Hisakawa Koukou - My High School Life Appears to have been NewGame+'d with a Hard Reset

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  1. The children of our generation are special, just as they are vulnerable.

    In our world, where Virtual Reality has become the mainstream for people in the world, there exists a chip that is embedded directly into one's spine. With it, signals can be sent directly to the brain, allowing for feelings of touch and sensation to be simulated to perfection. At it's start, the surgery was costly, and considered outright foolish. So, it brought the world much surprise when Japan, in the year 2066, mandated that all children be implanted with these chips. For various reasons, the act was withdrawn just after three years of it passing into law.

    Now, the generation with these implants are in their high school years. Using their chips, they can enjoy virtual reality much more intimately than most other people. They can browse the internet without a phone, or remove themselves from the classroom by simulating themselves being at a beach. Most of them seek what most other kids their age look for - to enjoy their high school years to their fullest. Blissfully unaware that the steep dangers around them are merely being kept at bay.

    Hisakawa The Fourth:
    HaRD ReSET


    Hisakawa Koukou is your Japanese High School RP set in the near future. The fourth incarnation of this RP is actually indeed a 'Hard Reset' as the structure of this RP's threads and resources were based on Iwaku's site code from two updates ago. Additionally the story's 'world' being reset a-la a sort of new game plus of sorts. The RP's plot is driven by conflicts that arise between characters in the RP that they don't always have control over. As they resolve their differences, they either grow and bond with each other, or live with the negative outcomes of not resolving their problems.

    As a GM, I work pretty hard to try to move the world forward based on the way you act in it. Generally meaning, if you get invested and post regularly, you'll start finding the story starts to heavily invest in your character. This is the sort of RP were people start wanting to ship other people's characters with each other in the OOC chats, and where people get heart attacks whenever they see me make another posts, wondering if their actions ended up screwing things up terribly. (Just kidding on the last part).

    Anyway, this is relatively long running RP which, if you include the threads where I wasn't a GM - has ran for well over a year. I look forward to adding you into it's most storied... well, story! If any of this is of any interest to you, please considering joining in~!

    The current OOC thread (though it's locked due to us having OOC chats in a PM thread) is here. (Do note that it may take a moment to load since it's entirely dedicated to Character Sheets)

    In a Nutshell:
    • Intended Format: - Group RP
    • RP Type: High School Drama / Slice of Life / Science Fiction Fantasy (Late Game)
    • Characteristic Theme: "The RP where Resolute Bonds and Divides will shake the world"
    • Appeal List:
      1. A pleasingly simple RP battle System that uses the site's Random Number Generator for when you want to smash someone's face in (Virtually).
      2. Relationships between ALL new characters are random. Everyone has an opinion of one another!
      3. A deceptively serene Japanese High School setting that is deceptively serene.
      4. A very high potential for Drama in the late game for those who invest into it!
      5. Relatively laid-back one post per week expected posting rate.
      6. Come and Join and RP with a semi-dedicated playerbase optimistic for new folks!

    How To Sign Up?
    I'm hoping for 6 new people to pop in showing interest before posting the new OOC thread. Please feel free to use this thread to ask me questions, or just express interest in general, and you'll be informed when the sign up thread is available.

    6/6 New People Thus Far

    Everyone: OOC WHEN!?
    Ehb: WIP! ;_;

    Additionally, the ending for the original RP's story is currently resolving in some private PMs. Since this RP continuation depends on those endings, there isn't any big rush here at all~!

    Extra! (For Current Members) - Chibi Theatre!
    Chibi Theatre is my way to keep this Interest Check, kind of interesting? In here, characters already from the RP can ask their questions in regards to the plot thus far and what not. Of course, it's all semi-in character, and primarily just for fun!

    For people replying for Chibi Theatre, please be courteous to the other people just looking at the interest check or discussing the RP and put your Chibi theatre replies in Spoilers called Chibi Theatre. Thank you!

