His Secret War

Executed in the morning! She just knew that would happen. This was all of her fault. Because she always got too curious, and too mouthy, and couldn't just leave things alone. Now Alistair was going to die, and everything in the country would only get worse.

"W-wait..." she started slowly, still trying to formulate what she wanted to say. "If... If I promised to marry you as promised - would you let him live? I was just... afraid to marry such an impressive King! You are intimidating and I was afraid and ran off to the forest. ...Surely you showing mercy on the man would only show the people how kind you are?" At least if Alistair was spared, his men would have a chance to come rescue him, and she would have the time to think of a better way to help.
Ivan gave her a cold stare as she tried to propose a deal with him. Not matter what, he was going to marry her. If not that, she might as well rot in the dungeon where Alistair was. If he couldn't have her, nobody would! He never was very good at sharing...

"Alessandra, my brother is trying to take the throne back! He'll never stop unless he's dead!" he told her in a cross voice, narrowing his eyes. "You will marry me, or you will join him in prison. Whatever you choose, he's going to die in the morning. That's final."

With a nod, he folded his arms over his chest and waited for her response. He hoped she wouldn't choose to sit in that cold, horrifying dungeon, but he would not tolerate anymore of her foolishness. Plus, she ran away to his brother in the forest! Ivan felt so betrayed...
How unreasonable could a man be... spoiled and selfish and... it was taking all of her restraint not to shout unlady-like things at him Even then, she couldn't seem to bite her tongue long enough to keep her temper.

"I am not going to marry you if you kill him." she growled out between clenched teeth. "If you kill him...I'll.. kill myself! Then you'll not have a wife at all and have the disgrace of a dead Queen!"

There was a soft shiiiiink of metal. In seconds there was the Sheriff's sword at her throat. The man smirking at the way she stiffened. "If death is what the lady wishes, it can be arranged in a matter that won't harm our King's reputation."

"What a tragedy to have found His Majesty's bride slain in the forests by the hand of his exiled brother... The people would have great sympathy for him in his time of need." He looked more than happy to help with the matter personally.

"What are your wishes, Majesty?"
An appreciative look was cast towards the Sheriff upon his arrival. Alessandra threatening to commit suicide didn't seem to effect him in any way. She was a beautiful lady he wanted to marry only to make himself look better. What kingdom was complete without a fine Queen? Surely, he'd find another in good time. One that could agree with his ways, even if his knowledge on running a country was poor.

"Let her join Alistair in the dungeon until his execution. After than I don't care what you do," he answered, waving a hand in the air. "I'll at least give her that much."

That been said, he turned his back to them with his arms crossed. Even at this age, Ivan still acted very much like a child.