Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG

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What Feature Set Would You Go With?

  1. Circle Game Relationship Randomizer

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  2. Virtu-Ava Grades Based Combat Avatars

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  3. Let's Do All of It!

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  4. Keep it Vanilla (Just Updating the old Intro Post)

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  1. "What Would You Do With the Things That Your Life Has Granted You?"

    Hisakawa Koukou - The Third
    My High School Life is Despairingly Governed by the Cruelly Impartial RNG

    Sign Up Thread is done and in existence!

    Hello everyone. Ehb, here!

    This thread discusses the second Hisakawa Koukou (HK) RP Remake. The previous GM has gone quiet. Therefore, to be able to take advantage of the new forum features for threads and keep the intro post updated, I've taken the helm of GMing this one. This also gives us a chance to try out RP ideas that can spice up what would otherwise be a straightforward Japanese School RP.

    People Getting a Head Start in Joining and their acknowledged stat point rolls (open)

    Fujiyama Haruka (Female)
    with 40 + 36 = 76 Stat Points

    @Katsumi Y.
    Katsumi Yukimura (Female)
    with 40 + 24 = 64 Total Stat Points

    Nozomi Yuri (Female)
    with 40 + 60 = 100 Total Stat Points
    (Out of sheer luck this is happens to be the maximum possible)

    @Lady Sandra
    Hilda Narina (Female)
    with 40 + 47 = 87 Total Stat Points

    @Cookie And Cream~
    Johann Harisson (Male)
    with 40 + 21 = 61 Total Stat Points

    Yoritaka Marcus (Male)
    with 40 + 30 = 70 Total Stat Points

    Kane Leo (Male)
    with 40 + 34 = 74 Total Stat Points

    Hamasaki Toshi (Male)
    with 40 + 55 = 95 Total Stat Points

    Shimazu Aoi (Male)
    with 40 + 37 = 77 Total Stat Points

    Updated and New Information Links (In This Thread) (open)

    The appealing new features up for discussion are as follows:

    1) Randomized Character Relations
    The previous iterations of HK had characters write out their relationships with one another. In this RP, your character's relation with every other character is decided whole by Random Number Generator (RNG) on my end when you state your intent to create a character. In a two step process.

    Step 1 - Opinion: Which is between Positive, or Negative.
    Step 2
    - Relation: This further defines what your relation with that other character is. For positive, you could be lovers, or siblings on good terms. For Negative, you could be a couple who broke up, or two people who've hated each other since Primary School.

    By this format, everyone has an opinion of one another. I do need help with this one! I could use some suggestions for what to add to the relation pool that characters' relations will be drawn from.

    What Adding this Means to the RP
    • Randomized Character Relations makes it so that everyone knows everyone to an extent. Conflict in the RP is generated through 'incidents' where relationships between characters are challenged. It can be negative, such as someone's significant other falls in love with someone else, or positive, such as one character wanting to reconcile with another character. The 'chapters' of the RP are divided and driven by seeing these challenges to the end.
    • The 'introduction' step that is normally in any RP is skipped entirely. Instead, you are challenged to act out the way your character is supposed be related to the other characters from the start, and we're jumping straight into the story from the get-go!
    • This also leads to the introduction of the Minor/Major Character label. What it translates to is "I'm just in it for the ride, too busy to be central to the story" / "Oooh! Ehb, MAKE ME INTO THE DRAMA!!!" You can switch your classification, even if you leave in the middle of your own incident. The incident is simply put on hold like a cliffhanger until it can be revisited.
    • Though your character's relations are given a one or two word trope. It is between you two to come up with the details once the IC starts. Such as, two lover character's can revisit how they got together somewhere or something.

    2) Adding the 'Violent' option. Virtu-Ava

    Drawing from a certain show, this adds a battle element to the RP. I wouldn't call it something that makes the RP into something more combat based, rather.... lets just explain it!

    The school possesses a system that allows students to do battle with one another with stats decided by their grades. When a battle is initiated, the 'initiator' 'throws a die' which decides which subject each character's power will be based on. After that, it's very straightforward. The victor is just the one with the highest 'grade' for that subject in the battle. The first 'response' from the person attacked is either them being defeated, or them countering and winning. The defeated isn't physically harmed, but they will be exhausted. This allows you to use a Virtu-Ava challenge to stop someone from running away, or to resolve differences aggressively without having to resort to attempting murder.

