Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG

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Hisakawa Koukou - The Third
My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG

  • Format: Group RP
  • RP Type: Modern, Japanese High School/Drama/Slice of Life/Near Future
  • Expected Post Rate: 1-2 Per Week or More
  • Character Limit: 1
  • Co-GMs?: Send Me a Message for Further Details
  • Accepting New Sign Ups: No (Will reopen when spots open up again)

In Character Thread Link


    Hi There! This thread here is the Sign Up Thread. Please note that this thread is meant to exclusively be for character sheets and character rolls only! Our actual OOC discussions go on in a private chat thread, which all participants in the RP get invited to. This is done to keep this thread looking clean!

    If you have questions about the RP, please feel free to message me. Otherwise, I invite you to take a look at the overview that I slaved over to look nice and neat for your convenience!

  • Forward:
    The overriding theme of the RP is about how we make due with the things that fate has given us. In Hisakawa Koukou, you take the shoes of a character of your creation. But, important things, such as the bonds they share between people and their 'Academic Prowess' are decided entirely by a random number generator.

    You will be challenged to act out how your character reacts to all sorts of different people in the cast. People they like, people they love, people they hate. There will be circumstances where you'll be the 'hero' and other times where you'll be a victim, or maybe even a villain. All the participants in the RP have an opinion of you (In character) and vice versa.

    The RP takes place in the near future, where Virtual Reality has matured to a level where interactive 3d environments can be projected onto the real world. At this school, a special system, called Virtu-Avas allows students to engage one another in (very simplistic) battles with their stats being based upon on their grades in various subjects.

    Participate in this cooperative 'Light Novel' where the bonds between characters are as multi-faceted as they are malleable. Can you properly act out a character that can play the many tones that this RP asks them to sing?

    Through everyone's lives, we make choices. Choices that can affect us far into the future. Choices the world made in the past lead to some good things, such as the advancement of Virtual Reality technology, and the elimination of social withdrawal in our Society. But for the students of Hisakawa Academy, the choices that matter to them are the ones that hit on a more personal level.

    It's the middle of their second year in high school. The bonds between the students have been forged since the beginning of the year - and in many cases, since even before they even entered their first school. The choices that each student has made has potentially attracted and driven away people that they care about.

    With adolescence coming to an end, and the specter of University entrance exams on the horizons, the students of Class 2-A only have a small amount of time to settle the unresolved mishaps of their youth, as well as having to deal with the 'incidents' that come up among each other in the day-to-day activities at school.

    In a setting like Hisakawa, with it's now aging and horribly buggy Virtual Reality System causing trouble on an almost weekly basis, the 'end of adolescence' promises the possibility of some very vivid memories to look back upon years into their adulthood. Whether those memories be ones of Warm Nostalgia or Gloomy Melancholy, is something that they will have to decide for themselves.

    But never forget...

    ...be true to who you really are.

    Intro Theme Because Why Not?

    Chapter Bookmarks:

    Incidents and Attempts at Resolutions Route

    Incident 1: The Melee Master and the Musical Maestro
    Fujiyama Haruka & Yoroita Marcus

    Incident 2: I'll Prove It!
    Between Leo Kane & Katsumi Yukimura

    Incident 3: Like or Like?
    Between Yuri Nozomi & Shinji Kobe
    (In Progress...)

    How to Join:
    Joining the RP can be summed up in 4 straightforward steps. Just note that you will have to make at least 1 post before actually posting your character sheet. This is due to you needing to get your 'randomly generated' character relations and grade stats.

    IMPORTANT! Please Note that the OOC Thread here is Reserved For Character 'Rolls' and Character Sheets. In a nutshell, you're only going to post there once you've decided you really want to join. Please direct any questions about anything related to the RP to the Interest Check Thread or you can Message me.

    Step 1 : Post Basic Information to Sign Up Thread

    1) Make a post in the OOC Thread. This information is used to help decide what relations your character may end up having with the others.

    Name: (Your Character's Name) *note it's in Last Name, First Name Order
    Gender: (Your Character's Gender)
    In a Family: (Whether You want your character to be 'siblings' with another character. Y/N)
    Same-Sex Relationship: (Whether you want your character to be / have been involved in a Same Sex Relationship. Y/N)
    Potential Romantic Rolls: (How many potential romantic relationships you want your character to be / have been involved in. Give a Number #. The 'meaning' behind these numbers are detailed below.)
    • 0 - Friendships Only
    • 1 - Involved/Was Involved with only one person.
    • 1+ - Involved/Was Involved in multiple relationships.
      • Which could mean the character was with several different people.
      • It could also mean that the character is actively 'cheating' at the start of the RP.

    Roll A Dice!
    Once you have made a post, you will have the option to roll a dice in that post. This roll decides how how many extra points you can spend on your character's 'Grades Stats' affecting their Virtu-Ava power in relation to the other students. Roll a Dice of 60 Faces. This means your character can have up to 60 points on top of the default 40 every character gets.

    (Here's a handy Image Showing How it Works)
    View attachment 87740

    When you make this first post you will be invited to a Group Conversation. Please use this group conversation to ask questions or for discussions while the RP is still getting started, and to avoid getting the OOC messy at the start of the RP.

    Step 2 : Gm Gives Relations

    2) GM Confirms they accept their intention to sign up. GM Provides:
    • The Randomly Generated Relationships with all of the involved players at this point.
      • In their character sheet, they can detail out the relationship in their character's words.
        • In the event that the character is REALLY new. Joining after the initial batch, the other characters won't be responsible for updating their own Relationship details for that new character. As all relationships are listed in a tab within the OOC thread. But it is encouraged, as the 'details in the character's own words' will not be copied over.
    • GM Adds player's character entry as 'WIP' in the cast list.

    Step 3 : Fill Out and Submit Character Sheet

    3) Player uses the information to fill out the rest of their
    character sheet.

    Try to think up of a character that contributes to the details of the world, rather than one that's just participating in it.

    [fieldbox= Character Sheet, white, solid]

    [Core Information Section]
    [Insert your character's favorite quote here]
    [Real (!anime) appearance of your character here, try downsizing really large pictures!]

    Character Color Code: (INFO: A unique color number associated with your character. This is primarily so your character's dialogue can be highlighted with this color in posts. You can look up a color number in the rich text editor by opening the drop-down menu of 'text color' by 'font size,' and then pressing the word 'Custom...'. Please ensure the color will not make your text unreadable for at least the default black background. This will be readily be made available in the cast list section for players to quickly look up. Note that if a character is listed as 'inactive/dropped' you are allowed to take that character's color for your new character.)

    Full Name: (Last Name, First Name - As According to the Japanese Format)
    Age: (Students - 15 to 18)
    Date of Birth: (Day, Month)
    Place of Birth: (City, Country)
    Sex: (Physical, biological gender)
    Sexuality: (Your Character's 'Romantic Options')
    Character Type At Start:
    (INFO: Choose between Main Character or Side Character. A 'main character' is for a poster who expects to post regularly. That poster will be acknowledged in the 'posting rotation', will be eligible to be the center of an 'incident', and is expected to contribute to the story. A 'Side Character' is for someone who is along fore the ride. Picking a side character is for people who feel like they might hold up the story. You can change between the two as the RP progresses and your availability changes, as this information will be kept updated in the cast list. This will also effect how your character's entry is ordered in the cast list section.)

    Likes: (Things that your character find themselves gravitating towards when it they see or hear of it)
    Dislikes: (Things your character find apprehensive when it comes up.)
    Hobbies: (Things Your Character Does in their Spare Time. Things that you can expect them to want to talk about if the topic is brought up.)
    Fears: (Nothing is not a valid fear.)

    (INFO: Your Character's Reputation is a description of how an average student would see your character as. Do consider trying to cover how they act around friends, enemies, and strangers for your own reference and for the reference of other participants. Peculiar things that people see this character do, or things they usually carry around can be mentioned here.)

    Self Introduction:
    (INFO: A self introduction in the character's words where they recall what they feel is the most important event to ever happen in their life. Something that defined who they are. Have fun with this, because it is from this 'monologue' that the baseline of who your character is as a person is drawn from. It is also an important thing for other players to gauge how they could act around you in general, especially people who are supposed be close to your character.)

    Character Theme: (INFO: What is playing in the background when you're character is introducing themselves/When the scene is focused on them? This will be linked in the cast list.)

    Character Battle Theme: (!Optional) (INFO: What is playing when you're writing your post, attacking or responding to an attack from this character? This will be linked in the cast list.)

    Character Voice Actor: (!Optional) (INFO: Have a voice actor that is exactly what you want everyone to think your character sounds like? List them here! If you can find a video of that voice on youtube or something, EVEN BETTER!)

    [Virtu-Ava Section]
    (INFO: This section contains details about your character's Virtual Avatar used in the school. Such as the character's 'grade stats', appearance, and their library of techniques and skills for use in battle.)

    [Virtu-Ava (!anime) Appearance of Character Here]
    (INFO: The appearance of your Virtu-Ava. The image of the Virtu-Ava is superimposed over your own when you invoke it on school grounds, or other locations that has the same infrastructure as the school. You have the option of not having anything for this one, if the character is always in their normal appearance.)

    (INFO: The weapon your Virtu-Ava carries in combat. Lots of students like to write long and detailed weapon biographies for this. Probably from their creative adventure stories. The default weapon is one's hands. You can also add in an image of it if you find one.)

    Grades Stats:
    (INFO: The 'power' of your Virtu-Ava based upon how well you did on various tests. Remember that all new characters have 40 points available at the start, as well as additional points that you should've rolled a die for up to 60 extra points on top of that.)

    Subject Character's
    (Letter Grade) /(Points Used)
    1 Japanese [EXAMPLE]
    A+ (14 Pts)
    2 English  
    3 World History  
    4 Mathematics  
    5 Home Economics  
    6 Physical Fitness  
    7 Nature Science  
    8 Computer Studies  
    9 Music  
    10 Calligraphy  
    (EXTRA HELP: This handy table show you exactly how many points it takes to upgrade one of the stats to any letter grade. You can use it to make allocating your points much quicker! DO NOT INCLUDE THIS 'EXTRA HELP' TABLE FROM YOUR CS WHEN SUBMITTING. Your character's stats will also be visible in the Cast section for easy reference.)
    Subject Grade Points Required
    A+ 14
    A 13
    A- 12
    B+ 11
    B 10
    B- 9
    C+ 8
    C 7
    C- 6
    D+ 5
    D 4
    D- 3
    F+ 2
    F 1
    F- None
    FUN FACT: Want to know how many points it will take to make ALL of your stats the same letter grade? Just multiply the 'points required' by 10! Useful if you're trying to allocate all of your points as equally as possible.

    [Battle Actions]
    (INFO: These 'battle actions' are the skills or techniques that your character use in battle that they may or may not yell the attack name of whenever they use it. But at the end of the day, no matter how flashy they look, they will still be beaten by the default karate chop if the stat's are in the opponent's favor. There are two types of 'Battle Actions'. Offensive Attacks, typically used when you strike first, or Defensive Counters, which are used when reacting to the former. You can technically come up with an unlimited number of attacks and use Offensive Attack and Defensive Counters interchangeably, but the school usually encourages students to fill something like the template below just so that all bases are covered. Again, the default attack is a karate chop.)

    Offensive Actions Requirements
    • Need to clearly state how your character inflicts damage to your opponent.
    • Must be properly of the Ranged (Arrows or Magic Spells) or Near Category (Sword Hits / Punching).

    Defensive Counters Requirements
    • Have to state how your character avoids getting damaged by an Opponent's attack.
      • Additionally, this must be appropriate to the sort of Attack Category it's supposed negate. (Ranged or Near)
    • Must state how your character inflicts damage to an opponent after the incoming attack is avoided / guarded against.

    Please Avoid:
    • Avoid stating that the skill has limited uses.
    • Avoid skills that involve mind reading
    • Avoid skill 'requirements' such as needing to be damaged by a certain element, or hit a certain number of times, etc.

    Offensive Attacks

    [Offensive Ranged Attack Name]
    TYPE: Offensive Ranged

    [Offensive Near Attack Name]
    TYPE: Offensive Near

    Defensive Counters

    [Defensive Ranged Counter Name]
    TYPE: Defensive Ranged

    [Defensive Near Counter Name]
    TYPE: Defensive Near

    [Relationships Section]
    (INFO: Relationships describe how your character is associated with the other characters in the RP. In this RP, all of your relationships are randomly generated, this time through the GM handling your character submission rather than the Iwaku Dice Roll. It is up to you to detail the details of each relationship given to you. It's encouraged that you try doing it by having your character explain it through their own words.)

    [Copy Paste your Relationships the GM Gave you Here and Detail them Out]


    Step 4 : GM Review, Acceptance, and Confirmation

    4) GM checks sheet.
    • If something is unacceptably wrong with the sheet, GM informs player about it and how to correct it.
    • Once it is all clear, GM accepts the character
      • Character Is updated to the cast list as being 'active'.

    [fieldbox= Character Sheet, white, solid]
    [Core Information Section]
    [Insert your character's favorite quote here]
    [Real (!anime) appearance of your character here, try downsizing really large pictures!]
    Character Color Code: (INFO: A unique color number associated with your character. This is primarily so your character's dialogue can be highlighted with this color in posts. You can look up a color number in the rich text editor by opening the drop-down menu of 'text color' by 'font size,' and then pressing the word 'Custom...'. Please ensure the color will not make your text unreadable for at least the default black background. This will be readily be made available in the cast list section for players to quickly look up.)
    Full Name: (Last Name, First Name - As According to the Japanese Format)
    Age: (Students - 15 to 18)
    Date of Birth: (Day, Month)
    Place of Birth: (City, Country)
    Sex: (Physical, biological gender)
    Sexuality: (Your Character's 'Romantic Options')
    Character Type At Start:
    (INFO: Choose between Main Character or Side Character. A 'main character' is for a poster who expects to post regularly. That poster will be acknowledged in the 'posting rotation', will be eligible to be the center of an 'incident', and is expected to contribute to the story. A 'Side Character' is for someone who is along fore the ride. Picking a side character is for people who feel like they might hold up the story. You can change between the two as the RP progresses and your availability changes, as this information will be kept updated in the cast list. This will also effect how your character's entry is ordered in the cast list section.)
    Likes: (Things that your character find themselves gravitating towards when it they see or hear of it)
    Dislikes: (Things your character find apprehensive when it comes up.)
    Hobbies: (Things Your Character Does in their Spare Time. Things that you can expect them to want to talk about if the topic is brought up.)
    Fears: (Nothing is not a valid fear.)
    (INFO: Your Character's Reputation is a description of how an average student would see your character as. Do consider trying to cover how they act around friends, enemies, and strangers for your own reference and for the reference of other participants. Peculiar things that people see this character do, or things they usually carry around can be mentioned here.)
    Self Introduction:
    (INFO: A self introduction in the character's words where they recall what they feel is the most important event to ever happen in their life. Something that defined who they are. Have fun with this, because it is from this 'monologue' that the baseline of who your character is as a person is drawn from. It is also an important thing for other players to gauge how they could act around you in general, especially people who are supposed be close to your character.)
    Character Theme: (INFO: What is playing in the background when you're character is introducing themselves/When the scene is focused on them? This will be linked in the cast list.)
    Character Battle Theme: (!Optional) (INFO: What is playing when you're writing your post, attacking or responding to an attack from this character? This will be linked in the cast list.)
    Character Voice Actor: (!Optional) (INFO: Have a voice actor that is exactly what you want everyone to think your character sounds like? List them here! If you can find a video of that voice on youtube or something, EVEN BETTER!)
    [Virtu-Ava Section]
    (INFO: This section contains details about your character's Virtual Avatar used in the school. Such as the character's 'grade stats', appearance, and their library of techniques and skills for use in battle.)
    [Virtu-Ava (!anime) Appearance of Character Here]
    (INFO: The appearance of your Virtu-Ava. The image of the Virtu-Ava is superimposed over your own when you invoke it on school grounds, or other locations that has the same infrastructure as the school. You have the option of not having anything for this one, if the character is always in their normal appearance.)
    (INFO: The weapon your Virtu-Ava carries in combat. Lots of students like to write long and detailed weapon biographies for this. Probably from their creative adventure stories. The default weapon is one's hands. You can also add in an image of it if you find one.)
    Grades Stats:
    (INFO: The 'power' of your Virtu-Ava based upon how well you did on various tests. Remember that all new characters have 40 points available at the start, as well as additional points that you should've rolled a die for up to 60 extra points on top of that.)
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td}World History{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td}Home Economics{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td}Physical Fitness{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td}Nature Science{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td}Computer Studies{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    [Battle Actions]
    (INFO: These 'battle actions' are the skills or techniques that your character use in battle that they may or may not yell the attack name of whenever they use it. But at the end of the day, no matter how flashy they look, they will still be beaten by the default karate chop if the stat's are in the opponent's favor. There are two types of 'Battle Actions'. Offensive Attacks, typically used when you strike first, or Defensive Counters, which are used when reacting to the former. You can technically come up with an unlimited number of attacks and use Offensive Attack and Defensive Counters interchangeably, but the school usually encourages students to fill something like the template below just so that all bases are covered. Again, the default attack is a karate chop.)
    Offensive Attacks
    [Offensive Ranged Attack Name]
    TYPE: Offensive Ranged
    [Offensive Near Attack Name]
    TYPE: Offensive Near
    Defensive Counters
    [Defensive Ranged Counter Name]
    TYPE: Defensive Ranged
    [Defensive Near Counter Name]
    TYPE: Defensive Near
    [Relationships Section]
    (INFO: Relationships describe how your character is associated with the other characters in the RP. In this RP, all of your relationships are randomly generated, this time through the GM handling your character submission rather than the Iwaku Dice Roll. It is up to you to detail the details of each relationship given to you. It's encouraged that you try doing it by having your character explain it through their own words.)
    [Copy Paste your Relationships the GM Gave you Here and Detail them Out]

    'Lore' and Background Information
    Understanding the world may be an important key to understanding where your character has placed them-self in it.

    Details on Hisakawa Academy and the World at that Time
    Virtual Immersion

    Virtual Reality has come a long way from wearing bulky googles on your head. Two major technologies are credited with founding today's modern field of Virtual Reality - known among experts are 'Virtual Immersion'. The two technologies credited for this are:

    'Superimposed Active Render Field', which allows for a 3d environment to be displayed in the real world, and be interacted upon. The equipment to set up a field is slowly starting to become less expensive than it once was - and is seeing installation in public places such as Cafe's, Libraries, and even Schools across the country. This technology is based upon similar principles used in the US military's advanced stealth cloaking technology.

    'Electropulsar Spinal Attatchment', An electronic device implanted onto a human's spinal cord. It interfaces with the Brain, allowing for sensations such as touch and feel to be simulated by directly inputting signals through the spinal cord. It was originally developed to force organ functions in the event that the brain dies so that the organs may be remain salvageable for hospitals.

    All students in the RP can be expected to have the Electropulsar Spinal Attachment installed on them. Understandably, Adults and Elderly may or may not have this item equipped due to health concerns.

    Hisakawa Koukou

    A Prestigious Japanese Academy that has 'embraced change' since it's founding over a hundred years ago.

    Hisakwa was one of the first schools in Japan to embrace accepting international students. It has always encouraged an environment where students are taught to be free of any sort of prestigious, and to exercise independence and responsibility. It's longstanding tradition has made it a highly sought after school for students across the world. Many alumni have gone on to be very successful after graduating. The academy was also one of the first schools to adapt the Virtual Immersion system for it's entire campus. At the time, it was one of the biggest in the world, and most expensive. It implemented the Virtu-Ava system, which was adapted to other schools in Japan and across East Asia, as other schools began installing their own Virtual Immersion Systems.

    But, only 6 or so years later, the system is now considered highly buggy and ancient compared to newer and more developed models. With the school still paying off it's debts from the old system, the students and staff at Hisakawa have to contend with the strange occurrences that the 'bugs' in the system cause on their daily school lives from time to time.

    Class 2-A

    The class that everyone in the RP is assigned to by default. It's worth noting that, because we're under the Japanese School system, students stay with the same 'class' in all subjects.

    Class 2-A is located on the second year floor of the school building. The only real notable feature about it is that it's conveniently located a door away from the bathroom on the floor. The teacher assigned to 2-A is the the somewhat detached but unexpectedly observant Mayu Yorihase. A shining example of the dip in the quality of teachers with the advent of electronic learning media. Teachers in this day in age only really exist to make sure students behave, and to give out assignments. Much of the 'teaching' is just done through a pre-recorded Virtual Immersion lesson made years ago.

    Social Morals Club

    A club that exists solely to stamp out the formation of NEETS 'Not in Education, Employment, or Training' in Japanese Society as mandated by a government policy from decades ago.

    the phenomenon of people withdrawing from society was observed at the start of the century. In the following decades, the government aggressively enacted social policies to discourage people from turning into NEETS across all levels. The problem is now considered more or less considered 'antiquated' but the national school system still requires students to participate in this club. Common Club activities include things as simple as 'take a friend somewhere' or 'help out the elderly in town'. Encouraging students to go out and be friendly and considerate citizens. Overall discouraging the development of any sort of phobias in regards to being in public.

    Details on Hisakawa's Virtu-Ava System

    In a nutshell, a bug is when one's computer program behaves in unexpected ways, sometimes but not always causing trouble.

    Within the context of the RP, any sort of anomaly in regards the the Virtual Immersion system in Hisakawa is considered a bug. Enterprising students may end up discovering Bugs that they can use to their advantage. For example, it's rumored that Students who defeat a teacher in a Virtu-Ava battle get unlimited access to any room in the school in the immediate weekend, for some reason. A smart student who puts together the right bugs may inevitably end up stumbling upon the secret of the world.

    The Virtu-Ava System

    Pioneered by students at Tokyo University's Computing Department. It started out as a simple semester project to show how Virtual Immersion can be used to create an 'unparalleled role-play game experience'.

    The simple code design, and one enterprising students' excellent presentation to the National School Board, saw this system be implemented in schools. With the 'stats' based upon student grades. It was argued that it inspired students to work harder in school, and to have a sort of competitive team spirit, a direct answer to Prime Minister Wakabe's 'Social Thought Shift' proposal from the previous decade. Virtu-Ava tournaments are also now considered a sport, with national and global leagues existing outside of the school system. These run on much move complex rules than what students at the 'Japan National Academic League' would be used to.

    Avatar Design

    The Virtu-Ava system within the Japanese Education System allows students to design their own '3d Avatar' that they can use to replace their own appearance in school - presumably for Virtu-Ava Matches. For safety reasons, each student is only allowed one 3d Avatar. Though other establishments allow users to have as many different 'models' to switch to and from as they like.

    The students are also taught 3d animation techniques by being encouraged to design their own 'Special Techniques' that they use in battle.

    The battles themselves are rather simple, though. Once a fight is initiated, a random subject is chosen. The students respective grades are taken from that Subject, and used to gauge each others respective powers. The person with the higher grade emerges as the victor.

    Grade Stats and Battles

    Grades for Virtu-Avas in the Hisawkawa System are decided by a unique test. Ideally, it was supposed be a test with questions in regards to things they were to learn within their respective year. However, due to a certain coding mishap, each test randomly draws from all High School Grade question banks as well as Tokyo university's Entrance Exam Test banks. This flaw was discovered early on during the development cycle, and despite many students' complaints over the years, this glaring bug remains in place. Thus, it can be said that the grades one gets for their Virtu-Ava is dependent almost entirely on a students' luck when taking the test.

    Defeated students feel no pain. Rather just some minor to extreme fatigue upon defeat, simulated through proper signals from their spinal attachment. It is possible to simulate real pain, but that option is locked out in the school system for safety and ethical reasons.

    For this reason, a Virtu-Ava battle can be used to stop someone on campus as a last resort.

    Relationship Pool
    This is the pool of potential relationships that your character may end up having. Note that you do have some power over what sort of relationships you end up getting. As your first post for rolling character stat points allows you to choose things such as whether they may end upl be in a same sex relationship, or possibly a part of a family with other players, etc.