    Chibi Theatre (open)

    "Chibi Theatre is about to begin!"

    "Hello! Hello! Welcome! My Name is Nozomi Yuri. The Social Morals Representative for the respected Class 2-A."

    "Sup'. I'm unwillingly the Class Representative for Class 2-B, Umeko Hayata."

    "Unwillingly? Hayata-san, being a Social Morals Representative is very important, you know? We make sure that our fellow students are upoholding good values so that they can become shining examples of society and good behavior when they graduate!"

    "That's what they want us to think. All we do is fill out lots of papers, and scold students in place of the teachers. All we're doing is making the adults' jobs easier, you know?"

    "Well, the teachers do have to spend a lot of time grading papers, and preparing lesson plans, though."

    "Lesson planning? They got it easy. They just play those boring videos for classes while they browse the internet at their desks. And as far as I can remember, you're the one who grades papers for your class too!"

    "Does not all the officers do that?"

    "You do grading for her!? Geez, Miss Yorihase really has it good with you, doesn't she?"

    "Anyway, Umeko-san, let's not forget why we're here. We need to help our classmates ease their pain by answering their questions in regards to the plot, as best as we can!*"
    *Accuracy of said answers are not 100% guaranteed

    "Was that a disclaimer just now!?"

    "Not a disclaimer, exactly. According to Miss Yorihase: this gives us a 'Legal Barrier' in case something goes wrong."

    "Just what kind of QA session are we running here!?"

    "Joking aside, let's begin now. Everyone... please feel free introduce yourselves and ask to your hearts content! ---- Oh, and before I forget, while it might be early, pending the results of the current Hard Reset being resolved, please look forward to the distinct possibility of a special new guest making an appearance!"

    Sources Used:
    Original By 'Sen Kagura' - http://aimon.pecori.jp
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  2. I'll be honest: I'm interested in the story and the RP (how have I missed this?) but I really don't want to jump into a story that's currently ongoing. That's all.
  3. I'm interested.
  4. The story's going to start off new, actually. Previous participation in the RP sort of gives one an impression on how returning characters act, as well as gives an interesting perspective on how that 'alternate reality' compares to how this rp's world runs, as while this world is based on the previous version's world, it's one that's in a slightly higher state of chaos.

    Long story short, the progress from the previous RP is effectively wiped and null-and-void. The returning characters - at their core - are the same, but the circumstances are different. Its a different ball game from the previous one.
  5. Ahh, alright. Well, count me in.
  6. Yay, new people! (Please don't be scared off by Ehb's description of us, I swear we're all (mostly) nice people) ^.^

    Chibi Theatre (open)
    "Ah, hi! My name is Chiyo Imada- hopefully it will be nice to meet you all!"

    "Nozomi-san, I have a question! Will our relationships with our friends be the same as before? Or...will they be different?"

  7. Hiya new people! I'm excited for the new start, and all these new interactions.

    Chibi Theater (open)

    "Hello, my name is Shinji Kobe. you may call me Kobe-san. I was a part of the student council, and am friends with Yuri-san. I might return to the student council with the reset. Also, I seem to have a... fan club."

    "And I'm Sakura! The cooliest member of 2-B! Nice to meet cha! Me and Hajime-tan are working hard to help get our PM resets done! Haha, this isn't my usual color, but my writer woke up about ten minutes ago, and didn't feel like going to get it."

    "Do you have a question, loudmouth or are you here to plague me with your existance?"

    "Hey Yuri! I got a question! For existing characters, will we still have all the same relationships? What about ones changed by the 'reset'? Oh oh! what about me and Hajime, and Kane? Will we remember the reset? Will Shinji ever have a chance at yaoi love?"

    "Hey! Don't go blabbing stupid flower! Plus that's a lot of questions. She probably can't answer them all at once."
  8. thispartisliesimtellingyou

    Anyway, returning character here reporting for duty. Hurray for more people~ So excited for this.