    RNG makes an appearance here as well. Your character sheet will have a 'grades' set of stats for all the general classes. You will be given enough 'points' to make all of your grades below average (D). An extra dice roll decides how many extra points you can apply. This is indeed very cruel, but you only get ONE and only ONE shot for this roll. Though I might give you a second chance if you end up with something pitiful.

    What Adding this Means to the RP
    • A whole pool of shenanigans can come about from a school that has a virtual reality environment. Stuff like the school system getting hacked or an incident where everyone's avatars are forced to go into swimsuit mode for a whole day become options.
    • Your character can also have their 'real' appearance, and a more RPG esque 'Virtu-ava' appearance. Which can be as outlandish and different from their 'real' appearance as you wish.
    • You can go all out with how detailed you make your attacks. Which makes it hilarious when the opposing side wins just by cutting in your direction. (imagine the system allows for players to customize how their attacks look, but at it's heart plays like a really archaic turn based system). The default attack for anyone who doesn't detail their attacks is a karate chop.
    • Engaging in an Virtu-Ava battle should have the same dramatic effect as fighting someone, but not lead to hospital stays.
    • Yes, there will be an extra implement to keep people from from purposely abusing this or going around and trying to knock everyone out.
    • Additionally, a Virtu-Avatar lore section would be made. Listing out useful things such as 'bugs' which you can gamble on exploiting in the story, as well as set the field for some odd mishaps that can sometimes befall the system on some days.

    3) What does all of this mean for characters/players from the old RP?

    I really want to do the relation randomizer to make adding new players easier. But, there will also be an additional set of things that will happen. For people returning to the RP, please look at these in detail and comment for ones that you feel strongly about.
    • Character Cap - Each player aside from GM and Co-Gm's will be limited to 1, preventing people ganging up in Virtu-Ava battles, and to facilitate people actually interacting. This will mean that, for people with multiple character's in the previous RP, they will have to pick only one to bring back in, or ask to be a co-gm.
    • Grandfathering Policy - I do not intend to grandfather returning characters' relations in. If you do want to keep it, then you will have to go about manually converting the relations to the new format.
    • Class Rearrangement - Characters will be focused into the second year class, so no one is off alone in another class. Ideally they will also be in the same class. Unless a large cast size calls for division.
    • Teacher's GM Only - This will be done to focus things on happenings between the students.
    • Unlimited Clubs De-emphasis - For the purposes of keeping things tight knit, characters in the story will be a a part of a single club they have to manditorily be a part of. The 'Social Morals Club' makes students go out and do things in school and out in town to prevent them from becoming NEETS. They can be part of other clubs, but that will only be a minor detail now.
    • The 'start time' of the RP in universe will be at the school culture festival. Or maybe a school trip to the beach. Considering you've read this you can know give an opinion! The 'school calendar' from the old RP will also be used.
    • Keep in mind that everything presented here is up for discussion. Please bear in mind that all of these decisions have been made based on what I've seen happen in the previous RPs. So at least please give everything a read-through before protesting at the very least. Thank you!


    All in all. This RP is formatted and intended to be like a cooperative light novel. Everyone is encouraged to follow the overall theme indicated by the title when making their character. That is, people overcoming the negative givens of their life and relationships with one another that the RNG called 'Fate' has given them. The RP challenges you to create a character who is likely to express themselves in a myriad of ways to a myriad of other characters, in a world were your actions towards one character isn't necessarily just a closed box, but rather in an environment where everyone is connected.

    If you feel like some minor details are missing then feel free to ask. It's likely I might've overlooked it or purposely held it back so people with interest can have something to ask.

    Help Me! - Interest Thread Objectives
    This is why I started the thread. Feel free to look at this if you're interested and want to get involved beyond posting a character when the OOC goes up.
    • (!) At the least set the stage for the new HK OOC thread.
    • (!) Get at least 5 People on Board before posting Sign Up Thread
    • (!) Get Additional 'Relationship Tropes' for the pool. See the red text in Randomized Relationships.
    • (!) Figure Out whether to do:
      • Randomized Relations
      • Virtu-Avas
    • Hear other people's opinions in case I might be writing myself into a train-wreck.