    Positive Relations

    Family (Positive)
    • Close Siblings - Your relationship with your sibling is warm. Talking to each other about each others problems and supporting each other is just the right thing to do for you two.
    • Protective Siblings - Maybe you care a little too much. You keep a keen eye on what's going on with your sibling's life, making sure you can fly in and help whenever possible.
    • Respectful Siblings - You view each other as separate people. You don't get into fights and get along just fine, but you two probably won't ever talk to each other again once you move out.
    • Two Sides of a Coin - Fraternal twins that don't hate each other. May or may not look similar to one another. Some twins have some strange parallel abilities, such as being able to complete each others sentences. Maybe you have something like that too?

    Friends (Positive)
    • Childhood Friends - You two have been friends since before elementary school. You two knew each other, and have lots of endearing stories about one another. You know you can count on one another in anything.
    • Best Friends - Much like a childhood friend, but you two became friends sometime in middle school. There was a time when both of you where involved in the same things and liked the same things. Though that may have changed, you two still share a strong bond.
    • Friend - The simplest form of friend is someone who's more or less a part of your social circle. You met them last year, and you both are at least more comfortable to be around one another than strangers.
    • Rivals - You two don't really see things eye to eye all the time. But that difference is more of a source or respect, even if you two may belittle one another at every chance.
    Lovers (Positive)
    • 'Childhood Promise' Lovers - You were inseparable from childhood, and so in high school it seemed natural to start dating. The feelings you have with one another run very deep.
    • 'From Middle School' Lovers - The first love letter came sometime during middle-school. Moving to high school couldn't tear you apart either.
    • Cohabiting Lovers - You placed enough trust in that other person that you decided to live under the same roof. Remember we're not libertine folks so it's a platonic situation at home as far as the public IC goes!
    • Mutual Fiance - Your relationship was a product of an arranged marriage between your parents but you both are okay with it, as well as one another.
    • New Lovers - A couple that got together in high school, love letter and all. You guys haven't even had your one year anniversary yet.
    • Shoujo Romance Couple - Everyone thinks that you two are a couple...but you clearly aren't, despite the fact that you two know everything about each other, have tons of things in common, literally think the same thoughts, and blush furiously when nearby. Just gotta confess your love... but the 'possibility' of the other person not feeling that way has become a massive roadblock in that endeavor.

    Negative Relations

    Family (Negative)
    • Estranged Siblings - You two don't like each other and tend to say it out loud to one another. Everything your sibling does just seems to senseless and infuriating!
    • Drifting Siblings - You two used cling to one another, but have both decided that you both want to grow up. You both avoid one another, even refusing to acknowledge each others existence.
    • Adopted Siblings - You two becoming siblings was a product of your parents getting married to one another. You two are now 'related' and are expected to act as family, but you just don't know one another like that.
    • Identity Crisis Twins - Twins always end up being compared to one another, and you two are sick of it! The only solution was to get as far away from each other as possible. Both of you ended up being convinced that you were better than the other.
    Friends (Negative)
    • Broken Childhood Friend - You two abandoned your friendship when you two met a long time ago.
    • Broken Middle School Friend - You two didn't see each other the same way once you got into middle school.
    • Broken Friend - You two abandoned one another once the first year of high school got into full swing. That memory is still painfully fresh.
    • Betrayed Friends - You both mutually did something really bad to one another in the past. Unlike the other 'broken friends' of this class, this is the one where you both broke your friendship yelling and screaming at one another. Metaphorically if not literally.
    • Arbitrarily Friends - You two are only 'friends' more because other people see you as a part of the same social circle than you two actually being friends. In reality, you two find aspects of one another discomforting, but never say it aloud.
    • Fierce Rivals - You two hate each others guts and everything the other one stands for.

    Lovers (Negative)
    • Deteriorating Lovers - For whatever reason, the relationship doesn't have the same spark it used have. After being with that person for a time, some of the things about them just, don't click right with you.
    • 'Broken Up' Lovers - You two just broke up recently. It just didn't work out.
    • 'Cheated' - You got caught! Then the other one got caught! You really don't want to be in the same room as this person anymore.
    • Forced Fiance - Your parents decided that the two of you should marry. The two of you met and... well, if there is one thing you two agree on it's that you two are only 'together' so as not to anger your parents.
    • Stalled Romance - Lovers, technically. You two also seem to have a hard time really opening up to one another. If you had to choose between saving your 'lover' or one of your best friends, you would possibly have a small bias towards that friend. Is it becoming apparent that you've gotten into an empty romance just for the sake of romance?

    School Calendar
    This school calendar gives you a relatively straightforward idea of what's going on outside of the character drama. Oftentimes, the events on the school calendar serve as as backdrop for character drama!

    Note that in the RP, time doesn't go on a day-to-day basis. Rather, we skip 'downtime' and try to only touch on what can be considered (potentially) important moments. ie. don't expect to make a page of posts in regards to how you went home, watched tv, and went to sleep, we're avoiding that kind of stuff.

    Based on HK's 2's School Calendar Karakui Made. If you have an idea for a school event, voice it out in the OOC conversation! The underlined day is the current day at the start of the current day.

    Green - Term One
    Yellow - Term Two
    Orange - Term Three
    Blue - Holidays separating terms

    • April 2nd: "Day one" - All new first years arrive at school and so begins the first term of the new year.
    • April 29th - May 5th: Golden week - essentially a week's holiday.
    • May 19th - May 22nd: School trip to Kyoto for all second year students, paid for by the school.
    • June 20th and 21st: Culture Festival. All clubs and classes are expected to prepare something for this. They all get June 19th free of lessons to set up. 20th is for students only, while 21st is open to the public, prioritizing family.
    • July 1st: Sports festival. Participation is optional for all events.

    [Current Incident : Like Or Like?]

    • July 11th: Local Festival of the Sun, a highly dramatic fireworks festival honouring Amaterasu, the goddess of the Sun and the Universe. + Robert West's Birthday
    • July 17th and 18th: End of term exams for all students. Those who fail will take 1 or 2 weeks of additional lessons over summer break.

    • July 25th - September 3rd: Summer break. And that means swimsuit fanservice! Many students choose to timeskip through a considerable portion of this.

    • September 20th and 21st: HisaToke War - an interschool contest between two rival academies - Hisakawa and Tokeue. This is not only a sports contest - other clubs are capable of competing against their Tokeue counterpart provided the two clubs can agree on the rules of victory.
    • October 30th: Obligatory anime cliché test of courage.
    • December 14th and 15th: End of term exams for all students. Those who fail will get large amounts of catchup work to do over the break.

    • December 21st - January 4th: Christmas and New Year's holiday. Christmas is on the 25th and New Year is on the 1st. Many students choose to attend the New Year's festival at the nearby shrine.

    • February 15th - February 28th: Final exams for 3rd years. These are very important. During this time, 3rd year students do not need to attend lessons and may study at their own discretion. After these exams, 3rd years remain in the school and usually help out students in their studies for their own exams, although since it is technically a holiday for them, they are not obligated to do so.
    • March 15th and 16th: Finals for 1st and 2nd year students. Students who fail these exams are usually given additional lessons in the subjects they failed during the following year. These lessons take place for an hour before school each day so most people study hard to avoid them.
    • March 23rd: Graduation for applicable 3rd year students. Failing 3rd years are usually offered a chance to repeat the year, however, they cannot repeat the year twice and will be dismissed if they fail a second time.

    • March 24th - April 1st: Spring Break - a week for students to relax a bit before the new year. Many go home for a few days.

    RP's Intended Story Outline
    I usually plan out my RP's to have a definite ending from the start. So, to hopefully entice people to follow through, this is the general outline of the RP that doesn't really spoil anything.

    Common Route (Current)

    Incidents and Attempts at Resolutions Route (hoping for 2-3 to be completed)
    Introduces characters and tests their relations, getting the cast comfortable with each other and the world.

    Side Arcs (occur in between Incident Chapters)
    • National Academy Gambit War Side Arc (2-3 planned)
      • Adds a battle story tone. Adds elements to the battle system, features bosses.
    • Peculiar World Side Arc (3-4 planned)
      • Reveals more about the world. Hijinks and school 'bugs' are revealed. Key to unlocking the next part of the story.

    Endgame Route

    Betting the Devil Route
    (Requires: Peculiar World Side Arc complete)
    Changes the story and relationship dynamic dramatically. Plays more plays a bit more linearly than previously, and ultimately leads to an ending.

    • Uncertain Waltz Ending
      • 'Rp Died' Ending. If this is posted the RP is done.
    • Shuffle Loop Ending
      • Revert to Start of Arc, certain start conditions are changed with the next 'loop'.
    • Certain Mind Ending
      • 'True Ending'

  • General Rules
    Here are some simple rules and requirements


    1. No godmodding, bunnying, metagaming and so forth

    2. No playing another person's character without their permission or forcing another rper into allowing you to play their character

    3. Make well-balanced and believable character aka no Mary Sues or Gary Stues

    4. These types of RPs can become quite chaotic. If you notice that your conversation IC has begun to take up a considerable amount of space, please consider doing these things:
    - slowing down
    - taking the conversation to PM and posting it in bulk
    - waiting for the posts of 2 characters who are not in that conversation before posting to that conversation.

    5. So that it is easier for people to find posts relevant to them, please tag that person at the end of every IC post in which one of their characters is part of the conversation or is otherwise involved in the post. (Like this: @Karakui)

    6. Be respectful of all characters - if you have an issue with a character's sexuality, hobbies or anything else, feel free to leave. This does not apply to characters though, provided it is within that character's nature to be intolerant of those things.

    7. Be respectful of everyone - no fighting or insulting in the OOC thread. If you must do this, take it to PM. Do not take out your frustration on that person's character either, or you will get a stern telling off.

    8. Things of a nature beyond that of PG-13 should be RP'd within PM only. This must still comply with iwaku's rules on libertine and neither I nor co-GM @Ehb is saying that doing Libertine with an underaged/overaged user is OK.

    9. Now, to prove that you have read the rules (yeah, sorry, I just had to include this). In the relationship section, add an entry at the top for a character called 'The World'. In your character's words, describe the relation, using a derivative of 'I Accept My Life being Ruled by the RNG'. My own character sheet won't have it, but I'll write it here. It would look like:

    The World
    "My Life is Undeniably Governed by the RNG."

    If I see people who just copy paste this relation word for word, then I'll tell them to read over the rules again to get their character accepted.

    10. Follow the Suggested Posting Format when Posting In Character. See: Suggested Posting Format.

    I Accept the RNG - Conflict Driven Changing Character Intentions Known as 'Incidents'
    For much of the story, the conflict is driven mostly by the relations between characters being challenged.

    Characters listed as Main characters will be eligible for being the focus of the RP. Conflicts will arise between them, challenging the established relationship that they currently hold. The name of the game in incidents is the 'changing of a character's intentions'. An intention change can be good, like two broken friend characters wanting to make up. Alternatively, it might be bad, such as two lover characters getting into a quarrel.

    Yes, this does mean that I do basically point at your characters and say 'do something interesting' like some sort of director. Again do try to think of it as a challenge of me pushing you into a potentially unexplored and maybe uncomfortably conflictiouous(?) position. You may be a bad guy, or you may be a victim. It's all up to how the incident is handled.

    When an incident is declared, I just make a post announcing a new 'chapter'. It gives two characters and their related incident. The story will immediately jump to 'after the fact' that the incident has happened, with exposition explaining what had happened in away that details can be filled in later by the incident characters if they wish. So, in a nutshell, the 'conflict introduction' is already put out of the way, and the characters are already in the middle of either making initial reactions or finding away to resolve it.

    Once the 'incident' begins in the character threads. Everyone will have a certain amount of time to complete it. (Typically done by page counts). This generally gives you all an idea of whether to hurry up or take things more easily. Once the limit is passed, the incident ends, and relationships may end up being re-evaluated once it's over. As a general rule, the only relationships that change are those between the incident characters. This is done so we don't have too many 'tweests' happening all at once. Alternatively, incidents may be put on hold and revisited later if people disappear. As an incentive, a separate story arc covering another aspect of Hisakawa becomes eligible to run after an incident is successfully seen through.

    There's also a pool of various incidents that I keep mentally. Though you can also suggest incidents for your characters in the OOC thread. Also note, that your same-sex preferences will also be respected for situation where your character develops a crush on another character (A valid kind of incident).

    Please not that in order for tihs to work it does require the participants to be pretty driven! So please note that listing yourself as a 'Main Character' and being selected for being involved in an incident contributes directly to how well the RP does.

    Communication is Important! - Please Keep the Discussions / Chatting in the Conversation Thread!
    Please reserve the main OOC thread for:

    • Character Sheets
    • Sign Up Posts (such as the Character Roll Post)
    • It's basically the character sheet / update thread.

    A Separate Discussion Will Be Made for everyone in the RP. When you make your first post in the OOC thread you will immediately be invited. Please use that discussion for:
    • General Chatting
    • General Questions About Signups or the RP In General
    • General Plot Discussion
    • Everything Else.
    Since posting in the OOC implies that you are already intending to join the RP. If you have questions about the RP but don't want to 'commit' yet. you have may send me a personal message. Just make sure to include the RP's title in the message title, as well as be clear in what you want to ask me about in regards to the RP, and I'll be able to assist you to my fullest!

    Alternatively, you can make a post in the interest checking thread if that's more convenient.

    Announcing Absences
    I do understand that everyone has IRL stuff, and it is indeed much more important that pretending to Japanese High Schoolers. However, please show me and the other RP's common courtesy when you know you're going to be gone.

    'I'm Busy'
    If you're going to be more inactive or gone for a while, consider letting us know about it beforehand. You may get set to the ''Secondary Character' Type to show you're gone but not out. Saying when you're probably going to be back is also appreciated. You may also get set as a secondary character when you do not respond back to me.

    You can switch back to being a 'Main Character' whenever you get back! Just announce it in the discussion.

    'I Gotta Drop'
    I am completely fine if you have to drop the RP. I am not okay if you drop, stop posting, and not say anything about it until I have to go sniffing you out myself.

    Suggested Posting Format
    For the sake of Coherency in the Character threads, we politely ask that you consider posting in this format in the Character Thread

    [fieldbox= CHARACTER NAME, white, solid]

    [CHARACTER REPRESENTATION - This Image Cutout Is Used To Make it Easier to identify your character for people not too good with names. If you want to utilize a Larger Image, Please Put it in a Spoiler. I will make one for you once your character is accepted, but if you want to do it yourself, note that the Eye Cutouts I use are 150 x 50 Pixels.]

    [DATE / LOCATION : Ex. [Monday, April 1st / Class 1-A] We use this so people won't get lost as to what day it is or when our characters]
    [POST CONTENT - At Least a Paragraph Ideally]

    [When you type in @Username you tag another user who will probably get a notification about it. Use this to explicitly state who your character is interacting with when applicable]

    The Code to make the 'fancy boxes' is as follows:

    [fieldbox= CHARACTER NAME, COLOUR, solid]
    [Insert your Image or Spoilered Image Up Here
    	Date-stamp and Location Goes Here
    	Post Content Goes Here
    [USER=XXXXX]@USERNAME[/USER].	 //Note that if you type @ and then a Valid Username, you should see a drop-down menu show up of applicable Iwaku Users. Select the correct one and the Text Editor Will do all this nonsense automatically.

    Having a Second Character

    Due to my desire for everyone to faithfully portray their characters in the CI, my line of thought is that having a second character will detract to this endeavor. However, you may ask for my permission to create a second character after having your first one accepted, and also after demonstrated dedication to the RP. Which is basically as simple as having been around long enough and having a reliable posting rate.

    Note, that due to the reason above, you will NOT be allowed to play both of your characters at the same time. They can only exist on a Chapter to Chapter (AKA incident to incident) basis. When you make your first post with a character at the start of an incident, it is expected that you stay with that character for the duration thereof.

    If your character is selected as being one of the key characters involved in the incident, then the 'who to use' will be based on that.

    Hisakawa Battle Help Part 1 - Random Stat Matchup Basics

    Hisakawa Koukou Utilizes Iwaku's Dice Function as the primary decider of how battles between characters go. In the simplest sense, the Dice Roll Decides which Grade Stat is used to determine the character's relative powers. The character with the higher 'grade' in the selected stat is the one who wins the battle. In the spirit of the Tales nomenclature, this is known as the: "Random Stat Matchup" (RSM) Battle System.

    In the base form of RSM limits battles to be one-on-one encounters. There is always an 'attacker' and a 'defender'. The attacker is the one who imitates the battle, and the defender is merely the attacker's target. Understanding if your character is an attacker or defender is important, as it decides the sort of skills they can use in a particular engagement.

    Attackers Utilize Offensive Attacks from their Battle Actions.

    Defenders (Attempt to) Utilize Defensive Counters from their Battle Actions.

    Thus, it can be said that a 'battle' in RSM involves and Attacker Utilizing one of their Offensive Actions, while the Defender responds with one of their Defensive Counters. The character who has the higher 'Grade Stat' - chosen by the Dice Roll - is the one who wins.

    In any battle, the most important information you'll need is in regards to your characters respective grade stats, as well as the Battle Actions Available to them. This information can easily be looked up in the Sign Up Thread's Cast List.

    Additionally, the grade stats and their associated Dice Roll Numbvers are as follows:

    1 Japanese
    2 English
    3 World History
    4 Mathematics
    5 Home Economics
    6 Physical Fitness
    7 Nature Science
    8 Computer Studies
    9 Music
    10 Calligraphy

    The Skeleton Format - Basic Required Information for Virtu-Ava Fights

    The basic required information for a virtu-ava battle are the appropriate [] statements. How detailed you get for everything else is entirely up to you, and how much you want to improvise. By this system, there is a chance that you'll win or lose, but please try to be earnest in accepting and rping either outcome.

    In either case, it is the 'defender' who immediately acts out the result of the battle. Whether it be being vanquished, or successfully countering and defeating them. In the event that a 'cancel out' occurs between the attacks. The defender is allowed to conduct their own attack, becoming the attacker.

    Remember that the base format, and the sole requirements for conducting Virtu-Ava Battles are the following:

    Attacker's Post:
    The Attacker is the one who engages another player's character.

    Attacker Declares their Attack (Always the Same)
    • [ATTACKER_NAME Challenges DEFENDER_NAME to a Battle!]
    • [Iwaku Dice Roll - Out of 10]

    Defender's Post:
    The Defender Checks to see which 'Grade Stat' was selected by the dice. They compare their character's and the attacker's stats to decide the outcome. The character with the higher grade stat wins.

    if the Attack is Successful (Attacker Grade Stat > Defender Grade Stat):
    • [ATTACKER_NAME Successfully Hits DEFENDER_NAME!]
    • [ATTACKER_NAME is Victorious!]

    If the Attack is Countered (Attacker Grade Stat < Defender Grade Stat):
    • [DEFENDER_NAME Successfully Counters with DEFENSIVE_COUNTER_NAME!]
    • [DEFENDER_NAME is Victorious!]

    If the Attack 'Cancels Out' With the Defensive Counter (Attacker Grade Stat = Defender Grade Stat):

    (From here the Defender Goes on to be the attacker in the next match, hopefully deciding the winner in the next run.)

    Remember that Engaging in a Virtu-Ava Battle in universe carries about the same weight as actually fighting someone in person. Under this system you can attack someone who isn't necessarily willing, however, note that this is frowned upon In Character and Out of Character unless it's done correctly. Ie. don't make your character seem like an aggressive psychopath without good reason.

  • Ratio Type Male / Female
    All Characters Submitted
    For All Character Sheets Submitted Thus Far
    10 Male / 9 Female
    All Characters Active
    For Characters Still Active in the RP
    4 Male / 4 Female

    Character Sheet Quick Jump + 'Front of Volume' Character Descriptions

    [Class 2-A - Joined in Season 1]
    • Ehb as:
      • Yuri Nozomi
        • Description: The Social Morals Officer of Class 3-A. Kind and considerate, Yuri is well regarded among staff and students for her work ethic. Though sometimes she cares so much for others she ends up risking her own well being from time to time.
    • Rithas as:
      • Leo Kane
        • Description: An enigma within the class. It's usually hard to tell what sort of side Leo happens to be on, considering his opinions change based on whomever he's talking to. He was almost expelled from the school, but thanks to Chiyo's efforts, he's been given a second chance.
    • RainDash as:
      • Shinji Kobe
        • Description: Shinji was the one who taught Yuri the ways of proper social morals back in middle school. Though he's noticeably a bit more critical of people when compared to Yuri's accommodating style of encouragement. He's struggled to figure out how to make a real friendship.
    • Raven Haruka as:
      • Chiyo Imada
        • Description: A bright and perky girl when around her friends. Chiyo is notable for being the most normal girl in the class. Nonethless, thanks to her conviction, she was able to save Kane from being Expelled. But now, she has to try to solve the 'problems' Kane supposedly caused for several other students.
    • Miya as:
      • Ren Fujibayashi
        • Description: A quaint and short stature-d member of the class. Ren is also an active member of the Social Morals Club.
    • Low Definition as:
      • Kyoko Asakura
        • Description: A competitive young woman who's always looking to prove herself. She views pretty much everyone as a Rival.
    • Illin as:
      • Hajime Sakurazaki
        • Description: A removed realist whom is aimlessly biding their time through high school. He keeps himself disaffected to pretty much everything that goes on around him.

    [Class 2-B - Joined Season 2]

    • Shounen Sempai as:
      • Totohaku Wakahisa
        • Description: A particularly short boy in Class 2-B whose stature has caused people to both trouble and adore him. Totohaku values isolation and time to himself, and can be a bit sour towards those who try to disturb it.
    • Ehb as:
      • Umeko Hayata
        • Description: The unwilling Social Morals Officer of class 2-B. Umeko is a profound social butterfly who guards her reputation at all costs. Her charmingly carefree demeanor wins over most people to her side.
    • Raindash as:
    • Meng as:
      • Rose Nakahara
        • Description: Convinced that her wealthy background doesn't make her any different from anyone else, Rose goes out of her way to show just how 'normal' she is to the other students.
    • Nano as:
      • Ai Nishiyama
        • Description: Despite her health holding her back sometimes, Ai keeps herself in high spirits, and strives to do her best in everything, and experience the world without limitations.
    • Gremory as:
      • Hiro Takayama
        • Description: A young man who's lived a hard life. Hiro is rumored to have ties with that Yakuza. Despite these terrifying rumors that instill some fear in some students, he actually seems to be interested in normal things like everyone else.
    • xLarius as:
      • Mika Tsubasa
        • Description: A perpetually drowsy girl who some believe can sleep on command. Keeping behind the scenes, Tsubasa tends to be reguarded as a part of the background much of the time. Though to that she probably cares little for that fact.

    Inactive Characters : Departed

    • ERode as:
      • Haruka Fujiyama
        • Description: A physically active female who's always down for a brawl. She's been preoccupied with duties elsewhere, particularly at home.
    • Zombehs as:
      • Markus Yoritaka
        • Description: Secretly a musical prodigy. Markus ended up returning to his career as a musician instead of running away from it.
    • Cookie and Cream~ as:
      • Johann Harisson
        • Description: A bona-fide ladies' man in Hiasakwa, as well as an officer of the Social Morals Club. Johann was called off to return to his homeland to tend to his ailing family there.
    • Lady Sandra as:
      • Hilda Narina
        • Description: A sort of listless young member of the class, noted for having a beautiful singing voice. Thanks to Markus, she got a break in the industry.
    • Katsumi Y. as:
      • Katsumi Yukimura
        • Description: A prim and proper girl at Hisakawa. Katsumi Yukimura tends to be straight to the point in what she does and says. She was called back to her original girl's school after a certain incident occurred there.
    • Shattered♦Secrets™ as:
      • Toshi Hamasaki
        • Description: A rambunctious young boy. Toshi tends to cause problems wherever he goes due to him being a slave to his own whims. After the school play, he made a break as an actor.
    • growl as:
      • Aoi Shimizu
        • Description: A seemingly quiet lad who dislikes confrontation. Aoi transferred to another school for football, considering Hiasakwa doesn't have it's own actual field.
    • Vengeful Peanut as:
    • VengefulPeanut as:
      • Robert West
        • Description: It's widely accepted that Robert was the Drunkard who cheated on Katsumi back in middle school. The fallout from that event has left him a bit of a loner at this point in his high school life, and continues to eat away at him. He's managed to open up again just a little to thanks to Shinji.