    Chibi Theatre (open)

    "Ahem, is this thing on? Oh okay then... Ya ho~, I'm Asakura Kyouko, Class 2-A's resident Genki Girl!"

    "Nozomi-chan! I have a question, since Toto-kun and Hiro-kun have disappeared, am I able to have a romance reroll?"
  9. Hello there, @Ehb and @Raven Haruka . :3 Mind if I hop on back on the RP wagon? Life has finally allowed me space to breathe, or so to speak.
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    Okay Larius lay off the caps you're scaring the newbies. Hey, a veteran is here~
    I can call myself that, right? No. Okay.
    Chibi Theature (open)

    "How tiring. Another round of this huh.
    I guess I'm Tsubasa, Mika. I don't know, I don't care.
    Just let me sleep.
    I don't really have any questions if you're asking. Everyone else seems to have
    asked the major ones. Oh, class 2-B. Though I might've thought they merged together somewhere
    in the majors. I've been a bit more exhausted then usual because of it...
    By the way, here there tends to be a lot of 'groups' I don't know. Like huge groups of people gathering and disrupting my sleep."

  11. Hiya! I'm new here, I swear.

    Joking aside, count my interest in. Not sure if I'll be returning as Wakahisa or creating a new character. I'll try not to disappear without a word. Honto ni gomenasai, @Ehb-chii!

    Also, that "Explosion Magic" reference. Megumin? :D
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  12. I'll toss my participation in this. Need something chill to after all these dark fantasy shenanigans, and AA2 has stoked my interest in anime school RPs once more.
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  13. It's not dark fantasy, sure, but golly given some of the previous stuff...

    don't let Ehb fool you Bad Ends usually are worse than they sound
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  14. Hello, and yes there is a reason why the word "deceptively" is there :x

    Chibi Theater (open)


    "Oh right. I need to introduce myself. I'm Fujibayashi Ren from classroom 2-A, a member of the Social Morals Club."

    "I aspire to fix and mend broken relationships, but for some reason I simply fail... a lot."

    "Anyway Umeko and Yuri, is it possible for a character to get a romance roll for the upcoming Hard Reset if he or she decided not to be get involved in romance in the previous iteration?
  15. Yeah I actually participate in human sacrifices for the blood god. It's really more of a community thing really...

    Chibi Theatre (open)

    "I'm Sullivan, Doctor Sullivan. P.H.D in kicking ass and making witty comebacks."


    "I'm actually Leo Kane. Terribly Handsome, Tall, and the second worst decision maker the world has ever seen. I suppose I do things, and people tend to get upset. Most people actually. It's a touchy subject. But you know how it is. A series of events that lead to rather terrible endings for everyone involved. Really rather overrated to be honest. I much rather you stay quiet and don't cause trouble for me."

    "And...lead a happy life or something I guess"

    "Oh, and I suppose I'm right now trying to fix a major event that happened in the past. My creator certainly doesn't know if I'll succeed. But maybe...if I do. I'll be slightly different, someone better then what I am now.

    I ain't got no questions right now, jeez. "
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  16. How many skulls do you provide per week?
  17. HAH! this is a trick question!
    We only provide Blood for the Blood God. No skulls necessary.
    Unless you want to wear one, they are quite fancy at the regular sacrifices, I highly recommend it
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  18. I mean, at best, it's gonna be anime melodrama, unless we're going School Days...which also isn't THAT bad. So hey, let's see how far down the rabbit hole Ehb's bad ends are~!
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  19. Yeah I mean there's no crazy stuff like that, but going in like, "it's a school setting it'll be fluffy" is not what it is. I mean, hell yeah anime melodrama. Just wanted you properly warned and informed, that yeah most of it is gonna be school life, but there's a biiit more going on underneath that that is kinda spoopy
  20. Even AA2 has yanderes and annoying people interrupting your confessions, so hey, it's daijoubu~ Slice-of-life RPs don't get anywhere anyways.
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