    I'm generally waiting for people from the previous thread to respond here. Discussions will probably keep going for up to a week after this thread is posted. Giving me enough time to figure out how to make a new thread, and for this discussion to... uh, finish discussing ~❤ !

    • Format: Group RP
    • RP Type: Modern, Japanese High School/Drama/Slice of Life/Near Future
    • Expected Post Rate: 1-2 Per Week or More
    • Character Limit: 1
    • Co-GMs?: Send Me a Message for Further Details

    Sources Used:
    Character Image - Original Characters By Pixiv User, Kauto
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  2. You have my tentative interest... With the avatar battle system; if that is added would that be the only part to deal with dice rolling or something similar? I'm not particularly skilled at that sort of RPing, however if it's the only part that includes the dice rolling, I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn/get used to it.

    And that wouldn't by any chance have been inspired by Baka and Test would it? XD Such a hilarious show and I can't help but to notice the similarities (whether intended or not).
  3. @WeepingLiberty
    The combat system is pretty much Baka Test's. I love that show!

    The battle system is made purposely simple. So yes, the only dice rolling you'll do is when you roll for extra points to spend on your character's grades, and when dice is rolled when an virtu-ava battle is initiated. Maybe it can be expanded somewhere else, but this RP's focus is intended to be more on the school interactions, with these extra bells and whistles added to make the setting a bit more interesting.

    Dice rolling might be used in other places. But not as part of something as technical as deciding how battles go.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the clarification. I think I'll stick around for this. ^.^
  5. I'd definitely love a virtual reality environment. Let's mix both.
  6. Me too. I really would like both and I like the planned changes in general.
  7. You weren't lying when you said radical, (duuuuude)

    Um, I feel quite iffy about the Relation Randomiser, it just feels weird to leave relations to RNG (Which I know is the point)

    Surprisingly for the Avatar I'm also on the fence, though that's probably because of the RNG of the grades. (I guess I don't like RNG) Though I like the idea, it would basically change the whole thing for my character if I were to roll horribly. Which if any dice game I've ever played has told, I do...

    Also, 1 character cap...I guess I'm going to have to make some one the only child....(*grumble*)

    Hmm, wish I could vote for two. Cause basically Vanilla and I would be fine with avatar
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  8. Still in !

    But but....one character only ? *Waves goodbye to Norio-sensei* .Oh well .

    By the way , I'm still trying to process what Virtu-Ava is....Also , does that mean that everyone is a Second year now ? *Confused* I'm sooo lost in this . Please don't mind me ahaha . (个_个)

    Buuuuuut , I love it ! The new and improved Hisakawa Koukou :)
  9. Yes as far as I understood this, we are going to be all second year's
  10. Randomized relations all the way !! :D And I'm still in . Also , if only one character is allowed per individual , does that mean that you are not allowed to have a teacher and a student character ? If so , then I think that there most probably won't be many teacher characters . I suggest we start the RP on a beach event though , it'll make things more exciting considering it's the starting .
  11. Teacher will be played by the GM
  12. Question, the first.

    Why not both 1 and 2? It's not like they conflict with each other at all.

    Question, the second.

    This will be primarily a character-driven RP, I presume? Is there a possibility of a plot beyond school shenanigans?

    Question, the third.

    How outlandish can the characters themselves be? Are you looking for 'realistic' people, or can one just slap anime tropes together?

    Also, Randomized Relations sound great, because it's such a pain in the ass nagging everyone to make connections on their own time, from my experience. In regards to the Virtu-Ava grades, however, I think it'd be better if you did something like...people roll for the amount of stat points they get, and then have the ability to choose where to allocate them from there (signifying the RNG that is 'natural intelligence'). It'll be literally impossible to do an all-round genius, but then again, it's not like your stats need to be THAT high in order to get straight As in High School and pretend to be smart~

    After that, you give them bonus stats based off their biography, which simulates how much they actually worked towards certain subjects. A bibliomaniac, perhaps, would have extra points in Literature, while a delinquent who skips classes to smoke and hit on girls will lose points due to dickery.
  13. @Rithas
    Well, in universe, characters who did particularly well in school before find Hisakawa's Virtu-Ava system rather infuriating. A snippet from the lore draft:

    "The tests that decide the stats for each student's Virtu-Ava are notoriously difficult. The test bank was originally to be appropriately drawn for each year's intended course path, with freshman getting freshman level questions, and seniors getting senior level questions, etc. However, as it turned out - the designers got lazy and ended up not only combining the test banks for each of the grades, but they also threw in University Entrance exam questions in for good measure. For the past couple of years, getting high Virtu-Ava stats has been almost totally based on the luck of what test questions are generated for you."