    • XxDreamingxX as:
      • Mizuki Ishida
        • Description: Considered Yuri's direct opposite. Mizuki despises her adopted sister, and tends to jump in at any chance to prove Yuri wrong or incompetent. Which is probably the best way to explain her sometimes erratic behavior.

    Inactive Characters : Hiatus

    • Alexstrasza as:
      • Jae-won Gyo
        • Description: A quirky and peculiar boy from Korea. Gyo has been absent from school for some time. Even Yuri hasn't been able to contact him.
    • Legulus as:
      • Nao Morita
        • Description: A cold and calculating young man. He dislikes both Yuri and Katsumi, and tried to discredit both of them during the Culture Festival by assisting Kane. He seems to have been keeping to himself since then.
    • IceQueen as:
      • Hibiki Kogishi
        • Description: While rough around the edges, and sometimes partial to anger, Hibiki is regarded as a good sister and friend to those whom remain close to her.

    How To Roll Dice in Your Posts


  • About Achievements
    Achievements are away to track the progress of the many story-lines and side-plots in the RP, as well as help players discover some new ones! In general, if you're just wondering what you can do in the IC, then look here!

    Achievements are arranged in several categories: 'Current Story' achievements are points that should be hit in order to have the RP as a whole move forward. 'Side-Story' Achievements are possibly related to the various secrets or ongoing issues characters have among themselves. 'General' Achievements are general milestones you're encouraged to try undertaking!

    You can add 'achievements' to this list by personally messaging the GM in a Private Conversation. This is done so that any story plotting won't get spoiled by having it being talked about in the Main OOC Conversation Thread. Be sure to include 'Achievement' somewhere in that conversation title so I'll know what I'll be getting into.

    Current Story:

    Objection! - Helped Umeko Hayata Reach a Conclusion about the Class Merge between class A and B.

    Cultural Morals - Attended the Local Festival of the Sun with your classmates like you were supposed.

    Beleaguered Birthday - Held Robert West's Surprise Party.

    Side Story:

    Dirty Little Secret - Found Out What Yuri Nozomi's Out-Of-School Job Was.

    Diggin' Up Buried Memories - Found out about Umeko Hayata's and Leo Kane's past together in middle school.

    A Fine Sister to the End - Found out the Reason Behind Umeko Hayata's Distance to Chiyo Imada.

    Shinji Kobe's Virtu-Ava - Started a virtu-ava fight with Shinji Kobe and had him accept.

    Sakura Okubo's Bruises - Found the real reason that Sakura Okubo never fights the bullies without a virtu-ava or why she gets bullied.


    You Know What You're Doing - Went through the Tutorial 'Arc'. Guess this story isn't going to be a 'flash in the pan'... right?

    Glitch in the Matrix - Uncovered the first Glitch present in Hisakawa's Virtual Reality System. Exploits are love!

    An Everyone was Virtual Figh-ting! - Had the First Virtu-Ava Battle Occur in the Rp. Was it worth it?

    Bon Voyage - Had a Romance Successfully Develop in the RP. (Outside of the RNG Romances You Initially Rolled!)

    Betting the Devil - Found out the Secret of the World.

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Color Code: Aqua, Present in the Default Palette
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 17 October
Place of Birth: Kelowna, Canada
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning towards homosexual after that fiasco with Aoi.
Character Type: Main Character

Physical Labor - She does all the heavy-lifting for her grandparents.
Mangos - Because they’re a really delicious superfruit.
Sparring - She loves to get down and dirty with others in a safe combat environment!
Arcade Games – The queen of DDR and Arcana Max.
Mathematics – She understands the concepts behind logical academic studies…but fails to see why they matter. It’s effort that can be better put elsewhere.
Vegetables – Humans are omnivores, and she eats enough fruits to make up for her lack of vegetables, so why does she have to eat green shit?
Wub-wub Music – Haruka can’t even comprehend why people would enjoy listening to stylized farts.
Bodybuilders – God damn tryhards. All the muscles in the world won’t help you battoru if you don’t have skill and agility.
Karate – Haruka has been practicing for twelve years now, and her medals and trophies speak for themselves.
Karaoke – Not a good singer, but a passionate, loud, fun one.
Hiking – Once, she went to Canada for a vacation to see her parents, and Haruka fell in love with hiking, especially up mountains with rough, rocky trails.
Grilling – Haruka’s only cooking skill is her ability to make kebabs and use the rice cooker.
Arcade-ing – She really dislikes the atmosphere of going home to play video games by herself, which is why arcades, with tons of people milling about and multiple machines available really tickles her fancy.
Dogs - Especially the really creepy, fluffy ones. She’s fine if they look like wolves though.
Zombies and Ghosts – Monsters that don’t die even if you kill them? Now that’s scary shit.
Heights – It’s funny, because she likes mountain climbing and the scenery it allows…but she doesn’t like looking right over the edge. Unfortunately, you can’t just beat up heights with your fists.
Fire – Her old home sorta got torched and burnt down to the ground, so…yeah…

Haruka is an attention-deficit busybody who gets chummy with friends and strangers alike. In a society where politeness is key and handshakes are pretty much non-existent, she goes out of her way to create a warmer atmosphere for everyone else. If other people have problems, fears, or whatever else, she encourages them to face it, to do their best, and, when they need any help, call her. Despite being a first year in high school, she gives off the aura of a reliable, cheerful senpai, who never uses her ‘seniority’ for evil. However, this same reliable, cheerful senpai is also prone to getting in trouble with teachers, largely due to her habit of not caring too much at all about academic pursuits. She’ll meet people who want to bring her to the back of the school with a smile, and she’ll happily oblige if someone wants to pick a fight with her. And so, her image as a ‘reliable, cheerful senpai’ is transformed into that of a ‘reliable, cheerful delinquent’, one who helps and hurts with the same type of expression.

With such a boisterous attitude to everything, it is thus a surprise for many that Haruka’s attitude when it comes to those that she hates is much more feminine, if not hilariously immature. She straight up ignores them, to the extent that she’ll see through them and knock them out of the way in hallways. She forgets that they exist, forgets her past memories of them, pretending that she can’t even hear them. Occasionally, however, Haruka would drop that façade to mock them in one way or the other, especially when she beats them in some way or the other. That Haruka is a nasty one, who truly lives up to the rumors that mark her as a no-good gal.

I’m Haruka Fujiyama, 16 years old Canadian-Japanese. My parents live abroad and work in the natural gas industry, while I live with my grandparents in their Dagashi shop, Big Apple. Pay a visit some time! They’re always willing to chat with other old-timers!

Onto more serious things, however, the most important lesson in my life was during my first karate lesson. My parents worked abroad, and I had just started living with my grandparents. My Japanese was still pretty bad, and none of the kids in the neighborhood really talked to me. Didn’t help that I lived in a candy shop as well, making them all jealous of my ‘good luck’. Anyways, I was so shy and sad and lonely at the time, and originally, my grandparents sent me there to up my self-esteem and confidence. They hoped that I’d be able to make friends there and to have fun. Instead, I just thought that everything sucked, and wanted to go back home and laze about. I did my stretching exercises poorly, and soon afterwards, I pulled a muscle in my leg and spent the rest of the class sitting down, thinking of how shitty everything was.

It was then that the master came in. He really was a weirdo, who dyed his hair red and wore a black gi for some reason. But even though he looked, and still looks, weird, he was a totally cool person. He told me that the world isn’t going to wait for me to stop crying, and that if I wanted to be happy, I needed to also be happy when challenges were thrown in my way. Kindness was not my best friend. Adversity was.

That’s a really cynical, depressing, and edgy lesson to be teaching a four year old girl, huh? But from then on, he paid special attention to me, pushing me harder than any of the other little kids. I probably had a crush on him back then as well, because I always did my hardest in his presence, until I began trying my hardest even without him being nearby. And from there on…I just decided that I would never give up, as long as my heart’s still pumping my blood. It’s an oath that I carry to this day, and something that I want everyone else to understand and commit to as well.

You only have one life, and that life isn’t going to wait for you to be ready. So in order to be happy, you have to keep on keeping on! You can rest when you’re dead!

Character Theme
Character Battle Theme
Character Voice
Satou Rina, more specifically, in her role as Mora Chester. The basic gist is that of a low, powerful, female voice, however, so this would serve as a ‘live’ example, even if it’s Nana Mizuki.

Voltic Juggernaut, Kongosho
Both gauntlet and shield, Kongosho is a black-iron construction that encompasses Haruka’s left arm, constantly sparking with bolts of blue lightning. It looks very much like that of a narrow kite shield, the end tapering off into a tip after it extends a half-foot past her shoulder. Engraved on the edges of the shield are runic inscriptions that Haruka put there because they looked cool. Despite the fact that she can swing it around like nothing, it’s pretty damn heavy, and the impact of her punches could be comparable to that of a sledgehammer.

Grades Stats:
Dice Number Subject Character's Grade
1 Japanese 11 (B+)
2 English 4 (D)
3 World History 1 (F)
4 Mathematics 6 (C-)
5 Home Economics 2 (F+)
6 Physical Fitness 14 (A+)
7 Nature Science 14 (A+)
8 Computer Studies 6 (C-)
9 Music 11 (B+)
10 Calligraphy 7 (C)
Battle Actions
Name: Thousand Sparks
Type: Ranged
Description: Haruka’s right hand can send out small bolts of lightning.

Name: Thunder in Heaven
Type: Ranged
Description: Lightning falls from the heavens onto the marked individual.

Name: Azure Buster
Type: Melee
Description: Upon impact with the Kongosho, a powerful electric explosion is caused in a cone behind the marked target.

Name: Akatsuki no Ito
Type: Ranged
Description: A dragon of red lightning bursts below the marked individual, sending them skywards, regardless of how many barriers may be above or below them.

Name: Astrasphere
Type: Ranged
Description: Lightning is released outwards from Haruka, intercepting projectiles that fly towards her, before striking down the attacker.
Name: Hangeki no Yaiba
Type: Melee
Description: Haruka blocks the oncoming attack with the Kongosho. During that block, the Kongosho spins so that the sharp end is now over her fist, dispelling the enemy’s attack at the same time. From there, she dashes into them, impaling them with the ‘blade’ of the shield.


The World

"The World, eh? It's really full of crap like pollution and criminals and natural disasters...but there's also mountains, cool dudes, and a whole bunch of other nice things! So it can't be that bad, right? It takes a certain amount of luck to get by in the world, of course, but hey, that added bit of difficulty just makes things feel so much better when you beat the RNG that controls your life!"
Katsumi Yukimura

Positive / Childhood Friends
“Katsumi-chan’s honestly amazing. It’s actually sort of scary how great she is, you know? A real hero that stands up for the weak, who wants to do good in the world. Sure, her only physical skill is swimming, and she’s not someone that I’d want by my side in a fight, but…heh, she’s real damn cool. I can see why Yuri fell in love…but geez, could the two of them stop messing around and just kiss already? Been trying to save her romantic life after she saved me from that dog back in grade 3, but being serious all the time is really making it hard.

It is fun, though, watching her go at it with Jaewon. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s clear as day that she’s gunning for Yuri-chan, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s my fiancée, I’d totally ship the two. Opposites attract, as they say~”
Nozomi Yuri

Positive / Childhood Friends
“Yuri-chan was definitely cooler in the past, with her crazy delusions and her imaginary adventures. Miss them, really, because she looked, well, alive back then. Now? She spends almost all her time trying to be perfect and boring, focusing so much on ‘social morals’, whatever that means. Well, at least she’s cute when she’s with Katsumi. Sorta scary how her essays all read like that of a brainwashed Honor Roll student though, and I definitely don’t like how she straight-up avoids Markus.

Meeting Shinji through her WAS nice though. That kid’s a hard worker, and I love that! …and Hibiki better sing her praises every morning, because Yuri’s the only reason why I haven’t broken her face yet.”
Hilda Narina

Positive / Friends
“Hilda’s pretty much me, really. We met first year and sorta decided we liked how each other acted. Birds of a feather, I guess. Only problem, really, is that she’s really setting herself up for disappointment with her relationship with Shitmazu-kun. It’s not like she stole him from me, so I wish Yuri and Toshi wouldn’t jump to conclusions with that, but…it’s going to get ugly. I’ll be there for her when she realizes how much crap that waste of space is made of though.

Also need to convert her to arcade machines, instead of that horridly anti-social PC gaming thing she does. Like, you’d think that someone who likes chatting a lot would have more fun at the Arcade, right? Where there’s people you can talk to face-to-face?”
Hamasaki Toshi

Positive / Childhood Friends
“Toshi…well, he’s still cool, if that counts for anything. We share common interests, and he’s always fun to do activities with…but that’s pretty much it. It’s weird, somehow, talking to him. As if he’s lying even if he’s honest. And when he gets into the same room with Yuri and Hilda? Really damn awkward. Probably not someone to say it myself, but would it hurt for him to lay back on his hate? It’d be nice if everybody could just get along…Fuck, these things are hard to figure out, eh?

Hopefully his dates with Shinji keep him occupied enough that he doesn’t go Papa Bear mode when Katsumi and Yuri finally publicly announce their relationship. Might have to beat his smartass head open until he gets it, if he does something stupid like disapprove of that relationship.”
Kobe Shinji

Positive / Best Friends
“I actually have no clue at all how we got close, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I liked how hard he worked? I mean, when he’s a dick, he’s still a giant dick, but hey, he’s also fun, as long as you get over how gloomy and dead he looks most of the time. Got a surprisingly good voice, so he should definitely use it more often! Sorta want to crack open his shell and drag him out…but Toshi’s there for that. Kid’s in good hands. Hope he enjoys being on the bottom!

Huh, now that I think about it, probably would have been better if I got Toshi to interfere when Hibiki started kicking shit around…but whatever, the past is the past!”
Gyo Jaewon

Positive / Mutual Fiance
“Now this guy…this edgy, chuuni bastard was one hell of a surprise. Got blindsided by the engagement just a few months ago by my grandparents. Guess they thought I was too tomboyish to find a good man by myself. Pshaw, I’ll show them. I’ll show them all…but Jaewon isn’t as bad as his first impressions made him out to be. It was funny watching his dance skills translate into DDR skills, and he’s not a terrible person. Could get along quite well, actually.

Well, as long as he ACTUALLY understands the implications that his friends aren’t my friends though. There hasn’t been a situation where he fucked up horribly and somehow manages to invite Hibiki and Shitmazu-kun to the same location that I’m in, but when that moment comes, I’ll be ready.

No idea where this relationship is headed, but its one hell of a drug, watching him talk about his boy band dreams.”
Johann Harisson

Negative / Fierce Rivals
“Kid’s a wuss. Nothing else to say. He’s a passive-aggressive gaijin that really grinds my nerves in the oddest of manners. Like, I can’t even call him a rival, because there’s nothing for us to compete over! Geez, he does FENCING of all things, where you literally win just because you manage to flick your floppy needle around! Ugh, it absolutely SUCKS that he’s friends with all my friends. Can’t even talk trash about him without making Yuri sad, even if he literally brainwashed her with Social Morals…

And he hates kittens as well! What the fuck?! I can’t actually even comprehend that!”
Yoritaka Marcus

Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
“Markus was a thing during middle school, the glorious years where we didn’t have to think about the future and Yuri was absolutely a blast to hang out with. Now, she’s bit of a prude, and he’s become this guy who goes around punching everyone that he dislikes. Sorta like me, now that I think about it…which is probably why I wasn’t THAT mad when he fisted Toshi for talking trash about Hilda. I mean, I would have done the same thing, if I wasn’t as clear-headed as I am. Boys will be boys though, so I do hope he works things out with Toshi again.

I mean, bruises heal, right? Even if Markus’s haymakers look glorious. Would love to scrap with him some time, see if he breaks out into chuuni-speech during it.”
Kane Leo

Negative / Betrayed Friends
“For someone who’s supposed to be a lion, he really is a snake bastard. The guy’s popular, and friendly, and whatever else most of the people at school thing, but after what he did to Yuki? Well yeah, he’s a major dicksleeve. Up close, he’s a great person, but once you take a step back…bah. Backstabbing, manipulative asshole. No wonder I never saw eye-to-eye with him, even though he pretended to. And with a personality like his? Not even surprised that only Toshi’s willing to stick around him.”
Kogishi Hibiki

Negative / Betrayed Friends
“Hibiki…yeah, she was cool before. Being friends with Katsumi and twins with Yuki probably helped with that. We were tight back in elementary school, and used to fight a ton at the dojo! Of course, my master never liked how she focused more on that new-fangled MMA stuff, instead of working on her fundamentals, but it was still fun. Hell, even if her middle school times were messy and sketchy, it was a nice learning experience for all of us. I could stand it back then.

But when that aggression came back during high school and she had another of her outbursts towards Shinji…couldn’t just sit there and do nothing, you know? Things got messy, and I wasn’t sure who stood on top at the end. We probably both lost.

Sucked, really.”
Shimazu Aoi

Negative / 'Broken Up' Lovers

I swear to God and Buddha, his red hair and his passing resemblance to my master must have been the only reason I thought he was worthy the first place. Turns out, this idiot just pretends to be cool and fun, before revealing his traits as a coward and a shitstain the moment things go south. Like, I could have forgiven the first trait. I would have even indulged in helping him become a manlier man in lieu of that! But what does he do? He fucking ignores me after that, and goes out of his way to avoid me whenever he even catches a glimpse of me. What the hell? Why did I ever give a rat’s ass about someone who just runs and runs and runs away from his problems?

Oh, but he probably shouldn’t die. I wouldn’t want Yuri or Yuki or Hilda to be sad. I’ll just hope that he loses all his hair then. Doesn’t deserve to share the same hair color as Genjuuro-san.
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Fantasy (Modern, Futuristic, etc.)
[fieldbox= Yoroita Markus, red, solid]
[“Wow~ I look like a girl? Never heard that before!”]

Character Color Code: #ff0000 (Available in Default Palette)

Date of Birth: 24th January
Place of Birth: Kobe, Japan
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual - Female Lean
Character Type At Start: Main Character

Cooking (Who doesn’t love food? All the better if he doesn’t need to depend on anybody to do it for him.)
Meat (He would sooner die than give up meat. Maybe not at that very moment, but he would probably succumb to the temptation unless the threat of death was constantly overhead.)
Music (He sort of lives and breathes it. Able to appreciate most tracks and pieces, although some of the more modern stuff is rather unpleasant.)
Video Games (He doesn’t get a lot of free time, but plays them when he gets the opportunity to. They’ve got some great music, and it’s an engaging pastime for sure.)
Silence (As someone who grew up surrounded by music, silence actually does make Markus apprehensive.)
Calligraphy (He doesn’t understand how the hell he can play the violin and piano professionally, but fail at using a brush to write out characters.)
Reading (Doesn’t find it stimulating enough, and if he listens to music he gets lost in that instead of the book.)
Studying (Same reason as previous really. Figures it isn’t all too important either.)
Cats (Surprisingly considering his stage persona. Though it’s mostly because he’s allergic around them and thus gets quite miserable.)
Sparring (He fights at a local gym despite no real formal training. An attempt to reign in on his more unsafe habit of starting the occasional fight.)
Baking (Bit different from cooking, and he loves sweets. Not the most masculine admittance and he could certainly use a boost in that area, but that would require him to care in the first place.)
Cardio (Swimming, biking, or running. Whenever he has the time to, he doesn’t mind any of the three.)
Piano (Likes how the instrument sounds, an instrument for him to relax with and not worry about an upcoming performance.)
Being unable to keep personal and, upcoming, professional life separate since he likes being treated as Markus and not Nyancha.
Anything with more than ten legs just repulses him for some reason. Makes his skin crawl, expression curl, and what not.
Complete darkness (Not a crippling fear, but certainly enough to get his heart rate up and skin clammy. Real easy to scare him further at this point though he might react a bit violently afterwards.)

Reputation: Beyond the fact that he could, and has been, mistaken for a girl at times, Markus isn’t all that well-known to the school. He’s soft-spoken and seems to stick close to what friends he has rather than try to expand his circle. Mature for his age, he’s polite when addressing others, if curt to those he dislikes, but not big on nonsense and time-wasters. It’s hardly a secret, but nobody really bothers to question why he’s regularly absent a day or two every month since the teachers all seem to be aware and have no problem with it. Beyond school, he seems to be part of the “go-home club” whenever his continued presence isn’t necessary. It’s actually fairly uncommon for anybody to see him outside of school, even his friends unless things are arranged before hand.

Some people might be aware of a reputation that clings to him from his middle-schooled days where he was more of a brat. He would hardly shy away from fights, and was almost constantly out of school, even for several weeks at a time.

Self Introduction: Hello everybody, I’m Yoroita, Markus, 18 years old, and German-Japanese. Born in Kobe, my parents are both professors at the University there. I’m currently living with my uncle.

Most important and defining event in my life? That would be easy, even if it’s more of many that are simply connected to one another. My parents naturally pushed me towards music from a young age. I can remember all sorts of genres playing in our home, it’s some of the clearest memories I still have of my childhood. Rock and roll from my mother’s taste, while my father preferred to fill the house with classical and orchestral pieces, to develop my taste for “actual” music he jokingly refers to it now. Anyways, I ended up picking up the violin first just a bit before I turned three from what they told me.

The piano came when I was six, and by that time I had apparently already gotten completely proficient with my first instrument. Eventually I put the piano on a backseat to focus more on developing my skill with the violin. My first real performance came when I was nine, and from there I’ve continued to play as a soloist or part of the orchestra in numerous spots across the country and even internationally as I grew up.

I’m not exactly proud of what happened when I was a teenager. Between the constant tours that took me out of the country, and the fame, even if it went to a stage name (Nyancha) and appearance, my ego got way too big. I acted like a fool whenever I was back in Japan and living the life I would have been if I didn’t have this talent and put in the effort. I thought I was better than many of my peers, and though I never lauded it, the feeling certainly drove my actions.

It took ruining two friendships and quite some time for me to realize that this was not the type of person I wanted to become. I took a step back from all of this, and though I haven’t cut my career off completely, it has been put on hold until I finish my time in highschool.

Character Theme: Secret Base
Character Battle Theme: Mach 20!
Character Voice Actor: A rather soft and light voice that’s described as unassuming. Generally calm and without much inflection.

While Markus does have an Ava appearance, he doesn’t ever use it at school as it is his stage appearance. Due to this, most people don’t recognize him as the Nyancha that's been quite successful in the last few years.

Grades Stats:
Subject Character's
1 Japanese C (7)
2 English B (10)
3 World History F+ (2)
4 Mathematics F+ (2)
5 Home Economics A- (12)
6 Physical Fitness A+ (14)
7 Nature Science F+ (2)
8 Computer Studies C (7)
9 Music A+ (14)
10 Calligraphy F- (0)
[Battle Actions]
Offensive Attacks
[Fortissimo: The Loud Strike]​
TYPE: Offensive Ranged​
DESCRIPTION: A concussive blast that distorts the air slams into his opponent and detonates, hurling them backwards.​

[Macarto: Stress too Great]​
TYPE: Offensive Near​
DESCRIPTION: With a light tap of a finger, the opponent is blown back with a loud pichun.​

Defensive Counters
[Al Niente: To Nothing]​
TYPE: Defensive Ranged​
DESCRIPTION: Whatever attack the opponent launches fades away as the air distorts from a ripple that radiates from him. The ripple continues on to the opponent and then through them, cutting them without any difficulty.​

[Pianoforte: An Explosive Trick]​
TYPE: Defensive Near​
DESCRIPTION: A small smile as his opponent's attack seems to land... but passes through the fake image instead! Disrupted, the illusion detonates with a thunderous noise, throwing them backwards.​

The World (N/A) / Neutral (Mostly Negative) / Ruler
"Za Warudo? The ultimate example of taking the good with the bad. At times it may seem that the dice are in your favor, while at others they seem to be the devil of your own personal hell. Let it be known the the RNG is the true netural, lording over all of us with dispassionate neutrality. Make a sacrifice or two, devote some prayers to RNJesus, and hope for a kind reign."

