another plate of salad, Fujiko let out a sigh as she saw the long line of hungry students waiting for their food. She didn't want to wait in line so she decided that it would be best if she'll just buy tea on the vending machine.

    She then went back to her table after she got her drink when a group of students pushed her out of the way to sit on her table. Frowning and looking around for an empty seat she can't help but mumble to herself "This is bad. Lunch time is long from over and I can't seem to find a seat."

    Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw a boy and a girl talking quietly to each other. "Is that Jean King and Isabella Minamoto?" she asked herself before smiling, remembering that Jean is something like her chill pill. Isabella on the other hand, kind of annoys her for hiding behind a mask and not expressing her true feeling.

    Well, not like she's hiding her feelings now~ Fujiko thought with a smile before approaching the two. "Hi, do you mind if I sit with you?" she asked with a warm smile, hoping that they would say yes.

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  14. Imogen Keyrair


    ‘Hai. Sou desune. What are you going to order?'

    That was the question that was going through Imogen's head. However no matter what way of saying it to the violet haired girl it only came out the same way. “I-I'm not sure really..” She stuttered nervously, looking away from the girl as her fingers fumbled together.

    ‘My GOD you are so lame!’ She thought to herself, bringing her self-esteem down to a all new low. ‘I know..she must think I'm weird. It's better off if she left quickly and wasn't around someone like me.’ She thought in angreement, feeling that her own nervousness and shyness had probably caused the girl to feel uncomfortable. And she wouldn't blame her if she was in front of someone that was a nervous shy wreck of a girl.
  15. Kadakawa Yuuto


    Yuuto's were done eating with his food ahead of them, his plate were licked clean. "Ah.. once again nice to meet you Johann san," finally Yuuto got the blonde guy name."My relation with them?" Yuuto took a while to give a reply for Johann, "Robert and I are room mates while Katsumi." Yuuto glanced her for a second and hesitant to said, "someone that I met by chance while I'm practicing my Judo?" He was banned from Judo club activities and competition due to his "reputation" but that doesn't mean that he can't practice. Yuuto had always practice once a week during weekend and he seen Katsumi numerous time but they never got into talk or anything, just 2 people doing their own thing.

    Yuuto looked at Robert and giggled quietly, closing his grin with his right fist, "don't give up Robert-san," seeing his room mate to be struggling for first time it's very funny to him, especially the way how Robert struggling with his chopstick. He went to the cafeteria counter to gave the empty bowl but while at it, he also asked for a spoon from the cafeteria lady. Yuuto went back with the spoon and gave it to Robert, "here, I thought this would be a help."

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  16. Katsumi Yukimura

    Her icy green eyes lingered to as many people as possible that had gathered in the cafeteria . She was surprised , to say the very least , from the amount of 1st Years that were enrolled in the Academy . Not that she wasn't proud for Hisakawa Koukou , that is . On the contrary , she was happy for it .

    "Myself and Yukimura-san are members of the martial arts club. But I doubt any of us are anything beyond acquaintances ."

    The brunette was brought back from her thoughts when she heard Robert West speaking . To be honest , she doesn't know the man , as well . She had seen him in her class and the Martial Arts Club , but nothing more . Maybe it was the fact that she herself was not one to communicate with other homosapiens , even if given the choice or opportunity . She was about to reply when Yuuto spoke up for the first time .

    "Robert and I are room mates while Katsumi." "someone that I met by chance while I'm practicing my Judo?"

    It was funny how Katsumi Yukimura came to know these two men . Both of them she shares the same clubs as , but there was no official meeting or introductions . "Yes , I've seen both of you around ." , was all she could reply before eating the remainder of her pastry . This 'conversation' was obviously turning into an all-guys talk and Katsumi was not one to interfere with it .

    "It's nice to meet you all again , Yuuto-kun , West-kun and Harrison-san . I will see you around again ." , was all she managed to say before getting up and walking to a trash can to throw the remnants of her food . After doing so , she opened the doors of the cafeteria to the courtyard where there were a few students seated . She managed to sit under an unoccupied Sakura tree before her mind drifted off to Mayu Yorihase . She began to wonder about the modus operandi of the girl with the Beret .

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  17. Johann Harrison


    "It's nice to meet you all again , Yuuto-kun , West-kun and Harrison-san . I will see you around again ."