    @Katsumi Y. @Cookie And Cream~
    What Lady Sandra said is correct. Classes of 'talking to the teacher' will be more minimized. You'll probably see scenes be more along the lines of me giving exposition in place of having a teacher explain things in character, moving straight to the start of a group activity instead of needing to spend a post having the teacher explain it.Having multiple characters is a GM / co-GM thing as I expect them to budge things forward when things get stuck. Thus, having extra characters (Teachers or Students) is an extra tool for them to use, on the condition that they are very involved; as you'd expect from a GM.

    "Most teachers in this day in age are notoriously laid back, as a lot of the lesson material has shifted over to electronic mediums. Usually it's up to students to fill in the gaps or consult one another when there's questions about clarity. The reason being that 'in the real world you have to figure things out on your own,' as they say."

    1. Doing both 1 and 2 is possible. I just wanted returning players to know they were two possible options.
    2. It is possible to go beyond school shenanigans. As stated in the intro post, the main drive of the story would be in the relationships of each character being challenged. I'm a little hesitant to say I'm going to go beyond that, but other overriding plot possibilities include:
      • A Hacker Group Causing Trouble for the School System. This happens as a reward for clearing an 'incident'. Acting like an informative filler episode.
      • The battle system in the RP can be expanded in some places without needing character profile modding. This series of 'fillers' expand the battle system a little, and has an appropriate boss battle at each. Expansion options include characters battling as groups, and ultimately culminates with the party entering a tournament against the strongest in school.
      • There are also events centered around the Morals Club having some sort of task or special outing. Sometimes being specially catered to an event on the Japanese school calendar.
        • In the end, all of these are secondary to 'incidents.' Which are supposed be the main focus.
    3. When writing your character, you try to make a character whose bibliography is free of references to other students or major experiences. The way I'd word it is that your character 'bio' is more like a school reputation that you have in the eyes of the common student. It's encouraged that you hide things such has traumatic pasts in your character profile. Instead letting those surface at the right time in the RP. I also say this because many major things that happened in your character's past may end up being given based on the sort of relationships you roll.

    On Virtu-Ava Stats:

    At the start, you are guaranteed enough points to make yourself below average in all subjects. You can be savvy and re-allocate those points in other areas of your own free will. On top of that, your second roll for extra points is your 'luck' on the Virtu-Ava Test, which will naturally be allocated to your character's stats to your discretion.

    I avoid doing each individual stat at random so that no character starts off overly overpowered / under-powered. The second 'extra points roll' has a range of possible values that make it so that even if they roll the highest possible value, they wouldn't be able to make any of their stats higher than a B if they evenly spread out all of their points. Enough subjects will be made so that the former sentence ensures no one can become particularly powerful, even with the best roll. Judging people based on how well they write their biography is an admirable way to go about it, but is also very subjective and time consuming. So I decided to let the glares be redirected at Iwaku's dice function.

    Ding Ding! We managed to get one if the thread objectives knocked out, having at least 5 people interested. Thank you for showing interest! Here is the flow of character submission that I came up with last night. It will all be done in the Sign Up Thread once it comes about, but just so you already know...