Fujiyama, Haruka (Female) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"Fujiyama-san? We probably hung out a few times when I was still friends with Nozomi-san in middle school, but the memories aren’t too clear. I’m a bit surprised that she didn’t come pick a fight after what happened with Hamasaki-san, but I suppose it’s better that way. I see her occasionally, since we still have a few common friends, but I don’t think we’ve actually talked with one another."

Katsumi, Yukimura (Female) / Positive / Friends
“Yukimura-chan? I wouldn’t say we’re close friends, but it’s nice to talk music with someone else who has an interest in it. Honestly, I’m surprised we’ve become friends with how she treats Hamasaki-san, and can only imagine he just didn’t tell her about it. Well, hopefully that isn’t the case, since I would hate for this bridge to be burned. Same thing with Harrison-san as well..."

Nozomi, Yuri (Female) / Negative / Broken Friend
"Nozomi-san… We were friends back in middle school when we were both in that Chuunibyou phase. Not the closest with how often we actually saw one another, but she was definitely more than just another classmate. we both decided to walk away and bury that past though, our friendship included. What happened with Harisson-san also didn’t help, and we just drifted apart..."

Narina, Hilda (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
"Ah, Hilda. We’ve both got some German blood in us, enjoy cooking, and like music. Can’t say it’s hard to see why we’ve managed to stay friends for quite some time now; even if she does get a bit worked up when we cook for each other. Hearing her complain about Yukimura-chan does make me feel a bit conflicted though… I do hope it works out for both her and Aoi-kun."

Harisson, Johann (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Oh boy… Harisson-san? I don’t exactly remember what happened to lead up to it, but I do recall I got in a good hit and floored him. Didn’t break anything other than our friendship though when he walked away after that. We either tend to avoid or, if not possible, ignore one another.”

Kane, Leo (Male) / Positive / Friends
"Given his relation with Hamasaki-san, I’m surprised we even became friends. We both hung around Hilda, and got to know each other that way. Despite his reputation, I would like to think he’s not all that bad of a person. It’s generally fun to be around Kane."

Hamasaki, Toshi (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Considering Hamasaki-san’s relation with Yukimura-chan and Fujiyama-san, I can only imagine he didn’t tell them about how our friendship ended. He said something that really hurt Hilda, I confronted him about it, more things were said, and we got into a fight. Never spoke with him again after that."

Shimazu, Aoi (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Regarding Aoi, I was always the older one, so I had to look out for him. Nothing’s really changed in that regard I suppose, which is nice even if it can be a bit of a hassle. He could man up a bit and stop running from his problems though, apparently that’s what caused the break-up with Fujiyama-san. Hope it works out better with Hilda, I would hate to see either of them sad."

Gyo Jae-won (Male) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friend
"Who? Oh, Jae-won-san? I think something happened between us a long time ago? I mean I don’t exactly remember what it was, but there’s definitely something that makes me averse to interacting with him. "

Kogishi, Hibiki (Female) / Positive / Friends
"I guess we became friends through Yukimura-chan… not too sure about that though. I wouldn’t say we’re really close, but we talk. A bit surprising considering relations with her siblings, but stranger things have happened."

Kobe, Shinji (Male) / Negative / Broken Friend
"The fact that we’re no longer friends isn’t too surprising. He was always close with Hamasaki-san, so guess he picked sides after our fight."
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[fieldbox= Nozomi Yuri, plum, solid]

"A change of pace from peace to inclemency is the thing I watch out for the most, and meet head on with everything I can muster."

Character Color Code: Plum - cc99ff (Available in Default Palette)

Full Name: Nozomi, Yuri
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 24th, December
Place of Birth: Inchon, South Korea
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual Except for One Special Case
Character Type At Start: Main Character


  • Fantasy Settings - Kids from middle school knew Yuri to have a devout love of Fantasy Adventure anime that aired on TV. Though she's considers herself 'out of that phase' she still finds herself drawn to books or shows that capture her imagination.
  • Acting - Another facet of her Middle School Syndrome. She and her other friends liked to pretend to be in some sort of adventure. Yuri was noted for being able to play everything from a damsel in distress to a Villain's Right hand woman rather convincingly. She secretly likes to recite inspiring lines in books or comics she likes.
  • Normalcy - One winter, Yuri took a cold and was bedridden. While laying in bed, she realized that being in a 'normal' state was an ideal that she had been taking for granted for much too long. Thus, Yuri admires the simple day to day monotony that is free of any trouble, misfortune, or pain - for as long as it lasts.
  • Nice Weather - Yuri has this strange obsession with bringing up the weather in almost every conversation. Some people have gone as far as to compare her to having the mentality of an elderly person for being so fixated on it. "But! Is it not really interesting how it's been sunny all day!?"


  • Getting Dragged Into Things - Yuri's dependability really caught on with the student council once they discovered it. At Johann's bequest, Yuri would often end up being recruited to help out with various student council deeds. It was the thing that got her out of her Chuunibyou Phase, but it also seems to have turned into a 'curse' that gets her unwittingly involved in all sorts things. Sometimes she gets herself dragged into things of her own fruition, due to her dislike of 'Abnormalcy'.
  • Abnormality - The polar opposite of normalcy. Conflict, Problems, and To-Do's are things that Yuri finds herself getting fixated upon once she finds out. Being praised as a model student, Yuri was encouraged to take matters into her own hands when trying to 'correct' a situation that she deemed Abnormal. Though many regard her as helpful and call her a role model. it's also just as easy to call her 'Miss Perfection'. Holding unreal standards and expectations for those around her.
  • Arcades - Loud, Noisy, Crowded. But maybe Yuri's biggest complaint is that she was never all too good at arcade games, or video games in general. Something about sitting close to video screens being irritating to her eyes, or the fact that all the prize games are inherently rigged to make you lose are her official reasons.
  • Middle School - Yuri's middle school antics haunted her after she had considered herself 'grown up'. A lot of people like to fondly recall how she helped make every 'adventure' really come alive with her flamboyant character portrayals. But the current Yuri wishes that she could wipe those memories away from everyone who can recall them.


  • Amateur Voice Acting - Yuri's voice talent has been most recently recognized for lending her talents to a doujiin fighting game where she played a Cool and Laid Back sort of voice for a Female Ninja. Yuri's older schoolmates and would recognize it as the sort of voice she normally spoke in back in middle school. In stark contrast to the more formal way she seems to talk now. That's not to say that she's limited to only those two types of voices, however.
  • Media - A general way of labeling someone who dedicates a portion of their evenings to watching prime time action shows, and goes to sleep reading and (to a lesser extent) commenting on said shows in various online forums. She never shook off her love for action anime, but refuses to outwardly admit it. She even goes as far as to switch to watching things off of her Personal Optical Projector when her brother or family is around.
  • Karaoke - A go-to sort of thing when out with friends and with free time to spare. The atmosphere of the area's various Karaoke Establishments evokes a feeling that Virtual immersion still can't imitate. Yuri still has has a hard time hitting the high notes on songs though.
  • Social Morals Club Officer - Again, due to her brother's request, Yuri got involved with student government when she entered the Academy. When the question came up about which student would represent everyone in 2-A as the Social Morals' Club Representative, she was elected by popular vote. Yuri doesn't particularly mind the large part of the job which involves taking the students on class trips or doing Moral Exercises. It's just when things start to get complicated when 'incidents' between students occurs...


  • Causing Disappointment - Yuri's reputation of dependability is a result of a good amount of 'growing up' she did in her middle school years. She takes pride in her accomplishments. But the looming specter of her 'Chunnibyou Mode' ruining everything is something she has a sort of irrational fear about. Yuri believes that when she says she'll do something, it is her integrity on the line to see it through. This can be viewed as positive from the outside, making her seem very driven, however other people have seen Yuri do risky or dangerous things in the pursuit of keeping her word. Johann knows fully well that Yuri loses sleep over issues involves herself in.
  • Reverting to Chuunibyou - Typically, when under distress or given the right cinematic lead, it's possible for the model student, Yuri, to revert back into one of her common Chunnibyou characters she portrayed in middle school, leading to a potentially entertaining exchange. In pretty much every case, Yuri will be left horrified at her 'break out' when she goes back to normal - usually done off-screen.
  • Losing Normalcy - Leaving High School is Scary. Going out into the real world is scary. New things are just scary. For Yuri, the time she has right now is like the peak of her prosperity, and she can only think of anything moving forward as being a direct signal of oncoming change which may not be as kind to her fortunes. As such, she goes to great lengths to protect the ideal world that she's come to be comfortable with.
  • Rainy Day Trigger - Johann's Adopted Father told him that no matter what, it was important that Yuri never end up getting soaked outside during a rainy day. If this was to ever happen, Johann's father instructed him to hold Yuri as tightly as possible before she would unwittingly do something reckless. That scenario has never came true up until now thanks to Yuri's obsession with the weather. But, Johann could never forget the gravity in his Adapted Stepfather's voice when he was told of this.

The seemingly 'perfect' student who's desperately trying to bury her immature past as deep and as far away as possible.

Among her closer friends, Yuri is known for her her formerly energetic and imaginative personality. In a time when everyone wanted to be a wizard, Yuri was able to very convincingly play the parts of both good and evil whenever she set foot in an afternoon adventure. She genuinely enjoyed playing pretend with the others, and she didn't differentiate between boys and girls as a child.

However, in middle school, Yuri's father grew fed up with his daughter's antics. He sought out a way for her to finally grow up out of her acting out her wild fantasies. With the help and advice of her Adopted Brother who got her involved with school activities and student government, Yuri saw the error of her ways. While she finds reminiscing about the adventures and antics of her friends in the past to be a pleasant topic, she seems to not like being reminded that she was a part of it herself. Usually insisting on changing the topic when it's brought up. Nonetheless, the 'Old Yuri' was regarded as being very charming for her accepting nature.

In High School, Yuri is known for her Involvement in Student Government, and the Mandatory Social Morals Club that all students have to attend at some point. Some of the 'Elegance' that she carries is reputedly drawn from her charming brother. Yuri is known for being refined and understanding when interacting with other students, but her overbearing reputation makes her a little harder to approach than she used be for some students.

Nonetheless, Yuri has some quirks that people have seen. She is known for her obsession with the weather, her intrusiveness towards others personal problems, as well the occasional bouts of her breaking into Chunnibyou Mode, which is certainly a sight to behold, and a tinge nostalgic for her older friends. Yuri's characteristic prop is a large Purple Umbrella she always carries around in case of rain.

Self Introduction:
"Are The Ties Between People Truly Arbitrary?

The other day, when I was watching a couple break up on a TV Drama, that thought crossed my mind. A 'match made in heaven' that was torn apart by circumstance. But in both cases, these things were all driven by the invisible hand of the script writer who decided it should be as so. But, the real world does not work with such convenient stars of fate guiding us to certain conclusions.

in the real world, we are faced with interacting with people on a daily basis. Whether it be family, friends, or strangers, we all have to consider the circumstances and implications that each action we do. Whether direct or indirect, the actions we perform will have an impact on the way others view us. These expectations given to us by society is not something that we're all born with. For most cases, such as myself, it is learned. But, society is understanding to the fact that not everyone is born knowing what is acceptable behavior or not. It is for this reason that we call people of these type, 'Children'. For their blissful misunderstanding of the world. In Japan, these societal expectations have been taught for decades under an explicit term, 'Social Morals'.

The most important time in my life was the moment when I began to remove the shroud of ignorant bliss. But, it did require a bit of help. When I was in middle school, I conducted myself in a way that was entirely disrespecting of Social Morals. I did many shameless things that, as a model adult, see as completely abhorrent. It was thanks to the efforts of my Family in involving me with the School that I was able to walk a path that lead me to understanding the joys of social morals. Accepting Responsibility, and Conducting oneself Honorably - the Hallmarks of Excellent Social Morals leads to praise in our society. Therefore, as this new year continues on, I am overjoyed to know that my own social morals have advanced far enough that I may be of further service and help to my peers who are, as an American Would Put it, "Rough Around the Edges." I can work forward to see that all of them will be ready to go into society with complete self confidence. Therefore, the answer to the question posed at the start -' Are the Bonds Between People Arbitrary?' is entirely obvious.

The bonds between people are, without a doubt. Completely arbitrary. In the end, we have the power to choose for ourselves how we want to see each other. However, it is important that all of these decisions be made on the solid basis of Social Morals, so that our society as a whole may see each individual provide the greatest benefit to the Nation as a whole. My father served with the Collective Defense Forces Serving in South Korea when I was born. Though I may not have the hardiness to become a soldier like him, I know Everyone is capable of being a contributing and respectable citizen to our Nation and our World, all they need to do is to go out and try! Every person is like a Twinkling Star in the Sky, that Together make something very beautiful!"

Character Theme: 'The Pleasure of Everyday Circumstances'

Character Battle Theme:
Normal - 'The Fragile Art of Victory'
Climactic - 'The Clarity of Intentional Pursuit'

Character Voice Actor: A Cool and Collected Voice (Ayane Sakura) is a good example of her middle school / informal tone of voice with old friends. Her portrayal of Linne in UNIB is a good example of how she talks as Yuri the 'Model Student.'

[Virtu-Ava Section]

Yuri's Virtu-Ava appearance is essentially her Middle School appearance made a little taller to fit her current height. The fantasy costume design and sword were based off of a self made character sketch of her favorite 'character' to play as in Middle School.

Weapon: Celestial Spirit - A holy sword made from the still glowing fragments of ore from a fallen meteorite. It grants the wielder light powers.

'A Paladin Blade constructed from the glowing ores from a fallen comet that fell into a blacksmiths workshop. He immediately took the superior quality metal and forged it into a Blade that was prophesied to save the kingdom in it's most dire time of need. This sword grants the user the powers of the Celestial Star Wayfarers to ones it deems worthy of wielding it.' - 12 Year Old Yuri's Description.

Grades Stats:

Subject Character's
1 Japanese A (13 Pts)
2 English B (10 Pts)
3 World History A+ (14 Pts)
4 Mathematics B- (9 Pts)
5 Home Economics C+ (8 Pts)
6 Physical Fitness C (7 Pts)
7 Nature Science D (4 Pts)
8 Computer Studies A (13 Pts)
9 Music B- (9 Pts)
10 Calligraphy A (13 Pts)
[Battle Actions]

Offensive Attacks

[Starburst Shooter]
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: "Oh Eternal Jewels in the Sky. Grant me the power of your light to send charging into my enemy... Starburst Shooter!"

The user fires a stream of light based projectiles from the tip of their sword at an opponent that get progressively stronger with each shot. At the end, one last big shot slams into the target to finish them off.

[Celestial Star Slash]
TYPE: Offensive Near
DESCRIPTION: "This attack will lock my victory into certainty...! Celestial Star Slash!"

The user performs a series of six crossing slashes on an opponent. Locking them in place with materialized light. One final, wide slash unleashes the power of the lock. Causing the lock and the opponent to explode.

Defensive Counters

[Solar Reversal]
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: "When force is gathered into a single point, It's power increases in leagues magnitude! Solar Reversal!"

The user casts a defensive orb of starlight around themselves that absorbs the force of the incoming attack. The orb is then compressed to a point on the sword and sent flying into the enemy. Detonating with with double the force of the launched attack on impact.

[Flare Cancel]
TYPE: Defensive Near
DESCRIPTION: "Hard Counter.... Flare Cancel!"

The user closes in on an enemy with immense speed before they can dedicate to their attack. The user interrupts the opponent by delivering a grievous upward charging slash that sends the foe flying into the air before they can even realize what is happening.

[Relationships Section]

Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"There was a time when I was a kid that I desperately wanted to be just like her. Haru-chii was strong, an never gave in to the things around her. From my eyes as a kid, she looked just like the heroes on TV, except she was real! I think maybe it was from here that I started to 'learn' about how doing certain things in certain ways made you seem like a different person towards others. But, I've realized now that just being who you are is good enough - the real ideal for any person is them-self. Even so, I'm really glad we still get along with one another! She's sort of been sour with Ao-kun after they broke up. It was just so sudden, and I'm at a loss at what to do, even though I want them to at least get along again. Still, as a Social Morals officer it's my job to see it done, eventually."

Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Positive / Shoujo Romance Couple
"Yukimura-san is a really strong person when you get to know her. Certainly someday, the one who'll be able to see that will make for a great partner for her. She's just so perfect in every way! Around her, I want to do my best. I want to show her everything I can be at every moment we're together. I truly enjoy being with this person."

Hilda Narina (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Ao-kun, why? After breaking up with Haru-chii you did this to her? Hilda is nothing but a shameless person who's causing trouble for all of us, just by being there. I, don't have any right to tell you who you should be in love with, but... that doesn't mean I'll ever accept her! She is everything that is wrong with this school! I've always hated her, and I hate her even more for what she did to Haru-chii's feelings!"

Johann Harisson (Male) / Positive / Close Siblings
"Harisson Onii-San and Hibiki-nee have a really interesting sort of relationship. Though it's not really my side of the story to tell though. After Onii-san got adopted, he encouraged me to do good works at school, and get involved with the student government. Indeed, he was the perfect role model, and It's thanks to him I've gotten so far with my Social Morals. Still, ironically, it seems like Onii-san has been taking a dip downward in his own Social Morals. Flirting around with other girls... I mean, it is understandable that a boy in puberty would have an interest, but, it's now my turn to return the favor, and set him back on the right path, and also because I don't want him and Hibiki-nee to get mad at each other..."

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Negative / Broken Friend
"I got along really well with Marcus when we were in middle school. Together with our friends, we all played pretend, acting like we were in some sort of fantasy story in the summer and winter breaks. Marcus-kun and I met when he (with a little bit of encouragement) came out of the music room to play with me and the others. We needed an extra Mage and he looked perfect to play the part since his Violin Bow made for a good wand... Ah! I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Well, one day, Marcus and Onii-san got into a bit of an argument and I was told to avoid him and my other 'chunnibyou' friends. I'm certain we've both grown out of doing such silly things, but something tells me that I can't just go up to him and say 'let's be friends again' either."

Kane Leo (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"An enigma to me. He's got the outward looks of having good Social Morals. But still, there is something that does not sit right. Some people have some scathing things to say about what he's done and what he's really like. And, I get the feeling that we're not quite on the same wave length either. There was this one time that we were put together for just 5 minutes, and there was just this peculiar 'wall' between him and me."

Hamasaki Toshi (Male) / Negative / Broken Middle School Friends
"There was also once a time when I looked up to Hamasaki Toshi as well. His sort of personality is bright and forward. Even when I was acting my best, it was still only an imitation based on what Toshi was like. I'll have to admit it though, when he came up with adventures in middle school, we really did end up going on some sort of 'adventure' that would take us really far and all around town. Of course, one time we went so far out that we all got left behind four stations over from where our homes were. My parents were furious. Like Marcus, I was told by my older brother to stay away from him. Sadly, it seems like even now he's still likely to cause trouble. He's about the exact opposite of his sister, Katsumi in terms of volatility."

Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"They 'Boy next door'. There was a time when my circle of friends outside of Hibiki-nee was just him and and Haru-chii. There was a time in Elementary School when I had a crush on him, but I eventually realized I couldn't keep up with Haru-chii. Even with my chunnibyou reputation, I was usually the little voice of reason between the shenanigans that would arise between them or because of them... always a third detail. Ao-chan sometimes does things he doesn't mean to, there's all sorts of ill advised things he's done in the past. So, with what happened between him and Haru-chii... I still feel like if I knew about what happened between them I'd be able to fix this."

Gyo Jaewon (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"It sort of started off with a conversation about living in Korea. Gyo and I both came from there to move to Japan at different times. But, what was supposed be a talk about things we liked from where we were born, we ended up talking about things we liked about our new home instead. I got separated from a lot of people when I 'grew up', so it was nice to get along with someone again. Gyo outwardly looks like a quiet person, but he's actually a pretty big dummy!"

Kogishi Hibiki (Female) / Positive / Two Sides of a Coin
"Hibiki-nee and I have a different last names due to, complicated reasons... but we're still fraternal twins. Nee-san... when she passes her judgement on someone she usually sticks to that decision, so a lot of people understandably might have certain opinions about her, but I still really like her. She was forward and unrelenting as a kid. So much so that she was already in a relationship with someone back in middle school. Thus, it was an even bigger surprise when her boyfriend ended up being the son of our new parent. Part of the reason as to why I followed what Onii-san said in middle school was to get along with him for Hibiki's sake. But, I get this feeling feeling that Hibiki-nee isn't feeling exactly the same way she did about him as before. It worries me. But, there's no way I can ask her or Onii-san about it. I was never the kind of person who could do that. That's the sort of thing that... Nee-san would do..."

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"I met Shinji at the middle School Student Council. If you look at him outwardly, he looks like that really straight laced sort of person. I only knew him because I had to go to the Student Council and Government to 'grow up', and when it all started, I was, really uncooperative. I felt like he was only being considerate to me because he was friends with Onii-san, and I caused him and the council all sorts of trouble at the start. But, one day, I found out that someone as 'hard laced' as Shinji was also a fan of things like Fantasy, and it was from him that I learned how to keep my hobbies in check, and to keep things in regards to school at the forefront. A lot of people say we're close, but I just have a real admiration for what he's done for me. Even more so than Onii-san in some respects. Shinji is good at keeping his 'secrets' about his Anime Otaku Hobbies under wraps, there's also that 'other' thing I've been suspecting for a long while now, but there isn't really any need for me to bring it up with him!"

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Positive / Progressively Best Friends
"So, it turned out Shinji is like 'that'. Well, I only pretended to be unaware of it. I knew about him being in a romantic relationship with Toshi-kun since they got together in middle school. I was really surprised Shinji did that, considering he was the one who had been teaching me about acting correctly up until then. Nonetheless, I noticed that it was something that he seemed to have wanted, so I artificially kept my distance. Things went on like that all the way through our first year in High School. But after Toshi-kun left, I noticed Shinji ended up taking it hard. But, I stepped forward this time, hoping I could avoid a repeat of what had happened with Hajime-kun. I'm going to work hard to make sure Shinji won't have to feel isolated anymore!

I hope Shinji never finds out, that if things had gone differently that day, he would've been the last person I'd ever talk to..."

Robert West (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"I became friends with West-san for the first time when I started to do work for the middle school student council. It was really exciting to befriend him back then, considering he was (one of) the exotic foreigners in the school. I really found the way he speaks English to be really charming, and after I asked him how to to be able to speak in such a way - we sort of became fast friends. This was during a time when I had to cut ties with my old friends, so I was really happy to get along with him and to a lesser extent, his girlfriend at the time, Yukimura-san. He was nicer than Shinji-kun at the time, and so I'd occasionally let myself slack off by hanging out with him and Yukimura-san, much to Shinji-kun's inconvenience. It was probably when I heard about his cheating on Yukimura-san, that I finally said goodbye to my old ways and to my old self fully as well as to him as we broke our friendship. He isn't aware of it, but I did spread the gossip around about what happened, which no doubt made his reputation fall apart, especially among the girls who used hold him in such high regard. Maybe it would've still been the same, even if I didn't do anything, but I'm still guilty regardless. Don't tell anyone, but I noticed his breath smelled of steak as a middle schooler - I never was brave enough to make a joke about him Steaking his English Language."

Moroita Nao (Male) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Moroita-san.... hm. He's a particularly withdrawn person towards people he isn't immediate friends with. Generally keeping to himself. Compared to many other boys in the class, he's certainly quite down to earth. There really shouldn't be any sort of problem with him at all by this description, but I've personally... well, noticed some things. It's hard for me to really say anything with certainty, since he keeps quiet towards everyone, but he certainly gives me quite the glare when he thinks I'm not noticing. I get the feeling that deep down, he's a very disturbed person... or maybe it's just because he might still be getting over his break up with Ishida-san? I really hope that is the case. However, it's not right for him to be so cold towards some of the students in class. I will have to correct him over the course of the year, just like Shinji-kun did for me."