    Before the blond man could finish chewing the spoonfulof curried rice that was in his mouth , the lassie had left . Did he say something wrong , by any chance ? He was about to ask the two lads that were seated in front of him when his inner voice answered back . I highly doubt it , she seems like the person to not be affected by trivial things such as what people say , it said .
    "Why is Yuki-chan so formal ?" , Johann asked , without thinking as he recalled her adding , of all the honorifics , '-san' .

    He will have to correct her later . "You two blokes do not need to hold back . My name can be altered into funny nicknames . I won't mind ." , Johann Harrison added before grinning friendly . The last bite of his curried rice was devoured and he sighed in contentment , "I have not had a good meal as that for a week !" . The Russian-British man then took a look at his wrist watch . Lunch was far from being over , but he still had many people to meet and greet .
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  18. Robert West


    [2nd April 2015, Thursday - Lunch Period - Cafeteria]

    Robert cocked his head to the side with curiosity when he saw Yuuto get up and disappear momentarily. However, his curiosity was sated when he saw the brunette-haired lad returning with a grin on his face and a spoon in his hand - he'd clearly noticed Robert's previous struggle. Robert smiled but waved his hands dismissively. "There's no need, Yuuto. But thank you," Robert thanked. I hope he doesn't mind me calling him Yuuto. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to go full formal. "Practice makes perfect after all," he exclaimed cheerfully, referencing his chopsticks once again. They had a peculiar design; graphics of 'chibis' decorated the smooth wood.

    The topic of the conversation took a sudden change, however, as Katsumi got up and left. Robert's eyes shot to Johann who was clearly thinking the same as him: 'was it something we said?'. "Yuki-chan...?" Robert questioned absently. He seemed to space out for a moment while his brain set to work however it didn't take him long to realise who Johann was referring to. He let out a confused and thoughtful groan while rubbing his chin. "I think Yukimura-san is very distant from most people," he answered, trying his best not to sound like a shameless gossip. "Even in the martial arts club I haven't talked to her much. She seems to practice her kendo and just get on with it." Noticing Johann check his watch after putting his part of the conversation in, Robert smiled. "Somewhere to be, old chap?" he asked in English, forcing a strict southern accent into his voice.

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    Tsubaki Ai


    [2nd April 2015, Thursday - Lunch Period - Cafeteria]

    Watching as Imogen fumbled nervously with her hands and word, Tsubaki gave her a reassuring and warm smile. "If it helps at all, I heard some second years praising the curry dishes." She stepped to the side of the queue a moment, trying to survey and recon what the counter had to offer. That was when she saw it. Mapo Tofu. A cold shiver went down her spine and her face went pale as she stepped back into the queue. She looked like she had seen a ghost and she might as well have. "I-if I were you... I'd stay away from the Mapo Tofu..." she stuttered fearfully.

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  19. Isabella Masamoto

    [2nd April, 2015 | Lunch Period | Cafeteria]

    It would seem that Jean did have plans to eat, just not right now. Isabella nodded at his explanation continued to eat her bento. There was a lot of time left in the lunch period, so the brunet still had a chance to go grab him something to eat. Remembering that she had sweets, she wondered if he'd want any. I should ask, just in case, she thought. "Um, I have some sweets, if you'd like any," she suggested. "I mean, there's a lot and I don't want to get a toothache by eating them all myself," she added, covering up any sign of kindnwss that she just showcased.

    As she waited for Jean's response, another voice had cut into their conversation. Redirecting her focus, Isabella let her gaze land on Fujiko Hirijikawa. She returned her warm smile and shook her head. "I don't mind. Jean?" She questioned, facing the older male. He probably wouldn't mind either. With how laid-back he was, things like this didn't bother him. Isabella haad noticed the cup of tea in Fujiko's hands and had the sudden urge to get her own cup. It would go super well with all the sweets that she packed for herself this lunch period. Plus, she really liked tea.

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  20. Jean King


    [2nd April, 2015 | Lunch Period | Cafeteria]

    Before Jean was able to refuse her offer for sweets, another voice came to the table. "Hi, do you mind if I sit with you?" The voice asked. Jean looked away from the girl in front of him and turned towards the source of the voice. It was a girl with blond hair. He could tell by the accent that the girl in front of him was a foreigner, but the girl asking to sit with him wasn't. If he remembers correctly, her name was Fuji-something. Until he remembers either of the names, he thought it was best to keep quiet.

    "I don't mind. Jean?" The girl sitting in front of him answered. She signaled him to answer. "Yeah, I don't mind either." Jean answered. With that said, it was accepted that Fuji-something would sit with him. Once she sat down, Jean got back to the offer presented to him. "I'm fine. I never really liked sweets."

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