    How Sign Ups Will Work

    1) Player Posts in the Sign Up Thread That they wish to participate. They state:
    • Character's Name and Gender
    • If you want your character to potentially be a part of a family, siblings to other characters
    • If they are okay with their character being in/having been involved in a same-sex relationship.
    • How many potential romantic rolls they are okay with possibly having.
      • 0 - Friendships Only
      • 1 - Involved/Was Involved with only one person.
      • 1+ - Involved/Was Involved in multiple relationships.
        • Which could mean the character was with several different people.
        • It could also mean that the character is actively 'cheating' at the start of the RP.
    • The player will also 'Roll A Dice' in this post. This will decide how many extra points they can allocate to their character. (The range of numbers for this is still being decided)
    2) GM Confirms they accept their intention to sign up. GM Provides:
    • The Randomly Generated Relationships with all of the involved players at this point.
      • In their character sheet, they can detail out the relationship in their character's words, like what was done in the previous HK's
        • In the event that the character is REALLY new. Joining after the initial batch, the other characters won't be responsible for updating their own Relationship details for that new character. As all relationships are listed in a tab within the OOC thread. But it is encouraged, as the 'details in the character's own words' will not be copied over.
    • GM Adds player's character entry as 'WIP' in the cast list.
    3) Player uses the information to fill out the rest of their character sheet.

    4) GM checks sheet.
    • If something is unacceptably wrong with the sheet, GM informs player about it and how to correct it.
    • Once it is all clear, GM accepts the character
      • Character Is updated to the cast list as being 'active'.

    HELP! Current Relationships Pool
    At the moment I have these relationships in mind for the the pool of possible relationships that your character may end up with. To keep things simple, in all cases The feelings in each of the relationships are mutual. For example, a set of characters who have 'cheated' on one another both mutually cheated on one another. Though, not at the same time, necessarily. Please help me out by suggesting more, keeping in mind the mutual part. (Deciding who is who in a one sided love sort of scenario requires an extra step, too much work!).

    As implied above, the RNG to determine your relations with one another will have a bias towards friendships, so we won't end up having that weird situation where everyone is related to one another.

    Current Relationships Pool (open)

    Positive Relations

    Family (Positive)
    • Close Siblings - Your relationship with your sibling is warm. Talking to each other about each others problems and supporting each other is just the right thing to do for you two.
    • Protective Siblings - Maybe you care a little too much. You keep a keen eye on what's going on with your sibling's life, making sure you can fly in and help whenever possible.
    • Respectful Siblings - You view each other as separate people. You don't get into fights and get along just fine, but you two probably won't ever talk to each other again once you move out.
    • (NEW) Two Sides of a Coin - Fraternal twins that don't hate each other. May or may not look similar to one another. Some twins have some strange parallel abilities, such as being able to complete each others sentences. Maybe you have something like that too?

    Friends (Positive)
    • Childhood Friends - You two have been friends since before elementary school. You two knew each other, and have lots of endearing stories about one another. You know you can count on one another in anything.
    • Best Friends - Much like a childhood friend, but you two became friends sometime in middle school. There was a time when both of you where involved in the same things and liked the same things. Though that may have changed, you two still share a strong bond.
    • Friend - The simplest for of friend is someone who's more or less a part of your social circle. You met them last year, and you both are at least more comfortable to be around one another than strangers.
    • Rivals - You two don't really see things eye to eye all the time. But that difference is more of a source or respect, even if you two may belittle one another at every chance.
    Lovers (Positive)
    • 'Childhood Promise' Lovers - You were inseparable from childhood, and so in high school it seemed natural to start dating. The feelings you have with one another run very deep.
    • 'From Middle School' Lovers - The first love letter came sometime during middle-school. Moving to high school couldn't tear you apart either.
    • Cohabiting Lovers - You placed enough trust in that other person that you decided to live under the same roof. Remember we're not libertine folks so it's a platonic situation at home as far as the public IC goes!
    • Mutual Fiance - Your relationship was a product of an arranged marriage between your parents but you both are okay with it, as well as one another.
    • New Lovers - A couple that got together in high school, love letter and all. You guys haven't even had your one year anniversary yet.
    • (NEW!) Shojo Romance Couple - Everyone thinks that you two are a couple...but you clearly aren't, despite the fact that you two know everything about each other, have tons of things in common, literally think the same thoughts, and blush furiously when nearby. Just gotta confess your love... but the 'possibility' of the other person not feeling that way has become a massive roadblock in that endeavor.