Ishida Mizuki (Female) / Negative / Adopted Siblings
"Mizuki nee-chan is my adopted sister. She's... how should I put it...? Very confident in herself. I can't say we necessarily get along, but we're not necessarily at odds with each other either. It's probably more accurate to say that, even though we're in the same household, and even though we tend to be compared for how well we do in things, we're really not as close as you'd expect out of siblings. We generally just stay out of each others way for the most part."

Imada Chiyo (Female) / Positive / Friends
"Chiyo-san is a well behaved and diligent member of the class. She's a little withdrawn, but she can be a pleasant person. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable about her little hobbies. Now... if only she'd be able to put some of that energy into some of her studies... No offense to anyone, but probably one of the notable aspects about her is that she's about the most 'normal' girl in the class, at least by my calculations. She gets along real well with Onii-san and even my other sisters, so it's natural that I get along with her as well."

Fujibayashi Ren (Female) / Positive / Friends
"Ren-chan is Imada-san's elder sister. While one of the shorter members of the class, she is also one of the most active when it comes to upholding the social morals that must be upheld, as according to the program's guidelines. She can be a really big help! Even so, sometimes she can come off as a bit pushy or harsh, which has caused some discontent for others in the past. She's also not on the best of terms with her sister, Imada-san, which is a little concerning. Despite how some people may feel about her, I think that Ren-chan takes everything quite seriously - as evidenced in her upholding of duties. But, she also might be bearing her miscomings a bit too much as well. At some point, I'll probably have to give her a talk about how to minimize her accidentally offending some of the students with how she chooses her words."

Asakura Kyouko (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Kyouko has always been like that. She's always constantly trying to prove herself for her own sake and towards others. Back then I wrote it off a just being the way she was as a person, but nowadays I sometimes wonder if going out to challenge people all the time is in the best of taste. I mean, maybe some people wouldn't like that, would they? I digress. On the plus side, she tends to bring her own brand of energy wherever she goes. It can be a little contagious. I'm a little worried that she still seems to hold a grudge over what happened to Yukimura-san and West-san in the past. Interestingly enough, she scored a practically perfect score on this year's Virtu-Ava exam. Naturally, some people avoid chancing having a battle with her, considering the odds are stacked in her favor much of the time."

Sakurazaki Hajime (Male)/ Positive / Childhood Friends
"Hibiki-nee saved Hajime-kun back when we were all kids. So, it's easy to see why they ended up getting along afterwards. I also got along with Hajime too. However, Hajime has changed in some ways since Middle School. He used be more outwards, but now he seems to be very disinterested and involved with everything and everyone. It worries me, because this is pretty much exactly the kind of NEET behavior that as a Social Morals officer - have to reverse. But, the only problem is that it feels like I won't be able to help him at all unless I understand what made him become so downtrodden now. The times I have tried to approach him has lead to him shrugging me off, and I imagine that's because he can sense I'm not being sincere enough about it, probably. Still, I haven't given up on him yet."

Wakahisa Totohaku (Male) / Positive / Friend
"Nishiyama, Ai is a relatively quiet boy from another class. I mostly know him through Kyouko, as he is her boyfriend. If he's someone she likes then I don't see much reason not to think well of him either! I hear that he's teased about his height at times, but in the couple of times I've talked to him he does come off as being mature enough to not let it get to him."

Hayata Umeko (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Hayata-san is someone the Social Morals Committee has reservations about. She wasn't originally the representative for class B. That position belonged to Asuman-san. However, due to him moving to study out of the country, and the lack of a committee member in class B - Hayata-san was selected through a class vote. So I can't blame her too much for not being too good yet. The thing that does get me a little riled up though, is the fact that she seems to wholly disregard her duties altogether. This has caused all sorts of problems for everyone else, needing to pick up her slack!"

Tsubaki Ai (Female) / Negative / Broken Middle School Friend
"Tsubaki-san has been like that for some time now. 'That' being her profound interest in love. Since she was an interesting person, I did end up naturally befriending her in middle school. However, like the other friends I had before meeting Shinji, I cast her and the rest of them aside at Harisson's and my Parent's command. I haven't spoken to her since then... I hope she doesn't hold that against me too much..."

Okubo Sakura (Female) / Positive / Friend
"I accidentally mistook Okubo-san as a boy when we first met. SO I've been careful to be considerate to them ever since, in the few chances we do happen to cross paths. Social morals do have some cases about Okubo-san's mannerisms and behavior, but since she isn't in my class, it's not my place to really, excuse my phrasing - 'butt into'. Then again, it's Hayata-san who is supposed be looking into that..."

Nakahara Rose (Female) / Positive / Rivals
"I don't exactly remember what we're supposed be Rivals for...? Was it something related to about being kind towards other people...? Ah! I think that was it! Nakahara-san is undoubtedly kind towards people in the way she conducts herself. But the reservations I do have with it is that her brand of kindness is... well - ingenuine. I may be wrong, but in the times that I did see her, it really did seem like much of what she was doing was overtly self-serving in a way that is unhealthy to them self. Well, considering she is in another class I might just be mistaken, but..."

Nishiyama Ai (Female) / Negative / Broken Friend
"Ai-chan... May have been one of the worst mistakes I've made at Hiasakwa. Let me explain. Freshman year, Ai was in the class I was responsible for that year. Since she wasn't too used people due to her unique situation in middle school, I befriended her to help her get acquainted with everyone. The way I did things with her was different from the approach I took with Shinji a year later. I led her by the hand. At some point, I decided she would be fine on her own, additionally, I got even more busy with Social Morals Club side work, so I just.. Well, from her point it probably looked like I abandoned her. I promised we'd do things this past summer, but that ended up never happening, and it was only when the next year started that I first saw her did I realized I had done something wrong. I'm not sure how I can even approach her anymore..."

Takeyama, Hiro / Male / Friend
"A lot about the background of Takeyama-san seems to say that he'd be a very troubled student - the details of it are his own business, but I'm happy to say that he doesn't cause any problems beyond what seems to be about the average among the students here. He does seem to be a little anxious when I'm around - maybe...? No, of course not! Still, because of his rumored background with the Yakuza, the Social Morals Committee does keep an eye on him."

Tsubasa Mika (Female) / Positive / Rivals
"Tsubasa-san is somewhat well known for being very good at sleeping. Which some people in certain scenarios would certainly admire or even envy her for... however, it becomes a bit of a problem when she's sleeping through her lectures. This has reflected poorly on her grades as the year has gone on. I am worried that this might jeopardize her situation when it comes time for end of the year tests, which is highly regrettable, considering slipping grades due to sleeping in class should be something totally avoidable. I've tried to get Hayata-san to focus on the matter, but it seems like she hasn't had much luck in this.."


Sources Used:
Regular Character - OC Character, Pixiv User: Kauto
Virtu Ava Character - OC Character, Pixiv User: shia-ushio
Musical Themes - Just Follow the Links
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[fieldbox= Harrison Johann, yellow, solid]

[Core Information Section

"You have enemies ? Good . That means you've stood up for something sometime in your life ."
- Winston Churchill


Character Color Code:
R226 , G237 , B17 , #e2ed11

Full Name:
Harrison , Johann


Date of Birth:
1st August

Place of Birth:
Moscow , Russia .



Character Type At Start:
Main character

1. Sports
"I am your typical Russian-British man . Though I only engage myself in swimming , basketball and fencing ."

2. Durian
"Shoot me now , but the taste is so exotic and sweet . Although I do require a laundry clip for my nose ."

3. Cowards
"Not everyone is born brave . Their fear helps them distinguish between right and wrong , and that , my friend , is what all of us lack in nowadays ."

4. The opposite gender
"That makes me sound like a pervert . I am a healthy and fit male that likes females . What ? They really are the best people around , in this world . More understanding and sensitive , that is for sure ."

1. Bullies
"Yes , they are cowards but they choose to would their fear into something that destroys themselves and others ."

2. Seafood
"Do not get me wrong , I love swimming but do not expect me to consume anything that swims . *Shudders* I once watched this documentary on people having parasites dwelling in their body , resulted from eating raw seafood . I will not take a chance ."

3. The paranormal
"Growing up with an old lady , I do not think I would want to intertwine myself with anything superstitious ."

1. Swimming
"If man cannot fly for freedom , let them swim to freedom ."

2. Knitting
"What ? Have you not seen a vulnerable man doing handicrafts that might me useful to the people around him , such as beanies and gloves ?"

3. Fencing
"The art of protecting yourself is not only in favor to protecting yourself and those close to you , but it also uses up your free time ."

4. Sleeping
"It is a good way to pause for a moment and reward yourself with no cost at all . Literally ."

1. Losing those close to him
"I do not need to lose anymore people in my life . Not only does it hurt , it scares you because you anticipate someone else's death , as well ."

2. Kittens
".....They are cute but deadly . Have you ever been scratched by a kitten ? It hurts . A lot . Really . I am not kidding ."

3. Gnomes
"The more horrific versions of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ."

"I am not too sure , but Johann seems more like a playboy that loves the attention of all the girls in school . I heard that he takes discipline seriously but...not seriously . He does not like trouble , but his ways of handling a problem are....a bit off . Although , all in all , he is a nice person ."

"He loves attention , hands down . The only people who can actually control him are Narina-san , Nozomi-san and Yukimura-san . But all in all , he is a really sweet guy . He knits stuff and give them to us . It is pretty neat ."

"Two words to describe that fool is annoying and clingy . I mean , that skirt chaser is the definition of the two words . Sure , he is okay at sports and stuff but how can anyone stand that guy ?"

Self Introduction:
"I was never one to talk about myself that much , but considering the situation , I will do so now .

You see , I was brought up in a warm and heartfelt environment (Thanks to my grandmother) . Although I had lost my father to cancer when I was still an infant , I do not necessarily feel unprivileged in any way . In fact , I felt blessed that I had a grandmother that spoilt me , at times (At others , she nags me about not fooling around .) , and a mother who worked diligently to keep our household together . I know what you are thinking . I must be close to both of them . Well , you are half right there , my friend .

My mother had always busied herself in work by traveling overseas a lot (I heard that that was not the case when my father was alive) . Therefore , I was 'left' to my Grandmama's (That is what I call her) care . I will admit I was a handful when I was younger (Who was not ?) , but the day I entered high school , what was supposed to be possible tearjerking moment turned into a time of reminiscent for Grandmama as she recalled all those times I would splash water on her when she gave me a bath , or how I used to get into trouble for 'chasing' more girls than I could handle . Ah yes , she is a sweet old lady .

Coming back to my story , my mother would occasionally ask my Grandmama in acknowledgement of me . But right now , I guess she had grown 'bored' with our little Russian house routine because one day , when she went to Korea for work , she came back with a man and a girl . He was a good man , but a strict one at that . Yuri became my stepsister and my 'mortal' from which I was her 'guardian angel' ."

Character Voice :
His tone is deep (Not very) but there is a slight gentleness to it . Almost like the voice actor's Miyano Mamoru .

[Virtu-Ava Section]


Grades Stats:
Subject Character's
1 Japanese 4 (D)
2 English 12 (A-)
3 World History 4 (D)
4 Mathematics 4 (D)
5 Home Economics 11 (B+)
6 Physical Fitness 10 (B)
7 Nature Science 4 (D)
8 Computer Studies 4 (D)
9 Music 4 (D)
10 Calligraphy 4 (D)
[Battle Actions]
Offensive Attacks
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
-Magnetic Field drive
• Johann forms a wall of electromagnetic energy that charges into the opponent . Once caught , the wall wraps itself around the foe and delivers a massive electrical charge .

TYPE: Offensive near
-Weaponary Magnet
• This technique serves as a 'magnet' for Johann as it will attract any relatively small form of weapons towards him . Once unarmed , Johann has the advantage of using the weapon against his enemy .

Defensive Counters
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
-The Remote Control
• By using a magnetic field to wrap themselves around his opponent , it ionises the charges around them , subduing any of is opponent's movements and draining energy from his foe .

TYPE: Defensive Near
-Magnetized Bullets
• [BCOLOR=#090909]When attacked , Johann shoots magnetized bullets that will give out [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]a static force that will slow down the motion of the attack , buying him time and also magnetizing his opponent to still their movement [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909], [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]allowing Johann to freely attack the subdued opponent.[/BCOLOR]

[Relationships Section]

The World (A/N) / Positive
"I cannot say that my view towards the world is a 100 percent positive and carefree , but I will say that I am still alive and so are you . Tell me again , what have you lost today ?" .

Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"A girl that acts like a guy . I do not have a thing against that but she causes a lot of trouble . It is always someone else that picks up after her mishaps . But I will not deny that I praise her ability to handle hard labor ."

Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Kat-chan had been by my side since we were practically crawling , and I became attached to her really quickly , maybe that is why I am slightly protective of her , or more like clingy , to her ."

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Positive / Close Siblings
"Yuri and I have the ideal brother-sister relationship one could ever hope to have . Although she doesn't approve of me flirting around with girls , I know she still cares for me , as I her ."

Hilda Narina (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
"Hilda-chan is really amazing ! She had always been my friend since small , but during elementary school , we became really good friends and eventually best friends . I always ask her to count on me , even if she did not feel the need to . But I do have some complications when it comes to Kat-chan ."

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"I have forgotten what had made us part ways from our relationship . All I remember is we got into a heated argument and fight , and that was when I left the 'brotherhood' . I did not see the point in continuing when the trust we have developed was severed ."

Kane Leo (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"Leo was never actually my friend , as I never saw eye-to-eye with most of the things he does . I was just someone who made as little interaction as possible with Leo when he somehow made his way into my social circle . It was discomforting but I preferred to keep the peace ."

Hamasaki Toshi (Male) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"As long as I could remember , Toshi and I could never get along . Whether it may be a class project or a simple game , we had to challenge each other . Winner got it all until the loser won . But that all lessened when we came to high school . Now , we give each other the occasional cold glare or sarcastic remark ."

Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Positive / Friend
"I see Aoi as someone almost like me , minus the trouble , of course . That is why I am quite happy that Hilda-chan and himself are together . I have the confidence that he will treat her well ."

Gyo Jaewon (Male) / Positive / Friend
"The lad is quite an interesting one , I must say . One day , we were both sitting at the same table , minding our own business and another , we were exchanging our thoughts about current affairs . He is a very understanding person and I would hope that we would be able to interact some more . I just hope that his engagement with Fuji does not end him up in a sewage plant with the ability of that woman to do who knows what ."

Kosgishi Hibiki (Female) / Negative / Deteriorating Lovers (And technically Siblings)
"Do not judge me but yes , my adopted sister is my lover . She is a nice person , always have been , and we have connected since a very young age , but now , our relationship has been going down hill . Maybe one of the reasons is because I am always friendly with the ladies ."

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Despite the nature of my current relationship with Toshi , Shinji and I have always been able to get along , somehow . Here is to hoping that nothing changes between us ."

West Robert (Male) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Hate him from hell and back . To be honest , we are not even rivals , the ony reason we are , is because we are probably the only foreigners there . But that's not the point . I have always disliked him because....well , I do like Kat-chan and he was her boyfriend at that time , but after I found out he cheated on her , that basically sealed our rivalry as we almost got into a fight over it ."

Morita Nao (Male) / Positive / Friend
"Nao is a good person , at least from how I see him . So far , by all of our interactions , I can tell that he is a bright young man , as well , as very driven . The setback is that his twin so happened to be Kat-chan and he is very determined to prove that he is better than her , vice versa . I hope I get the chance to talk to him for often ." .

Ishida Mizuki (Female) / Negative / Estranged Siblings
"Mizuki and I have never been close , even when she was the closest to Yuri and Biki . Well , at one point , we were the picture-perfect family , smiling and enjoying our time together . I guess that was until we entered Middle school . Oh well , I will still watch over her from a distance , but I guess I do not have the authority to do anything about it ." .

Imada Chiyo (Female) / Positive / 'From Middle School' Lovers
"Oh , now Chiyo-chan is so cute ! We have been together ever since we were in high school . I remembered one day that I thought her letter addressed to me was very touching and from that day onwards , we have been together . Our relationship is as strong as ever , I just hope Biki and herself do not cross paths..." .

Fujibayashi Ren (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"If there was one word I could use to describe her , it would be meddlesome . Honestly , I understand that Ren cares for Chiyo-chan and everything , but it is as though she was her shepherd and Chiyo was a sheep . To add onto that , she is trying to mend West's and Kat-chan's broken relationship . I mean , who does that ?" .

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Lady Sandra

[fieldbox=Hilda Narina, gold, solid]
[Core Information Section]

["Wrong or not, I'll follow my own path" -by Mine (Akame Ga Kill)]


Character Color Code: ffcc00

Full Name: Narina Hilda

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 6th January

Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Character Type At Start:
main Character

Likes: Singing, reading mangas/watching animes, cooking, cosplaying

Dislikes: Mean people, bad teachers, dogs

Hobbies: Chatting, writing stories about herself and friends, playing PC games, Cosplaying

Fears: thunderstorm, being alone, flying with a plane

Hilda never 'acts' like she is someone else. She never plays a role, she is clear, almost always saying what she is thinking about a person or about things that happened. So also her friends or others don't see her as the big bad girl or the one who wants to have every guy/girl from the school.
She is quiet normal but like everyone she also has some problems with other schoolmates. She sometimes carries her guitar with her since she plays it on breaks or after school.

Self Introduction: "Hello everyone. I'm a full blood German girl and live alone at the moment since my parents still live in Germany. They are so busy with work that I had to take care of myself since I'm pretty young. I lived at my aunts place but a year ago, she needed to leave the country for work....once again. So I life since I'm 17 alone here.

I made some good friends here and even I got a...really nice person!" *blushes* "I hope to stay with him a lot this year.

Nothing really important had happened, besides of meeting my friends"

Character Theme:

Character Battle Theme:

Character voice: A quiet more reserved voice

[Virtu-Ava Section]

Weapon: Like in the picture above

Grades Stats:

Subject Character's
1 Japanese C+
2 English B+
3 World History C
4 Mathematics C-
5 Home Economics D+
6 Physical Fitness A
7 Nature Science C
8 Computer Studies B
9 Music A+
10 Calligraphy C-
[Battle Actions]

Offensive Attacks

Depth Impact
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: Depth Impact allows Hilda to shoot a large X laser when she crosses her swords above her head which feels like pure fire when it hits

The Eclipse
TYPE: Offensive Near
DESCRIPTION: This skill is a 27 Hit attack where both her swords look like they are covered in fire.

Defensive Counters
High Reflexes
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: She can avoid Ranged attacks just to counter with Depth impect

More Strength for the weak!
TYPE: Defensive Near
DESCRIPTION: when she gets hit from an attack, meele attacks get double strength and she counters with The Eclipse

[Relationships Section]

Relationships List (Would Look Like This):

Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Positive / Friends
"One of the nice People I met last year. It's nice to learn more about others and get more and more friends"

Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"I can't believe that she as my former friend, would try to get my boyfriend! I don't believe her that they are just friends!"

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"I hate her, nothing more to say..."

Johann Harisson (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"The time when we had the same interests was so great! Someone I could talk with about our interest and I'm glad that we still have some and that we are still best friends"

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"Middle school was nice, especially with having a friend like him"

Kane Leo (Male) / Positve / Childhood Friends
"He is a friend for life. Nothing can beat a friend you know from your early childhood"

Hamasaki Toshi (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"why....why did he say so bad things about me? Weren't we friends?"

Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Positive / New Lovers
"I can't describe how good I feel when I'm around him *blushes*"

Gyo Jaewon (Male)/ Positive / Friends
"He is just a friend. I hope we will hang out a little more so we become better friends"

Kogishi Hibiki ( female) / negative / Broken middle school friends
"It is sad. We were used to be friends in middle school but we just split and went our own ways and interests."

Kobe Shinji (male) / Negative / Broken middle school friends
"Why do friendships break? Well probably cause of betrayal, being jealous or cause your interests change and you just live your life and both change, interests etc, the last one was the reason why our friendship ended."

Morita Nao (male) / Negative / Broken Friend
"When two people don't fit together as friends, there is no point in keeping it going on."

Ishida Mizuki (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Does someone need a reason to not liking someone?"

Robert West (male) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"We just don't like each other. No need for a reason"

The World
"The rules by the RNG are accepted and have a high state for me"

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[fieldbox= Leo Kane, RoyalBlue, solid]

"It's not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing it."


Character Color Code: Royal Blue, (On the Default colour pallet)

Full Name: Kane, Leo
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 25/9
Place of Birth: Stornoway,Scotland
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual?
Character Type At Start: Main Character

- Snow (He has fond memories playing in the snow at midnight with his family as a child)
- Competition (No better way to stay sharp when the possibility of winning is there)
- Custard and Apple pie (It may be his weakness)
- Cats (Cute Fuzzy, and can stay on your lap while you're busy with something else)
- Rain (Isn't it so refreshing!)

- Oranges (He hates the taste, he hates the smell)
- Hot Weather (His reasoning is that with the cold you just put more layers on, but when it's hot you just have to suffer being all hot and sticky)
- Dogs (They seem to need his attention every two seconds, constantly messing up his shit)

- Reading (In his spare time, where he likely can't sleep. He will read until eventually the book will drop to the ground as he snoozes off)
- Acting (Leo greatly enjoys Drama in general, so fake Drama he is strong at. (If not also for being the centre of attention)
- Football/Soccer (Leo still loves playing some football, along with watching it (If on some dodgy Lithuanian website)
- Writing (Leo is often inspired to write, Perhaps one day he'll look into actually getting a job from this)

- Heights (Not exactly the height, but the fact of falling and then quickly become red jelly)
- Losing his Status
- Squid
- Betrayal

Around his 'friends', Leo is a very talkative and friendly person. Popular with most, he is one you would go for help. A newcomer would hear his name quickly, and better learn it soon as well. His name is widely spoken about, and whether the person likes it or not. He pushes his way into peoples interests and relationships.

While he is in different social circles, he would happily make fun of a group of people, then go that group of people and make fun of the others. His opinions simply change on who he is talking to.

With his enemies, he is a mix of cold and smug. Quick to belittle, and may try to ruin anything you are doing. He has ruined a few friendships because someone did something he didn't like.

Around People he finds actual friends, he's a little bit more quiet. Letting other speak and supporting them on whatever they need. Though few actually get to this.

Self Introduction:
Well apparently I have to do this,no choice it seems. Soo, Hello, My name is Leo. I'm a 16 Scottish Male. Which, should be obvious really. Unless you're blind and deaf. Anywho, I've spent most of my life being tossed between Scotland and Japan. You might find it annoying, which it is. My mother believed in experiencing life to fullest. Which is course why she disrupts my life every year sending me to a different country before I can fully settle back in.

Now, of course she has finally decided that I would stay here with her, of course...not in Stornoway, my home. But here, in a country I don't even like that much. Perhaps I'm just holding a grudge because it is the place where I am held away from the rest of my family. Who, while You may be surprised that I miss.

At least I was quick to make friends always, always so quick. Aside from one or two friends I've known forever. It was constantly changing, which was fun. I get bored of most people eventually.

Of course, I'm in this school which seems more about luck then actual hard work. But, we'll see about that.

[Virtu-Ava Section]


Somnium Factori: A Spectral Glove that goes over his Avatar's right hand. It glows with a blackish light, while the glove itself stays on his hand. Itself Black, with strange Yellow markings on it.

