Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG

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  1. Are the bonds between people truly arbitrary?

    • Format: Group RP
    • RP Type: Modern, Japanese High School/Drama/Slice of Life/Near Future
    • Expected Post Rate: 1-2 Per Week or More
    • Character Limit: 1
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    Hisakawa Koukou is a Japanese High School RP whose GM relishes in the idea of Character Growth and Drama. Many School RPs like for you to write in relationships your character has with the rest of the cast. In Hisakawa, these relationships are decided for you at random. In this way, every character in the story already has some feeling or opinion of one another as soon as they get in.

    Additionally, Hisakawa also has 'Combat' done through Dice. The school features a Virtual Reality system that allows your character to engage in battle with other characters, with your 'stats' decided through your character's grades in various subjects - those 'stats' are also randomly decided as well (to an extent).

    This Ad exists to let folks know that this RP does exist. And to also advertise Hisakawa's (First Expansion). Which basically, means, the next coming wave of characters will enjoy coming into the Story differently than new characters thus far...

    A New Class, and a New Set of Troubles...

    Class B is one of the most toxic classrooms in Hisakawa. Not because of it being a hazardous environment, but rather - due it seeming to have sets of students who INCREDIBLY dislike one another. Leading to at least one really bad scene or argument breaking out before and after lunch. Most students try to ignore the bad atmosphere to focus on studies as best they can, at least until they themselves also contribute to the chaos. For much of the first trimester, everyone has been playing the blame game on each other.

    This cycle of monotony was broken, however due to the felling of a single classroom door.

    Class A's Virtual Reality equipment broke down after one of the classroom doors were broken. Due to the associated costs, and Hisakawa's notorious lack of funding, it won't get repaired for about a couple more years. And in an age were textbooks and papers no longer exist, the loss of Class A's virtual reality array has made teaching there impossible. Thus, the students in that class have been moved to yours, Class B and class A were now one entity. The equation becomes further complicated when rumor goes around that a Student who is responsible for much of the emotional troubles of Class B is rumored to be in the incoming class.

    Just what will happen when the two classes are mashed together? As a student of class B, the 'ending' to this scenario is more or less up to you and your fellow classmates.

    The Appeal?

    Hisakawa Koukou's Second Major arc is soley built off of events that have occurred in the IC thus far. But, don't fret, it's also been formatted so that this makes an excellent entry point for new characters. With the friction of the Class Move, there's already something to go off of from the very start!

    In the Hisakawa RP you can count on a story-line that is pretty much just built off of things that happen in the RP. If you're relatively active, and reliable as a poster, you will naturally find your character's actions contributing to much of what happens later in the story as a result. If that idea is appealing to you, then please consider giving us a look and consider joining us!

    With the writing of this one, I'm looking for around 3-6 more players, who will ideally be able to join in together at the same time. Feel free to ask questions here as well, as this was originally going to be an interest thread but putting it in role-play ads seems more appropriate!

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