    Negative Relations

    Family (Negative)
    • Estranged Siblings - You two don't like each other and tend to say it out loud to one another. Everything your sibling does just seems to senseless and infuriating!
    • Drifting Siblings - You two used cling to one another, but have both decided that you both want to grow up. You both avoid one another, even refusing to acknowledge each others existence.
    • Adopted Siblings - You two becoming siblings was a product of your parents getting married to one another. You two are now 'related' and are expected to act as family, but you just don't know one another like that.
    • (NEW!) Identity Crisis Twins - Twins always end up being compared to one another, and you two are sick of it! The only solution was to get as far away from each other as possible. Both of you ended up being convinced that you were better than the other.
    Friends (Negative)
    • Broken Childhood Friend - You two abandoned your friendship when you two met a long time ago.
    • Broken Middle School Friend - You two didn't see each other the same way once you got into middle school.
    • Broken Friend - You two abandoned one another once the first year of high school got into full swing. That memory is still painfully fresh.
    • Betrayed Friends - You both mutually did something really bad to one another in the past. Unlike the other 'broken friends' of this class, this is the one where you both broke your friendship yelling and screaming at one another. Metaphorically if not literally.
    • Arbitrarily Friends - You two are only 'friends' more because other people see you as a part of the same social circle than you two actually being friends. In reality, you two find aspects of one another discomforting, but never say it aloud.
    • Fierce Rivals - You two hate each others guts and everything the other one stands for.

    Lovers (Negative)
    • Deteriorating Lovers - For whatever reason, the relationship doesn't have the same spark it used have. After being with that person for a time, some of the things about them just, don't click right with you.
    • 'Broken Up' Lovers - You two just broke up recently. It just didn't work out.
    • 'Cheated' - You got caught! Then the other one got caught! You really don't want to be in the same room as this person anymore.
    • Forced Fiance - Your parents decided that the two of you should marry. The two of you met and... well, if there is one thing you two agree on it's that you two are only 'together' so as not to anger your parents.
    • (NEW!) Stalled Romance - Lovers, technically. You two also seem to have a hard time really opening up to one another. If you had to choose between saving your 'lover' or one of your best friends, you would possibly have a small bias towards that friend. Is it becoming apparent that you've gotten into an empty romance just for the sake of romance?
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  14. Hi I would love to be apart of this, just never done Virtual Ava, but would love to learn about it and would have a great char to play in this. The name of th thread is what got me here lol.
  15. I would be interested In joining this roleplay!
  16. Was'sup. I'm interested. As for Relationship Pools? I've got just the thing for that I think.
  17. @Shattered♦Secrets™
    Really all Virtu-ava means in the RP is that you can have virtual battles, and you're allowed to walk around the school premisis in the image of your avatar. Some people might do this to look their best.

    Oooh, Do tell, good fellow with abnormally smooth gif images.

    Also, I'm probably repeating myself, but the RP is still scheduled to have the Sign Ups posted in a little less than a week so I can have enough time to OCD over all the drafts. Still, I'll be sure to post a couple of things in this interest thread for those who really want to get a head start with their character sheet. That way, ideally, you'll only need to get your Relationships and Grades stats once sign ups come about.

    Anyway, the Extra Stuff to Be Released Here ahead of the sign up thread will be:

    • The Bare Character Sheet
    • Lore Details on Hisakawa and the World at that Time
    • Lore Details on Hisakawa's Virtu-Ava System
    Sign Up Thread goes Up on Saturday
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  18. I apologize, recalled something, turns out my recollection wasn't all that great. :<

    But on the subject of one, the other, or both, I think having both Randomized Character Relations and Virtu-Ava would be interesting.
  19. Yay ! I can't wait to check out the character sheet . ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
  20. Welp, got some time to derp around, so I'll bounce a few ideas about. The mutual relationship things does make things a little hard though.

    Family (Positive)
    Two Sides of a Coin - Fraternal twins that don't hate each other. May or may not look similar to one another.

    Friends (Positive)
    Club Mates - Connected by an interest both are passionate with, but find it hard to chill once outside of that interest.
    Platonic Romance - Lovers, but not sexually. If having to choose between your girlfriend and your bro, it's going to be really hard to decide who to go for.

    Lovers (Positive)
    Shojo Romance Couple - Everyone thinks that you two are a couple...but you clearly aren't, despite the fact that you two know everything about each other, have tons of things in common, literally think the same thoughts, and blush furiously when nearby. Just gotta confess your love...but what if the other one isn't actually romantically interested in you?