Grades Stats:

Subject Character's
1 Japanese 1 F
2 English 14 A+
3 World History 11 B+
4 Mathematics 14 A+
5 Home Economics 3 D-
6 Physical Fitness 9 B-
7 Nature Science 11 B+
8 Computer Studies 10 B
9 Music 1 F
10 Calligraphy 0 F-
[Battle Actions]

Offensive Attacks

"Mortis lux"
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: Leo closes his fist, and a flash of blackish fire pierces through the opponent

"Silence of the Garden"
TYPE: Offensive Near
DESCRIPTION: Leo Runs up to the opponent, before lightly tapping them on the nose

Defensive Counters

"Batteria Freccia"
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: Leo Shoots an arrow that seemingly adsorb the opponent attack before striking the opponent

TYPE: Defensive Near
DESCRIPTION: Leo's Avatar teleports behind the opponent before striking them through the body with his glove hand.


The World / Betrayed Friends
Though I do not accept, My life is enslaved by the RNG. For now...

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"She's just there, we don't really talk one to one much. But I'm sure we could be better friends if one of us tried. It does seem like a bit of an effort though, With her constantly trying to 'correct' me."

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"We talk sometimes. He's certainly a peculiar character. He doesn't like me, shame. I honestly don't know what exactly he's on about most of the times."

West Robert (Male) / Positive / Rivals
"He's English, I think it's in my genetics to not like him. I have the gut feeling to punch him in the face then start playing the bagpipes. Because I can. We certainly go at eachother, but he's an all right guy"

Imada Chiyo (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
"She truly does look to the stars. We became friends with the topic of cats. Not to mention her food is delicious. And now she's on a quest to keep me from being expelled. I dunno if I should let her..."

Fujibayashi Ren (Female) / Postive / Friends
"She's funny, if not a little pushy. You have to wonder what caused the short genes in that family"

Asakura Kyouko (Female) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friend
"There is a thing as being overly-competitive, how very childlike of her to constantly want to beat someone at something"

Sakurazaki Hajime (Male) / Negative / Fierce Rival
"It has to be obvious right? That guy has the social skills of a brick wall. In fact, walls are more charming then he is. I watched him try to confess to a girl once, it was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen."

Wakahisa Totohaku (Male) / Positive / Friend
"Him? Oh, he's alright. We've been competing against eachother in maths. One of the few who come close to me. I suppose some might think I would mock him for his height. But, if you think about it. Hisakawa is filled with short people. It's actually kinda weird to be honest.

Hayata Umeko (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Am I the only one who is starting to think that she's plotting to murder everyone in the school? I dunno, something about her rubs me the wrong way. As well as the way she completely ignores everything that happened between us, like it never happened in the first place. It's weird, and annoying.

But really, let me just say this: You don't fool me."

Okubo Sakura (Female) / Negative / Broken Friend
"One that suddenly changes to become someone different is no one at all. Carrying on about to be your true self? Then what is she? Plus, she doesn't stop with Ava-battles. Constantly challenging people to do something. I swear if she challenges me she will regret it"

Nakahara, Rose (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
(Note= The everyone else thinks their a couple relationship)

"She's one of my bestest of best friends. She's so sweet. Though, it's starting to come to me that everyone thinks that we're secretly a couple. We're not okay? We're not hiding anything"

Tsubaki Ai (Female ) / Positive / Best Friends

Nishiyama Ai (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
"She's great. But I honest want to know if she expects me to believe that she's out for trips and meetings. I dunno, her body was always frail. I expect it has something to do with that..."

Takayama, Hiro (Male) / Negative / Broken Friend
"Oh look, another unimpressive dick who has nothing going for him in life. Even the little fight we had a while ago was such boring drama. If to give him a message: Find something better to do"

Tsubasa,Mika (Female) / Negative / Broken Friend
"Honestly? I got bored of her. Also, I'm pretty sure that she's holding my height against me. Not my fault that she's short. Though, at least she gets to turn sleep into a hobby."

Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Negative / Betrayed friends
"Ah, Apparently she changed her mind on me. Don't ask me why, she just apparently wants to punch me now. I feel no ill feelings towards really, aside maybe the fact that she hangs around with that Yuki."

Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Entitled, How much do I need to say? We don't like each other. Though she certainly likes to go out of her way to get in my way. Seemingly without trying.

But hey, now she's gone. High-fives all around?"

Hilda Narina (Female) / Positve / Childhood Friends
"We been friends forever, I can trust her, which is not a thing I can say to many"

Johann Harisson (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"He hangs around with a few of my friends, and so we talk to each other a little bit. I'd like to know more of him, if just to know it. Not that his reputation as a Ladies man is hard to come by. It's the first thing you hear. "

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Positive / Friends
"He's fun to be around with, whether he thinks I know about the thing between him and Hamaski doesn't matter. "

Hamasaki Toshi (Male) (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"We have the others back. Though it is Disappointing what happened between Him and Hilda. Not that I care, but annoying to not be able to hang out with just the two of them."

Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Ah, people opinions of others change. One day it seemed he didn't like the way I things, a 'small argument' happened, and we really haven't spoken much since. Not that I'm different from some people opinions.

Gyo Jaewon (Male) / Negative / Broken Friend
"I got a new batch of friends, Our 'friendship suffered the consequences. I kinda stopped talking to him. It happens"

Ishida Mizuki (Female) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"Another friend who's not really a friend. Fine by me. Some people call her Queen, I call that hilarious. Another miss perfect in the family, if in a different way."

Morita Nao (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"The complete opposite then his 'sister'. We've been friends for too long. He's finding it rather rough at the moment, I can tell he's afraid of losing friends. Typical"

Kogishi Hibinki (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Oh this was funny, she went through a stage where she just starting beating up anyone. Friends or not. Oh, It never became boring. It was so funny to watch, and amazing to have her on your side. Disappointing what happened in the end though, it was certainly....hmm"

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[fieldbox= Yukimura Katsumi, purple, solid]

[Core Information Section]

"Sometimes life is the one that strengthens us , sometimes we're just too blind to realize ."

Character Color Code:
R150 , G0 , B150 , #960096

Full Name:
Yukimura , Katsumi


Date of Birth:
15th October

Place of Birth:
Madrid , Spain .



Character Type At Start:
Main Character

- Chocolate
- Animals
- Miniature stuffed toys (Sugar gliders)

- Celery and pumpkin soup
- Sardines
- Rich people (who are arrogant , of course .)

- Swimming
- Reading
- Listening to music
- Playing saxophone
- Practicing katana

- Insects
- Reptiles
- Clowns/Mascots
- Amusement parks
- Trusting too much
- Losing someone who's close to her
- Her father

- "She seems like a very serious person who doesn't take any nonsense , which is quite intimidating . To add onto that , she's the swim team's captain . Who knows what the members endure under her wrath ? But oddly enough , her attitude does a 360° flip when a bar of chocolate or anything coated in the sweet is presented to her . She acts like a child , giggly and smiling . Katsumi Yukimura is weird . Though , she looks nice when she smiles and laugh ."

- "That X-chromosomed being is the single most irritable person on Earth . So what if people gossip a bit and make more noise than usual ? One phrase that sums everything up about her is Miss Stick-in-the-mud . As in way down deep in the mud . Besides that , what's her problem with glaring at people . I mean , yeah , you're annoyed , so what ? Look at the tree or something . She always stand up for weaklings in the school , but she can't even admit or express her own feelings properly , she just hides under that 'mask' of hers . Talk about being a hypocrite ."

- "I don't know what other people say about her , but she's not bad actually , in fact , the opposite . Her being strict towards us means that she cares in a very deep way for us , it's just that she prefers giving tough love . Plus , she isn't very good at expressing her own feelings , but she does well with interpreting other people's . She always lends a helping hand when asked and stands up for what she thinks is right . Besides , she's like any other girly-girl when it comes to stuffed toys and animals . She just doesn't want to admit it ."

Self Introduction:
"You are going to act more like a lady when you graduate in 3 years !"

That was the only sentence I could ever remember , or wished to remember , that was said to me from my father . He wasn't all that bad , he was worse . That was , to a 10-year old . You see , I , Katsumi Yukimura , was a playful child growing up . I preferred to get dirty in the mud than have clean clothing pressed against myself , I preferred to run around and play some games with the boys in my school , rather than have tea parties with nonexistent creatures of my imagination . And my father didn't like that at all . Although , my stepmother was very against his plan from the start . And even my half-brother , Toshi , but Morita Nao , my twin didn't say much about the matter . The only other way to set me straight , into the perfect lady I was supposed to grow up to become , other than taking matters into his own hands , was to send me to a prestigious academy that was notorious in shaping the many lives of feminine woman . Whatever that was . After two years spent in that living hell , I decided I was to take a stand and run away from that misery . Being a 12-year old at that time , I had no one to turn to than my aunt (my father's sister) .

"I never understood Akio . He really should dress-up as a girl and enroll himself into one of those godforsaken girl institutes !" , my aunt would always mutter to herself after hanging up from another heated argument with my father , that was ensured at least once a fortnight . But that was life for me , and I couldn't complain . I loved it with my aunt .

Everything was getting along fine , and the calls were reducing in amount . The best was Toshi would visit me all the time and we'd spend time together and I was actually at my happiest and yet my saddest , because Nao and I had to dislike each other as our competitiveness level had risen . That was until my aunt was murdered . I had walked back home , as usual , from school , when I realized that it was eerily quiet . Knowing my aunt , she would be making a fuss in the kitchen or she was at least , trying to jam to the latest pop music . But she was nowhere to be found alive . That year , after Toshi fought with my dad and after he worked so hard to help support me , I was transferred again , because my dad approved of it , to Hisakawa Koukou Academy .

After that , I didn't see the reasoning in displaying my emotions up front . It was a nuisance and an inconvenience in a sense , because people assumed you were happy just because you smiled . The only way one could get me to smile was to give me something with chocolate . I never knew why , maybe it was the endorphins produced , I wasn't myself when I consumed chocolate .

Character Theme:

Character Battle Theme:

Character's Tone :
Katsumi Yukimura has a subtle and gentle voice when she is in her usual state of mine , but it holds a firmness to it .

[Virtu-Ava Section]

Manipulation of the element of Earth


Grades Stats:
Subject Character's
1 Japanese 4 (D)
2 English 14 (A+)
3 World History 4 (D)
4 Mathematics 6 (C-)
5 Home Economics 4 (D)
6 Physical Fitness 9 (B-)
7 Nature Science 6 (C-)
8 Computer Studies 4 (D)
9 Music 9 (B-)
10 Calligraphy 4 (D)
Offensive Counters

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c][Heaven on Earth][/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]TYPE: Offensive Ranged[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]The user summons a cage of earthen roots to cage in an opponent on all sides. With the fo[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]e now trapped, the roots surrounding them grow thorns, skewering the foe inside. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c][Sword of dice][/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]TYPE: Offensive Near[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]Wielding their unique Katana that is capable of splitting into multiple blades - the user charges fourth at the foe with the Katana in a single piece. At the last moment, the user splits the w[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]eapon into two, and runs the two blades through their target. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]Defensive Counters[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c][Earth's Gift][/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]TYPE: Defensive Ranged[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]The us[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]ers summons roots from the earth to form a dense defensive wall in front of them. The user then summons additional thorny roots to spear through the attacker. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c][Infamous 'Flower Power'][/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]TYPE: Defensive Near[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]The user quickly summons an array of special flowers that shoot their razor sharp petals en masse at an incoming threat. Once the threat is neutralized or halted, the flowers fire an additional massed volley right at the attacking foe[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#2c2c2c].[/BCOLOR]

[Relationships Section]
The World / Neutral
"I can't say the world is fair , but since the world is unfair to everyone , doesn't that mean the world is fair to everyone ?"

Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends <Not Active>
"Haru and I go way back , as in way back when we were kids . She was one of those kids who actually didn't care about what toys I owned . She was the energetic kid while I was the more quiet one that got her out of trouble . In return , she gave me more fun than I usually did ."

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Positive / Shoujo Romance Couple
"It was very confusing at first , because I didn't understand why I felt more indifferent towards Yuri , in a really nice way . She just....I can't describe it . She makes me more than happy without even trying . I just hope she won't ever leave my side ."

Hilda Narina (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Honestly , I will say that I had no part in ending our once good-natured relationship . All I will say is that Hilda made assumptions and we grew apart . Maybe it would have been better if we weren't actually friends , but it's not like I hate her . I can't even if I wanted to ."

Johann Harisson (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Johann does not have a sense of space at all . But I guess that's what attracts people to him . Personally , I'm used to it , considering he was almost like the most clingy kid growing up . But he's really a good guy . Even if I don't admit it ."

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Positive / Friends <Not Active>
"I can't exactly say much about Yori-kun , but he's nice to engage a conversation with . He doesn't annoy me or get on my nerves , in fact , he can put me at ease , at times . I hope we can talk more as time passes ."

Kane Leo (Male) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Don't get me started . He is an arrogant being that gets my blood boiling . I don't remember how this all started but one thing I know is that I don't like him and he feels the same , as well . I plan on staying away from him as much as possible ."

Hamasaki Toshi (Male) / Positive / Protective Siblings <Not Active>
"I feel blessed that I could have Toshi as my brother . He's the best sibling anyone could ask for . Whenever I'm in trouble , he's always the first one I go to and he has never ever once hurt me in any way , even when we were small . Although , I do get into trouble once in awhile for reprimanding those who speaks ill of him ."

Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"Aoi is practically my second brother , but my relationship with Hilda is so strained that I feel like I shouldn't mix with Aoi that often now , and that makes me feel...I don't know , it makes me sad . However , I still do hang out with Aoi and he's always cheerful that I somehow forget my worries , plus he knows practically everything about me , so I'm most comfortable with him . Although....I do wonder why my brother and Aoi can't get along enough ."

Gyo Jaewon (Male) / Positive / Rivals
"Gyo and I were good friends in elementary school , and we always exchanged different opinions we had . Now that we're in high school , we compete with each other , nevertheless , and see who's better than the other , but we're still friends , so it's good . Besides that , he is a good person and I've heard that he's Haru's fiancee . I hope he takes care of her well ."

Kosgishi Hibiki (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
"Biki has always been that girl whom could I always go to when I was being.....the girly-girl of myself , I guess I was always lost when it came to anything feminine and she was that person who never questioned who I was . That's why she's the best female companion anyone could ask for ."

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Negative / Broken Friends
"Kobe , Toshi and I used to be very close from a young age . But Kobe and I had 'broken up' when were First Years . I still miss him , but we have our own cliques now ."

West Robert (Male) / Negative / Cheated
"I liked Robert . Honestly , I was quite happy when we got together . He wasn't the type that was conniving , in fact , I might add secretly that he was my first love . I'd thought everything was running smoothly , until my friend decided to drag me to this new pub that'd just opened . I walked in saw him kissing another girl . All I did was just walked off . I didn't really cry because I knew we were too good to be true and from that day onwards , I tried not to trust anyone . My brother and friends found out and boy , let's just say that I said I hated his guts just so they wouldn't jam it into my brains even more . Maybe I like him still , maybe I don't , but let's just say he hates me like I 'do' ."

Morita Nao (Male) / Negative / Identity Crisis Twins
"You see , this is a pretty simple yet complicated relationship we have . It was simple when we were younger , I loved my brother , in fact , I loved the fact that we were twins , because we were never separated and I was never alone . But then we grew up , and we were being compared so much , I had to be better . I had to . So , instead of fighting and arguing with each other , we decided to avoid one another . Even now ."

Ishida Mizuki (Female) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friends
"Too many broken friendships and a relationship that I don't really remember . We were close friends , not as close as Johann and Haru , but we enjoyed each other's company . But then we became 6th graders , and I guess things changed ."

Fujibayashi Ren (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Let's see . Ren and I were not very close when we were in middle school , but we were still on talking terms . I think our friendship went down hill after I found out she sided Robert , after that incident . Well , all I can say is that I stopped talking to her because I didn't want anymore drama than I already did . It's childish to say this , but I guess I felt betrayed ." .
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It's Easier to just Look at Below
Ehb updated Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG with a new update entry:

CS Clarifications! Format For Posting Grade Stats! Battle Actions Guidelines! START WHEN!?

These little anecdotes were added into the overview to help address some common issues popping up in character sheet submissions.

Grades Stats:
(INFO: The 'power' of your Virtu-Ava based upon how well you did on various tests. Remember that all new characters have 40 points available at the start, as well as additional points that you should've rolled a die for up to 60 extra points on top of that.)...

Read the rest of this update entry...


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High School/College, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Romance, Yaoi, Yuri, Slice Of Life, R Rated xD, Modern Fantasy

"You Can't Wait For The Perfect Time, Sometimes You Must Dare To Jump!"


Character Color Code

Lime/#00ff00 (Available In The Default Palette)

Full Name
Hamasaki, Toshi


Date of Birth

Place of Birth
Tokyo, Japan

All Male

Bisexual (Leans Towards Guys)

Character Type At Start
Main Character

The Color Green, Soda, Parties, Fighting, Video Games, Exercising, The Gym, Outdoors, Sneakers, Neon Colors, Getting In Trouble, Parkour

Showing Emotions, Losing, Feeling Weak, Boring Days, Rainy Days, Quiet Places

Going To The Gym, Hiking, Playing Video Games, Partying, Drinking, Hanging With His Half-Sister (Katsumi), Boxing, Parkour

Being Killed, Not Doing Anything In Life, Showing His True Emotions, Losing Katsumi, Losing Shinji

Family-Around family, other than his bastard of a father, Toshi is the loud and energectic one. He's the one that wants to have everyone involved with anything he's doing, a basketball game, a football game, everything. Toshi likes to have his whole family, not his father, around him. He's very family oriented, he is also very protective of them all. Toshi doesn't hide anything with them, they know everything about the crazy, loud, and hyper redhead.

Friends-Around his friends, Toshi likes to be the center of attention. He likes to know what's going on at all times, but he can also be a bit much for some. He says how he feels, sometimes making his friends his new enemies. He can't help it, he would rather be truthful than tell a damn lie. He gets a rep of being too honest sometimes, that's just his style.

Enemies-Toshi has many enemies, for some reason. He doesn't know why a lot of people don't like him, maybe they can't handle his honesty and strong personality. Around his enemies, Toshi shows them how he feels about them. Be it guy or girl, he will make sure they know that he doesn't like them.

Strangers-Toshi tends to get to know people rather quickly, he doesn't judge someone right off the bat. Toshi likes to meet new people, turning strangers into friends... and sometimes more enemies. If you see Toshi, you'll probably want to be his friends right from the start.

Self Introduction
"Hey! I'm Toshi Hamasaki, the guy everyone seems to love to hate. Which is crazy, I think I'm a damn cool dude. Anyway, I was born in Tokyo, Japan, the best place ever. My mother is an amazing woman, she always gave me everything I needed. She never wanted me to want or need something, always working hard enough to get everything I needed. I didn't really see my father a lot, only when I went to visit my sis, Katsumi-chan. When I was around I made sure the bastard didn't hurt her. I wished she could have moved in with me and my mom, but she had a different mother... so my mom didn't have any legal rights over her. Other than that annoying man, my life was pretty cool. I grew up making a lot of friends in middle school and learning about new things. I may not act or look like a smart guy, but I do have a brain. I did well in school, which my mother always praised about.

In middle school is where I met Shinji-chan, the cutest and nerdiest boy I have ever met. At first, I thought we wouldn't ever be friends, let alone dating. I'm into sports and outdoor activities, while he was into computers and things like that. After awhile, I started to notice how we connected on a lot of mental and spiritual levels of things. He didn't mind my honesty, and I didn't mind his sophisticated ways. So, I wrote him a love letter... and the rest is history, well not really... but yeah. Moving on...

Life was great for me, but not for my sister. She ended up running away, but she lived with our aunt. Our aunt was cool, I would visit and stay over. One day I went to see my father again... and things got bad. We ended up arguing and I ended up breaking a glass over the man's head. I should have done more than that. Luckily, I guess, he didn't die. My mother begged him not to press charges, which he didn't. I wasn't allowed at his house after that, so I didn't really see Katsumi a lot, after her aunt was killed she moved back in with the Devil.

While I was with my mother, I did everything I could to make her life great. She was getting older, and I was the only around for her. I was the man of the house, getting a job at sixteen and making enough money to keep us comfortable. I had to work and go to school, but it was worth it to see my mother's face light up when she saw how I could take care of her and myself. That might explain my childish ways... maybe because I had to grow up soo fast, who knows? My life went pretty well, except for some bumps in the road. Now I am in my second year at Hisakawa Koukou Academy. I will work hard to pass my classes and get somewhere in life, maybe a famous boxer or a big time CEO of some company? I have a bright future ahead of me, let's just hope I don't burn out before than."

Character Theme

Character Battle Theme

Character Voice Actor
Sun Wukong/RWBY (Voice Actor, Michael Jones) Playful Voice, With Some Mischievous Tones (2:54-3:18)



Smoke Manipulation-Control over smoke and can create smoke as well.

Dual Daggers

The Metal Spiked Whips In The Avatar Picture

Grades Stats
Dice Number Subject Character's Grade
1 Japanese B (10)
2 English B (10)
3 World History C+ (8)
4 Mathematics C+ (8)
5 Home Economics B+ (11)
6 Physical Fitness A+ (14)
7 Nature Science C+ (8)
8 Computer Studies C+ (8)
9 Music B (10)
10 Calligraphy C+ (8)

|Offensive Attacks|
"Smoking Whip"

TYPE: Offensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION-This is the offensive version of smoke screen. Toshi creates smoke around the battlefield, he then uses his whips to lash out at opponents, attacking them from several different angles.

"Spinning Destruction"
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION-Toshi whips will spin in a giant circle around the battlefield, attacking everything and his opponent(s), while at the same time protecting Toshi from incoming attacks.

"Assassin Strike"
TYPE: Offensive Near
DESCRIPTION-When Toshi is in the middle of fighting, he will jump into the air and than come down with one of his daggers, striking his opponent in the chest.

"Deadly Frenzy"
TYPE: Offensive Near
DESCRIPTION-Toshi will attack his opponent non-stop, stabbing and whipping them to cause as much damage as possible in mere seconds of battling.

|Defensive Counters|
"The Whips That Defend"

TYPE: Defensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION-Toshi's Metal Whips can block long range attacks and incoming attacks from opponents who are better equipped with long range weapons. Like; bullets, arrows, magical powers, and things of that nature. When the whips are used for blocking, he can use them to grab the weapons or projectiles to throw back at his opponent, like a boomerang effect.

"Smoke Screen"
TYPE: Defensive Near
DESCRIPTION-Toshi creates enough smoke around himself to create a screen like effect, concealing himself from his oopponent. Giving him time to escape an attack or recover from being hit, it can also come in handy if he attacks the opponent after they try to find him.


|The World (N/A) / Negative / Dictator|
"My Life Sucks Because Of The Dumbass RNG... so there's that!"

|Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends|
"Man, Haruka-chan is a cool chick. I like her a lot, we have been friends since forever. Even after stuff went down between me, Yuri and Hilda, Haruka still had my back. She's fun to hang with and she makes a hell of a sparing partner."

|Yukimura Katsumi (Female) / Positive / Protective Siblings|
"Katsumi-chan! She's my little sister, I love her like no other. I still feel bad that I wasn't always there when our bastard of a father treated her badly. I will be there for her no matter what, I dare anyone to hurt her... they will have to deal with me."

|Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Negative / Broken Middle School Friends|
"What can I say about Yuri-san, we were friends... but things changed when we both grew up. She became all about Social Morals... and as you can see, I don't have many of those. Now when she talks... she sounds like a robot."

|Narina Hilda (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends|
"Ha! Hilda-san... I don't even like speaking her name, she did somethings to me... and I said somethings about her. Let's just leave it at that..."

|Harisson Johann (Male) / Negative / Fierce Rivals|
"This guy... he is always hitting on every girl in the school, he's too desperate for a girl. I would never hang around this guy... I just don't like how he's always around my sister, that really gets under my skin. Haruka-chan also hates him... so that's even better."

|Yoritaka Markus (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends|
"I thought Markus-san was a real friend... but it turns out he was a traitor like the others. I'm glad I found that out before it was too late, good riddance. The jerk really defended Hilda over me! "

|Kane Leo (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends|
"Leo-chan, that's my boy. He has my back and I have his back. It's just a little awkward with him not liking Katsumi-chan, hard to choice between my sister and my best friend since we were in diapers."

|Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Positive / Rivals|
"It's always good to have someone that always wants to challenge you, Aoi-san is that person for me. I respect him, but we usually disagree on a lot of things."

|Gyo Jae-won (Male) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friends|
"... Jae-san, he can jump off a bridge for all I care. We were so close when we were little, but of course he thinks I was the one that broke our friendship up... think again, my ex friend."

|Kogishi Hibiki (Female) / Positive / Friends|
"Me and Hibiki-san are cool... I guess. I know that her and Shinji hate each other, I wasn't around for when they are their "incident", so I have no clue what happened there. It's also awkward because she is Katsumi-chan's best friend. We talk here and there, but nothing more.

|Kobe Shinji (Male) / Positive / "From MIddle School" Lovers|
"Ummm... what can I really say about Shinji-chan, I mean everyone can see how I feel about him when we are around one another. Shinji is the light in my darkest days, he may seem like a big nerd and all, which he is, but I love that about him. The big jock guy dating the big nerd boy, funny right?"
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Romance, Yaoi, Modern, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Sci Fi
[fieldbox=교 재원 | Gyo Jae-won, teal, solid]

[ Core Information ]
“To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having lived is unbearable.” Erich Fromm.


Character Color Code: TURQUOISE- #33cccc(Available in Default Palette)

Full Name: Gyo Jae-won

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 27, March

Place of Birth: Seoul, Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Homoromantic Bisexual

Character Type At Start: Main Character


"I would love to hang out, but that Netflix though."

Sweets, specifically Cheesecake
"The God of all sweets, I bow to you."

Singing and Dancing
"I consider these to be the same, as they are both wonderful."

Video Games
"I'll take you on any day."

"I feel like a Ninja!"

Cold/Rainy Weather
"I'll be your personal heat box."

"I think this is one of the coolest places in the World!"


Discussing His Sexuality
". . ."

Hot Weather
"My excuse to cuddle with you is gone due to this damned heat.. ugh.."

"Now that's just gross. . ."

"Not that I'm bad at it. . . I just dislike to do it very much so."


"You'll catch me doing this practically 24/7."

"I'm a ninja, I live and breathe this."

Video Games
"If I'm not dancing, I'm usually doing this."


"Ew... get it away!"

"W-what was that??"

Being in a large crowd
"I'm claustrophobic, enough said."

"To strangers I'm certainty seemingly your average quiet guy. And I don't usually go out of my way to make friends with them. If it happens, it happens.""

Friends/Close Friends
"I'm flamboyant around my friends in every since of the word. I'm more loud and out there with my friends, you'd think I were an extrovert and not a introvert which I really am."

"They see all sides of me, good and the bad. Nothing is hidden or kept secret from them."

"I hate you and wish you were dead. Okay, maybe that's a bit too intense but just know that I don't like you. Period. Point blank. If you're lucky to be a Frenemy.. consider yourself my rival."

Self Introduction:
"What? You want to know MORE about me? Well alright... I'm an only child, wish I had a sibling but that's where Hibiki comes in, she's my childhood friends. She's just as good as any sibling. I'm about 5'10", my weight fluctuating around the ideal weight. I'm athletic. I have to be to be good at parkour. I can't imagine some big guy running, flipping, leaping and twisting. -snickers to himself- Though it would be a sight to say the least.

I'm a dance God at DDR, only because Haji (Haruka) taught me. She's a pretty cool girl.

I take care of my mom because my Father isn't in the picture anymore and that's all I have to say about that. What? You're curious? Well.. that's too bad hehe. I was scouted at a very young age to be in a KPOP idol group, which I am currently in with a few friends. They don't attend Hisakawa though, and that's okay. Our group is called D.A.W.N. maybe you heard of them? No? Well you will soon enough!

That's my dream, to be on top of the charts one day. But first I need to get out of school.

I'm so not looking forward to the mandatory military service as I get older but what can you do?

A defining moment in my life? Well it's when my Father left me and my Mother alone, that bastard... Do I hate him? How can you hate a dead man? I didn't get to enjoy my childhood as much as a normal kid, but I don't regret it. I'm just alot more mature than most people my age, which I think is a plus."

Character Theme:

Character Battle Theme:

Character Voice Actor: Kim Sung-kyu: 0:27-0:41

[ Virtu-Ava ]


Weapon: Dual gun blades (see Haseo picture link above.)


Subject Character's
1 Japanese B (10)
2 English D (4)
3 World History D (4)
4 Mathematics D (4)
5 Home Economics D (4)
6 Physical Fitness A+ (14)
7 Nature Science D (4)
8 Computer Studies D (4)
9 Music A- (12)
10 Calligraphy D (4)
[ Battle Actions ]

Offensive Attacks

Arcane Bolts
Offensive Ranged
"What happens is my gun blade shoot a barrage of these energy type bullets that start of the size of a normal bullet then expand by one inch all around once out of the barrel. They penetrate all that stands in their way."

Offensive Near
"At half the speed of lightning my blades move in a rhythmic motion, slicing and dicing my foe/opponent into mince meat."

Defensive Counters

Dance of Blades
Defensive Ranged & Near
"This is a unique skill, as it doubles for both a Ranged and Near defensive counter attack. Hitting projectiles of all kinds at the right angles WILL deflect it back towards my foe/opponent, striking them down with their own power."

"One thing I forgot to mention in describing the ranged portion of this skill, is that it is similar to that of Omnislash but a defensive version. I'm kind of making a windmill with my gun blades if you will. At any rate, it blocks melee attacks and returns the attack back ten fold."

[ Relationships ]

The World (N/A) / Positive / RNG
"You have only one life just like there is only one world... so don't F#ck it up!"

Fujiyama Haruka (Female) / Positive / Mutual Fiance
"I have different...interests, but that didn't stop my family from arranging this marriage. Trying to make some type of normalcy out of my life. Haji as I like to call her, is an A.O.K. gal, sure she's rough around the edges but that's okay. This arrangement isn't new but it isn't old either. It's really complicated how I feel about this but in short I am okay with it. If it had to be anyone, I'm glad it was her."

Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Positive / Rivals
"K-chan and I are like Frenemies, but leaning more along the friend side then the enemy side. I respect her greatly but also envy her sometimes. Which pushes me to better myself. Another thing I could say, is that we're like bickering siblings. We make seem to hate each other, but really it's quite the opposite."

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Positive / Best Friends
"I'm sure if Nomi-chan and I have met while we were much younger, we would have been childhood friends, but fate has deemed us Best of Friends instead. And I am okay with that. Really. We used to like most of the same stuff and dislike most of the same stuff, but as time went on and we each got older... it changed, though a few things remain the same."

Hilda Narina (Female) / Postitive / Friend
"Hilda-chan and I are good friends. Our mutual dislike/fear of thunderstorms brought us together. It's a really funny story on how we met.. maybe I'll tell you one day."

Johann Harisson (Male) / Positive / Friend
"I admire his straight forwardness with the ladies. I met him through his step sister Yuri-chan (Nomi) and inadvertly his Grandmother when she came to S. Korea."

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friend
"I'm not exactly sure on what happened between us. I guess we just drifted apart as time went on. It was probably due to our time apart and they way we each grew differently from one another. Actually, as I think of it... it was probably because he was a brat and I just got tired of hanging around him. Wait no.. that wasn't it.. maybe it was.. nah.."

Kane Leo (Male) / Negative / Broken Friend
"Everything was great, until we hit High School. We just went our separate ways and found new friends. As a result we drifted. And well.. he can be kind of an ass if you don't know him well enough."

Hamasaki Toshi (Male) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friend
"We were the best of friends, nothing or no one could ever break us apart. Atleast, that's what I thought. We fell apart around the time of my arrangement with Fujiyama-chan (Haji) was announced. Though we started to get estranged from each other during middle school. Right around when Shinji met and fell in love with Toshi. I... I don't really want to talk about it.. if you want to know what happened you can probably pry it out of Toshi. I will say this, he and I were like brothers."

Shimazu Aoi (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Wow... Aoi-kun.. he's just all around amazing! We met in Elementary School. On the first day we've bonded as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He knows everything about me, and I him. It's bit awkward between Aoi-kun, Haji-chan and I.. especially if we are all in the same vincinty. But we make it work when the two of them don't have to interact with each other."

Kogishi Hibiki (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Hibi-chan is just as amazing as Aoi-kun though it's a bit awkward between the three of if we're all in the same room. Not mention if you had Haji to the mix it makes for one awkward conversation and silence! It's weird being the middle of a hate triangle/square. Anyways Hibi-chan is always there for me no matter what."

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Negative / Broken Middle School Friends
"We were good pals in Elementary but as we got into Middle School, things changed. People change. I hate to say it, but I regret losing Shinji as a friend. But that's life for you."

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Fantasy, Romance, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Possibly Sci Fi
[fieldbox= Kogishi Hibiki, teal, solid]

"Be true to yourself, and believe in your own true power."
Kogishi Hibiki
Color Code: Teal #008080 (Available in default palate)

Age: 17
Date of Birth: 14th of November
Place of Birth: Inchon, Korea
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic, Demisexual
Character Type At Start: Main Character

Chilling- "I mean, being excited is fun, but being chill is soooo much better."
MMA- "Well, I had a little bit of a... anger problem before, so I joined the class, and got hooked. I have come a long way since last time I fought"
Parkour-"I love to be a ninja, it's fun to bend, and twist the way around things."
Drawing-"I have been drawing since forever."
Art In General-"I just, like art."
Snow- "It's just so, cold, and yet, fluffy."
Dark clothing- "I like dark clothes, end of story."
Piercings- "I have a few, I think three in one ear, four in the other, and I might get one on my lip."

Her Aggression- "It's not something I am proud of, I did a lot of stupid things back in the day because I didn't
know how to express myself."
Cooking- "There are no words for how awful my cooking skills are. I think just the smell of it is enough to induce nausea. No wonder I fail home ec."
Fake People- "Why all the smiles, fake giggles and then just turning around and bad mouthing them? It feels unnecessary."
Art Block- "There are no words to describe when at an important your brain is suddenly fresh out of ideas."

MMA-She is most often doing this, since lately all the kids who she had broken before are giving her extra stress.
Parkour-She does this outside of the gym, something that she does to keep herself on her toes
Drawing-She draws any time she gets bored, which means a lot in school. She doddles all over, but she hates people looking at them.
Video games- It's not her favorite thing to do, but she does it on occasion.
Netflix- The source of all her addictions
Singing- Now this is something she tucks away, deep down. She has a guitar shoved in the back of her closet,
and she only plays when she is alone.

Killing-"If my temper ended up ending someone, I don't know what I would do with myself."
Death- "Science defines that there pretty much is no afterlife, so that means all the secrets we had, are gone forever."
Vomit- "The thought, the smell, it makes me want to pass out. I haven't thrown up since I was 5. It gives me anxiety when I feel like throwing up"

"Well, she don't talk much. She just kind of stands there, and listens most of the time. She looks terrifying. Her glare is enough to send one of us running. She is usually away from school or outside by the trees, which is odd for someone who dresses darkly."

"Even though Hibiki is kind of... scary to most people, she isn't anything more than a sweetheart on the inside. Ever since the fiasco years ago, Hibiki has been rally mindful of what she projects into her friends and is more caring and protective than anything. She tries to avoid her aggression and when she can't, she often goes through a small bit of regret, though it's gone in a day or two."

"She's a bitch when she wants to be. I mean, she looks like she is pretty docile and as soon as you do anything she
doesn't like, WHABAM! She will clock you right in the face. She seems to be better at holding in her anger
now, but just you wait."

Self Introduction:
"Hello, I don't normally talk much so bask in the voice now, and then just don't be surprised when I shut up later. I am 17
years old, born in Inchon, Korea with my fraternal twin, Yuri. We grew up together, and it's good that our bond is
still so strong, because honestly without her, who knows what kind of trouble I would have gotten into. I like
MMA, parkour, drawing, that kind of thing. I usually am found doing MMA, since it helps me with some of
my, aggression issues. I used to be a real delinquent back in the day, doing as I pleased. It was quite
a scary state for all of us. I thought because I liked the rebble style of dress, I had to be like them.
Typical teenager behavior.

I only realized that this was such a dangerous thing when I got into a series of nasty fights with some of my former friends,
and now I look back at that time and shake my head. I wish I could make up for what I did, but I doubt they
would let me anyway. Anywhoo, other than that, I parkour, keep me on my feet, and super athletic. I may
not be super good at all that, girly stuff, and my brain may not be the fastest, but my sister keeps me on
my toes. And then there is, Harrisson. He is an interesting case. When I meet him, I loved him more than
anything. He accepted me for all my struggles, but lately, we have been drifting apart. I can't help but
wonder where the spark went. I want to get it back but I don't know how to do it. Then there are
my besties, Jae-Won and Katsumi, they stuck around through the mess that I was, I am glad
they are still around to help me."

Character Theme:

Character Battle Theme:

Character Voice Actor:

[Virtu-Ava Section]

Celestial Sound
The long staff has a blade attached to the end is infused with small particles of a rare element that is in tune with
sound waves. It gives the user the ability to conduct and compress sound into powerful attacks. It is soul bound
to one individual and will not work with another, since at first contact it gives off a signal that gives its user a form
of invisible ID.

Grades Stats:

Subject Character's
1 Japanese B+ (11)
2 English C (7)
3 World History B- (9)
4 Mathematics B- (9)
5 Home Economics D+ (5)
6 Physical Fitness A+ (14)
7 Nature Science B (10)
8 Computer Studies B (10)
9 Music B+ (11)
10 Calligraphy A- (12)
[Battle Actions]

Offensive Attacks

Super Sonic Scream
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
Sound in the vocal chords is magnified and the result is a defining scream.

Sonic Punch
TYPE: Offensive Near
Sound is transferred through the weapon into the persons body, and comes out the fist or foot.

Defensive Counters

Explosive Ring
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
Sound is channeled though the staff which is shoved into the ground, causing the ground to shake. If no ground is present, a large ring is created around the user, forcing others back.

Sound Sheild
TYPE: Defensive Near
A thin layer of sound matter is spread all the way around the user and protects them from attacks, providing
time to gain stamina, and when released, gives a push backwards to anyone within close range.

The World- It sucks
"So far, I have had a pretty shitty life, so yeah, my life is basically ruled by the RNG now."

Fujiyama Haruka-Betrayed Friends
"Things went sour a few years ago, long story short, we do not talk, even. I hope we never do."

Hamasaki Toshi-Friends
"Yeah, I know him, were ok, so far. I mean, he's not a super close friend."

Katsumi Yukimura-Best Friends
"We knew each other way back when, middle school I think. I'm really easy to open up to her. She's the swim
capitan, and even though I don't swim, she tried to get me too all the time since I'm tall. But I will stick
to dry land for now."

Nozomi Yuri-Two Sides of a Coin
"Me and Yuri are as close as can be, she might be the only person who knows about my relationship other than
Harrisson. We respect each other, and she is the closest person to me. We are always there for each other."

Hilda Narina-Broken Middle School Friends
"Another body in the field of carnage from my disastrous teenage stage."

Johann Harisson-Detiriorating Lovers (Also Technically Siblings)
"Uh, yeah, my adopted brother. Whew, this one, this one is strange. So we kind of started going out before me and my
sister were adopted, and now we are all part of the family. We were all happy together, for a while, but lately,
things have been getting, irritating. He flirts with anyone, it's annoying. And that little spark has sort
of faded by now. I just can't decide what to do about it."

Yoritaka Marcus (Male) / Positive / Friends
"We know each other, I am not super close with him, but I try."

Kane Leo-Betrayed Friends
"Again, middle school man. Or maybe this was high school. I don't remember. We ended on a sour note too,
oh boy was that interesting."

Shimazu Aoi-Betrayed Friends
"Aaaa, middle school was a, bad time for me. I ended up hurting him, like everyone else. We also don't talk."

Gyo Jaewon-Childhood Friends
"My best friend, the only person I trust the same as my sister. I have known him for so long we are like
peas in a pod. We may seem different now, but we have a tighter bond than anyone."

Kobe Shinji-Fierce Rivals
"Don't even get me started with that man."

Morita Nao-Betrayed Friends
"I'm really sorry about what happened that night. I wish I had been able to control my anger. I wish I hadn't
said the things I did.... Waa, I'm getting all emotional now."

Ishida Mizuki-Close Siblings
"Mizuki and me are really close. I hope that her and Yuri don't get into a fight though...."

Imada Chiyo-Friend
"We meet sometime around last year, and she's been pretty nice to me and all. I can see us
becoming closer friends later."


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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, PG-13 Romance, Modern Fantasy, High Fantasy
[fieldbox= Kobe Shinji, blue, solid]


"I won't let myself stand in my way anymore."

Character Color Code:
Blue, a default color on the palette

Full Name:
Kobe, Shinji


Date of Birth:
28th, February

Place of Birth:
Kyoto, Japan



Character Type At Start:
Main Character


Video Games- He plays literally anything he gets his hands on. Yes, sometimes they're dating sims. Most of the time they're dating sims. He mostly plays them in secret and very, very few people know about his addiction.

Fantasy- Give him any kind of fiction with magic or dragons and he's happy. Typically this comes in the form of manga and anime, and once again he hides this from the school and denies it.

Productivity- He will do any assignments the day they're given out. He doesn't like not getting things done right away.

Surprises- He may not look like it, but being surprised is something he really enjoys. Surprise parties are his favorite, and he often throws them for his close friends.

His Sexuality- It's likely he will deny or even just plain fight you if you speak about it. He doesn't like it and he's still getting used to it despite being in a relationship for so long.

Slow Walkers- He has places to go and things to do, people who don't see that and don't move out of his way are irritating to him.

Closet Otaku- He will deny that he likes anime, manga, and videogames. However, it wouldn't be impossible to say that he doesn't buy merchandise. However, it all stays at home at all times. Anyone asking him about pop culture will probably not get an answer.

Liars- Hypocritical, yes. He hates it when people straight up lie to him, especially people he thinks he can trust completely. He is willing to extend some leniency, but not very much and especially if it turns out that it's a very hurtful lie.

Video Games- A secret shame he hides in his room. While he likes dating sims a lot, he prefers to mostly play fantasy games. He's actually very good at games, often playing them on the hardest setting available.

Karaoke- If you can get him to sing, you might be blown away by his voice. He's a very good singer, but mostly he's too shy to sing in front of a crowd of people most of the time. Growing up, he was classically trained in singing, but has recently decided to hide this part of his personality and hobby from anyone except his close friends.

Member of the Student Council- most people assume he's an officer of the student council, but he prefers not to garner that much attention to himself. He is mostly in charge of hanging posters and making sure people go to the meetings on time.

Being Found Out- everyone knowing he's not straight. He thinks that they'll treat him differently and as though he's some kind of freak. So he obsessively covers up anything that he does to appear heterosexual. When he feels like he's in the most danger of being found out he will go on blind dates with several girls at once.

Being A Disappointment to Others- While he may not be as good as Yuri at grades, he still wants to never make anyone feel as though he isn't anything except dependable and caring. The worst thing for him to have happen is to too late be able to realize that he needs to help someone. It's happened too much already.

The Supernatural- He says that it's because they're not supposed to exist. Things that are undead, technically dead, or just plain weird aren't supposed to exist in the real world so logically, he says, they're scary. It's not because when he was little he watched a horror movie without his parent's permission or knowledge and was terrified forever after.

A quiet guy who is always doing his homework. He doesn't really like doing a lot outside of school, so don't bother asking to hang out at his house. Seems to bottle things up and explode a lot, especially at people he doesn't like.


"He's really mysterious and quiet. Like he's some kind of scary Batman combined with the sort of mysterious glasses character in an anime. I'm not certain anyone can continuously be this polite spoken without them hiding something cool or nice. Most of the other girls in other classes often try to pass him love letters."

"He's so mysterious and sensitive too. I meant to confess to him but... I got really scared and chickened out!"


"I have never met a bigger nerd. He'll deny it, but he really enjoys media and stuff. Maybe he got it from Yuri's middle school days? He's not as into it as she was back then, though. He just has a few things that he bought because he likes it."

"Pretty sure that he enjoys manga, but he denies it. I'm trying to rival his manga collection, but it's hard. I've even been loaned one or two and they're in great condition!"

"Loyal to a fault. If you said it would help you to heal, he'd gladly tie himself to the back of a truck and be dragged behind it."


"Would this guy lighten up for once? He keeps asking if I did the work and if I'd like to amount to anything later in life. I'm half afraid he'll take the stick up his butt out and beat me to death with it."

"He glowers. It's terrifying."

"He yells a lot. And he punched Kane in the face once. I'm kind of scared for my sake."

"I do not want to talk about myself. I have other things to attend to. Fine, I'll do it. My name is Kobe Shinji and I was born in Kyoto. Yes, I have a Kansai accent. I've practiced removing it for school so that it is not brought up. No, I will not tell you more without a guarantee of secrecy from you.

Good enough, I suppose. A defining moment of my life... probably when I received that love letter from Toshi. I'd mostly been involved with the student council and didn't really do much else with my time. I'd thought it was from a girl at first, until he showed up. Ever since I try to spend a lot of time with him. I'd never really thought that I was anything but straight until that moment.

Toshi is... difficult at times, but it's been such a change in my life. Because after that I met Yuri and the rest of my now friends. Having so much trust in others allowed me to do other things with my life than just go to practice and Student Government. If you tell Toshi any of this I will behead you.

I suppose now, I have to figure out where I want to go in life. I was pretty content with becoming a doctor, but I don't want to leave school without anyone as a friend. However, it looks like it's just going to be that way. I'll be okay on my own, I guess.

Character Theme:
Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion

Character Battle Theme:
Fight On!

Character Playlist:
Shinji Kobe's Playlist

Character Voice Actor:
Junji Majima (as Toru in Coffin Princess Chaika)

[Virtu-Ava Section]


Note: He rarely uses his Virtu-Ava because it happens to look like something from a game he plays.
Image Source

Fists and manipulation of illusions.

Grades Stats:

Subject Character's
1 Japanese A (13 points)
2 English B+ (11 points)
3 World History A- (12 points)
4 Mathematics A- (12 points)
5 Home Economics D+ (5 points)
6 Physical Fitness C+ (8 points)
7 Nature Science C (7 points)
8 Computer Studies B- (9 points)
9 Music B- (9 points)
10 Calligraphy C+ (8 points)
[Battle Actions]

Offensive Attacks

TYPE: Offensive Ranged
Twelve images of himself appear and independently attack. Only himself and the 'queen' image can hit the opponent solidly.

Double Vision
TYPE: Offensive Near
An image of him is left behind while two images and himself strike the opponent from behind.

Defensive Counters

Second Life
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
An image of himself is thrown in front of himself and hit by the attack. Shinji remains free to attack afterwards.

Hit Me Harder, Just Try!
TYPE: Defensive Near
Every time he's hit an image of himself appears nearby. It is random whether it's solid or not.

[Relationships Section]

The World / Neutral
"I dislike having my life be dictated by the RNG. However, we must all accept that our lives are ruled by it. Even if it means that everything is randomly decided, it just means plans don't work out."

Class 2-A

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Positive / Best Friends (Event Change!!)
: "We met through student government, shortly after I met Toshi. I thought that there were times that we'd end up trying to kill each other because of her work ethic and overall attitude about the student government. Over time, I made note of some of the stuff she watched to try and understand her better, but now I watch it regularly on my own. I blame her for this, but I'm also thankful for it too. I suspect that she's catching onto my ruse."

Now: "I'm going to make a change in myself. She noticed how I was acting and called me out on it. I hope that now we can just be friends, instead of mentor and mentee and hopefully this means that this will change my other relationships too."

Kane Leo (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"Toshi likes hanging around him. That's about how much I tolerate him. I don't hate the guy, but all the same people keep talking about him and I don't get it. He's just kind of annoying at the best of times. Lately, though, he's gotten worse. I kinda... want to deck him in the face?"

Chiyo Imada (Female) / Negative / Broken Middle School Friend
"Something about a blind date? Oh, she was probably upset that I tried proving her wrong about her guess. I mean, no hard feelings towards her, but honestly I wonder why that bothered her so much."

Fujibayashi Ren (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"I can't believe she's related to Chiyo. Still, it was kind of fun to see the different pranks those two pulled off way back then. Not that I'd tell her that, because she'd just go big on them and I don't want to deal with that. Also, I think she messed with my Personal Optical Projector, because one day I picked it up and there was a bunch of yaoi on it. I'm going to kill her."

Asakura Kyouko (Female) / Positive / Rivals
"Why is always a competition? Still, I have to admire her drive and determination. I wish I had it, to be honest."

Sakurazaki Hajime (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"He slapped me on the back. I had a sunburn. He called me a baby, and well... things escalated and I'm pretty sure that now he won't even acknowledge that he was in the wrong. I was too stubborn to accept anything less than an apology then, so I guess it's partially my fault, but honestly I told him what was wrong and he still wouldn't apologize."

Class 2-B

Wakahisa Totohaku (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends
"Uh, I think that's Yuri and Robert's friend? Uh, I don't think we've talked."

Hayata, Umeko (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"That's...Chiyo's sister right? and Ren's? She's pretty cool, I hear about her a lot. We did hang out a lot when I was younger, but not so much anymore."

Okubo Sakura (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Ever since I made Chiyo sad, she seems to have it out for me. I think it's also because she knows. So she doesn't trust me at all, which is fair but does she have to threaten me every time our eyes meet?"

Nakahara Rose (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"I met her when I was younger, but since she traveled a lot we wrote each other a lot of letters. She's pretty cool for a rich kid, though. Usually the stereotype is that they're stuck up and awful, but she never treats me like trash."

Nishiyama Ai (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"Needless to say, she's pretty good at pegging me as a liar. She doesn't get it at all! Why is everyone that knows so interested in pushing me into doing stuff I'm not comfortable with? Therefore, there's no way I can get along with her ever."

Takayama Hiro (Male) / Positive / Friend
"We get along fairly well, even if he tends to attract the bad element of Hisakawa."

Tsubasa Mika (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"SHE KEEPS SLEEPING IN CLASS. It's literally so bad that I was blamed for it once and I snapped at her."

Robert West (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"I have literally no idea how we became friends. Much less how we became so close. Maybe it's the fact that we hang out completely different circles that did it? I know that if he makes a comment about Yuri I'll beat him up. "

Tsubaki Ai (Female) / Negative / Broken Childhood Friend
"Her and love. I'm pretty sure she's responsible for the Shinji Club's existence. She also tried to pair me up with so many girls... I went out with a few of them, but honestly... none of them interested me at all. Not even friendship-wise."

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Modern, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Slice-of-Life, Romance, BL ;))))
[fieldbox=Shimizu Aoi, seagreen, solid]

Ⓒore Ⓘnformation
Character Color Code: Sea Green | #339966 | Available in Default Palette

Full Name: Shimizu Aoi
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 22 July 1998
Place of Birth: Sapporo, Japan
Sex: Male ♂
Sexuality: Pansexual
Character Type At Start: Main Character

Practical Jokes– Aoi loves pranks, especially the ingenious and mostly painless kind. He’s that friend who will try to sneak up behind and scare you every other day. Watch out for him on April Fools' Day. But the moment a joke becomes harmful, it loses its charm.
Anime and Manga– He loves stories and being immersed in another world. It's not only the typical Shounen shows for Aoi either; he secretly enjoys Shoujos in his free time as well. He's not a big enough anime/manga fan to have a collection of figures (or a body pillow), but he does enjoy talking about his favorite series when the topic arises.
Cold Weather– He moved all the way to Kobe when he was nine years old, but Aoi has vivid memories of a happily snow-filled childhood. He seems to identify cooler weather as better weather, and he never ceases to be thrilled by the first snowfall of the season (though he becomes sullen when it melts).
Social Events– Aoi is a total extrovert, and for him, simply being around other people is invigorating even if he doesn't always show it.​
Confrontation– It is just too easy for Aoi's emotions to overwhelm him in arguments. He doesn't like how they make him feel, he doesn't like how they make the other person feel, and he especially doesn’t like how they turn him into someone who hurts others on purpose. Aoi would much rather let a brewing conflict be until it hopefully blows away on its own.
Hospitals– There’s something about the antiseptic smell that lingers even in the waiting room and the atmosphere of desperation that gives Aoi goosebumps. He’s never been in the hospital for anything too traumatic—to visit his grandfather before he died, a broken arm here, a badly twisted knee there, and then to see his grandmother— but they make him feel uncomfortable in his own skin.
Insincerity– Aoi can handle hostility, but fake friendliness is what really rubs him the wrong way. He doesn’t see the appeal of being two-faced like that. In fact, he recently broke ties with a former friend due to that friend’s deceitful ways.
Solitude– Hey, everyone loves their quiet time, and Aoi is no exception. He enjoys peace and time for himself just as much as the next person. Except “time for himself” doesn’t necessarily mean “time by himself.” Being in the presence of another, even if he and them don’t talk to each other or interact beyond sitting in the same room, is pleasant, and having no company at all isn’t.
Sunburn– Aoi is the type of person who always worries about getting burned but never puts on sunscreen. He doesn’t burn easily, but he tends to lose track of the time he spends outside in direct sunlight and ends up with red shoulders and/or a peeling nose.​
Running– Perhaps the most athletic thing that Aoi does is run. He’s been running ever since he was a bratty, snot-nosed little boy, and when he found out that it actually counted as a respectable pastime, he was delighted. Aoi can keep up a good pace for extended periods of time, and he’s one of the fastest runners in his year. He only found this out by offering to race different members of the track team, since he’s too “busy” to actually be a member himself.
Anime, Manga, and Video Games– When Aoi has to resign himself to solitude, and when he doesn’t have any immediate academic concerns, he turns to these three things to entertain himself. You’ll rarely find him alone and not preoccupied with one of the above.
Karaoke– Karaoke isn’t exactly a hobby, but it’s something Aoi really gets into. He’s not good and not terrible either when it comes to singing, but his energy and theatricals make up for a lack of vocal talent.
Photography– if you can call it photography. It’s mainly him running around taking pictures of scenery and strangers with his phone, and then butchering them with his fancy editing apps. Most of them actually turn out pretty nice-looking, but he seldom shows the pictures to other people.​
Supernatural– Anything supernatural is a no-no for Aoi. He’s not that scared of earthly threats that could actually be a danger to him, like serial killers or jaywalkers, but haunted places and ghost stories give him cold shivers.
Illness– Aoi hates getting sick more than getting injured. He’s a low-key germaphobe, and he will hop away if someone so much as coughs next to him. It seems he has a weak immune system, and he catches a cold every winter without fail. Aoi never had this problem when he lived in Sapporo despite the difference in climate, so he blames it on the “pathetic” winters of where he lives now.
Windows– Horror movies and video games have taught him to be wary of windows and mirrors, but he finds windows especially creepy. He always keeps the blinds in his bedroom closed at night.

xxxxStudents who are strangers seem to have mixed impressions of Aoi. Some students see a rather subdued and blank-faced boy, one who speaks curtly at times and brushes off his peers without realizing, a boy who always looks a little out of it. Other students see an animated boy with bright eyes and a winning smile. Over the years the mystery of the two sides of the Shimizu Aoi coin has unraveled itself: it all depends on his company. When Aoi is quiet, it's because he simply doesn't have as much to say. He saves most of his energy for his friends when he's at school. Outside of school, he's considerably cheerier to the strangers he meets, but he still only lets all of his true colors fly around his friends.

xxxxAnd his friends know him best as a jester who is light of heart and kind of mind, even if he is undeniably obtuse. To them, he's very playful and bright and is a great friend himself; he'll stand by them and is constantly trying to make them smile. He'd do almost anything for a friend's sake.

Enemies of Aoi, though he doesn't have many, are quicker to point out his flaws. They might say he’s the dullest knife in the drawer or that he’s too much of a coward to bother with. Aoi tries to avoid his enemies whenever possible (a side effect of his aversion to conflict).

xxxxAoi may not have a 'fixed' prop, but he does always has a prop of some sort in hand. Oftentimes it's his phone, but sometimes you'll also find him holding a boxed drink, manga, or his Nintendo when he's particularly bored.​

Self Introduction:
xxxx"Good morning! It's actually twelve sharp, though, so it really should be 'good noon.' You're a punctual one, aren't you? I'm not teasing; it's a great thing to be on time! I know I sometimes have problems with it. Anyway, my name is Shimizu Aoi! It's nice to meet you. You can call me Aoi, I don't mind. I'm 17 years old, and I was born in Sapporo. You know where that is, right? The Olympics were held there a long time ago, and every winter it snows a ton! I always get so excited whenever I go back to visit my grandparents. Oh right, this is supposed to be about me. Sorry! Hmm, the most important event to ever happen in my life? That's an interesting question. What is it for you? Right, right, sorry! Can you give me a moment to think about it?

xxxx"... AHA! Oops, did I startle you? Hahah, sorry! I just remembered something that happened when I was little. So in grade school, a little before I left Sapporo, my best friend was this kid named Miura. Miura-kun and I decided to try out for the youth soccer team together. We both made the team, but I got the position he wanted. Attacking midfielder, I think? Anyways, he threw a big tantrum and threatened to quit the team. I got mad at him for being a baby about the whole thing, and it escalated into a full-blown shouting match. Somewhere along the line I told him, 'Maybe you shouldn't be my friend if you can't handle not always getting what you want', and he replied, 'Yeah, maybe I shouldn't be.’

xxxx“I didn't really see those words as important until he stopped talking to me at all after that day. Our friendship, which had lasted years, was over in fifteen minutes. I didn't learn until after I was already all packed up for Kobe that his mom had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been hospitalized. He’d moved in with his dad, who I knew he hated, and he hadn’t told me a single thing about any of it. Maybe he’d been waiting for the right time, and I’d ruined it. I’d ruined us. If I had just waited his temper out, then that friendship-ending fight would have never happened. If I hadn’t been so aggressive, and if I’d noticed something was wrong, then things would have been different.

xxxx"But no use stewing over the past, right? I’ve just gotta make sure I do better from now on! No more fighting, no more shouting matches, just ENDLESS COMPASSION, hahah! Did that count?"​

Character Theme: Party Talk

Character Battle Theme: Supernatural Haste

Character Voice Actor: Okamoto Nobuhiko as the voice of Mikoshiba Mikoto

Weapon: Claret Claymore is a huge, double-edged sword inlaid with parasitic rubies; these jewels leach away a bit of blood every time they make contact with their wielder's opponent (thus the 'claret' in the name). Of course, the sword isn't actually vampiric, but it sounded cool to Aoi.

Grades Stats: Total Stat Points- 77
Subject Character's
1 Japanese B- [9]
2 English C [7]
3 World History C- [6]
4 Mathematics A [13]
5 Home Economics B+ [11]
6 Physical Fitness A- [12]
7 Nature Science F- [0]
8 Computer Studies C+ [8]
9 Music B+ [11]
10 Calligraphy F- [0]

- Battle Actions -

Offensive Attacks
[Scathing Spray]
TYPE: Offensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: The user sweeps the sword towards the opponent in a sharp flicking motion. Acrid "blood" that hisses and smokes upon contact spatters onto the opponent. The blood quickly engulfs the opponent's body and clears when there is nothing left.

[Claret's Carving]
TYPE: Offensive Near
DESCRIPTION: The user plunges the weapon into the opponent's chest and carves a slow circle around their heart. The Claret Claymore's rubies flash bright red as the user cuts. Then the user dramatically extracts the weapon, and the opponent promptly collapses, an empty black circle where their heart had been.

Defensive Counters
TYPE: Defensive Ranged
DESCRIPTION: A simple counter in which the user quickly raises his weapon, broad side facing the opponent, to deflect an incoming attack. The attack pings off the weapon and rebounds back at the opponent, doing to them what it was meant to do to the user.

[Karate Chop (DEFAULT)]
TYPE: Defensive Near
DESCRIPTION: The user got lazy around this point, and only modified the default karate chop into a delayed defensive counter. After the opponent's attack animation has concluded (including the animation of the user being beaten), the user reappears before the opponent and enacts the karate chop attack, which defeats them.
The World [Sometimes Unfair]
"Look, I don't mind having the RNG decide my life for me. Well, I mind a little bit, just because I don't think I've got the luck to get by. But what does the RNG care? Trick question: it doesn't. "​

Fujiyama Haruka ['Broken Up' Lovers]
"Haru—I mean, Fuji-san and I broke up a while ago. I hope she isn't mad at me, you know how she can get. Not that she's a bad person or anything! I'm a bit scared of her, honestly. Katsu-chan told me that Fuji-san wants to tear all of my hair out, and I had a nightmare about it!"​

Hamasaki Toshi [Rivals]
"I think Hama-kun is kinda cool... He's always criticizing me though, so I obviously have to return the favor." *mutters darkly*​

Katsumi Yukimura [Best Friends]
"Katsu-chan and I are this close!" *he holds up a hand and crosses his fingers* "She's super reliable. But Hilda-chan has a problem with her for whatever reason. I can't figure it out, and it's starting to get on my nerves..."​

Nozomi Yuri [Childhood Friends]
"Yuri is my neighbor, so we've known each other since we were kids. She knows a bunch of embarrassing things about me, though—Wait, don't go asking her about them!"​

Hilda Narina [New Lovers]
"I can't believe she liked my love letter. Even I thought it was kind of stupid. Isn't Hilda-chan perfect? She's so pretty and cute, and she smells really good... Ha, I bet you're jealous!"​

Johann Harrison [Friends]
"Yoyo-kun is my friend, what else is there to say? We have a ton of mutual friends, and he's really great to hang around."​

Yoroita Markus [Childhood Friends]
"I've known Markus since forever. Our moms are friends. He's a year older than me, so he's always trying to keep me out of trouble. He's kind of like a big brother. I've accidentally called him 'Aniki' more than once!"​

Kane Leo [Betrayed Friends]
"We used to be friends, but then I found out how evil Kane actually is. Ugh. We got into a bad fight, and I'm still mad that he was able to bring out that side of me."​

Gyo Jaewon [Childhood Friend]
He was one of my first friends when I moved here. Jae-kun and I are still good friends nowadays. His family decided to set him up with Fuji-san right after she and I broke up, though, so that's a little weird to think about..."​

Hibiki Kogishi [Betrayed Friends]
”Oh, her? What’s she up to nowadays? Still punching people in their faces?”​

Shinji Kobe [Friends]
”We don’t talk to each other a whole bunch, but that’s okay. He’s not bad company. Still, I wish we had a common interest or something.​
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Ehb updated Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG with a new update entry:

IC Thread Up! + Ehb's Sign Up Thread Laundry List

Ic Thread Up
Yay! Our IC Thread is up! I can now go to sleep! But most importantly, thank you all for hanging on with me all the way to now. I will do my best to keep things entertaining and going along to at least a normal pace at the least. Please enjoy yourselves out in the IC thread!

Additionally, every character...

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Fantasy, Scifi, Horror
[fieldbox= Robert West, green, solid]

"My mother once said true happiness is as illusive as the meaning of life. It makes one wonder though, doesn't it? If that's true then what's to say they're not the same thing?"


Colour code: #1f668f

Core Information Section

West, Robert

"Robert West. Yes, I know it's dreadfully English."


"Old enough to buy scratch cards and lottery tickets, young enough to still think you have a chance at winning."

Date Of Birth:
11th July

"Quite unremarkable, really."

Place of birth:
York, England

"The medieval melting pot of York. The only place in the world that it's still legal to shoot Scottish people with a bow and arrow."


"That one that's always at fault no matter the circumstances."


"A gentleman should never share the details of his love life..."

Character Type:
Main Character

Likes and Hobbies


+ Classical music (both classic and contemporary)
+ Music in general
+ Video games
+ Travelling and exploring
+ History and culture
+ Martial Arts
+ Anime and Manga
+ Visual Novels
+ Food... lots of food.

+ Playing Video Games
+ Reading manga/watching anime
+ Martial arts training
+ Playing Cello
+ Creative Writing

Dislikes and Fears


- Impoliteness
- Confrontation
- Over-confidence
- Smugness
- Manufactured pop music
- Sports
- Science

- Failure
- Disappointing/hurting others
- Not being happy
- Not achieving enough in life
- Spiders... anything but spiders
- Feelings and emotions


Robert has a hard time dealing with feelings and emotions; he likes his quiet life with a small group of friends and minimal attachments. To most, he might seem solitary, sarcastic and sometimes even snide however looking deeper might reveal something else in his personality. He's polite to strangers and puts most people's needs before his own. However, despite having a high tolerance and seemingly being impossible to anger, once he snaps then all hell is to pay. He seems most happiest when around his good friends and seldom smiles when they're not around. All in all... he's quite an anomaly and a walking juxtaposition in most rights.

Self Introduction


"Y'oreyt... oh wait... Japanese... right *cough, cough* good afternoon, everyone. I'm not really one for talking about myself so I don't really know what to say. I'm Robert, 17 years old, from Yorkshire, England. Erm... right... most important event. *Sigh* I guess leaving England at the young age of 15 isn't exactly a small thing. Nor is the reason behind it. You guys really need to hear this? I mean... fine... just be ready for a lengthy-ish tale with me mitigating or omitting a few details.

Well it was the start of my 10th year at school, or year 10 as it's called in England. I was just starting my GCSE's and, according to all the over-enthusiastic teachers who used to buzz over my grades, a very, very promising life. I lived in a beautiful city, with a beautiful family, with a beautiful house and you get the picture. Well, like I was the character of some shitty superhero flick, it all came crashing down. My parents died in a car crash and before you shed sympathy, don't bother - I've heard it all before. The only reason people really say 'sorry for your loss' is to minimize their own guilt anyway so spare me the subconscious selfishness. Well, my only immediate family after that was my dad's brother who lived in Japan and so I was shipped off with a visa and a mountain of insurance paperwork and here I am now - attending school and being a happy little pupil again.

*Sigh* Look I don't really want to talk about this. It's putting me in a bad mood and I really can't be bothered dealing with emotions right now. I'm sorry if I've put a downer on things but please don't bloody bother asking again.

Character Theme:

Character Battle Theme:

Battle Theme VS Leo Kane ;):

Voice Actor:

Kenichirō Ōhashi
(basically the same person as his face claim)

Virtua-Ava Section


Robert's Ava appearance is unlike his real appearance. His hair colour is completely different and his outfit was designed with his love of martial arts in mind. The weapon he carries is as shown above, a singular longsword with a 4-point star shaped hand-guard called Starlight.
Grade Stats:
Subject Character's
1 Japanese A-
2 English A+
3 World History B+
4 Mathematics D+
5 Home Economics D-
6 Physical Fitness A-
7 Nature Science D-
8 Computer Studies C
9 Music A-
10 Calligraphy D-

[Battle Actions]

Offensive Attacks:

[Boreas' Blade]
TYPE: Ranged Offensive
Description: Sweeping a horizontal strike, Robert's sword creates a gust of wind as sharp as a blade which strikes it's target as strongly as any metal.

TYPE: Near Offensive
Description: Robert uses his martial knowledge to attack the weakest point of the enemy with a dedicated and true strike from his blade.

Defensive Counters:

TYPE: Ranged Defensive
Description: Robert uses his blade to deflect or dispel incoming projectiles with a chance of reflection.

TYPE: Near Defensive
Description: Robert maneuvers out of the way of the incoming attack, blocking to knock the opponent off-balance before proceeding to counter with Starlight.​

The World / Negative
"World as a word is synonymous with life and life is pretty shit a lot of the times. I guess that's what happens though when you're entire life is pre-decided by the bloody RNG."

Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Negative/ Cheated
"I don't think a day goes by when I don't regret everything that happened with Katsumi. Truth be told, she's a lovely girl. I'm just fucked up, that's the trouble. If there's one good thing to come out of the whole experience it's that I'll never touch alcohol again. If I hadn't have drank myself silly that night then I probably wouldn't have kissed that girl... I definitely wouldn't have kissed that girl. I'll never be able to truly apologise to Katsumi for having to see that. She hates my guts now and it's easier for me to say I hate her too than it is to admit that I know how much I fucked up and how sorry I am. It's easier for all of us if I just let her hate me. After all, I fucking deserve it."

Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Myself and Nozomi-san used to be good friends when I was with Katsumi. I actually really liked her. We had similar interests and her past of being a chuunibyou never failed to make me smile. Well, as you can imagine, when everything happened with myself and Katsumi our friendship died pretty quick. Our last conversation as friends was her telling me I'm a disgusting human being or something along those lines. I guess she's right..."

Kane Leo (Male) / Positive / Rivals
"I'm English, he's Scottish. Need I say more? I call him a skirt-wearing Celt and he calls me a flat-cap donning pastry eater. Our relationship is as good as it ever needs to be."

Kobe Shinji (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"Myself and Kobe are quite close. We both ended up speaking on the off-chance of us being frustrated with the current events of our lives and over time started hanging out. We're both gamers so that takes up a lot of our time. I hear he and Gyo used to be friends. I wonder if there's any chance of reconciliation for those two. It'd be nice to build a friendship instead of destroying one for once..."

Imada Chiyo (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"You know how in anime there's always that one ditsy girl who seems to have the mental intelligence of a shoe? Well, not wanting to be mean or anything but... I don't know. She just seems to be 'too ditsy', almost like she's trying too hard. She asked me if I had a problem with what she ate once. I mean, seriously? I was taken aback... I just sort of stared at her in disbelief before she scuttled off. Oh, while I'm riled on the topic, dear god, don't get me started on her relationship with Johann. The man is insatiable. I imagine there's going to be some interesting fireworks later in the year when his romantic escapades come to a head."

Fujibayashi Ren (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Ah, Ren... we've been friends for longer than I can count. With my uncle living in Japan, my parents wanted me to learn the language and I was quite eager to learn it too. Having pen pals from a young age helped, similar to how I met Nao. In truth, it's weird how small the world is. Still, Ren has always been a good friend to me and I always try to give the same in return. She's a nice girl."

Asakura Kyouko (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"I talked to Kyouko for a time. We spoke quite often, really. Well... up until - yup, you guessed it - the Katsumi incident."

Sakurazaki Hajime (Male) / Negative / Broken Middle School Friends
"Katsumi incident."

Wakahisa Totohaku (Male) / Positive / Best Friends
"I used to avoid Toto like the plague simply because of how complicated his name was. He's a nice guy though. We play games together, he's never judged me for anything and now I just call him 'Toto' or 'Africa' for simplicity. We're pretty good friends."

Hayata Umeko (Female) / Positive / Childhood Friends
"Hayata... Umeko? I think I know that name... Yes! I met her when I was younger. She got lost in York in one of the alleyways where I was playing with my friends. I helped her find her parents again and we talked some until she had to go back to Japan. I swear I saw her about the school but I'm not sure if it's her or not."

Tsubaki Ai (Female) / Negative / Fierce Rivals
"That... shipper, right? *Shudders* She pokes her nose in other people's business when she's not welcome. Someone like that... no, I'm too private for that."

Sakura Obkubo (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends
"Katumi incident... plus she's an aggressive, hostile bitch!"

Rose Nakahara (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends

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Ehb updated Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG with a new update entry:

The First Signup Reopening!

Signups Reopened!
Once again signups for this RP is open again! Please take a look and see if you want to get yourself involved in this relatively easygoing RP where everyone is waiting for someone's character to blow up or have a mental breakdown. What fun! If you're looking for the possibility of high school drama or just want your character to have friends/enemies from the start of your play then please consider joining!

My aim is to keep the cast size around 10....

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Name: Morita Nao
Gender: Male
In a Family: Doesn't matter
Same-Sex Relationship: No
Potential Romantic Rolls: 1


Name: Ishida Mizuki
Gender: Female
In a Family: Sure
Same-Sex Relationship: No
Potential Romantic Rolls: 1​
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